Antonio Smith draws $15,000 fine for hit on Matt Ryan

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The weekly fine parade continues.

The league office has imposed a $15,000 penalty on Texans defensive end Antonio Smith for an illegal hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Smith was flagged for hitting Ryan in the head.  Per McClain, Smith plans to appeal the fine.

Incidental hits to the quarterback’s head no longer draw an immediate flag and fine; instead, the blow must be forcible.  Based on the photo of the hit, it looks forcible.

11 responses to “Antonio Smith draws $15,000 fine for hit on Matt Ryan

  1. This is why, in my opinion, old QB records are more impressive. I remember QBs like Favre, Marino, Young, Aikman, Cunningham and many many more getting hit way after releasing the ball, head first right on their facemask. It’s a lot harder to throw a pass when you know that’s what’s following your release. I understand safety is important but so is football. I think the NFL is doing a good job protecting QBs however they’re not doing a good job protecting defender’s salaries. Just sayin

  2. A great example of how it should work every time. Start with a propensity to injure rule that’s understandable, a player violates the rule, a FLAG is thrown, the penalty is enforced, the tape is sent to the league for review, and a fine is levied if need be.

    What people are upset about with fines is there is no consistency, the amounts seem to be random at best, and huge fines are coming on plays that the game refs did not deem an infraction at the time, hence no flag was thrown.

  3. Here’s a way to start making the fines (a bit) more consistent as well as the penalty calling…

    ….If there’s no flag thrown, the League can not fine the player. Period.

    This way, the League will have to start cracking down on crappy reffing to get the calls RIGHT if they want to fine the players.

  4. Maybe they just have the wrong people in the department that issues the fines… They should have Mike Singletary, Bill Romanowski, Mean Joe Green and the Purple Man Eaters be the judges. I bet things would be a little different

  5. avoidtheboyd says:Dec 8, 2011 7:30 PM
    “Los Angeles Texans” ?

    Your comment makes about as much sense as advertising “California milk” because the cows have better “work-life balance”. Jeesh.

    BTW, the Texans could clinch their division Sunday and go to the playoffs with a top 5 NFL balance sheet in terms of Net Worth. Besides, any team moving to California would be broke in a matter of years… much like the State is now. Unless of course Los Angeles sets up their own commission starts issuing fines on NFL players for bad acting or something.

  6. $15000 for this hit yet a rookie playing in his first game gets pegged for $20000 on a hit that was not even as bad. Maybe this is a warning to rookies, but I think it was a bit insane. The NFL is out of control with assessing fines, and needs to have a clear cut formula so players, coaches, owners, ect. Let them know if you do this you will be fined x amount if you are a repeat offender the fine goes up and after so many of the offense suspension.

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