Reid says he hasn’t been told that he has to fire Castillo


Someone (insert whistling noises here) reported over the weekend that Eagles coach Andy Reid eventually will face a dilemma that will determine his future in Philly:  fire defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, or be fired.

Reid, according to various Twitter feeds and the eventual transcript the team will disseminate, said that he hasn’t been approached by anyone in the front office with that ultimatum.

But the report wasn’t and isn’t that Reid already has been told that, four weeks from now, he’ll have to fire Castillo.  Why tell him now that he’s going to have to fire Castillo later?

Besides, why should anyone believe anything Reid says after Reid said last year that Kevin Kolb would remain the starting quarterback, one day before Reid gave Mike Vick the job?  Reid would have no reason to admit that he has been told he’ll have to fire Castillo to avoid being fired, assuming that the front office decided there was a reason to let him know what will be expected with four games left in the season.

Reid did a nice job of non-answering the question and moving on.  There’s really nothing else he could have said.  So he basically said nothing.

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  1. I don’t miss this crap at all:

    “Singletary says he hasn’t been told that he has to fire Jimmy Raye”

    Eagles fans…enjoying the taste? Eagle fans have the perfect personality for dealing with a garbage team. Enjoy…you deserve it.

  2. I don’t know who owns the Eagles. Don’t want to know. Not my business, really. But if I were he I’d pull a Monty Burns and release the hounds on this entire team. Watching Vick leg it out of the facility while being chased by attack dogs would have a certain karmic resonance that might get the team back in good standing with the football gods.

  3. Yeah, Eskin said on TV Sunday night that you were totally wrong about that. He did qualify that he did like you though, Mike. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

    I mean, if Eskin hasn’t heard about it, it certainly couldn’t have possibly been said.

  4. Castillo should have been fired at the start of the Eagles’ bye week. You don’t leave a bad decision to fester and ruin an entire season. If Reid has any intention of keeping Castillo in 2012 he should just pack his bags on January 2.

  5. Forget about the Dolphins this Sunday. The Eagles must be trying to do everything to revamp that defense for next week’s game. The thought of trying to slow down Mark Sanchez and the New Jersey Jets new high powered Wildcat offense must be frightening.

  6. I am not sure why they are worrying about Castillo so much. I think i would be more concerned about an offense with elite talent that had maybe two good games all year and that looked like it really misjudged the value/ability/focus of its QB and its top WR. Vick looked like the Vick from Atlanta this year, not an elite QB and Jackson looked like he had written off the season way back in October.

  7. Reid is not a bad coach but her does need to get rid of Castillo. That defense is really soft, marshallowy. Really though the Eagles will come back next season. They’ll be contenders and not just a speed bump for other teams to go over on their way to the playoffs. Just sayin’

  8. I absolutely will be less of an Eagles fan if the entire Front Office doesn’t get things in order. I absolutely CANNOT be a fan of a team whose defense is run by a former Offensive Line Coach the year after deservedly-firing their former Defensive Coordinator. It sounds as idiotic today as it did months ago – for good reason.

    Lurie, you’d better take keen interest in what’s going on because your money maker is dangerously close to falling apart.

  9. Wow. What a riveting article. Pretty sure the title should have been the last sentence in the article, ” so basically he said nothing.”

  10. Soemthing tells me Andy was that kid who always needed to be told “pants before shoes.”

  11. First McDermott got fired, now J.Castillo. How many scape goats does this fat Walrus get. They need to fire this ass clown now. He has been exposed since Jim Johnson left. That defense under Johnson, led by BDAWK is why they had a nice little run. Not because of the Fat, Retarded Walrus. Most over rated coach in Philadelphia sports history. Take Roseman with you.

  12. Reid can’t fire Castillo, if he leaves and the Eagles still suck everyone will know that it was Andy’s fault all along, next year if Castillo is fired im sure he will promote the ball-boy to DC, Andy always needs a scapegoat.

  13. But he has been told that he needs triple bypass surgery on his team’s heart, because they have no pulse.

    What a bunch of pathetic losers. (fans included)

  14. One time I got this bright idea to pick up and start Tavaris Jackson in fantasy football. I thought because of several factors I was smarter than everyone else. It turned out to be a really bad decision, not just because he played poorly, but in hindsight I realized a good decision making process was not utilized when making the decision. But it was just fantasy football.

    Making Juan Castillo the DC was a really bad decision. Not just because he has done poorly, but the whole idea of making him the DC in the first place was not based on sound thinking. Castillo should go, if Reid can’t see that, the Eagles are in even worse trouble than it appears.

  15. Ok, now you have me stumped . You move a life long Offensive line coach to Defense. Bring in many new players to the Defense and now have to be told to fire that coach? Wow, a little weird.

  16. Who care about Castillo. Fire Andy Reid.

    How many passes can someone run on the 1 yard line? RUN THE BALL

  17. i’m betting neither are fired. a football coach is a football coach. historically the best DC’s have been quarterbacks, go figure.

  18. Someone will have to pay for this disaster of a season…Castillo is an obvious name. Don’t think the fans will be happy with Castillo gone and Reid still in place, but as Dick Vermeil used to say, ‘Never let the fans pick your quarterback’. Guess the same will be true for head coach…

  19. 200 words to establish that Andy Reid basically said nothing. That’s the high-quality, hard-hitting write-up we’ve come to expect around here.

  20. Eagles should hire norv turner as there new defensive’s a new trend their called hybrid coaches hahaha

  21. funny how nobody has heard a peep from niner fans for years but now that they finally have one good season, they all have an opinion. Good luck with your one and done in the playoffs this year. Cant wait till you sign Alex Smith for a long term deal after one good season and have to eat it just like the bills did with Fitzpatrick. Then we will have to hear all the “i burned my smith jersey” all over again. Pathetic

  22. Andy Reids Kids are in jail. He works so hard he let his own family become distant and do crimes. So no one should question his work ethic, just his decision making. And letting Castillo run the defense is a mistake. He will be fired, its just a question of when.

  23. Juan won’t be fired,he’ll be moved back to being an offensive line coach and Spags will be the new defensive coordianator next year.

  24. Spags as d-coordinator would be great. Just dont know about moving Juan back to o-line. Mudd is doing just fine there. When Juan took tha chance of jumping to d coordinator, he knew that if it didnt work out, he could be looking for a job somewhere else

  25. Someone said” Reid is not a bad coach.” please someone, anyone, explain to me how your get to the Super Bowl Plans included three 7th round picks at linebacker? One of them 5′-9″ one of them Casey Matthews. Jaun C as def coord. and some awful safeties. than add insult to injury and take 3 of the best corners in all pro football and play them out of position. The buck stops with Reid. The team has gone down hill for the last three years….Reid has to be fired first.

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