Terrell Suggs remembers losing to a winless team

Getty Images

Four years ago, the 1-15 Dolphins got their one win against the Ravens.  On Sunday, the 0-12 Colts will try (or “try”) to get their first win against the Ravens.

And Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs remembers the last time well.  Or at least pretty well.

I lost to a 0-for team,” Suggs recently told the Baltimore Sun (via NFL.com).  “I think it was back in ’07.  It was actually the Miami Dolphins in overtime.  A little slant route got us.  But this is the NFL and they’re professionals, and we’re expecting them to light up and come up in here and play.  They’re just as big a threat to us as if we were playing anybody else.”

He’s right, but only because the Ravens tend to play down to the level of the competition.  If, however, the Ravens want to position themselves the best way possible for games against more challenging competition, they’ll need to take care of teams like the Colts.

Of course, this all presumes that the Colts want to win.  With the Vikings and Rams both at 2-10, the Colts still have yet to “clinch” the first pick in the draft.