League is monitoring Suh situation in Portland

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh faces no prosecution, for now, arising from his Friday night automobile accident in his hometown of Portland.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s off the hook when it comes to the league office.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reports, via USA Today, that the league is “monitoring fallout” from the incident, but that the league “plans to let the legal process play out and not intervene.”

The fact that Suh already has been suspended by the NFL for an on-field infraction doesn’t mean he’s regarded as a repeat offender under the separate and distinct personal-conduct policy.  Then again, to the extent the personal-conduct policy targets workplace violence and Suh’s stomp on Evan Dietrich-Smith came well after the whistle, the league could find a way to bend and twist the language of the two sets of rules to fit the Suh stomp within the scope of the personal-conduct policy.

While authorities reportedly don’t plan to reopen the case despite claims from a passenger in Suh’s car that conflict with information Suh provided to police, an injury lawsuit could be coming.  And the information developed and revealed through that specific aspect of the legal process could, in theory, cause the NFL to take action.

If nothing else, a lawsuit against Suh could put him in position for discipline if a similar incident occurs in the future.  The league already has set such a precedent with the case of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who was suspended six games (reduced to four) after simply being sued for sexual assault in Nevada and accused, but never charged, with sexual assault in Georgia.

So while any action against Suh at this point would seem to be unlikely at best and distant at worst, the incident could lay the foundation for immediate discipline, if something similar happens in the future.

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  1. Why do I have a feeling Suh is going to have several major meltdowns in his career and his professional football career will not more like Albert Hainesworth than Randy White.

  2. You mean they actually don’t believe he wrapped his car around a pole at 25 mph?

    Well I’ll be damned.

    The fact is that the harder they come down on Suh now, the better off he’ll be when he finally grows up.

  3. This is a joke right? He wrecked his car. He was driving, he was at fault, if there are injuries stemming from the situation then those people can go sue him in civil court. He did not kill anyone. He did not rape anyone. He did not assault anyone. He did not drive drunk. He did not get caught with drugs. He got in a car accident. Who cares?

    Also, how can the league say they are “monitoring” this when they let drunk drivers get away with it 2 or 3 times before they finally throw a suspension down? Are you kidding me? How did Hines Ward not get suspended when he could have killed someone? Furthermore, how is Stallworth still allowed to play in the league after he DID kill someone? And the league is monitoring THIS of all situations? Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. I wonder what the husband of the passenger that was injured thought of her joyride with Suh…

  5. Maybe it’s time the league changes it’s stance on suspended players need to stay away from their teams while suspended. This is the only place most of these guys have any limits on them. How many times has stuff like this happened where a guy is suspended, or leaves the team for a funeral, or during the bye week & they get into some kind of mischief???

    Who cares if they are in meetings during the suspension? Make them do some other supervised activity while the team practices…but it’s clear 23 year olds with millions of dollars can not handle being unsupervised.

  6. Yeah P4ever…steroids make you own a muscle car & burnout from a stop light & wreck it….yep must be roids……or maybe, just maybe he’s actually a 23 year old kid with too much time & too much money & no limits on him…….

    Time for people to remember the kind of stuff they did in their late teens & early twenties & realize you do dumb things at that age & if you have millions of dollars, you will do even dumber things on a bigger scale.

  7. He may as well hit bottom hard and fast.

    I for one actually believe he’ll come back with more focus and control. He’s still a kid, and it’s time to act like the man he has the potential to be.

  8. I would love real stories about football and not who is going to hear from Principal Jack Off Goodel. It really pains my eyes to see him mentioned in the news everyday. He should look at how the guy that preceded him ran things. He wasn’t in the news everyday, it was about football and football players not the stupid Comish

  9. Those older model cars are extremely hard to control, especially at 25 mph. I remember once I got my 68 Chevy up to 19 mph. What a rush I almost lost it.

  10. Man how I love conjecture and speculation. Are you kidding??? This is easily the worst “story” you’ve written in awhile. Why must the media blast Suh for a car accident. I don’t care if he was going 100. That’s a speeding ticket. Possibly reckless driving. To say he concealed injuries is ridiculous and absurd. Just because he told 911 everyone was ok, the police came there and saw these people. If they needed medical attention, the police would have made that decision. Not to mention its very normal for people to deny injuries only to later report them. Get ofif speeding is the sign of a guy with bad character, I’m not sure any of is are good people f Suh’s back.

  11. Difficult to see how, under the collective bargaining agreement, the NFL could take action because a player was involved in a car accident (i.e. negligent conduct). Comparing the situation to Ben R’s alleged and repeated criminal conduct is absurd.

    Anyway, a review of the policy’s actual language is helpful. According to ESPN, the policy states, inter alia, as follows:

    General policy

    Engaging in violent and/or criminal activity is unacceptable and constitutes conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League. Such conduct alienates the fans on whom the success of the League depends and has negative and sometimes tragic consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator.

    The League is committed to promoting and encouraging lawful conduct and to providing a safe and professional workplace for its employees.

