Colt McCoy’s father blasts Browns for letting Colt play after blow to head

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Archie Manning isn’t the only NFL dad who’s speaking up this week.

Brad McCoy, the father of Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, has teed off on the team for allowing Colt to return to last night’s game two plays after suffering an apparent concussion.

He never should’ve gone back in the game,” Brad McCoy told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He was basically out [cold] after the hit. You could tell by the ridigity of his body as he laying there. There were a lot of easy symptoms that should’ve told them he had a concussion. He was nauseated and he didn’t know who he was. From what I could see, they didn’t test him for a concussion on the sidelines. They looked at his [left] hand.”

Brad McCoy also echoed something that Will Burge of ESPN 850 in Cleveland reported last night — that Colt McCoy was experiencing sensitivity to light.

“After the game, the [public relations staff] made sure Colt’s interview was brief and he couldn’t face the lights in his press conference,” Brad McCoy said. “The TV lights and the stadium lights were killing him.  Why would you say he was fine?  That makes it even worse.”

It’s unknown whether and to what extent Colt McCoy was tested for a concussion.  (We’ve submitted a list of questions to the team on this point.)  Brad McCoy thinks his son wasn’t properly evaluated.

“Josh Cribbs suffered a groin injury earlier in the game and he was out for the rest of the game,” Brad McCoy said.  “Colt takes a severe hit like that and he’s back in the game a play later?  If he took another blow to the head, we could’ve been talking about his career here.”

Here’s hoping that the media continues to push this issue, that the league fully investigates, and that the situation causes the league to once and for all implement meaningful procedures to ensure that players are properly evaluated after absorbing obviously violent blows to the head.

Let’s also hope the Browns don’t hold Brad McCoy’s comments against Colt, especially as the Browns try to decide what to do at quarterback in 2012.

I’m more hopeful about the first thing I’m hopeful about.

129 responses to “Colt McCoy’s father blasts Browns for letting Colt play after blow to head

  1. It was a huge fail by the Browns coaching staff. No way should he have been back in like that. It’s a shame really.

  2. He is a big boy Daddy. Can’t he speak for himself? I am hurting at work all the time, but I still have a job to do.
    QUIT TOM BRADYING HIM !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I sat two rows away from the field behind the Browns bench last night and heard that hit plain as day.
    I also can confirm that when he went to the sideline the staff was looking at his hand and did not once even evaluate his head or neck as he was standing the entire time.
    I am a Browns fan but this team needs to re-evaluate its staff off the field as much as the one they put on the field. You don’t put any player in that kind of danger under any circumstance.

  4. His dad was all over the camera shots when he was injured in BCS title game. He likes the camera/microphone.

  5. Do you ever stop and wonder what would happend to a player if his dad came to his aid 30 or 40 years ago? Guys like Archie Manning, Oliver Luck and now Brad McCoy don’t deserve a soapbox just because their son’s play football.

  6. I agree that he shouldnt have played…. but I am so sick of NFL players dads voicing their opinions over everything. At least this one was about an injury and not Archie and Oliver trying to dictate where their sons play…

  7. If the NFL really cares about this issue, they will be calling the Browns to the carpet right along side Jerome Harrison.

  8. Shouldn’t have been back in that fast…especially since Seneca didn’t look bad firing that 20 yard out.

    This is a father’s concern about his son, and really, the way from what we know about concussions, its no joke.

  9. he should be just as mad about the idiot who only knows how to lead with his helmet wasn’t ejected for the game. I getting tired of how the NFL takes care of the steelers, and punish all the rest.

  10. avoidtheboyd says: Dec 9, 2011 12:54 PM

    What is he in junior high?
    No, it’s just a father being worried about his son. I don’t see a problem with that, especially given the circumstances. If this is a problem for you, then do the planet a favor and don’t have kids.

  11. This questions should be asked of the Browns medical staff. I was surpirsed McCoy came right back in the game. He looked almost punch drunk walking off the field. Then again, I don’t watch alot of Browns’ games so maybe he looks like that often.

