New NFL Magazine says Peyton is the MVP


Earlier this year, I was ridiculed by readers and told “you’re wrong and here’s why” by Peter King for placing Peyton Manning at No. 5 of all MVP candidates during an episode of NBC SportsTalk, based on the struggles of the Colts without him.

In making my case, I argued that at least one of the 50 Associated Press voters will decide to cast a ballot for Manning based on the reasoning that his true value has been demonstrated by his absence.  (After all, one of the AP voters deemed running back LeGarrette Blount the right choice for comeback player of the year in 2010, even though he was, you know, a rookie.)

But something even more bizarre has happened.  In the inaugural issue of the new NFL Magazine, the league-owned publication picks Peyton as the MVP.

‘Look, we all know who would win if we took a poll right now,” said Mike Dunphy, publisher and editor-in-chief of the freshly-christened venture, via the Los Angeles Times.  “Aaron Rodgers would absolutely kill it.  But if the Colts end up going the way they’re headed, the more it proves that Peyton really is the franchise. . . .  Is he really the MVP?  Everybody has an opinion on that, and this is ours.”

Though it appears to be an outlandish take aimed merely at generating interest in the latest entry into a dying industry, it confirms that some genuinely believe that a man who didn’t play at all has more value than everyone who has.

Plenty will disagree.  Including Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

“It is disrespectful and it’s ridiculous across the board, to all of the guys who are actually playing the game,” Freeney said, per the Associated Press. “To the guys who are playing hard, it’s unfortunate that they’re doing something like that.  They will and they do look ridiculous doing that.”

He’s right.  Again, I never said Manning is or should be the MVP.  I merely put him at No. 5 on the list, based on the reality that others will indeed conclude that he should be No. 1.

Regardless of whether that reasoning constitutes enough No. 2 to fill up Biff’s car, and then some.

165 responses to “New NFL Magazine says Peyton is the MVP

  1. He will not be named MVP this year as that diminishes Aaron Rodger’s amazing performance, but Peyton Manning is most definitely the overall MVP in reference to the value to his team in general.

    He single hand-idly made an obvious bad team look amazing for years and this year shows it more than ever.

  2. if anybody really watched peyton play last year in a consistent basis would know he was already on a decline and so was the team…he was throwing interceptions at crucial points of the game just like philip rivers is doing this year….. so in no way is he MVP….if he was playing this year the colts would have no more than 6 wins……..

  3. Colts without Peyton 0-12
    Colts with Peyton 5-7

    dont get me wrong Peyton is a great quarterback, if not the BEST but that team has a lot of holes in it. When Manning does return they better address those issues and im sure they could be great again.

  4. Rcampore: “Single hand-idly”…? dude..

    # # # # # #

    Yeah, this is stupid. The NFL doesn’t need a damn magazine; what the hell. And to focus the first printing on Manning for MVP and freaking Tim Tebow.

  5. @realtalk…or maybe the team was so bad last year it was getting more and more difficult to carry on his back. The Dotls have no offensive threats. None…horrible receivers and worse Runningbacks. Peyton, who I’ve always disliked, made them look better than they are!!

  6. So they’re basing this on his and the Colts track record in previous years obviously. Then shouldn’t an MVP have, you know, a winning record in the postseason. Face it, Peyton’s most memorable pass was a Pick Six for the Saints in the Super Bowl. Peyton is great if you’re looking for a QB to lead you to “One and Done” in the playoffs, though.

  7. Let’s be genuine here. Manning’s great and all but is on the wrong side of thirty. Plus, the Colts limped to a division title last year after the Texans historically bad defense found numerous ways to blow games. If you really think a healthy Manning would supplant the Texans as division champs again, re-evaluate your football knowledge.

  8. rea1talk says:
    Dec 7, 2011 11:35 PM
    if anybody really watched peyton play last year in a consistent basis would know he was already on a decline and so was the team…he was throwing interceptions at crucial points of the game just like philip rivers is doing this year….. so in no way is he MVP….if he was playing this year the colts would have no more than 6 wins……..


    Well put. I might even say they are an 8 win team with him, but even he can only do so much. Peyton does not play defense, and that defense is a disaster. The team has so many holes that there is little to no chance that even a healthy Peyton can help them turn it around next year. This is the fatal flaw in the Polian scheme… too much cash invested in too few people.

  9. Dwight Freeny… If you dont like it, why dont you act like a team leader and get everyone on the same page to actually get a win this year? If u dont like the credit he’s getting, then do something about it to prove everyone wrong instead of just whining about it

  10. I think you should stand behind your point. How is calling Peyton MVP any more insulting to the Colts than any of the other brutally honest things said about them in the media every day? The colts suck. Peyton makes them good. Sorry Colts players; if you tank a season, people are going to notice.

  11. rea1talk says:
    Dec 7, 2011 11:35 PM
    if anybody really watched peyton play last year in a consistent basis would know he was already on a decline and so was the team…he was throwing interceptions at crucial points of the game just like philip rivers is doing this year….. so in no way is he MVP….if he was playing this year the colts would have no more than 6 wins……..


    He went through a funk as the team was gashed by injuries but he snapped out of it mid-season. Dude was throwing to Brandon King and Blair White for crying out loud while being saddled with a bottom 5 O-line and worst running game in the league.

