Ray Rice is AFC offensive player of the week

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Ray Rice ran for a career-high 204 yards against the Browns on Sunday and he’s been recognized for the accomplishment.

Rice has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week in recognition of his big day in Baltimore’s 24-10 win. In addition to the big yardage, Rice added a touchdown and a career-best 67-yard run from scrimmage. It’s the second time Rice has been so honored as he also got the prize in Week 15 last season.

It’s the latest big addition to a salary drive that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention this season as those of Matt Forte and DeSean Jackson. Rice is a free agent after the year and he’s having what’s probably his best season as a pro in 2011. He’s scored 11 touchdowns, leads the AFC in total yards and has been used more frequently than any back other than Arian Foster.

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  1. The ravens will pay him very well, as well as flacco, this team isnt at it’s peak yet. They will never let these guys go elsewhere. The ravens always pay their ballers

  2. Haha ya real impressive! It was against Cleveland! Try that rubbish against the #1 defense in the league! Thats right the steelers! Lil boy!

  3. I have been a Browns fan since 1966. But I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to win “offensive player of the week”, “defensive player of the week”, “special teams player of the week”, “coach of the week”, “waterboy of the week” or anything else when playing against the Browns. It’s just an unfair advantage……….

  4. Flyin under the radar, that’s what Lil Ray does. He’s humble and a great person in general. A lot could be learned from him as far as the conceit and arrogance with so many other players in the league. He gives so much back to his community and is tough as nails, great role model for younger players. I have a feeling we’ll franchise him because we have to take care of Flacco (yes bring on the critics), but regardless we’ll make sure he’s taken care of.

  5. “Rice added a touchdown and a career-best 67-yard run from scrimmage.”

    i guess that run on the first play of the game in the playoffs against the patriots doesn’t count?

  6. The ravens need a steady diet of rice if they wanna go far into the playoffs whether it be running or receiving. I think we’ll probably franchise tag this beast of a running back at the end of the year and I hope they resign Ben Grubbs (another underrated raven) but who knows if they can afford both

  7. Haha ya real impressive! It was against Cleveland! Try that rubbish against the #1 defense in the league! Thats right the steelers! Lil boy!

    See week 1: 19 car. 107 yds. 1TD/ 3 rec. 42 yds. 1TD

  8. @steelersownyou –

    we did. twice. this year. and beat you. twice. this year. the first game gaining over 100 yards rushing.

    now go back into your hole and clam up for a couple of weeks.

  9. When steelers are in supwr bowl this year. You hang onto those 2 wins this year. Cause that is all you will have! I remember beating Ravens 3 times in 2008, and beating you in every playoff game we ever faced you. But I guess when you don’t have anything to hang onto. You gotta say..well we beat you twice this year! Don’t matter where we play you. We.can beat you anywhere home or away. But for you….you better pray you’re at home..In playoffs at HEINZ FIELD against the Ravens…Consder them OWNED!

  10. zackattack410 says:
    Dec 7, 2011 4:06 PM
    Haha ya real impressive! It was against Cleveland! Try that rubbish against the #1 defense in the league! Thats right the steelers! Lil boy!

    What ? did steelersownyou forget that he has multable accounts for this site. What a tool.
    Dude, you really need to proof read your garble.
    You never have anything of substance to say.
    You think that the stealers can just smack talk their way to the SB ?

  11. Beat u twice. This year. Our field was a spanking. Your field was a close game. U better hope you get home field because if u have to come into bmore, you will crawl out the losers you truly r.

  12. you can’t be taken seriously with a policy that frowns upon freedom of speech from your viewers especially when they aren’t profane. people come to this site for comments, not for your little paragraghs, trust me.

  13. well deserved. The Ravens have to sign him , soon. One of the most underrated players in the league.

  14. In 2008 we clinched the afc north in your house! Short term memory! Hahahaha good luck with joe flacco in the playoffs! He’s really been impressive this year…just admit it..you will always be the little brother who gets the crap beat out of you the majority of the time…once in a great while little beother will get a aucker punch in. but we know in the end we can knock little brother the **** out!

  15. Considering how close each game has been in the last 3 years, classifying 35-7 as a “sucker punch” is laughable.

  16. Typical Ravens fan. Too dumb tu understand why ut was 35-7. Some teams were hurt by the lockout & some weren’t. We were obviously 1 of them..Everyone knows now that was an aboration except Ravens fans who don’t want to let go of that game because 7 turnovers made their team look like they were better than they were. Actually quite sad you only got 36 points.. Give our offense 7 turnovers we’d have at least 49 points..Thats the difference between having fluke-o or Big Ben! Recognize the difference between these 2 teams is at the QB position chumps! Nobody sane would want flacco instead of ben!

  17. @ Steelersownyou

    Actually the difference is, we have a mustached gunslinger qb, and yours finger bangs unwilling women. The ravens are just flat out better then you this year, your the one who seems a bit salty about it. Stop whining like a little girl and worry about your own football team, last time I checked your 2-2 in the afc north, and the “crappy” ravens are 4-0. You got some work to do. I OWN YOU

  18. Yoy own nothing but a terrible QB, dumb fans, a retarded coach who acts like a moron & 1 sb appearance while steelers go every other year! Its ok to be jealous! It will be another year that the ravens fans wont watch the super bowl because their rival will be in it! And ray lewis is a killer and his toe is hurt…hes soft! No injury like that would ever keep a steeler out! I’d be embarrased to be a ravens fan…a toe injury because lynch shook that old man out of his jock! And btw….we have #1 defense in NFL….AS USUAL!

  19. Well your wrong about that, but us dumb fans down here and Baltimore actually know how to count passed 6, as a matter of fact we can count to 17 which is how many years we have existed, 1 super bowl in 17 and 8 playoff appearances seems awfully better then the first what…30 years of existence. You write like a pissed off 13 year old who just got a swirly. Rather sad

  20. Hey could someone tell mike Tomlin he’s an nfl coach not a Sargent in the marines….am I the only person who feels this way?

  21. Please don’t ever talk about Tomlin he has forgot more than Harbaugh knows. If Harbaugh was the coach of my team I would have to question my allegiance, cause he is like a cheerleader sissy. He will never win a super bowl…he’s not a good coach. He’s a cheerleader. I look for Ravens to finish 12-4 & Steelers 13-3…And AFC NORTH CHAMPS AGAIN! And trust me after hearing the Ravens cry for years about the refs & bad calls and etc….you son are the quintessential 13 yr. Old child who has got an eternal swirly! Cant wait to crush ravens & their fans dreams again! Its become tradition in da burgh! Here we go steelers! Here we go!

  22. Haha. I do love football. And ya Steelers are my hobby. But in the end everyone should keep it in perspective..It’s a game. I love the ravens rivalry it gets each fan base juices going. Im glad we have it. I just like to post stuff that gets ravens fans fired up. It’s fun. You seem like an o.k ravens fan. So I’ll keep it light..:)

  23. I am cool with bashing a team, it’s foolish comments that get annoying. I guess at the end of the day there will always be trolls lol

  24. Foolish comments are subjective..All depends on what side of the fence you’re on! And don’t sell yourself short…you’re a tremendous troll! 🙂

  25. steelersownyou grow a brain and some pubes little buddy. if you’re older than 13 you are a TEXTBOOK CLOWN. TEXTBOOK CLOWN.

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