  12. Wait a minute…
    Are we talking again of that organization that suffered an staph-infection surgeries in epidemic proportions?
    Looks that the Cleveland Browns health system is in bad shape

  13. the nfl is even more accountable considering they now have a policy of having someone in the building now to ensure players are taken care of properly if injured or suspected of injury. it goes even more on the nfl than it used to.

  14. If they truly treated him like a valuable asset, they would have sat him down, and saved him for the next 10 years of his career.

    If they think of him as a throw away stop gap QB, still trying out for the position in what is basically a meaningless game, then you let him go back in.

    Let that coaching and medical staff answer to his wife and children 10 years from now…

    If you have a concussion then you really are not coherent enough to take your self out of the game, a medical professional has to do it for you.

  15. What’s with this Pee Wee football where everyone’s dad has to speak for their kid?

    Colt should have kept himself out, and the coaching staff has made stupid calls all year long that I’m not surprised they let him play.

  16. Anybody who was watching the game could clearly see McCoy’s eyes being glazed over after the hit and not really clear on what was going on.

    Besides Shurmur blowing it as a coach, the organization as a whole really dropped the ball on this one from the well-being perspective.

    Here’s hoping McCoy recovers well, and this is coming from a Browns fan.

  17. “If he took another blow to the head, we could’ve been talking about his career here.”

    …good call dad…except for last I heard Second Impact Syndrome, or getting a second concussion while still affected by the first one usually results in death…but you’re right…it would affect his career…

  18. Someone needs to remind daddy that Colt is a grown man and can speak for himself…quite frankly, it’s none of daddy’s business and the blame falls squarely on his son. He could have spoken up and kept himself out but he didn’t. If a GROWN MAN wants to continue after a concussion, that is his decision to make. If the team wants to err on the side of caution that is their perogative but at the end of the day I think the decision should be up to the player. They know the risks by now because sites like this one keep sounding that horn.

  19. Should have kept Seneca Wallace in there. Spread the field and QB draw with Seneca. Seneca looked fresh and was moivng well. McCoy was out of it. I don’t hang the loss on McCoy and the interception. Shurmur lessened the chance for victory for putting McCoy back in.

    I’m tired of providing on the job training for head coaches in Cleveland. Holmgren has to answer why Shurmur is struggling and why he hasn’t come down out of the box to help.

  20. if the Browns really did not conduct a proper evaluation of what may have clearly been a concussion, this will be a great way to find out just how serious Goodell and the NFL are when they talk about player safety. If the NFL is serious, then the Browns should be fined and fined a very large sum. Want to protect players from themselves and force teams to take proper steps, especially with head injuries – fine the team, fine the coach, and make it substantial. Take away picks for repeat offenders. So will the league do that, will Goodell fine the teams (the teams being the ones who allow him to continue in his job), or will fines just be for players?

  21. Give me a break. The league is FULL of men who don’t want anybody to question their toughness. You got Polamalu on the Pitts side lines having his other safety pulling his shoulder back into it’s socket, Ben getting injected in the change room so he can walk.

    Don’t blame the coaches and trainers, blame your son. Nobody forces these guys to keep playing hurt, they choose to play hurt for their image. How is it even his place to comment on something like this. Your sons a grown man now, daddy doesnt need to come save him and protect him from getting owy’s.

  22. Given the Browns ineffectivness in the redzone the whole game, they should’ve left Seneca Wallace in regardless of the circumstances. The pass he threw to Moore right before McCoy came in was a great read from a guy who came into the game cold. You can’t get a worse result than an INT in the end zone anyway.

    Concussion or not, McCoy was missing wide open guys and throwings balls way too high or too low leaving his receivers vulnerable. If he doesn’t control that he’s not going to have a job much longer.

  23. Well it looks like groupthink wins out over rationality.

    It wasn’t the Cleveland coaching staff that dropped the ball. It was the team doctors. They’re the ones responsible for testing and clearing McCoy.