    Funny how throwing 34TDs and 17INTs is considered a “down” year. Brees by the way had a league high 22INTs last year when his running game went south, despite having all his other weapons, and no one said anything about him being in “decline”.

  12. Mike you first try and take credit that NFL magazine agreed with you then you agreed that they are wrong for including him in the list…you cant have your cake and eat it too.

  13. rea1talk says: Dec 7, 2011 11:35 PM

    if anybody really watched peyton play last year in a consistent basis would know he was already on a decline and so was the team…he was throwing interceptions at crucial points of the game just like philip rivers is doing this year….. so in no way is he MVP….if he was playing this year the colts would have no more than 6 wins……..

    Except when he went on a 4 game winning streak to get them in the playoffs and got them a game winning drive in the playoffs, had their horrible special teams not given up a 50 yd return on the following kick.

    But you’re right… I guess that 4 game winning streak that they needed wasn’t “crucial” enough for ya…

    Especially considering how terrible they are in every phase of a football game and he was throwing to Blaire White and Jacob Tamme

  14. @waldoampere is a kicker not considered a player? Peyton Manning receivers player wages and attends player meetings. He’s a player by definition.

  15. New NFL Magazine is ridiculously idiotic. Going with their logic…Lebron James should have been the NBA MVP last year considering that the Cavs went from 61-21 to 19-63 in one year. How can the 1 magazine with the priceless NFL “shield” on it, get it so wrong on their inaugural issue? I feel embarrassed for them. Peyton Manning isn’t on the cusp of breaking any NFL records this year, and he also hasn’t contributed to a single win (or loss) this year.

  16. Bunch of B.S.

    The Colts aren’t 0-12 because Peyton isn’t the QB. They’re 0-12 because Kerry Collins and Painter is their QB. The Colts tanked for Luck..plain and simple.

    My Raiders squad is talented, but if we wanted to draft Luck next year all my squad had to do is get rid of Campbell and declare Kyle Boller the starter…0-16 EASY. Would that make Jason Campbell the MVP?

    Any team that starts Kerry Collins and Painter will lose consistently. I don’t know when the last time they won a game.

  17. Exactly ^. Peyton didn’t play, he helped coach. Didn’t play. Can’t be called a player if you aren’t playing. With this reasoning, should Jay Cutler be in the running? Bears were doing great without him until he got hurt. Matt Schaub? Who else

  18. I’m sorry I have a hard time seeing this years Colts that much better even if Peyton was healthy this season. I know a lot of people will disagree but I think they would have 3 or 4 wins if he was healthy at this point.

  19. Aaron Rodgers is clearly the best player in the NFL this season but without him, the Packers would still be a very good team. Tebow is clearly the most valuable player to his team and to the NFL’s ratings. Or Von Miller. VM Defensive Rookie of the Year.

  20. This has been a running joke since week 1 by thousands (dare I say millions) on the internet, in the workplace, etc. Way to hop on it at the end of the season and try to make it yours in your editorial debut, NFL Magazine.

  21. Wow. Let me get this straight. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are having seasons for the ages. There is talk of Aaron Rodgers (among just about every Hall of Famer you see on TV) that Rodgers is playing better than any QB in the history of the game. And not far behind (if indeed he is even “behind”) is Tom Brady .. and this magazine puts Tim Tebow on the cover and argues that Peyton Manning is MVP?????

    I have never, ever seen any magazine from any type of genre begin so utterly, and slaveringly, ignorantly.

    I will never, ever read a piece of crap like that.

    I am stunned at the stupidity.

  22. They should have classified it differently… MVP, well that’s hands down Rodgers. But i would have to say Brady not far behind, but not real close either. He would obviously make a very good second choice. But if they wanted to be “politically” correct, they could have said Manning means as much to his team as someone like Brady or Rodgers.. He’s not MVP because he’s not playing. But look at what happens when you take the key “cog” out of the wheel. You could very easily see the same thing with Pats and Packers here. You take away Rodgers, and they aren’t sitting here undefeated, and giving the Packer faithful a very good chance at seeing 2 Lombardi’s in a row. And you take away Brady, and the Pats are terrible. Brady is doing this without anyone at all as a WR.. He has Welker, and Gronkowski. Ocho has been a nonfactor.. Packers have some extremely good wideouts. I think it’s the best “group” in the league. Problem is, i don’t think Flynn could carry Rodgers jockstrap. Flynn might be a good serviceable back up. But no way is his accuracy, release, and decision making in Rodgers league. Sure, other QB’s are having pretty good seasons. Tebow is the “Rage” right now, Palmer has played pretty good in Oakland, Newton has been better than expected. But nobody out there even comes close to Rodgers… Manning MVP? No, but it could be argued that he does mean more to his team at this point than Rodgers. The Packers without Rodgers would still win atleast 2 games. Indy can’t even do that. Although, Indy doesn’t play my Vikes twice a year either. Sucks having to say that, but it’s true…

  23. It just shows you how bad and unprepared Indy was from management, to the Head Coach, Assistant coaches, back up QBs and players.
    All these so called professionals packed it in once they knew Peyton couldn’t play this year.
    That’s pathetic.

