Packers’ Walden charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Packers linebacker Erik Walden was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct on Wednesday in a Green Bay court, according to Paul Srubas of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

That’s a  lesser charge than the felony substantial battery Walden was arrested for last month. The downgrade may have come from a change in Walden’s girlfriend story.

Initially, she said Walden pushed her to the ground. When an officer told her Walden would likely be arrested, she changed her story to say she provoked him.

Walden is due back in court for a December 27 hearing.  He faces a maximum of 90 days in jail.

25 responses to “Packers’ Walden charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct

  1. Classic cycle of abuse. But since it’s the Packers and are the NFL darlings nothing will be done ad no suspension will be given. I’ll bet my left arm that this isn’t the last arrest for Walden. Props to the GB police for covering for their boy. At least they know how to safeguard the franchise.

  2. man walden… here we are having a magical season for the ages and you go and do this ?

    dude… smh, don’t do that to a woman… just go and get one of those boxing bag things and get rid of the stress that way or something.

  3. Good, hope the court understands the girl was paid off to change story, that he did batter her and needs 90 days in the cooler to be served during the football season.

    Time the courts send a message to the players about battering women. Funny, MR Cook got off as well because his girlfriend had a change in story to that made it sound like she attacked him.

    Send this guy to the showers for a 90 day sentence and not in the offseason either. Us working stiffs don’t get an offseason.

  4. As a packer fan, I say suspend the fool. Don’t care that his girl changed her story. The only thing that changes is that the police really can’t move forward. The packers and/or the NFL obviously don’t need convictions.

  5. I’m surprised the media hasn’t changed the story to say Suh was the one that pushed her.

    Their already trying theeir hardest to make Suh look worse for getting into a car accident

  6. So a female victim of domestic abuse is taken at her word, while a male victim of molestation requires corroboration from a second victim to be believed. Why is that?

  7. Yeah the Packers are a nice group this year .. Jolly in jail for six years, Walden using women as tackling dummies … what happened to the good old days when their biggest worry was making sure their draft picks didn’t resort to old tricks like breaking into the dorm room’s of university girls so they could defecate in their laundry baskets?

  8. Im watching the game stiff as a board I am so terrified of the Pack losing a game. That is interupted by seeing this guy and thinking, ” This guy beat his wife.” Its disgusting. I mean just disgusting. We all make mistakes. But, hitting your wife. Just so so low and appalling. If we kicked him off the team, I would be happy.

  9. If only this was East Dakota… we could find judges to delay everything for two years until we don’t need him anymore.

  10. If being at the scene of a homicide never kept Ray Lewis from playing in a Super Bowl, why should Walden have to worry. This is not Pac Man we are talking about. Enough of the Green Bay “untouchable” B.S. Mr. Purple Drank Jolly never got a break from the Packers.

  11. hatershatershatershatershatershatershatershatershatershatershatershatershaters…..aaahhh….it feels good to be undefeated, keep the hate coming, thats how you know your good

  12. ErikW65 says:Dec 7, 2011 1:47 PM

    So a female victim of domestic abuse is taken at her word, while a male victim of molestation requires corroboration from a second victim to be believed. Why is that?

    Goods question! The only thing I can think of is in domestic abuse cases the police are most often called immediatley following the attack and there is usually physical evidence to help corroborate the story. Sexual molestation of children usually doesn’t come out until years after the fact, with no immediate evidence to prove something occured. That’s why I love that the former ballboy got the Syracuse coach’s wife on tape.

    It’s a shame though, since the percentage of people making this sort of thing up is infinitesimal.

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