Trent Cole fined $7,500 for hit that ended Russell Okung’s season


Philadelphia defensive end Trent Cole knocked Seattle tackle Russel Okung to the ground on Thursday night with a hit that the Seahawks felt was unnecessary. That hit caused a pectoral injury that ended Okung’s season, and now Cole has heard from the league office about it.

Cole told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the NFL fined him $7,500.

For Okung, that’s small consolation. His season was ended with what he felt was a cheap shot, and the league obviously agreed that Cole crossed the line or else it wouldn’t have fined Cole anything at all. If you’re going to fine a player for a shot that ended another player’s season, a $7,500 fine doesn’t seem like much.

Ultimately, the NFL chose to fine Cole less than other players have been fined for wearing the wrong color shoes or going too far in touchdown celebrations.

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  1. I don’t get this. He’s a repeat offender (was fined at least $35k in 2010 alone). Why isn’t there a suspension?

  2. Pretty disappointed in such a small fine… After the whistle, away from the ball, and complete cheap shot. Helmet to helmet hits are worth 25k a piece and most of those are inadvertent….

    This was blatant and should have been more

  3. Just another fine. Oh well. The other guy is getting paid for his torn pec. Now, lets see a story about something that really matters……. Tim Tebow.

  4. Whoa, timeout. What’s wrong with this picture? Cheap shot artist puts someone on IR but only gets fined the equivalent of his breakfast tab? So now he knows he can do it again without missing much of his next paycheck? Great message being sent out there…

  5. He wasn’t even penalized. Okung had been holding him all night and was still holding him after the play while driving him, so Trent threw him by the shoulder pads.

    How the hell is Trent supposed to know the guy is made out of cotton?

    Can’t even believe it’s an issue.

  6. Suh doesn’t hurt anyone and gets 2 games but this guy who takes a cheap shot to end someones season gets a slap on the wrist. Now that sounds fair.

  7. Perhaps the embarrassment of having your butt handed to you by Marshawn Lynch live on national television was factored into the fine.

  8. funny, you get fined 10k for wearing orange shoes, but only 7,5k for season ending hit, w/o ANY sense

  9. The play in question happened right around with 2 minutes left…maybe if Carroll had taken some knees with a 17 point lead instead of running plays, AND THROWING it, his china doll tackle wouldn’t have been exposed to the play…..

  10. Okung was riding his back like he was at the damn rodeo.

    Anyone that calls this a cheapshot either didnt see the play, or is a homer. Okung deserved at least a punch in the mouth at the end of that play.

  11. I don’t get this situation. It was a cheap shot, by a repeat offender. It ended a player’s season. A front-line high cost player’s season.

    How does Suh get two games and lose $164K for a stomp that left no marks on a back up guard and this guy gets $7500? The same fine as a guy wearing the wrong coloured cleats?

    You would think it warranted at least one game or $25,000.

  12. So Suh looks like a child stomping on a guy(even though itwas pretty weak) get suspended 2 games. Cole, who has been fined in the past for on field issues, ends a guys season and gets the minimum fine? You heard very little about the Cole situation in the media, but constantly heard about the Suh situation. Seem like the NFL is basing their suspensions on how hard the media pushes the story. What a joke.

  13. So 2 games for an attempted stomp that didn’t connect, and no suspension for ending a guy’s career with a judo throw, even though both were repeat offenders.

    Yeah, this makes sense Roger.

  14. So 2 games for an attempted stomp that didn’t connect, and no suspension for ending a guy’s season with a judo throw, even though both were repeat offenders.

    Yeah, this makes sense Roger.

  15. I think that if you knock out a player from a game on an illegal hit, then you should also be suspended for the number of games that person is out as a result of that hit. You could use independent medical staff to confirm that someone isn’t saying they are still hurt just to keep the other player out.

  16. .

    If a quarter of Okung’s season is worth $7500, then his contract must only be for 30k/year. Dude needs to call Drew Rosenhaus.


  17. Look at the Eagle fans posts for this article.

    “Okung was holding all game…..”
    “He deserved it…”
    “Seattle should have taken a knee instead of running plays…”

    What a bunch of classless babies. Way to get owned by Seattle on national TV. I can only hope the Dolphins embarrass you further on Sunday

  18. What a joke. That’s chump change for this guy, his bar tab was probably bigger than that after the game. The only way to teach these guys a lesson is to suspend them without pay. I think a game for this infraction would have been appropriate.

  19. thekiy says:
    Dec 7, 2011 1:39 PM
    So 2 games for an attempted stomp that didn’t connect, and no suspension for ending a guy’s career with a judo throw, even though both were repeat offenders.

    Ending his career?? Huh? This is football, not checkers.

    How can you compare this to someone stomping a player laying on the ground? The whistle had not blown and this was perfectly legal.

  20. Yea when he did it I’m sure he was thinking “I’m gonna end his season ” he did not know the guy holding him all night was Mr. Glass. Seattle is a pimple on the west coast. Pete carrols face has more work than frakensteins.