  24. Dwight Freeney and members of the Colts D have been bitter about Peyton receiving recognition since Super Bowl XLIV. There was all kinds of negativity coming from them before the game, and I think it hurt them. Maybe if they stepped it up a couple notches and stopped complaining, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  25. oops, SORRY!!!
    A Colts fan here.
    I clicked on NO before seeing HELL NO on the ballot.
    It makes for a good discussion but, GET REAL!!!

  26. There’s far more wrong in Indy than just QB play. I’m not sure they weren’t sliding ever so slightly in that direction already.

    In 2010 they were 2-3 against teams with winning records, with all of those wins @ home. During the 2009, 14-2 season, they didn’t play anyone with a record better than 10-6. In 2008 they had losses to bad Jacksonville & Green Bay teams, barley beat a terrible Browns and a mediocre San Diego team and defeated a 0-16 Detroit team @ home by only 10. Heck, they should have lost to a Tarvaris Jackson lead Vikings team that year, but for the fact Jackson couldn’t get his team in the endzone and they settled for 5 fieldgoals.

    My point is, this team, despite it’s records was showing signs of struggling more for it’s victories. Not that this type of drop-off was to be expected though. So it isn’t just the loss of Manning.

    This type of thing is so insulting to Rodgers who is having a truly phenominal season. (And I’m a Viking fan.)

  27. Anybody that has Peyton on their MVP list(doesn’t matter if its # 1 or # 20) loses a TON of credibility!!!

  28. Peyton may be the MVP every year he plays, but he didn’t play in 2011.

    Let’s not disrespect the outstanding performances Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady are giving us this year.

  29. The Colts will tell you they built their team around Manning, but the truth is that they built it around the QB position itself.

    Everything from the offensive line to the defense was built on the idea that the QB would score tons of points.

    Indy just never realized that truth on a fundamental level. So when Manning went down, and they didn’t have an adequate QB to replace him, the entire team was affected.

    And now you’re seeing the result.

  30. I get the point….

    But that doesn’t make it not idiotic.

    Why not name Barry Sanders MVP because if he was still there playing at the level he played at before getting old and ineffectual the Lions would be a better team?

  31. Waldo– right on! This is just a cheap trick by the league to get suckers interested in their new magazine.

  32. well using your team sucks without you as criteria why shouldn’t Jay Cutler get it? so he did not miss the whole season but without him the bears don’t make the playoffs. look at what he was doing before the injury, the bears were on a 5 game winning streak and scoring. they would have made a serious run in the playoffs but without him they will not make them.

  33. The Colts are intentionally losing every game because they know Peyton is never coming back, and they want Luck. This has been directed by the owner.

    No one in their right mind can actually think a man with a fused cervical spine is going to come back and play QB in the NFL. Never. Gonna. Happen.

    And yes, I fully believe the Colts are intentionally dumping these games, which if I were a fan of the team, I would completely support.

  34. The colts are losing because they want Luck! Manning is a joke who always chokes in big games! He got luck one year and beat a real bad bears team, with a bad QB! Good reg season player but hides from the big boys when it matters the most!

  35. Absurd. I would call you and the people at the magazine a bunch of empty suits but that would do an incredible disservice to coat hangers everywhere. You’re right up there with those self serving, narcissistic meat heads on the four letter network that host that show on Sundays. I think it’s called “countdown?” Ugh.

  36. It is an insult to every player in the league to give Peyton a vote. These guys played through pain, bled and did everything they could to be the best. The Colts brass are the ones to blame for the team’s terrible season. They failed to have a competent backup and that is why they are winless.

  37. Problem is this award is poorly named because it never goes to the most valuable aka most indispensable. It always goes to that given years stat monster who just lights it up AND plays for a good team.
    Look at those years under Mike Sherman when GB had no defense and no WRs. Yet Favre got them into the playoffs. Those Packer teams would have been 1-15 w/o Brett. Yet he never came close to getting a MVP in those later years cuz he didn’t have the stats.
    The award should be called The Most Outstanding Player and be based on superb personal performance regardless of team success.
    The Colts D is a mess. I can’t fathom Indy. being better than 5-11 with Peyton based on his age and recent play.

  38. So…Jim Brown is Cleveland’s MVP. Marino is Miami’s MVP. Barry Sanders is Detroit’s MVP.


    What a stupid and delusional point of view. They just guaranteed I won’t bother with their magazine.

  39. Tough to say. Rodgers makes the Pack look good, but think back to the Detroit game last year when we took him out and they put up 3 points. They obviously wouldn’t have a Colts-esque implosion, but he still carries that team a lot.

  40. The colts are just a crappy team without him and a little less crappy team with him. No way does that qualify him as MVP.

  41. Just proves writers know nothing about football….healthy or not….Manning isn’t in the same category as Rogers, Brees or Brady…sorry!…Manning is the modern-day Dan Fouts…heralded while he played but now that he is done, he will soon be forgotten as others best many of his records/numbers. Manning was the first product of the hyper-live-ball era in the NFL……over-rated!

  42. Are you kidding me? If the NFL actually gives a player who hasn’t played at all this year the MVP i’m done as a fan. That’s a joke on top of a mountain of jokes already. Example: Pro Bowl not being after the Superbowl, Fines for aggressive tackles and helmet to helmet hits being fined, penalized and possible suspensions.


  43. Thats absolutely stupid….

    Anyone ever stop and think the defense completely quit when Peyton went on IR? It’s not completely on Peytons shoulders they haven’t even won even one game….the team quit….