    Prohibited conduct

    It will be considered conduct detrimental for Covered Persons to engage in (or to aid, abet or conspire to engage in or to incite) violent and/or criminal activity. Examples of such Prohibited Conduct include, without limitation: any crime involving the use or threat of physical violence to a person or persons; the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime; possession or distribution of a weapon in violation of state or federal law; involvement in “hate crimes” or crimes of domestic violence; theft, larceny or other property crimes; sex offenses; racketeering; money laundering; obstruction of justice; resisting arrest; fraud; and violent or threatening conduct. Additionally, Covered Persons shall not by their words or conduct suggest that criminal activity is acceptable or condoned within the NFL.

    Persons charged with criminal activity

    Any Covered Person arrested for or charged with conduct prohibited by this policy will be required to undergo a consultation and additional counseling as directed. Failure to comply with the consultation and counseling (including being arrested for or charged with additional criminal activity during the evaluation and counseling period) shall itself be conduct detrimental to the National Football League and shall be punishable by fine or suspension at the discretion of the Commissioner.

    Disposition of the criminal proceeding

    Any Covered Person convicted of or admitting to a criminal violation (including a plea to a lesser included offense; a plea of nolo contendere or no contest; or the acceptance of a diversionary program, deferred adjudication, disposition of supervision, or similar arrangement) will be subject to discipline as determined by the Commissioner. Such discipline may include a fine, suspension without pay and/or banishment from the League. Any Covered Person convicted of or admitting to a second criminal violation will be suspended without pay or banished for a period of time to be determined by the Commissioner.

    Seems to me that the NFL can monitor all it wants, but the plain and express language of the policy means it doesn’t apply to car accidents involving simple negligence.

  12. hmmm…. so we are drawing comparisons to a guy who drove his car too fast (unimpaired) and crashed to a guy who was sued for and repeatedly accused of rape?

    So he’s got some anger issues. So far all he is guilty of is some personal fouls on the football field, and losing control of his car and lying about it. I’m not saying the guy is a saint, but come one…. wile other players ahve been involved in rape, shootings, drugs, murder, and extreme animal abuse. Yet everybody wants to paint Suh as an out of control monster? smh…

  13. So the NFL is monitering traffic violations now? Anybody else remember a few years ago when Lance Briggs wrapped his Lambo around a tree and he tried to say somebody stole his car and then like 2 weeks later he admitted he did it? Why do these NFL players think they have to make stories up about car accidents? If they are really that worried that Goodell would suspend/fine them for a car accident, then it seems like they are going to lie about pretty much everything. This iron fist regime is getting pretty rediculous…..

  14. This is not about the car accident. It’s about possibly lying to the cops. He will not get in trouble with the league for this but it can go on his “record” and could have an affect if he has any problems in the future.

  15. I just cannot wait for the public outcry and over-the-top bashing that will be done here when it is reported that Suh missed the toilet the last time he pee’d…….you people are a strange bunch

  16. blspears says:
    Dec 7, 2011 10:01 AM
    I would love real stories about football and not who is going to hear from Principal Jack Off Goodel. It really pains my eyes to see him mentioned in the news everyday. He should look at how the guy that preceded him ran things. He wasn’t in the news everyday, it was about football and football players not the stupid Comish

    Goodell is a gift from God (more so than Tim Tebow). He has dealt well with the criminal element of the NFL.

  17. My comment was deleted because I asked why PFT was covering this story and not the Erik Walden/Rolando McClain actual potentially criminal off-field issues? Really?

  18. There are 32 teams in the NFL and you you have to write another stupid article about Suh? He got into an accident and co-operated with the Police. Leave him alone and give us some news about football.

  19. The guy had a stinkin car accident for christ sake. The cops had there shot, they took his word, case closed. Doesn’t matter what the passengers have to say now unless they told the cops what happened at the time of the accident and they refused to beleive them? But that puts the cops in trouble not SHu.

    The passengers can go after his insurance co for medical damages but that’s only going to pay the hospital bill. They ain’t getting any big money out of this one. Not for a cut lip.

  20. Perhaps he saw a spider on the accelerator & was trying to stomp it…

  21. Suh is my hero. Raming someone’s head in multiple times at work? C’mon who hasnt wanted to do that? And then stomp them! A night out with 2 hot chicks and a super cool car? The only thing he’s guilty of is being young and not knowing any better. BUT, he better learn soon.

  22. So…let me get this straight.

    The league is doing nothing whatsoever until they hear more about the situation. A situation
    that has already been closed by police… and this was all over a minor 1 car accident.

    Great non-story

  23. And as pointed out by people earlier

    When your name is Suh… a minor car accident where someone MAY have cut their lip is being compared to RAPE

    Gotta love journalistic spin

  24. Suh? Roethlisberger? Being compared to one another? One is a young guy who due to his age lacks maturity. The other is a rapist who should have been banned for life from football.

  25. For all you let Shu alone because he is only a kid who lacks maturity we as a country have thousands of kids fighting 2 wars I suppose that they lack maturity to give me a break this guy needs counseling before something really bad happens.

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