    If you’re so bent on throwing the Browns coaches under the bus, you could say they should’ve left Seneca Wallace on the field solely for football reasons. Wallace’s pass to put the Browns inside the Pittsburgh five yard line was sharp and anticipated the receiver better than any McCoy pass in the game.

  24. Awwww. Poor baby. His daddy has too take up for the po baby. Cleveland should be contracted as a franchise and city. I see why Lebron got the hell out of there. Baby QB, bad front office, average players and fans that don’t care. Mistake by the Lake

  25. Seneca Wallace looked like Joe Montana in his brief stint last night compared to what Colt McCoy brought to the table.

    All around fail.

  26. Why are people attacking a dad defending his son? Must be a lot of deadbeat dads on this forum. I agree with Mr. McCoy 100%. If the worst thing they can say about me is he defended his son, then sign me up.

  27. Those of you saying stupid things like “What is he, in middle school?” or “Colt is a grown man…” How stupid are you? Apparently you think someone suffering from concussions can make rational decisions. Or you think his father making comments is childish. He is 23 or 24. If it were someone close to me, I would have been outraged.
    It is not uncommon for people who probably never played the game to make dumbass comments to look tough, when the reality is your trying to divert attention away from the fact that you were breast fed until you were seven.

  28. If Brad McCoy is so concerned about his Son, then get him out of football and selling Insurance. Football is a brutal game, I think they knew this when they went into this business.

  29. To all these ppl criticizing the dad…you do realize that the media asks for a comment 99% of the time. I would think this would be one of those and he was asked a question about the concussion. What is he going to say, “No Comment”?

    As a father I don’t know if I would offer my opinion to the media, but if they did ask I would let them know I wasn’t happy about the way it was handled by the team.

    We are talking about a pretty severe head injury here…

  30. This guy needs to let his son live his own life, and quit living his life through his kids. I remember him constantly sticking his nose in @ Texas, which continues to this day. His kid (s) ain’t no Manning and he surely isn’t Archie!

  31. Pay them as much as they can get but football is football. Concussions, torn ligaments and possible premature death is part of the deal. If he can go, let him go!

  32. His dad was probably contacted by the media so what is he supposed to say ? I doubt if he went out of his way to make a comment. I don’t care how old your child is, you have a right to an opinion especially when it concerns his health.

  33. Gergies1957: Do you often miss the obvious point? The game is dangerous, which is why you need competence on the sideline taking the necessary precautions. Duh!

  34. I can’t wait until one of these hits backfires on James Harrison and he’s the one wobbling around with his career in Jeopardy. Biggest piece of trash in the NFL.

  35. I bet Tiki watched the game and was flabbergasted that Colt was still in the game. Just a hunch…. hahahahahhaha

  36. We know here in Cleveland, this is where Quarterbacks come to die… but the team just took it literally.
    I support Colt and his fathers position. No way do I send him back in that game.
    A totally reckless decision but what else do you expect from The Cleveland Turds.

  37. They should have asked his dad why Colt Mccoy didn’t extend his arm to get the ball over the endzone at the end of their opening drive.

  38. spartyfi says: Dec 9, 2011 1:08 PM

    Someone needs to remind daddy that Colt is a grown man and can speak for himself…quite frankly, it’s none of daddy’s business and the blame falls squarely on his son. He could have spoken up and kept himself out but he didn’t. If a GROWN MAN wants to continue after a concussion, that is his decision to make.
    Tell you what. You put on a football helmet and let someone whack you in the facemask with a lead pipe AS HARD AS THEY CAN. 2 minutes later, I will ask you what your name is. 100% of the time you will get the answer wrong.

    Do people realize that a concussion is a brain injury? This isn’t the good ol’ days of “getting your bell rung”. Time to get out of the gladiator mentality, people.

  39. steelcitymasterrace says: Dec 9, 2011 1:01 PM

    Maybe his son shouldn’t be playing a MAN’S sport if he wants him babied.
    Yeah man. Why does football even have rules? They should just be out there to kill each other.

