Chris Johnson returns to Raiders after death of sister


Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson is back with the team today after traveling to Texas to be with his family following the death of his sister and wounding of his mother in a shooting.

Johnson did not speak to the media, but Raiders coach Hue Jackson told reporters that Johnson wanted to be back around his teammates.

Some people like to mourn in a different way,” Jackson said, via “I think some guys like to be around their teammates and practice playing football because it takes your mind away from that. It was great to see him here. I know he’s having a tough day, but the thing about him, he’s tough. He’s got his brothers here to lean on. The whole team, we’re going to wrap our arms around him, and take care of him, and love on him and get him to where he needs to be while he helps us attain our goal, which is winning a football game.”

Johnson’s sister Jennifer Johnson was killed, and their mother Della Johnson was injured, in a shooting on Monday. Eugene Esters, the father of Jennifer Johnson’s 2-year-old, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

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  1. Well, I guess not every Chokeland player holds a gun to someone’s head after the death of a family member. It is a tragedy what happened to him.

  2. I am sick of fricken losers who decide to kill the mother of thier child due to the fact they are love sick, and a women left them.

    Classify it as a hate crime and tack on the time, becuase that is what it is. It is hatred of women. Far too often these maggots do not die in prison like they should.

  3. The whole situation is terrible. My heart goes out to Johnson and his family. This really is why situations like the allegations on McClain cannot be taken lightly. I understand if someone choses to carry a gun for self defense, but nonsense like this needs to stop. People’s lives are on the line here.

  4. trbowman says:Dec 8, 2011 9:07 PM

    “this is terrible and I wish him the best’

    Why does this comment have 4 thumbs down? Pathetic.
    I think the 10 thumbs down are for the name of the writer “commitment2excrement”, at least I hope so.

  5. txxxchief … you are a pathetic excuse of a fan. The thing is I expected you to have some stupid comment on this story and, sadly, you didn’t disappoint. People like you and Harvey Updike pervert sports and rivalry. You should be embarrassed.

  6. A horrible tragedy for his family. Kudos to the Raiders for the support. The new life he has made for himself as a bonafide NFL starter is his anchor now, and I applaud him coming back and getting ready. It’s what his sister would want. God bless you Chris, and stay strong.

  7. welcome back chris, you have a nation that has you and your family in our thoughts and prayers


  8. Just as he’s starting to run the ball like the old CJ, too. Not a Titans fan but best wishes to you and all your Tennessee teammates and former East Carolina teammates.

  9. May his sister Rest In Peace, and I will pray for his mother to pull through this. This was a senseless act, and the suspect should face the needle. Chris Johnson has a lot of heart for deciding to show up on Sunday. My prayers go out to Chris Johnson. GO NATION!

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