    I wonder how some of these guys like Peter King, and Skip Bayless get to make so much money spouting foolishness.

    Go ahead PFT, delete my post for speaking the truth

  44. Him and Jay Cutler.

    I think there’s an argument to be made. It all depends on how you interpret “most valuable player”. If it you interpret it as being the guy who helped his team the most this year, then obviously it can’t be Manning (or Cutler if the Bears don’t make the playoffs). If you take the name of the award more literally Manning and Cutler have to be in the discussion.

  45. You CANT be an MVP when you dont step on the field. I call complete and utter BS on this. The team is god damn retarded if they cant win a single game by missing 1 person. Im sorry but not team is this damn horrible because they are missing 1 player. Hell my Eagles have lost McNabb in the past and had horrible qb’s come in and lead them to the playoffs. Its bad coaching and horrible players on the team who dont rally around his replacement. If they vote Manning as MVP i will not spend a single $ on NFL merchandise for an entire season.

  46. No not this year,
    Although he should be given the MVP retroactive the last 12 years or so seeing how terrible the team really is without him

  47. I voted ‘hell no’ only because this is the first poll I’ve seen with “hell no” as an option.

  48. What if he had an off year like Phillips Rivers is having?
    Come on man! Mo way dop you give it base don your expectations of what he MIGHT have done.

  49. What if…what if…what of his WRs got hurt and the replacements couldn’t get open?
    What if the Texans still beat them twice this year and the record was 7-9?
    How can you say…oh…you just want to raise readership by saying something you don’t truly believe. Weak.

  50. Why isn’t a defensive player ever MVP? And don’t give me the defensive player of the year garbage because everyone who wins MVP always wins offensive player of the year too. I personally despise that

  51. Here’s hoping he suits up for an 0-15 Colts squad and wins in week 17. He could legitimately receive MVP votes this way.

  52. To the idiot that said Manning was on the decline, he had no choice but to throw it so often because the Colts have no running game, and they haven’t since 2006. Teams know the Colts are throwing it, yet Manning still threw for 4700 yards. Manning is clearly the MVP this year…

  53. Idiots. This story just pisses me off. People trying to get too cute; what is wrong with them?

  54. Well, we all know this is humor because you can say the same thing about Kurt Warner/Cardinals etc…but the real award is pretty silly anyway because it’ll go to Aaron Rodgers as it ALWAYS goes to the #1 Qb on the #1 team. And at some level, I think we all know this is WRONG. Ok, maybe this year you might have a compelling case for Tim Tebow but you’ll never hear something honest like Matt Forte.

  55. First off..why is the NFL mag JUST coming out in week 14? good would Rodgers really be without all of his weapons? Brady has ONE legit weapon(maybe two with Gronkowski) and for most of his career he’s had NO ONE helping him.. should do polls more often. Kinda cool.

    Fourth…coming from a guy that bleeds Honolulu Blue..the Lions need to control themselves. We used to be an embarrassment because we couldnt we’re an embarrassment because we can’t control ourselves! At least none of the players got suspended for shooting themselves in the leg yet.

  56. waldoampere says: Dec 7, 2011 11:38 PM

    MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and Peyton Manning, as great as he is, was not a player this year.


    Manning was a player this year! He played the Colts into giving him a $90mil contract

  57. I agree with rea1talk….the Colts were a team in serious decline last year and it is hard to judge how much Peyton could have improved them this year. Last year was also Manning’s worst year since his rookie season. They would not have made the playoffs even with Manning at qb.

  58. Simply absurd. “Lee Harvey” Manning pushed very hard to get a huge new contract worth more than $18 Million per year even though he knew that he had a serious ongoing issue with his neck (the seriousness of which he obviously concealed from his team). After signing the contract, he goes out and gets a spinal fusion done, effectively ending his year and maybe his career. He grabs the money and robbed his team of an opportunity to use that money to sign other players/free agents. And he wanted this new contract because is was jealous of Tom Brady who was the highest paid player in the NFL at that time.

    With all this money tied up in one player, what do you think that does to the depth of the team? We’re seeing the result on the field this year.

    You call this valuable? Most people call this selfish, spiteful and fraudulent.

  59. rea1talk says: if he was playing this year the colts would have no more than 6 wins……..

    And the masses are barely 50/50 on this man’s statement?? I think he’s being liberal with six wins. The Colts are utterly abysmal. If you think they’d be any better than 4-6 wins with Manning, you’re placing way too much value on the position. If he’s that critical alone that you believe they would be so much better, the Colts should have 5 rings by now.

  60. The Colts defense is so bad this year, even with Peyton at QB they would be an 8-8 team. The cover page alone should show you this magazine has no clue what they are talking about…

  61. He’s clearly not the MVP for 2011, because he didn’t play. Howeva,… if he were awarded MVP for the last ten years retroactively, I’d be OK with that. The Colts are a high school team without him.

  62. ” But if the Colts end up going the way they’re headed, the more it proves that Peyton really is the franchise. . . . Is he really the MVP? Everybody has an opinion on that, and this is ours”

    Translation: “We all know that Peyton is nearing the end of his career. The Colts would rather have an ace up their sleeve versus actually putting in the time to train a QB. They have tanked the season to get the best QB prospect that has come along in a while”.