  40. I would bet ever football coach that Colt had from Pee-Wee football through college just hated his dad. If he is this vocal about his son now, I can only imagine how he was in the past.

  41. I understand what some of you are saying about a father being concerned for his son.

    But do you see 30 other fathers of quarterbacks hitting the media circuit to get their opinion out there? No. Just overinvolved dads like Archie and now Colt’s dad.

    Sure, it makes a great radio segment or news article for the attention starved media. But honestly, the last person I really want to hear from is someone is an individual who is totally peripheral to the issue at hand.

  42. While Colt is your your typical NFL QB, he can certainly run the offense. What he lacks is playmakers on the offensive side of the ball and the offensive line.

    Drafting another QB would be a huge waste of a draft pick by the Browns. Surround your QB with playmakers then evaluate your QB. If he can’t get it done, pick up a FA QB and drive on.

  43. To all those who are against what his Dad said, how would you like it if it were your son?

  44. tjg25 says: Dec 9, 2011 1:05 PM

    You want a huge fail by the Browns coaching staff just look to the QB who started the game. Talk about bust.

    I wouldn’t exactly call him a bust. The Browns drafted him in the 4th round. And his O-line and WRs have sucked this year.

  45. I can’t figure out why every player in this league doesn’t have on the best concussion helmet that is out there. I don’t care how much they cost ! It is just stupid!

  46. It is the same organization that has staph infections in the training facility.

    If you are on the Brown’s you got to live with a 3rd world organzation.

  47. Remember his dad pulled him out of his last bowl game at Texas when it appeared that Colt was ok. What’s next, him mom going to write a sternly worded letter to the owner?

  48. I forgot that Colt Mccoy wasn’t an adult and needed his Dad’s permission to join the game again……shades of the national title game (Mccoy looked like he was ok but daddy said NO)

    Don’t put any blame on Colt here daddy. That’s ok, that is the mentality of priviledged people nowadays…blame everyone else but themselves.

  49. Iamthatguy says:
    Dec 9, 2011 12:57 PM
    He is a big boy Daddy. Can’t he speak for himself? I am hurting at work all the time, but I still have a job to do.
    QUIT TOM BRADYING HIM !!!!!!!!!!!
    Funny you should mention this totally ludicrous example of Brady. One time TB’s dad mentioned some injury or another of TB’s and TB came out and said “My dad has a big mouth”. Never heard from Dad on that topic since.

    I can’t blame CM’s dad for responding to the inquiry since it was safety related but he could have been more tactful. That said, his son himself seems thin skinned at times (still complaining recently about how the prior staff treated him) so maybe this isn’t unexpected.

  50. There really are alot of mouth breathers on this site.

    The entire Browns organization should be fined for letting him back on the field. I haven’t seen the hit but if Harrison did spear him, Goodell needs to come hard on him AND the Steelers!

  51. I love all these internet tough guys saying McCoy’s a grown man and that he needs his daddy to come help him out. You take a helmet to helmet hit from James Harrison and tell me you wouldn’t want your daddy too. And when your son goes back into a football game when he’s clearly concussed, I’ll bet you’ll be up in arms at his coach too.

  52. Couldn’t agree more with Colt’s father. IN addition putting Colt back in cost the Browns the win. Pat, had a mobile qb in that could have punched the ball across the line.

  53. All these tough guys with their macho “he’s a grown man” crap remind me of the Fathead commercial with Clay Matthews. “hey you want some of me?” Then they fill their pants when faced with the real thing. You tough guys are a bunch of fathead wannabes. Just shut up.

  54. First, what is wrong with people who seem to believe that just because a child is an adult, you can’t express concern over his physical well-being, especially in light of the fact that pro football is an undeniably violent game. What, dads should not care about their kids after puberty. Really?

    Second, the Browns truly showed themselves to be a second class organization. Think about whether any really respected NFL team (think Ravens, Patriots, Steelers) would even contemplate putting a concussed player or even a player with “concussion like” symptoms back into a game. Browns managment should be ashamed!

