Newton, Hawthorne and Masthay are your NFC Players of the Week

Cam Newton’s record-setting day merited him recognition as the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Newton broke the single-season record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback with three scores against the Buccaneers in Sunday’s 38-19 victory. He also became the third player (and first quarterback) in NFL history to run for three scores, throw a touchdown and catch a pass in the same game and joined Eric Dickerson as the only players to run for scores in nine of his first 12 games. That kind of success makes Newton the odds-on favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year honors this season and explains his smile in the picture to the right, if not the reason why some people labeled that smile as fake before the draft.

He’s joined on this week’s honor roll by Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne and Packers punter Tim Masthay. Hawthorne returned an interception 77 yards for a touchdown during Thursday’s 31-14 win over the Eagles. The score came with less than five minutes to play in the game, ending any hope of a Philly comeback in the game or down the stretch of the season.

Masthay dropped four punts inside the 20 during Green Bay’s 38-35 win in the Meadowlands. His work consistently left the Giants with long fields to work with, earning him the second NFC Special Teams Player of the Week notice of his career.

19 responses to “Newton, Hawthorne and Masthay are your NFC Players of the Week

  1. Wasn’t Newton suppose to break some passing record. I swear I heard everyone say that in the beginning of the season. What happened to those predictions?… He’s a good player but sometimes people go too far with things. Just sayin

  2. Do you think Cam will also break the rookie rushing TD record for any position, which is 18 by Eric Dickerson?

    4 Games left, 6 td’s breaks the record.

    Thumbs up he breaks it.

  3. I’d like to see Philip Rivers on that list. He played lights out against JAX and racked me up a good 29 FF points.

  4. Newton is 443 yards swsy from breaking the all-time rookie passing record. He’d have to average 111 yards a game to break it. Considering he’s averaging 274 I think he’ll break it.

  5. The passing record he has a good chance of breaking is Manning’s record for passing yardage in a rookie season. Newton is at 3297, the record is 3739. So if he averages a pedestrian 200 ypg, he’ll eclipse 4000 yards AND have the record for most passing yardage by a rookie.

    Paging Mike Mayock, Mike Mayock are you out there?

  6. David Hawthorne, who was referred to at “that linebacker” by Michael Irvin on the NFL Network, wins an award? About time someone noticed he was playing well!

    Odd that the pick-six play would be mentioned, since all he did was catch a pass that was thrown directly to him and run untouched for 75 yards. That was more QB boneheadedness than defensive brilliance. Hawthorne has made enough plays requiring true skill that he deserves some kind of honor this year, so I’m sure he’ll take it.

  7. I’m glad Cam is shutting up all the haters and MEDIA FOOLS!!!
    Go kid, GO!!
    Break the rushing record and the yds record and prove these idiots MORE wrong!!

    Its a feel good story and I love it….

  8. As long as Cam keeps calling his own number on the one yard line, there’s no reason that he can’t achieve the rushing TD record. And his passing numbers should eclipse Manning’s record.

    Of course, then again, Newton’s team is still a cellar dwellar and the only teams they’ve beaten are the Jags, Colts, Bucs and Skins — all garbage teams.

    Newton’s a great fantasy player, but too many people are getting carried away with his achievements. His team still SUCKS and that’s all that matters.

    Big Ben was 13-0 his rookie season and his passing yards where much less than Newton’s. Who would you rather have???????

    I’ll take the Super Bowl champ, future HOFer.

  9. I’m taking Cam over Ben. While the panthers record isn’t great it’s not because of Cam. The defense stinks but only because of injuries. we have like 13 people on IR. At least 7 were starters. We have played and been in all but 1 or 2 games at the end. All of this with no training camp to get him ready. Not to mention he has the QB TD record and is on track for the rookie passing record. If he passes 4000 passing yards this year he will be the ONLY player in NFL history with 4000 passing and 500 rushing yards. Cam over Ben any day cause Ben’s TEAM was better not Ben.

  10. Masthay has been a seldom talked about key to the Packers SB run last year. First really good punter they’ve had since Craig Hentrich left. Nice to see him get props.

  11. Maddogwhite,
    People like you have no sense. Are you really comparing Cam’s situation to Big Ben’s? Anyone that watched Carolina last year knew they were historicaly awful and not competitive. Cam has carried them and provided that team with some level of respect.

    Meanwhile as good as Ben was as a rookie he definitely did not carry that team. The defense and hall of fame running back did plenty of the heavy lifting.

    Most QB’s that get drafted first overall like Manning, Newton, or Aikman ussually don’t get drafted to good teams and their records reflect that. Those are the situations a Guy who knew what he was talking about would compare Newton’s rookie year to. NOT a situation like Ben’s.

  12. A couple points of fact maddog got wrong: Newton doesn’t call his own number on the goal line; OC Rob Chudzinski calls the plays and Newton just happens to be the best goal-line option. Also, several of Newton’s TD runs have been from outside the 5yl. So… so much for that argument.

    Also, it just so happens that the Panthers are no longer cellar-dwellers; the win over TB technically dropped the Bucs into last place.

    And while Carolina’s wins may be over “garbage” teams, they’ve still got twice as many as they had a year ago and that’s entirely Cam’s credit.

    Throw in the fact that they had chances to beat GB, Chicago and Detroit and only lost those games because their defense is awful… and you have your proof that Cam is fantastic.

  13. Show thumbs up for all you conspirators that believe Masthay getting “special teams player of the week” is more evidence of a conspiracy between the league and the Packers to let them go undefeated and claim the mantle of the greatest team ever?

  14. Big deal. The only diff is instead of giving the ball to the running back or passing into the end zone he keeps the ball for his own glory. He has no intention of letting someone steal his limelight.

  15. “Good for Masthay! He did have a great game against the Giants and the impact of great punting on a game is always under-rated.”

    Given that the Giants drove right down the field from their 16 yard line and tied the game, only to have their defense blow it in the last minute, I am confused as to why you think punting had any effect on that game. Field position didn’t seem to prevent either team from scoring.

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