Raiders’ Chris Johnson leaves team after family tragedy


Oakland Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson has left the team to be with family after his sister was killed and his mother was wounded in a shooting in Fort Worth, Texas.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson said he expects Johnson to be with the team on Sunday but is giving Johnson the time he needs.

“This is a game of football,” Jackson said. “The thing he’s dealing with is a game of life. We’ll get him back here pretty soon. Very, very tough situation that he’s dealing with. But the organization supports him, I support him, he’ll get back here and be ready to go.”

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 46-year-old Eugene Esters has been charged with murder and attempted murder for killing Jennifer Johnson and wounding her mother, Della Johnson. Esters is the father of Jennifer Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter.

The 2-year-old daughter was not present when the shooting took place, nor was Jennifer Johnson’s other child. Della Johnson is expected to survive.

49 responses to “Raiders’ Chris Johnson leaves team after family tragedy

  1. Is it just me or was that an irresponsible statement by Hue Jackson i expect him to be here by Sunday, but we are giving him all the time he needs. WTH.

  2. Terrible for him. Thoughts & Prayers Chris.

    ….there is so much happening to this team all year.

  3. It’s time PFT identified who’s giving the thumbs up and thumbs down for losers like the two people who voted down the above comment from ‘rogerbrad’. Pathetic.

  4. “This is a game of football,” Jackson said. “The thing he’s dealing with is a game of life. We’ll get him back here pretty soon. Very, very tough situation that he’s dealing with. But the organization supports him, I support him, he’ll get back here and be ready to go.”
    Chris Johnson should decide when he’s coming back, not Hue Jackson. Hue Jackson has always struck me as a phony, and it’s in incredibly poor taste to even mention a timetable for Johnson’s return during a statement of this nature.

  5. how the hell do people give thumbs down on these types of things? i really hope they are just doing it as a joke, because if they are serious they got major issues.

    deepest condolences to the johnson family.

  6. i wish him and his family all the prayers in the world..i can’t even imagine what he’s going through. i know one thing hue should have said football is the last thing on johnsons mind and should take off as much time as he needs.

  7. The human life value among some are worth very little and the only way to get through to these people is not coddling them but to treat them with similar treatment.

  8. 10-1 (pun intended) Jackson said that he expects Johnson to be at Lambeau because Johnson told him so. This is the NFL, not your office. Players don’t simply fail to show up for work, they have a status. It’s for the same reason there’s an injury list – people bet on games. The casinos et al are going to do their thing without sympathy for the reasons behind a players absence. And the team is required to report an absence & the team’s expectations for the player for the next game.

  9. Raider Hater here, my condolences go out to Chris and his family. Absolutely awful thing to happen. I hope his sister finds peace and this POS dies in jail or is executed under Texas law.

  10. Wasn’t this the guy bawling in the locker room on his hands and knees after a non relative passes? But expects a player to be ready for Sunday. Pretty inappropriate if you ask me.

  11. Those criticizing Hue’s comments are pathetic. Hue didn’t demand he return Sunday. He “expects” him bac Sunday, which most likely Sunday. Chris probably told the team he’d go home to handle family business then return in time for the game. In addition, how much time does your employer give for bereavement. Most give 3-5 days for a sister. After that, you are without pay or subject to termination. Of course, some employers let you use PTO/vacation time for extra days, if you have accrued it.

    This is a tragic event and tough times for the family. But, don’t take Hue’s comments out of context or criticize whT is standard employment practice.

  12. I agree with cowhawkfan.

    What is with people bashing Hue? He didn’t say anything negative about Chris being away, nor did he say exactly when he’ll be back. His comments about his return were vague at best, and everything else was about being supportive. Get off the guys back, and criticize him for something he deserves not just the first story that pops up.

  13. Hue Jackson exploited Al Davis’ passing, and now he’s completely understating the gravity of this situation. Saying he expects Johnson to be there Sunday and that football and life are both games is just plain stupid. This guy is a weirdo, and Raiders fans ought to be skeptical of his longterm viability as an NFL head coach.