  55. Just imagine when Tebow takes his first helmet to helmet hit. That poor player will kicked out of the league for life.

  56. so, what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t have the right to live our lives the way we choose? If Colt understands he could be a vegetable by 40 and still wants to play then isn’t that his choice? Last I checked this is still America!

  57. Colt is an adult, and Brad needs to stay out of his son’s professional business. As his high school coach and college hovering “stage mom,” Brad always yanked his son from games everytime he got a hangnail. That’s how Colt ended up with the nickname Cart McCoy. The kid finally got some independence in the pros and has proved his toughness on the field–including last night. Props to Colt for that. He doesn’t need Daddy to fight his battles.

    The NFL has rules for determining a player’s fitness to return to the game. If the Browns failed to follow the rules, that’s something the league and the NFLPA need to take up with the team. I can understand a father’s concern for his son’s welfare. But there’s a point where concern crosses the line to interferring with a son’s career. That’s something Brad McCoy has a bad habit of doing.

  58. Let’s face it, Shurmur has very little grasp on the WCO, even though the reason he even got the job was Holmgren’s connection to Fritz. The guy is more in over his head in Cleveland than Morris in Tampa.

  59. To all of you who are scolding Mr. McCoy for looking out for his son and calling Colt a baby and that Football is a man’s game I’m betting the vast majority of you had parents that did not have your back and you did not get enough hugs as a child which means any show of parental support makes you jealous.

    Just calling it as I see it.

    Concussions are extremely serious issues and it seems to me the Browns really dropped the ball on this.

  60. The Browns had to put him back in, even with a concussion, he’s the best player on the team. The problem is they don’t have adequate blockers, receivers or running backs to be partially successful.

    Colt has been fighting an up hill battle since he got there without ANY help.

  61. 1.) gotta love a Packer troll coming in here and saying his QB was out last year with a concussion and still won the SB. WOW!

    2.) Colt McCoy looks like he is 14 anyways. NFL should investigate his birth certificate

  62. Haha. Can you imagine mr. roethlisberger getting asked that question? How about that ankle injury that looked like it spun around twice? And his concudssions, and his broken thumb ,and his appendectomy, and his broken nose, and his broken ribs, and his injured shoulder, and his knee surgery? mr roethlisberger replies “ahhh he’s fine…. He’s a tough guy he can handle it. He plays for the steelers. What do you think he plays for the browns”?

  63. The league does not care at all about this issue. It was a matter for bargaining. It is over. The dirty face excuse will always be permitted until there is an actual rule in place that makes reinserting a concussed player IMPOSSIBLE. Right now it under the team’s control at all times whether or not to evaluate for a concussion.

  64. US citizens have become so mentally crippled by the inundation of lies and fabrications that come from our political process, that we freak out when a man states an obvious and undeniable fact?

    We can’t accept the truth?

  65. it’s sad to see there are a lot of football fans out of touch with the new concussion rule. what did the browns did last was so appalling that this might get the whole league in trouble with the medical community and congress.

    c’mon football fans, you’re smarter than these son-dad jokes that you’re posting.

  66. Wednesday McCoy’s biggest prpblem was where to shelter his millions in income via tax breaks and loopholes. Now he’s seeing little birdies fly around his head.

    Welcome to the NFL, son.

  67. No Deb, he got the name Cart, because it was started by a classless aggy after a classless aggy football player took a cheap shot long after the play was dead.

    I agree that Brad needs to stay out of Colt’s professional affairs, it is the media that sought him out, not the other way around.

  68. To all of the people blasting Colts dad, let Jerome Harrison go helmet to helmet with your son and see if you still have the same opinion.

  69. Colt’s father is correct. The kid had no business coming back in that game. I don’t blame him for speaking out.

    The NFL needs to get their concussion protocol in check. Like now.

  70. Maybe his dad should just be happy that his son is even in the NFL, because from I have seen out of him…..he is not an NFL caliber QB. Extremely lucky to be on a roster, even more luckier to be a starter.