  21. As if Lions fans need yet another reason to believe the NFL has a double standard towards their team…

  22. This just sum up the Eagles Season. A total disappointment. I’m really not sure how the NFL goes about fining people. Dance in the Endzone get fined $10K. Wear Orange Shoe get fined $15K and thrown out of the game. Take a cheap shot and end a guys season $7.5K.

  23. heh…Desean jackson flipped a football and got 10k.

    Charles Woodson threw a punch and got 10k.

    Numerous head hunter plays have gotten 10k.

    Trent Cole throws off a guy that is holding the crap out of him while the play is still alive and gets 10k.

    I dont think there is any sense to this fining business whatsoever.

    personally, I dont think there should have been one. But, apparently, he offended a lot of people, so whatever.

  24. Total bs Rodger because I’m pretty sure if he had ended Brady or Rodgers season the fine would be be alot more than $7,500

  25. I continue to be stunned by the almost haphazard application of discipline by this league.

    There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how decisions are made and no explanation afterwards.

    What the hell kind of organization conducts itself in this fashion?

    On another note, Always nice to see the Eagles fans on here covering themselves in glory, as usual.

  26. Suh gets fined and a ton of media attention, this gets a small fine and barely any media attention.

    Yea, the NFL doesn’t have an agenda at all. After all, Philly is the “Dream Team” right?

    This is a fricking joke.

  27. haha suspension? he gave him a hip toss. should have been a penalty, but the dude is an injury machine. 2nd. refs missed the holding call on okung on the play

  28. What he did should have drawn a 15-yard penalty and a $7,500 fine. They missed the call on the field, so he just got the fine.

    Despite all of these idiots’ comments, Trent Cole is not a “repeat offender” or a “dirty player”. I am sure the league took that into consideration when handing out this fine.

  29. We should cut Philly fans a break. One of their best players gets completely dominated for 58 minutes, so he retaliates by ending the guy’s season. It’s probably the highlight of the year for them.

    Stay classy, Philly.

  30. Actually, Cole was fined four times in 2010 and thrown out of a game in 2009 for fighting. So, yeah, “repeat offender” and “dirty player”.

    Also, Eagles fans should brush up on the holding rules. Okung spanked Cole the whole game. But like always, when the Eagles fail it’s someone else’s fault.

    The league should have suspended Cole for the rest of the year. Suh got the 2 game suspension because he was on the Thanksgiving Day national broadcast. Too bad there’s a double standard.

  31. I guess if you throw a guy off you that has been holding all night It’s unsportmanship . Funny how Williams wasn’t fined for diving on Nhamdi in a clear offensive pass interference. He put Nhamdi out no fine . It’s funny how everybody is hating on the Eagles for spending a little money. News flash they still got money to spend and u haters would say that was a cheap shot. I guess Williams lost his balance as he dove on Nhamdi , and hoberkunce nobody blamed Seattle or the refs. It’s a shame everybody worried about the Eagles worry about your team evidently you are intimidated by them even with a 4-8 record.

  32. Mathomp3 says Eagle fans are classless . The only person I see classless on this post is you. I guess you’ve met everyone on this post. What is classless is your ignorant remark . I guess somebody from Philadelphia must have punched you in the face to bring out so much hate. Remember haters hate because they hate themselves , so get some help because hating is bad for your health.

  33. eaglebranded, yes, you guessed right, throwing another player to the ground after the whistle is unsportsmanlike conduct. And no, Okung wasn’t holding all night. Check the rules.

    Sorry that Asomugha was hurt, and yeah I thought it was OPI, too. But that was a play between the whistles and not a flagrant foul like Cole’s was. Huge difference.

    Intimidated by the Dream Team? Really? Did you watch the same game I did? The most intimidating thing about the Eagles is listening to whining homers like you as we’re picking what’s left of your team’s pride out of our cleats.

  34. I like all the posts by the weak and sad Philly haters…. Cole is an elite player, Okung is a soft tackle who unfortunately got hurt…. You can hate all you want on the Birds this season but you wish you Seattle girls had the last 15 years they’ve had. At the end of the day you’re only upset because no one cares about your sad team, your weak tackle, and your cute little claim to fame stadium…. You want to talk about classy?… Stop talking smack, i’m sure you think the NFL cares about your opinion but the Eagles have 50 times the coverage your sad little team gets even when they suck!…. So you take your Okung, your Caroll, and your douche bag complaints and go back to your rain soaked city where you get to be a girl and bitch about penalties, this is a man’s league….. The Eagles already forgot about this game, and so has the rest of the meaningful cities in the league….That is how unimportant your dumb bitching is….

  35. @jucam1 says: Dec 7, 2011 11:30 PM

    You can hate all you want on the Birds this season but you wish you Seattle girls had the last 15 years they’ve had.

    They had the same amount of success as the Eagles have had in the past 15 years. You both went to a Super Bowl and lost. I’m sure they’re VERY jealous of the Eagles! lol

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