Cowboys fullback draws $20,000 fine for blindside block

The Hines Ward rule has cost Shaun Chapas a lot of money.

Todd Archer of reports that Chapas received a $20,000 fine for leveling Cardinals linebacker Reggie Walker during a punt return.  Archer points out that Chapas made only $22,000 for the game.

Chapas was not penalized on the play.  Archer said that agent Hadley Englehard has said Chapas will appeal the fine.

21 responses to “Cowboys fullback draws $20,000 fine for blindside block

  1. Two $20 K fines today for legal hits not flagged on the field of play. No rational person wants to see players injured, but this is well beyond tolerable.

    Football involves large grown men running down the field running into each other. There will be injuries. There will be hard hits that knock people down. Sometimes, especially on kick offs and punts, the person getting hit may not see it coming. You can’t expect grown men running 40 yards at full speed to stop, identify themselves, and let the said opponent know he needs to turn around so he may be blocked out the play.

    Seriously, this is outrageous! I said it in a post earlier today, no flag, no fine, unless the hit was malicious and egregious and the officials were not in a position to see it.

  2. A 20k fine for a blindside block by a poor fullback but Eric Moore gets fined like 7k for a punch to Welker’s head?

    Good job NFL fine department.

  3. God-del and his cronies are taking away the game as it is. I understand safety but come on man, all these fines are sooner or later going to cause defense players to start letting up. I would love to see the percentage of fines for the defense compared to the offense. I bet we would be blown away.

  4. wegonnadoitbaby, I second that, word for word, enough is enough! Football is football, not ballet. Hitting is part of the game! The NFL wants to keep making money, but I tell you what, they keep taking away the things that fans love, they will start losing them.

  5. Mike should start campaigning for fines to be % of salary based. $20k for this guy is a big hit and 20k for Suh is nothing. Right now the disparity is a joke and means the rich players get to laugh at the fines and the grunts get screwed.

  6. I just puked a little. This is BS. Lingerie football is way more physical than the NFL now since they have all these sensitive fines

  7. They should just turn the NFL into NFFL National Flag Football League because that’s the direction they’re headed towards. I want to see the long ball as much as the next person but I don’t want the nasty hit to go away either. Without the nasty hits the long balls just aren;t as exciting.

  8. Why u no keep ur head on a swivel? 0_o

    #1 rule of teh fooseball, stressed by every coach from pee wee to the pro’s.

  9. With that fine, I made more money than Chapas last week. Oh Man, it just needs to be a percentage, unless it’s helmet to helmet, then just make it a standard framework, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd infractions, and carry on. The fines feel so arbitrary it’s wild.

  10. In other words, Warren Sapp should be fined retroactively for rearranging Chad Clifton’s pelvic bones.

  11. fin72 says:

    Do you know how many bottles of Rogaine $20,000 can buy?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Having observed Troy Polamalu’s fantastic play on the gridiron, the commissioner might consider Rogaine to be a performance-enhancing substance.

  12. A fine of more than 90% of his game check for a legal hit is over the top. After taxes and this fine, Chapas came out of the game with a lower net worth than he had prior to kickoff.

  13. This is a BS fine… First off it’s his first game ever, that means first penalty ever right? And they’re going to fine him 20k of his 22k game check? Get real.

    Players/Teams should be penalized on the field for breaking the rules. They do that every Sunday. IMO the only time a player should be fined afterwards, is when it is a gross violation of the rules.

    For example, not many could argue with Suh being flagged in the game, and paying afterwards. That deserved an additional penalty.

    A player landing a good shot that was NOT FLAGRANT should not be fined unless he is a repeat offender. The entire NFL fining system is out of control. Let them play and if they cross a boundary, then fine them. Not this BS we see all the time now.

  14. So the NFL is telling us that a legal hit that didn’t draw a flag is worth a $20k fine but wearing different colored cleats, and ending a persons season are worth $7.5k a piece. In the words of Dr. Evil, “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright”

  15. I wonder what they would have fined Steve Largent after Atwater blew him up in their first meeting of the season then he get’s an absolutely clean, blindside, decleater on Atwater in their second meeting?

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