    MVP my a$$. The league should be fining this team for rolling over and playing dead so they can get the #1 draft pick. One player, let me say that again, ONE PLAYER is out for the season and the team, THE ENTIRE TEAM goes from a play off and possible Super Bowl contender to a team that can’t win a single game. Give me a break….

  63. and this is why no one plays Fantasy Football on…the company thinks it knows more then its own fans.

  64. I was thinking of subscribing to this dead tree magazine, but if sensationalism like this is representative of what the NFL will publish, I will take a pass. Peyton as MVP this year is nothing more than pre-publication hype to get the fans to buy this rag. Bad move…

  65. It would undermine current players, but it would also be true. The Pack without Rogers would still win a few games. The Pats without Brady went 11-5. The winless Colts do reveal how great Peyton really is.

  66. Why is the media trying so hard to get votes for Brady and Manning? As if they don’t have shelves full of MVP awards already. Rodgers is playing out of his mind and absolutely deserves a unanimous MVP for it, assuming his level of play doesn’t change the next 4 weeks.

    If Manning gets votes, having not played a down, it will be beyond ridiculous. Rodgers, having one of the best seasons EVER by a QB, losing votes to one that hasn’t played a DOWN this year?

    I’m also sick of the perception that the Colts being 0-12 proves that Manning is an MVP. All it proves is that the Colts didn’t feel like they could win without Manning, and aren’t trying at all. Anyone who has snored through a Colts game this year would tend to agree. I’m with rea1talk… the Colts were on the down-swing already. Add a complete lack of effort, and you have the second winless season ever.

  67. Utter nonsense. Polian should get the blame for not bothering to have a decent backup QB on the roster. Plucking an aged QB out of virtual retirement weeks (or was it days?) before the season gave the team no chance. A serviceable backup that is capable of using the elite offensive talent they still have and that team is .500 at least.

  68. You know the “participation/thanks for showing up” ribbon they give out to the fat kids at the end-of-season banquet?

    At this point, Peyton doesn’t even qualify for that.

  69. there shouldn’t even be a dispute.
    a team that went, over the last several years, from being a contender to losing 1 player and not even winning one game?
    no question, peyton IS the mvp.
    no disprespect for rodgers but the packers would have won some games by now, even without aaron.

  70. To say Peyton Manning is the MVP because of the Colts’ pathetic play is ridiculous. What it really shows is that the Colts made no plans to have an adequate backup quarterback. Because the Colts suck without Manning does not make a case for Manning being MVP.

  71. Boy, some people will do anything to diminish Rodgers’ season this year. I’ve heard arguments for Brady several times, Brees several times, Tebow, Fred Jackson and now Peyton Manning. Brett Favre will be next, because remember, Rodgers got to wait and learn from Brett for 3 years, so Favre really deserves the credit.

    It’s not Rodgers fault he’s been surrounded by good, hard working receivers. It IS to his credit that, using those weapons, he’s been putting together a QB season that the league hasn’t quite seen before. If that’s not deserving of MVP honors, I don’t know what is.

  72. It’s all just in the interpretation of the award. Is it the best player in the league (Rodger) or is it the player most valuable to his team in it’s specific circumstances.

    If you agree with the latter, then, well, Peyton kind of makes sense.

  73. Naming a player MVP when he did not even play is so ludicrous I can barely wrap my mind around it. Maybe Brett Favre is the MVP in Minny?

    MVP is Most Valuable Player. Manning WAS NOT A PLAYER THIS YEAR. The fact that this has to be explained is troubling.

  74. MVP is for players who are actually playing. I can think of a dozen guys, who have played 12 games who deserve the MVP above Manning. All this season has proven is that Manning is invaluable to the Colts and that they can’t win without him. He is certainly Colts MVP but not MVP of the league. That title of course goes to Rodgers this season.

  75. They state at the beginning of their article that Rodgers is the MVP, then go into a hypothetical fun little story about how valuable Manning obviously is.

    People are so uptight. Would you rather read an article about all of Rodgers stats arguing that he is the MVP? Sounds kinda boring.

  76. “Though it appears to be an outlandish take aimed merely at generating interest …”


  77. I can’t even watch NFL coverage on TV anymore. First six stories of any given ESPN/NFL Network show are invariably about Tim Tebow.

    Enough Already!! Stop beating a dead horse please. It is truly obnoxious and juvenille to give one player at least half the coverage of the entire sport.

    Brett Favre

  78. vicktator says:
    Dec 8, 2011 12:33 AM
    Brady misses a full season, Pats go 11-5
    Peyton misses a full season, Colts go 0-16

    Anybody still think Brady is better than Manning?

    This is quite possibly the dumbest argument of all time. Because the Pats were better prepared than the Colts, that means Manning > Brady. Keep dreaming.

    I don’t know how anyone can receive an award for something they DIDN’T do.

    I think maybe I won’t show up for work next week. Then, because my work won’t get done, my company will realize how valuable I am… and I’m sure I’ll get a raise!

    Give me a break.

