Jerod Mayo hit with $25,000 fine for hit on Dan Orlovsky


Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo landed a big hit on Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky last Sunday and the league laid down some punishment for it this week.

According to the league, Mayo has been fined $25,000 because he “struck the opposing quarterback in the head and neck area.” The officials in the Patriots’ 31-24 victory saw nothing wrong with Mayo’s actions as Mayo was never flagged for unnecessary roughness during the contest, but the league saw things differently.

On the hit in question, Mayo’s helmet definitely made contact with Orlovsky’s helmet and players have been flagged for much less this season. Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald has a shot of the play taken from the CBS broadcast of the game which, while blurry, clearly shows Mayo making contact high on Orlovsky.

We’ve all gotten used to the somewhat haphazard assessment of penalties and fines for hits like this, but it would be nice to hear a bit more explanation from the league about why this is a $25,000 offense and Trent Cole’s after the whistle shenanigans against the Seahawks, for example, only constitute a $7,500 penalty.

27 responses to “Jerod Mayo hit with $25,000 fine for hit on Dan Orlovsky

  1. Does anyone really care who got fined how much and for what? I can’t stand all the legal debate before, during, and after games lately. Is this football or a full-contact court case? I’m not at all interested in following the latter.

  2. The league is becoming a shell of what made it great.

    I may be done when my team’s current crop of young players are done.

    Then I’ll go into coaching kids, and teach them how football is meant to be played. Violently, passionately, and at 100% speed.

  3. The league reminds me of a city overrun with automatic traffic cameras. They claim it’s about safety, but really it’s about revenue.

  4. Can we just create a PFT separate feature like the PFT Police Blotter to list the fines?

    It’s barely even news any more – just the cost of doing business in the NFL.

  5. I don’t see any reason to question the difference in fines. Hasn’t Mayo not only been one of the most repeat offenders but one of the most obvious and persistent offenders?

  6. tfaulk says:
    Dec 9, 2011 4:48 PM
    I don’t see any reason to question the difference in fines. Hasn’t Mayo not only been one of the most repeat offenders but one of the most obvious and persistent offenders?
    I’ll perceive that there is sarcasm in your statement. Mayo has been one of the league leaders in tackles during his career and I can only remember him being fined 1 time before. That was last year against the Bills when he was fined $10,000 for an “illegal hit”. The “commish” nor anyone in the NFL would identify which hit was the illegal one from that game. I do believe that PFT even had an article on that.

  7. ryan7977 says:
    Dec 9, 2011 4:12 PM
    they should also fine reality for hitting colts fans square in the face.

    go ahead, hit the thumbs down button horsey fans

    If that would be the case, they should fine New England sports fans for being the biggest wusses on the planet.

    Go ahead, hit the thumbs down button idiot Pats fan losers.

  8. dacapt704 says:
    Dec 9, 2011 4:28 PM
    Next time just rip the flag off his waist and he will be declared down by contact

    If Mayo had sacked his own QB, the fine would have been double.

  9. johntonioholmes says:
    Dec 9, 2011 5:16 PM
    I love that everyone didn’t like my comment. I don’t think he should be suspended; I’m just pointing out the clear hypocrisy of the media.

    They don’t like your comment because they are Pats crybaby fans.

  10. The hit should not have been fined. Mayo led with his shoulder, and hit the QB just below the head. Orlovski’s head did snap back but it’s just incidental of taking a straight on sack high in the chest. Did Mayo’s helmut strike the QB’s???….maybe. It was a camera angle from behind the QB so it was difficult to tell. But if you look at the form and the shoulder-first way Mayo hit him….I find it absolutely ludicrous for him to be find. A couple of other things: He was not flagged on it so the refs thought it was clean. I watched the hit at least 5 times on DVR right after it happened. My conclusion is that it’s possible that helmuts may have hit….but at worst it was a glancing blow. Regardless, he should not be fined because everything about that hit was text book perfect. He led with his shoulder and it was obvious he was not trying to decapitate the QB. This fining business has gotten completely out of control.

  11. I hope Mayo finally wakes up and learns the lesson that the NFL is sending with the Seymour and Mayo fines.

    For just $5,000 more, Mayo can just walk up to any QB in the league and punch them right in the face.

    Gotta love Goodell.

  12. This thread would generate 5 times as many comments if it was about Suh. When anyone else gets fined, people just yawn.

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