  71. All of America could tell Colt was concussed just by watching on tv. No excuses for him to go back into that game. Polamalu got rung up a couple games ago and the Steelers held him out for precautionary reasons, absolutely no way the Cleveland doctors/coaches should get off the hook on this one.

  72. I find it interesting that Brad McCoy didn’t blast Harrison for making the hit — even though it was crazy hard — he blasted the Browns for failing to take care of his son afterwards. So he accepted that the hit was a football hit and a consequence of playing the game (and Harrison’s job) and his real issue is that the coaches didn’t exercise sufficent care to protect Colt from further injury (which is one of the coaches’ responsibilities).

  73. So if I’m getting the gist of comments correctly on this thread, you actually want to hear the opinion of the parents of NFL players because of the severity of the injury.

    Let me ask you this then, what does Mr. McCoy’s opinion of the matter add to the discussion? Did he add something new or bring a fresh perspective to the topic?

    I’ll agree to disagree with you all if you say yes. His point is valid, but I’d rather hear from Colt, since he’s the one that was in the game.

  74. Lots of commies on this site that think what they think is how everyone should think. If a man wants to play with a concussion then a man should be able to make that decision. Good lord, when did we lose freedom in this Country?

  75. spartyfi, people with concussions are in no shape or frame of mind to be making decisions.

  76. Its the guy’s father.. whats wrong with him having an opinion? Why wouldn’t he look out for the best interest of his son and make it known if he does not think the team did that? Its not embarrassing at all.

    A bunch of red-meat, internet tough guys on this site. Its like the youtube of sports in terms of commenters. Most probably couldn’t earn a varsity letter in high school let alone college or the pros.

  77. Colt had what is possibly a quite severe concussion, he isn’t doing interviews. Someone has to speak out because the Browns screwed that up big time.

  78. Holy crap people! “Concussion” isn’t a fancy word for a bad headache. It’s trauma to the brain. It’s a brain bruise that could have short and long term consequences. Those can kill or cripple you depending on how severe it is.

    It stopped being about football the moment you could plainly see he had ZERO idea where he was and looked at his face. He was gonzo.

  79. All we hear about coming from college to the Pro’s as a QB is that that the game moves faster so your decision making has to be come quicker. From a football perspective, where is the rationale of putting a guy with a head injury back in the game when his backup is playing well? Is Seneca Wallace at 100% not better than a groggy Colt McCoy?

    Players are expendable to coaches. It won’t change until there is a performance correlation made. That last interception is on Pat Shurmur in my book.

  80. I guess that’s better than Colt’s Mom blasting the Browns after a violent head blow. ah yeah..

  81. Colt should not have gone back in the game for 2 reasons:

    1. He’s not a good quarterback and Seneca gave that lackluster offense a much better chance of winning that game.

    2. The poor guy clearly had a concussion. He didn’t need to be subjected to any further career ending hits or throw terrible interceptions because he doesn’t even know where he’s at. Made his performance look much worse than he did pre-concussion.

  82. Users who post anonymous comments poking fun at an injured quarterback and a father looking out for his well-being show real courage. If anyone deserves to get bashed, it’s the coaching and medical staff of the Cleveland Browns for putting him back in after suffering concussion-like symptoms. And though the Steelers won’t necessarily declare any of their players with concussions, at least they have enough sense to take out their players after they suffer from any concussion-like symptoms.

  83. so, what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t have the right to live our lives the way we choose? If Colt understands he could be a vegetable by 40 and still wants to play then isn’t that his choice? Last I checked this is still America!

    this post was reviewed by 12 commies (thumbs down) and 3 Americans (thumbs up)….sweet country we live in. He’s over 18 and not a retard so whether or not he risks his brain and his future is 100% up to him and ONLY him. And yes, I used the word retard which is a valid term as their thoughts and sometimes physical abilities are retarded (aka SLOWED). Deal with it PC pansies…it’s a part of the english languag that you can’t take away just because YOU are offended. Live and let live.