  79. WTF – you guys gone stark raving mad? MVP means Most Valuable PLAYER – the word player is the guy thats playing. How can you vote him MVP if he is not even playing? Oh – it may show his value to the Colts team and how without him the Colts are terrible but that still does not qualify him as a player to get voted on.
    Somewheres along the line there has to be guidelines of what makes a player QUALIFY to be voted on in the first place, not because of his absence as a player.
    So lets vote on (Walter Camp) the father of American football who entered Yale in 1876. Hell if he was playing today he may be great, so lets vote him as the MVP. Thats about how dumb this notion is to vote for Manning.

  80. The award is for Value. The fact that Manning didn’t play doesn’t, in any way reduce his Value. The team is horrible without him. He is the most valuable player. The fact that he isn’t playing doesn’t diminish his value. The fact that the Colts are winless without him makes his value more obvious. He is still on the Colts roster, making him a player. A lot of guys are sitting on the bench, or holding a clipboard, and yes, they are players. NFL magazine got it right. Peyton Manning is, without question, the most valuable player in the NFL, and has been so for many years. When Brady went down for the season, many might have felt he was too valuable to lose, but an average QB like Matt Cassell proved that to be wrong. Many QBs have tried to replace Manning, and all have failed. NFL Magazine got it right.

  81. Well there went my plan to subscribe. No wonder the country is in a hell of a mess with the media thinking like this. Thats liek arguing that Brett is the MVP of the Packers. Conveluted thought process leads to retareded conclusions.

  82. you guys are no better than TO with this kind of stuff. you’re just after attention. you know people will think its a dumb idea to name a player who hasn’t played as an MVP candidate. But you do it to draw interest.

    Obviously how far the Colts have fallen highlights how great Manning is, but to suggest he should be even in the running for MVP is just stupid.

  83. 20bust11 says:
    Dec 8, 2011 9:07 AM
    The award is for Value. The fact that Manning didn’t play doesn’t, in any way reduce his Value. The team is horrible without him. He is the most valuable player. The fact that he isn’t playing doesn’t diminish his value. The fact that the Colts are winless without him makes his value more obvious. He is still on the Colts roster, making him a player. A lot of guys are sitting on the bench, or holding a clipboard, and yes, they are players. NFL magazine got it right. Peyton Manning is, without question, the most valuable player in the NFL, and has been so for many years. When Brady went down for the season, many might have felt he was too valuable to lose, but an average QB like Matt Cassell proved that to be wrong. Many QBs have tried to replace Manning, and all have failed. NFL Magazine got it right.

    But at the same time, maybe the Colts would have gone 3-13 this year WITH him. How do you gague a player’s value when there’s essentially nothing with which to measure it? Perhaps if he had played the first 6 games and the Colts beat their opponents by 30 points each time.. and then he got injured and they didn’t win a game for the rest of the season, then I MIGHT get it. But he hasn’t stepped onto the field once, and he’s named the MVP? It’s insulting to everyone who has actually played.

  84. Manning for MVP is just stupid,his loss just shows how awful the rest of the team really is,had he been playing they still would have been bad,one player isnt the whole team as others get paid also to win,they are losers and Manning is lucky he cant be blamed for their sheer ineptitude,0-16 isnt the result of losing one damn player,get real.

  85. Stupid and absurd. NObody ever brings up the fact that the Colts suck so badly is BECAUSE of Manning. He takes up a large percentage of payroll and the reason they had to go try and get another QB when he got hurt was beccause management wasnt very smart on picking their back ups and also because the backups never got a chance to play or practice BECAUSE Manning wouldnt allow anyone else to take 1st team snaps. I dont mind Manning as a player or have any gripes with him.. but INDYs front office really should be the ones to blame for the mess they are in and this year is more of a front office mistake.

  86. 20bust11 says:
    Dec 8, 2011 9:07 AM
    The award is for Value. The fact that Manning didn’t play doesn’t, in any way reduce his Value. The team is horrible without him. He is the most valuable player. The fact that he isn’t playing doesn’t diminish his value. The fact that the Colts are winless without him makes his value more obvious.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Yes the team is horrible without him but again his value show to the TEAM – not as a player. Your interruptation of someone on a rooster is eligable for a vote as a player is just that -YOUR interruptation. Makes no sense what-so-ever in logical common sense doing things the right way. Nuff said.

  87. Well, for one thing, any voter who votes for Manning as MVP should have his/her vote taken away. It is an insult to guys like the likely winner Rodgers, and Brady, and Brees who are having awesome seasons who are busting their chops out there. It is an insult to anyone who is playing.

    The second thing is that I have been saying that the Colts are overrated for years. They created a system where ONLY one man can run it, and never created a competent backup who would at least KNOW the system. As much as Bill Polian is a great GM, he has put all his eggs in one basket (Peyton), and now that Peyton is injured, the chickens are coming home to roost. I mean, a lot of the guys are exposed. Reggie Wayne isn’t the top flight receiver that let’s say Calvin Johnson is. I never thought Austin Collie or Dallas Clark were all that as TEs. They sure aren’t as good as Rob Gronkowski, or Tony Gonzalez. Clark and Collie are possession receivers really. Do they even BLOCK??
    Defense was usually suspect, and needed to play with a lead.

    As for the usual Brady vs Manning: Yes, Pats went 11-5 without Brady (also lost Bruschi, Harrison, and others during the 2008 season, but I won’t let the facts get in the way of a good story) and the Colts are currently 0-12. Did the Patriots make the playoffs that year? No. Brady likely would have won a couple more games and gotten them into the playoffs, so it is kind of irrelevant. It does prove that the Patriots are a better team, and IMO, a better run team.

