America: Start preparing for Brandstater


Tom Brandstater has been with five NFL teams since being drafted in the fifth round of the 2009 draft by the Denver Broncos. (It wasn’t so long ago Brandstater was briefly ahead of Tim Tebow on the depth chart.)

Brandstater joined the Rams at the start of this regular season and has bounced back and forth from their practice squad and active roster depending on Sam Bradford’s health.

Brandstater has never made a throw in an NFL game, but it sure looks like he’s going to make his first NFL start on Monday Night Football.  Brandstater took all the first team snaps at Rams practice Thursday.

Sam Bradford, A.J. Feeley, and Kellen Clemens all missed practice. Clemens was claimed off waivers Wednesday, but he had travel problems getting to St. Louis in time for Thursday’s session.

Steve Spagnuolo was asked who would start for the Rams on Thursday.

“I was thinking about lining up there, myself. I was a wishbone quarterback in high school,” Spagnuolo told via Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports.

Bradford and Spagnuolo are holding out some hope that the 2010 No. 1 overall pick could still start. If not, we may very well see a historic lack of interest in this Monday night game.

(Although I’m already strangely fascinated by the possibility. Brandstater fever. Catch it!)

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  1. Who cares what Steve Spagnuolo thinks. The first thing the Rams need to do after they fire him, is re-hire the 5 or so long-time employees that Spags stabbed in the back. From what has been written in PFT, Spagnuola was the driving force behind these terminations, because they didn’t see eye-to-eye on certain things. Funny, how decades of previous regimes didn’t have a problem with these folks, and but this crappy 10-33 coach did and got them kicked to the curb. That sucks.

  2. Yeah, baby!! Tell him if he can make it through the game without throwing a pick, we’ll take him in Washington

  3. somewhere….steven jackson is crying…silently. brandon lloyd comes up to him and softly places his hand on SJ’s shoulder and says “i know man….i know”

  4. I actually hope this guy starts. I like rooting for longshot, underdog stories like this – even though most of them end up being terrible, lol.

  5. I can already hear Jaworski:
    “You guys can call me crazy, but I’m excited about Tom Brandstater tonight!”

  6. Brandin’ with the brandster…the brandolator…brandorific brandin (cheap imitation of the copy guy from SNL)

  7. Just out of morbid curiousity, what prevents a coach from being signed to the team for a game? Hypothetically, if you have an athletic former college player that went undrafted and got into coaching instead, and became a head coach in his early 30s like some other head coaches around the league, and he stayed in great shape… what if his team had injury problems and he felt with his knowledge of the system, he would be a better option than a guy off the street?

    It could be any position too, say a punter even?

    I mean, what’s stopping players from hiding veteran backups on their ‘roster’ as assistance coaches so that they can attend all the meetings and be up to speed, then if a player gets injured they can be signed as a player and step right in? You’re basically keeping them in reserve and paying them a salary that isn’t subject to the salary cap…

  8. He was known, very briefly, here in Denver, as “BrandSTARTER”

    But that’s because Broncos fans are a little more obsessed with quarterbacks than most people. I’m sure that’s hard to believe.

  9. Brandstater has potential.

    I witnessed this last year when the Colts had him take a few snaps in the preseason. It was between he and Painter, and Brandstater had a command presence that Painter totally lacked (lacks?).

    If he comes out Sunday and totally rocks the place, I’ll be a little pissed that we didn’t keep him around instead of PAINer.

  10. Don’t get toooo excited gang. He couldn’t beat Henne, Moore and Devlin in competition in miami. I liked the kid as well… but then again… he couldn’t compete.

  11. All he has to do is get it the Seahawks 34 yard line ONE time and it will be an improvement over last week

  12. I’ve always felt he had skills but because of where he was drafted, he never got the attention he needed. I’m not saying he’s going to upset Bradford in a Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe style, but he just might prove himself to be a very strong back-up.

  13. The lack of gambling action has nothing to do with being a west coast game like the linked article suggested?
    According to the show “linemakers” the Oregon/Stanford game brought in more money than Alabama/LSU game. They cited that being on the west coast was the reason and those are the guys that actually make the lines in Vegas.
    In reality people should take the Seahawks minus 3 and the under of 49. They beat the Rams 24-7 in St. Louis with Bradford 3 weeks ago and have a QB making his first start ever in the Clink.

  14. I’m looking forward to hearing Jon Gruden’s intro more than Jaworski’s…

    “This Tom Brandstater can just flat out throw the ball!”

  15. No such thing as Brandstater Fever, PFT. I think you’re mixing up Bandwagoner Fever and Grandstander Fever.

  16. Spag even fired the equipment manager that had been there like 100 years or something didn’t he? What a duma$$ coach!

  17. I saw him play a quarter or two for the Donkeys in preseason. He looked surprisingly good for a 5th round pick. Then he got buried behind the Orton- Tebow-Cleveland Guy thing, never to be seen again in Denver. Hope he does well now that he’s got a shot in prime time. MNF sure needs something interesting.

  18. An online gambling site, the one I would use if it were legal to Bet Online, doesn’t even offer a line or over/under on this game. If I were a degenerate, I would be upset because I would have wasted my time running there to bet the alleged over/under of 49 before it got lowered to 37.

  19. I was hoping Branstater would win the starting job over Orton in 09. The kid is rough, but has potential. Big dude. Did Fresno State run the spread option? Don’t care a lick for the Rams, but will be rooting for him.

  20. If anyone knows a Vegas bookmaker taking an over/under bet on Chris Clemons’ sack total this Monday, I’d like to take the “over”.

    Sorry, Tom.

  21. I said draft day that Clausen would be the better QB when it was all said and done. Bradford has been a one-year flash-in-the-pan, Clausen hadn’t had his real chance yet. Mark my words.

  22. This is like the replacement games back in ’87. The Redskins went 3-0 behind legendary Louisville alum Ed Rubbert, and their single-game receiving yards record is still held by replacement player Anthony Allen (254 yards, I think).

    Go Brandstater!

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