  84. Seriously, no hyperbole, the Browns got away with Russian roulette. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m no Browns or Steelers fan, but Shurmur needs a bigger fine and/or suspension than anything Harrison gets.

    And thanks, Steeler fans for reminding me how bad your fandom, as a whole, is.

  85. spartyfi says: “this post was reviewed by 12 commies (thumbs down) and 3 Americans (thumbs up)….sweet country we live in.” Again, you show real courage posting anonymous comments bashing an injured quarterback and his father over a serious injury that could negatively alter his career. Stay classy, comrade.

  86. maybe if he learned to just throw the ball away when there isnt a play for him.

    either way hope he recovers.hate to see anyone go down like that.after seeing what Sid Crosby dealt with for almost a year with them problems

  87. Love how all you bums sit here and criticize mccoy for not being tough enough. Did you tards see that hit? Pretty sure James Harrison would have crippled you if that was you on the field. And you forget McCoy is still a young kid in the NFL. If That was my kid I’d be criticizing the browns too. Browns medical staff is pathetic. I work with people who suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injury and know how quickly things can escalate and leave you in a w/c the rest of your life. browns should be fined 50 to 100 k for this to set an example. Colt McCoy will have to get a real job someday and he won’t be able to if we treat r athletes like this. He will just be another person collecting disability that we have to support

  88. His father is probably right. Maybe the Browns would have won the game had Seneca Wallace continued at QB. I believe he laid in a perfect pass to the 5 yard line before McCoy came back into the game and then threw the INT that pretty much ended the game for Cleveland.

  89. James Harrison will get a suspension for this. His past history and the blatant nature of this hit will not be working in his favor. The Browns were idiots to put the kid back in the game after he had been knocked-out-cold.

  90. Either take away the helmet completely or make it bigger. Currently there must be Hall of Famers rolling over in their graves at the style of football that players are being forced to play these days. The league
    Needs to make an equipment change, not more rule changes….

    Dear NFL,

    Please stop vaginizing the game we love.


    A real fan.

  91. davemeisner says: Dec 9, 2011 1:06 PM

    What’s with this Pee Wee football where everyone’s dad has to speak for their kid?

    Colt should have kept himself out, and the coaching staff has made stupid calls all year long that I’m not surprised they let him play.

    The man had a concussion.
    He was in no condition to decide if he should leave the game or not.
    My daughter is 22 and I am not going to stop looking out for her just because she is an adult.

    You sound like one of those guys that think that it is funny to let your 5 year old do a bong hit for your friend’s entertainment.

  92. @gcsuk
    Don’t worry. Your mom said she didn’t want any more kids. Oh, I kid because I love. 🙂

    Yeah. His parents hogged a significant amount of camera time in the stands at the Browns/Texans game. Watched their poor kid get manhandled for 3 hours. They went nuts when he scored that one mercy TD though.

  93. Can Colt McCoy’s daddy get out of his business? Is he a doctor now too???

    He’s been butting in his business even since college but guess what, he’s never complained once about ALL the money!

    Colt’s daddy figured all this out about the concussion when he was tucking little Coltie in bed Thursday night.

  94. Here is what I do not understand
    Why are you all bashing the parents
    Someone asked the dad what he thought and he told them.

    Manning does not own TV stations reporters talk to him and he says it how he sees it.

    While some of you may be happy to let your kids get beat up and not say anything.

    I will look out for my kids till the day I die and my son inlaws know that Dad is always watching

  95. Big Blue…. It has nothing to do with being a father. As a father, I look out for my children always. However, with papa smurf McCoy, he has quite the history of sticking his bear claw in holes where he has no business at all. He has enjoyed the fruits of NFL $ like no other daddy out there. Colts daddy has failed at nearly every business he’s had and his best biz to date is his son. Colt is Rudy for lack of a better comparison and if he’s going to play in the nfl, he’s going to get hit….period. If his daddy is scared about that, maybe pops should shut up.

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