    Brady has the hardware with a lot less talent. Sure Brady has only 2 MVP awards to Peyton’s 4, but Brady is the ONLY one of the two who has been voted MVP UNANIMOUSLY (2010) . So, IMO, Brady is still better than Manning. Just saying

  88. Freeney is exactly right. It’s rediculous to vote for a player for MVP who didn’t even play. Anyone who casts a vote for him should have their voting priveleges revoked, and there’s no way I can take that magazine seriously now.

    Look, for those voting for Manning or Tebow or even Brady, it’s not that hard. Who’s the best player in the league on a team that’s contending? That person is Aaron Rodgers, and it’s not even arguable. He’s the best by every statistical measure and his team is 12-0. Case closed.

    Some people are basically basing their MVP votes on backup QBs. Curtis Painter is terrible. If the Colts had protected themselves with even an average QB they’d have won a few games at least. Someone the other day sugguested Brady should win it because the Packers could still win some games with Matt Flynn. So we’ll take the award away from Rodgers because the Packers protected themselves with a quality backup QB? Rediculous.

    You people are taking a way too literal interpretation of the award. It’s really for the league’s best player.

  89. With all due respect, Peyton is only valuable because he wants footballs thrown.

    The Colts didn’t improve their run game and stuck with a no huddle offense to the defense’s detriment and for Peyton’s sake!!!!

    A true MVP is someone productive, that make others better, and is one that a team can’t win without. Peyton falls into the third.

    A true MVP is Matt Forte or Frank Gore!!!

  90. You really can’t compare Brady going down to Manning, because Brady was and always has been in a much better team oriented system. While in recent years, Brady has been an elite QB, his first 3 SB’s were as a “game manager”, and he’s 0-1 as an elite QB with the offense running through him. With that being said, there is no way you cannot see the amount of holes Peyton covers up on a football team. If you look at the Colts 1-2 rnd draft picks in the last 5 years, they are awful. Polian has done a poor job of that and Peyton has covered that up for years. Imagine if Brady and Manning’s switched places. Peyton would have at least 5 SB’s by now.

  91. I am heartened by how many fans above think this is a stupid premise for MVP. I too was going to subscribe but the mind numbingly silly basis for that article is telling me they bring nothing new to the table to differentiate themselves from some of the lazy parrots in the media. I was hoping they would have different angles to things and some more obscure type stories since they are the league magazine. I have to say with stuff like this, it looks like they are just an advertising vehicle for products and the league more than anything.

    Yes Aaron Rodgers had a fantastic receiving corps. GB has had a good to great bunch of receivers for awhile now. Fans who believe their eyes and not just stats also know that Rodgers has been phenomenal this year. His accuracy is unparalleled. They might win some games without him because their HC is a fantastic coach of QBs and a very good playcaller, they have an outstanding DC, they draft well, and Flynn looks competent. It doesn’t make Rodgers any LESS phenomenal of a QB though. Is logic that hard to come by these days?

  92. Seriously? So Peyton also makes calls for the defense too?

    Their defense is pathetic. Even if Peyton was playing, they would have the same result with that horrible defense….ok maybe they would have a couple of wins I’ll give you that.

  93. Colts 0-12 shows that Peyton may have been the true MVP of the past few years, but he is not the most valuable *player* of this year.

  94. So Manning is the MVP because the franchise didn’t have any sort of a fall-back plan?

    Manning is the MVP because the Indy coaches couldn’t re-tool the offense for Painter’s skill set?

    Great ‘analysis,’ NFL Magazine.

  95. I can get behind Frank Gore as MVP. That guy is a beast. And I don’t even like the 9ers.

  96. Here’s the short version…

    Colts without Manning = 0-16.
    Colts with Manning, on average, over the last 10 years he has played = 12-4 (ok, its really 11.5-4.5, BUT whatever)

    That puts his Wins Above Replacement at 11.5 That’s value there. While WAR both means a little less and is really harder to evaluate in the NFL compared to other sports due to a shorter season, its still a very telling stat in this case.

    While I can’t see giving it to him this year due to Rodgers having the best season of any QB ever, its hard not to put him in at least the top 5 (given Brady and Brees’ record setting paces, they also should be high on the rankings)

  97. Is a backup team member a player even if he never gets on the field? The definition of “player” is loose. I can say I’m a poker player, even when I’m not actually sitting at a table with cards in my hand. Woods is considered a play of golf even when he isn’t on the course. Lebron is considered a basketball player even when he is not on the court.

    Get an argument.

  98. Personally, I’d say Tebow is MVP, of the teams I’ve watched. Without him they suck and aren’t playing for the AFC West division title.

    Rodgers is All-Pro, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean he is MVP. Tebow is NOT All-Pro, but he means the world to that team

  99. “It doesn’t make Rodgers any LESS phenomenal of a QB though. Is logic that hard to come by these days?”

    There are awards for best player at your position – Pro Bowl, All-Pro. The MVP is for what that player means to his team. You should be able to consider a player that gets a horrible team to an 8-8 record, for instance. Or a missing player that results in his teams utter collapse.

    Picking a great player on a great team is meaningless as an MVP award.

