Baas’ season in doubt because of migraines

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The neck injury to Giants center David Baas is causing “migraine-like” headaches that could potentially end his season.  (The Steelers approve of the term “migraine-like.”)

“I really want to play football, but my health is very important to me,” Baas said Wednesday via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “They’re going to make the best decision.”

Baas’ availability for this week’s game in Dallas sounds unlikely at best. Nine Giants missed practice Wednesday, including six starters.

It’s fair to wonder if the Giants have reached the tipping point with all their injuries. Then again, a lot of folks thought they reached that point in the preseason.

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  1. If your health is very important to you, you probably shouldn’t consider a career that a) requires you to be 300+ lbs, and b) requires you pound your head into another 300+ lb guy 50 times a game.

  2. The Giants just can’t seem to catch a break with their health this year. They’re lucky they’ve managed to stay competitive, just look at how injuries has hurt other teams (STL, CHI). The main reason they’re still competitive is probably because Eli has remained healthy and is playing well enough to keep the Giants in just about every game this season.

  3. Nice going, PFT, to again disrespect the Steelers for their CORRECT description of Polamalu’s condition. There was NO concussion as was later determined by competent neurologists.

    I guess you would expect the coaches to properly diagnose injuries during and directly after the game, right?

  4. “He probably looked in the mirror and that’s what caused the migraines…”

    I pray you’re either 11 years old or sterile. Otherwise, your comment is really worrisome.

  5. Another week, another Giants IR story. Been this way since the pre-season.

    People can mock the Giants and their “2nd Half collapses” all they want, but I defy any other team to deal with the sheer number of injuries they have had this season and still remain competitive, let alone 2nd place in their division.

  6. Coach Coughlin takes this team to the playoffs, he’s hand down coach of the year. Playing a bunch of street free agents and 6 and 7 rounders at LB. Plus guys like Blackburn and Blackmon are playing substantial minutes days after coming off the couch.
    Oh BTW, we’ve damn near lost a whole team.


    Bradshaw (missed 4 weeks)
    Andrews (IR) – Koets (IR)- Baas (all signs IR)- Beatty (IR)

    Manningham (all signs IR) Hixon (IR)

    Osi(3weeks)- Marvin Austin (IR)- Kennedy (Susp.) – Tuck (dinged up in presason, never been right all year.)

    Sintim(IR) – Goff (IR) – Boley/Herzlich

    Terell Thomas (IR) – Chad Jones – Kenny Phillips (sprained MCL now) – Bruce Johnson (IR) /Prince (missed 10 weeks)

    Other players that have been dinged up over the course of the season and missed time. Snee, Jacobs, Tuck, Osi, Baas, Herzlich, Hynoski, Coe……

    —What other team stands a chance to make the post season with that many loss of players? Maybe the packers but to still be in with a shout of winning the division is nothing short of amazing.

  7. “They’re going to make the best decision.”

    For something like this, shouldn’t HE make the best decision?

  8. This signing just brought in younger center to replace Shuan O’Hara. But it is what it is. I think one of the most underrated and best “signings” was resigning Kevin Boothe this year. I mean, how good has this guy been? Playing the guard positions and center at various times this season.

  9. “Lol @ Bass thinking he was going to the better team when he signed with the Giants.”

    Really? When exactly did he say that? I think everyone thought he went where more money was being offered. Plus, given the recent history of the 9ers, hard to argue with that thought back in August. Sounds like someone got a little bitter pulling his leg muscles jumping onto the bandwagon.

  10. It took Mayo Clinic over a year to come up with the right treatment for Percy Harvin. He had migranes since he was about 10 years old – migrane free this year.

  11. Baas sucks I’m sorry! We just have never looked right with him at center. I much prefer Boothe over Baas at this point. I sometimes think why not resign O’hara as a stop gap to get us through the season he should be healed up enough by now to at least backup and obviously knows the system.

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