No team has trailed more than the Bucs


The Bucs are 4-8 this season, and it’s easy to argue that they are lucky to even have that many wins.

After all, no team has trailed more in games this season than the Bucs. Really.

ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas notes that the Bucs have spent 475 minutes and 22 seconds trailing this season. That’s more than any team in the league by far, including the Colts. Indianapolis is second worst at 432 minutes.

(Florio suggests this could be the Bucs’ new excuse: We’re 4-8 because we’ve trailed more than anyone.)

The stat is almost hard to believe, but Tampa’s underlying stats paint a similarly grim picture: The Bucs are 25th in points scored and 30th in points allowed. No team gives up more yards-per-passing attempt. Only one team has allowed more rushing touchdowns.

Add it all up, and you get the picture of a team that is a lot closer to the very bottom of the league than a team on the upswing.

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  1. Well when the defense is banged up and not playing well and you have 3-and-Out Olson calling your offensive plays it only goes to figure that this would be the case. If stupid Greg Olson would call some running plays and actually stick to it maybe the defense would be off the field more which means they’d be fresher when they were on it and then maybe they’d play better.

  2. Very interesting. A bit off topic, but I’d like to know the Vikings stats on this. They may have actually had the lead more than they’ve trailed, even though they’re 2-10.

    Not that it’s any real consolation, just saying.

  3. This is the most disappointing team in the NFL for me. Not the Eagles. Thought they’d make the playoffs this season.

    They would have a worse record, but Josh Freeman came up with his classic fourth quarter heroics a couple times. Too bad he doesn’t have a defense to support him.

  4. This shouldn’t be a surprise ……. The Bucs were running on fumes with an easy schedule in 2010 …… They failed to make any substantial upgrades during the shortened offseason …….

    Most of the teams who look darn right lousy are teams that sat on their thumbs during the lockout …… They didn’t have a plan in place & as a result 2011 becomes a lost season ……. The Bucs are one of these teams ……..

  5. As a bucs fan, it is disappointing that all people due is blame rah!! No one points out the great things he has accomplished. Like most blackouts over the last 2 years! People just don’t understand the hard work and dedication it takes to create such a disconnect between a team and a community. Rah also leads the league in fewest rushing attempts. Obviously a smart coaching decision because we don’t have a bruising running back and our qb has been so accurate this year. Great job rah!!! Keep it up for 4 more games and I’ll be able to move my seats closer to the 50 yard line!!

  6. No team spent less than the Bucs
    No team is younger than the Bucs
    No team has a younger Head Coach

    I wonder if that has something to do with it.

  7. The Bucs are not a good team OK! So lets just let them fade away until next year and quit writing abut them so I do not have to keep commenting on them and how bad they are!! Their ineptness is a dead issue at this point so lay off please!
    We will get them next year. Maybe? Go Bucs.

  8. Interesting. I wonder where my Broncos are, who seem to be behind every game except for the lat 45 seconds. LOL

  9. Stupid stat. You can spend 59 minutes and 59 seconds trailing a game, but if you score at the end, AND YOU WIN, that’s all that matters. To prove the point if the Colts have trailed for fewer minutes, but are 0-12 vs. 4-8 for the Bucs it’s a completely worthless stat.

  10. The Bucs were a product of the interdivisional matchups last year. The NFC South had the NFC West and the AFC North (Cleveland and Cincinnati) last year, as well as a clueless Carolina team to beat up on. The whole division looked better last year because of those matchups. I knew it wouldn’t be as easy for the South going up against the NFC North, at the very least, in 2011. The Bucs beat one team with a winning record last year. 2011 was going to be a whole different deal, and it has been.

  11. jackfnburton says:
    Interesting. I wonder where my Broncos are, who seem to be behind every game except for the lat 45 seconds. LOL
    Good question! Denver is my new favorite team to follow this season. As a Gator fan I hope Tebow and the Broncos go all the way. What a story that would be!!

  12. @shian11

    Ik ur tryin to be smart and rip Rah, but if u were a bucs fan….ud kno Rah doesnt call the plays on offense…….though u can blame him for E.J Biggers and Myron lewis still having a job even though they are the worst corners in the NFL

  13. as flawed as jax is i dont see why they are getting points from tampa this weekend, no matter who starts at qb for tampa.

  14. This was written on the wall for Tampa. Everyone hyped them up last year because they won 10 games, but they never analyzed them. They never beat a team that had a winning record last year, except for the Saints I believe in the last game of the year when they could care less. Their schedule a year ago was incredibly weak, this year its changed and the HC even acknowledges it.

  15. Gotta love people saying not to blame the coaching, it’s the schedule/the offense/a banged up D.

    I guess thats why the Panthers scored on a fresh and healthy D before the smoke from the intros had cleared on there way to blowing out the Bucs at home.
    The D is ranked far worse across the board than the O and they get manhandled even when fresh/healthy, sure theO is a problem but the D is far worse.
    The coaching is a huge problem for this team, every single problem the Bucs have can be traced back to awful coaching. No matter how nice of a guy Morris is he is in over his head as DC and HC.

  16. Cue one more homer ringing in on the weak schedule. We get it. Majorseahawk, please tell us more about strength of schedule, of course you’d know coming from the scary and intimidating nfc west….

  17. Raheem Morris is getting desperate. His “yungry” Bucs are arguably getting worse, not better, and he is taking wild actions such as signing malcontent Albert Haynesworth and ejecting his own player Brian Price.

    Now he plans to “simplify” the scheme, as if blocking and tackling is some esoteric lost art taught only by Monks in Tibet.

    Hey “Rah” – how about treating you players less like “homeys” and more like professionals who actually have to PERFORM for a living?

  18. Lets not forget a couple of months ago the Bucs were 4-2 and ranked in the top 10 of the power rankings. They beat the Saints and Falcons and nearly beat a good det team (at the time).

    What happened?

    Some ppl say no talent…sorry, the team is full of young talent. Enough to rise to the occasion and knock off good teams. Why does that happen?

    Freeman making poor decisions? That is part of it.

    No discipline? That is part of it.

    I think coaching has to do with a lot of it. Maybe they are trying to do too much. Running to many types of plays…running reverses on 3 and 2 and losing 12 yards…they are out thinking themselves.

    What are the Bucs bread and butter plays? plays they execute in their sleep? That is what I don’t see. I see too much complexity on offense and defense…guys out of position and not making plays.

    I see a bruising RB that is under utilized. when the bucs get down a couple of scores they completely abandon the run…this is a HUGE mistake. Just keep pounding the ball. Raheem says the team is built for blount to carry the ball 30 times…when has that happened?

    If they can’t beat jax then I think some heads will roll at one buc.

    Ok, i’m done…

  19. Shallowfan is right on…. Perfectly said.

    I had high hopes at the beginning of the season. I have watched every game, every snap this year, and they are no where close to what they had at the beginning of the season…. Just pain sad.

    Raheem needs to go. OLSON desparately needs to go.

    Beg Kiffin to come back, let him take complete control of this team. I know, he’s old, but, That man knows football.

  20. The Glazer’s are running this team into the toilet. The only decent moves they’ve made since hiring Rich McKay is drafting Freeman and picking up Blount. I lived in the Tampa area and I was a fan even before they won the Superbowl, always hated the cream sickle, but this squad always played D and they’ve gotten away from that. John McKay’s infamous words echo loudly when applied to this group but if I were the executioner I’d start with the ownership.

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