  100. bringbacktheflex says:Dec 8, 2011 12:36 PM
    “Take Rodgers from the Packers – do they lose all their games?
    Next argument.”
    better question, Do They Win All of Their Games with that 31st ranked defense?
    go back to the madden kid….

  101. bringbacktheflex says:Dec 8, 2011 12:43 PM
    “Picking a great player on a great team is meaningless as an MVP award.”
    Joe Montana/Steve Young/Brady/Marino/Sanders/Emmit/Favre/
    and every great player on a winning team say, “huh?”

  102. “every great player on a winning team say, “huh?””

    Quite an argument: “Great players on great teams have been picked as MVP before so it must mean they are MVP.” Ooh. Tautology.

    Still, it depends on definitions of MVP. Montana went down with injury, 9ers still won games. Brady goes down, Pats still win games. In Emmitt Smith’s case, when he wasn’t playing Dallas lost, so that one might be meaningful. Also Sanders – great player on better than average team made a big difference to their win/loss average.

    To me, you have to evaluate what the team would do WITHOUT that player. If you feel they would be nearly as good then is that player really MVP? Compared to a team that would be garbage without a key player?

  103. “better question, Do They Win All of Their Games with that 31st ranked defense?”

    Why is that a better question? Only QBs on undefeated teams should be voted MVP???

    Man, the logic here is lacking.

  104. texaspistoleer – wrong, it shows the Colts are incompetent…..if the Packers, Saints,Jets, insert team had a high school QB as a back-up, they would be as bad!

  105. shinjodun – Colts without Manning AND without a true back-up….0-16

    Colts without Manning and with a true back-up…..7-9 ish………proof being Orlofsky….passes for almost 400 yards and goes 31 or 37…..seems like the offense can function without Manning

  106. If Manning gets on the field and takes a knee or even throws one pass, I have ZERO problem with him getting the award. In fact, I’d say everybody not named “Peyton Manning” whose received the award in the past decade should be obligated to return it.

    Okay, maybe that’s going too far, but I totally disagree with Freeney’s “DISRESPECT” card. It’s a subjecteive award that hinges on whatever people feel like should be valued. Honestly, it’s not like some mandatory part of the game that will be ‘ruined’ if they decide to do something unorthodox with it. Maybe he should just focus on collecting his millions and trying to lead his team to a SINGLE win, before getting so fired up about this inconsequential matter.

  107. mella21 – this is possibly the dumbest post I have ever read………you think someone who goes into a game and throws one pass actually deserves an award as MVP for the season………..?….LOL….you are LOST!!!!!..and if you are too stupid to understand Freeney’s perspective, do us all a favor and drive off a cliff!

  108. I am tired of hearing these people say Tom Brady has no help never has then what is welker. Gronkoski moss branch Hernandez ocho Brady is nothing but a average quarterback great cheating coach easy passes oh did I mention if u touch him it’s a fifteen yard penalty because he cries like a girl

  109. I know the NFL has it in the bag for Peyton but this is ridiculous. Last I checked the Colts WITH Peyton last year was an awful 9-7 clearly on the slide. If you pulled the starting QB from almost any team in the NFL and replaced them with Curtis Painter you have a very good shot at 0-16.

  110. The Colts are smart. They realize the value of a franchise quarterback. That’s why they’re tanking the season – to get Andrew Luck.

  111. So a dysfunctional front office, a team that’s completely given up, and the very real possibility that this is another one of Polian’s underhanded schemes (like tanking games to preserve players for the Super Bowl) somehow translates to a guy who hasn’t been on the field being the MVP of the league?

    Thanks for letting me know never to bother buying that garbage. The NFL should be ashamed of itself for spitting on real players.

  112. @ftombradyandspycam:

    You need help. Professional help. I hear thearapy I really affordable nowadays.

  113. Come on guys they have to be talking about Eli Manning possibly for MVP because the last time I checked someone who doesn’t play any games will not MVP, probably a mistake made by the editor. Seriously the giants would be almost as bad as the eagles now without the services of Eli right now. I’m sure that’s what they meant to do.

  114. Arguably, this could be said of any premiere Colt quarterback not actually playing this season. Is Jim Harbaugh their runner-up? Johnny Unitas?

  115. @golonger You’re RIGHT! [If anybody actually subscribed to the idiotic theory that an MVP should be selected on the basis of his not playing.]

    Inasmuch as the Colts were pretty much awful when Bert Jones was hurt and pretty darn good when he was healthy, the similarities to Manning are better than Unitas — they got to a Superbowl without Johnny U, after all.

    I always forget Jones because, as a long suffering Steeler fan (my Dad took me to my first game in 1960 when the Steelers played in Pitt Stadium and were probably the worst team in the NFL) I spent most of the Bert Jones Era in Steeler Heaven.

    Eerie similarity: Jones’ ended his career with a neck injury. I hope Peyton will break the symmetry in that regard, and wish he’d get back, soon (as long as he continues to lose to Pittsburgh when it matters.)

  116. fredzarguna – yes….Manning may be the best QB the Indy Colts ever had (although that is not really saying a lot), he is the third best QB the Colts have ever had….Jones meant more to that Colts team than ANY QB ever has to any team…..and if anyone doesn’t believe me, just ask the players he played with! They genuinely idolized him…which is more than one can say for Manning’s teammates!

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