    Get well, Chris’ mom…and RIP Chris’ sister. I hope the kids are very well taken care of. And I hope that punk ass sumbitch feels incredible pain after the needle goes in. Don’t mess with Texas, bitch.

  14. Tragic, tragic story. Killed the girlfriend and shot her mother???

    Jennifer had to have been with this guy for at least two years …… did she have no idea he had a temper and owned a gun?

    Poor kids without a mom now. Sad.

  15. Thoughts and prayers to the Johnson family, truly unfortunate. Wish your family peace and justice in this ugly situation.

    And for the people hitting thumbs down on people taking time out of their day to send condolences to a man who just lost a family member, shame on you. You are the lowest of the lowest. You guys are flat-out scum. Grow up..clowns.

  16. What terrible news on the eve of the most important game of the season. Thoughts and Prayers to the family of Chris Johnson.

    Good luck in Green Bay, circle the wagons and show em what you got – give it all you got, hang close and represent the Raiders with poise, aggression and intensity.

  17. This is a game of football,” Jackson said. “The thing he’s dealing with is a game of life.”

    Uh, no, you dumb a$$. What you should have said is “he’s dealing with life, which is NOT a game.”

  18. This is a horrible tragedy that honestly is hard to relate to but if you even a shred human how can you not extend yourself towards Mr. Johnson

  19. Its times like these when football is absolutely, 100% irrelevant. Such an awful thing to happen to anybody. He should take as much time as he possibly needs. Best of wishes, Chris. God bless.

  20. Thoughts and prayers are with the Johnson family in this difficult time. I pray they find peace, and swift justice.

    That being said, I truly hope the thumb downs on the comments met to send well wishes to the Johnson family in their time of loss, are a simple mistake. I personally have accidentlly tapped the thumbs down button when I had intended to push the thumbs up. So, I am naive and am going to tell myself that is what the problem is, because I refuse to believe that people can be so cruel and callus to one another. If your intentions were melitious then please come forward and defend your actions and don’t just hide behind a picture of a downward pointed thumb. Or better yet, don’t! We probably don’t want to hear your ingnorant rantings anyway!

  21. Not defending here, but Hue may have been answering a report’s questions about when the team expects Johnson back, which would be a normal question from a sports reporter and Hue, at face value, said he expects him to be back by Sunday. It’s hard to tell without hearing the audio or the question before it.

  22. How horrible. I feel so bad for the child who will now have to grow up without a mother. I like to think there is a special hell for people who commit these kinds of crimes. I’m not a Raider fan, but my heart goes out to Chris and his family. No words of comfort can bring Jennifer back, but I hope they may at least be of some comfort to those who survive her.

  23. Very sorry to hear this terrible news.

    Condolences to Chris and his family.

    The world can be a scary and dangerous place.

  24. PFT should just disable thumbs on posts like this. I get if people go overboard with a religious stance, but there are deity-neutral posts now getting thumbed down.

    OK, that aside, what a terrible thing to have happen.

  25. girlslikefootball2 says: Dec 8, 2011 5:18 AM

    accidentlly… melitious… ingnorant


    “We probably don’t want to hear your ingnorant rantings anyway!”


  26. EJ says: Dec 8, 2011 7:26 AM

    Sick, now a two year old will grow up without a mother, absolutely sick. WTF is this world coming to?


    Yes, because this is the first time THATs ever happened. Here’s a tip: learn some history.

  27. Condolences to the Johnson family.

    Now for those criticizing Hue’s comments. Go back and read the story. Do you see quotations around Hue “expecting” Johnson to be back? No you don’t. You see, this is a paraphrase from the author of the article. Most likely the question asked to Hue was something like, do you expect Chris to play on Sunday? Hue probably answered yes, then followed up with the actual quote you see in the article.

    Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

  28. Chris Johnson back at Practice.It’s Thursday. Where are all the Hue Jackson Haters at now? Idiots!!

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