Shurmur says Browns are proceeding as if McCoy has a concussion


Last night, Browns quarterback Colt McCoy took the crown of James Harrison’s helmet to the face.  And yet McCoy was back in the game two plays later.

After the game, both McCoy and coach Pat Shurmur said McCoy was fine.  Now, both McCoy’s father and Shurmur are singing a different tune.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Shurmur said Friday that McCoy has the symptoms of a concussion (not to be confused with “concussion-like symptoms”) and “we’re proceeding” as though it’s a concussion.

Fine, but why was McCoy allowed to return to the game?

Shurmur said the symptoms first arose after the game, and that if McCoy had shown symptoms of a concussion after absorbing the hit, he wouldn’t have been allowed to return to the game.

It’s easy to say those things now, but the fact that McCoy apparently has a concussion serves only to underscore the failure of the team or the medical staff to err on the side of caution after seeing McCoy get blown up by James Harrison, and it makes it even more important that the league fully investigate what happened and institute procedures aimed at keeping a guy from being put back into a game until a concussion can be clearly ruled out.

Regardless of whether the Browns knew McCoy had a concussion until after the game, the fact remains that he played moments after suffering a concussion, which put him at risk for a potentially serious injury.  Regardless of the specific procedures that the league adopts, something must be done to prevent that from happening.

46 responses to “Shurmur says Browns are proceeding as if McCoy has a concussion

  1. Hey, at least they didn’t say that he was diagnosed with “concussion-like symptoms”.

  2. that was a vicious hit and i think harrison will get suspended and fined..But what about the victom of that hit..The NFL is always fining these guys but where does the money my opinion the money should go in the pockets of the victoms..all they seem to get is a 15 yrd penalty and a trip to the hospital..

  3. “Fine, but why was McCoy allowed to return to the game?”

    Basketball reasons.

    -David Stern

  4. Craig James(Mr. McCoy) cried loud enough that his baby boy Adam James(Colt) was mistreated.
    When will these Recliner Coaches(Dads) shut up and quit Tom Bradying their kids? Pretty soon they will all grow up and be just like Tom Brady and cry, whine, and throw tantrums whenever a defender is allowed to even breathe on em.

  5. When a boxing match is halted because of a series of knockdowns, the referee determines if the fight is to continue or not.

    Just like boxing, football apparently needs an independent member of the referee crew to determine if a player should be allowed to continue playing after being knocked out on the field like McCoy.

    A dazed player and a desperate coach cannot be allowed nor be expected to make this determination.

  6. It’s time for the league to solve this issue definitively, and that means independent neurologists on the sidelines. This will keep teams from shoving broken kids like McCoy back into the game and it will keep players from pushing themselves until they’re convulsing on the flight back home.

  7. Good thing it was not the Steelers, they would have just kept him on the sideline a little too long with “concussion-like symptoms”. Then, you would REALLY have something to write about, not this actual concussion reinserting back into the game when he probably did not know if he was playing football or in a local buffalo chip tossing contest in Texas.

    The NFL Network showed a shot of his eyes prior to taking the snap where he threw the INT and they were glassy like he was drunk.

    The kid was out of it. But, he did not have concussion like symptoms and that is the more important part. At least when you are trying to generate website hits.

  8. All they had to do was ask him if he remembered the play. If nothing else, they were actively choosing not to test him.

  9. Everyone makes decisions, every day of their lives, that directly impacts their lives in the future. If players wish to subject themselves to the risk, it is their decision. If, though, a team is demanding a player to risk their health, that’s an entirely different matter. If McCoy went back in on his own, that’s up to him. He is the one who will live with the consequences down the road. No different than a smoker who ends up with lung cancer after many years.

  10. Browns are proceeding as if McCoy has a concussion

    Translation: Browns are using the concussion as an excuse to try out a different QB without having to answer all of the ridiculous QB controversy questions.

  11. Everyone can keep blaming the Browns. Sure they should have known Little Colty was not 100%, but its the failure of the NFL and the NFLPA to address this issue and protect the players from doing stupid things.

    Players will keep going back into the game and the teams will keep letting them go back in UNTIL the NFL brings in neutral doctors to observe and test the players.

  12. Tell me this, who was the last semi-defenseless player to get hit helmet to helmet by Harrison and NOT get a concussion?

    If he hits you like that, you get a concussion. GUARANTEED.

  13. James Harrison leading with his helmet and your QB on the ground for 10 seconds with his arms by his side didn’t give it away? It’s like the Browns haven’t seen this movie before. I have and I’m going to rejoice the day I see Harrison take an offensive lineman’s helmet to the facemask and he wobble off into bankruptcy.

  14. If he had a concussion he shouldn’t have been allowed back in the game, but that is up to team doctors and coaches, not his Daddy. I know the NFL has rules on this, but it seems like it is going to be hard to control.
    Is it eventually going to come down to every time a player gets hit in the head he will have to come out for the whole game?

  15. Nice hit on little boy brown, James!



    James is always putting Browns in the hospial. Personally, I have no problem with this. You are all a bunch of Goodell lovin’ pansies!

  16. Detroitrollin22—– Say hello to RG3? That would be too wise for the Browns. But I wish they would!

  17. ok…. I think the first “symptom” was that he was flat on his back for an unhealthy amount of time. Nice of the trainer to go out and examine his hand so as to disguise the true nature of the injury.

  18. Well…..When it comes to taking out QB’s with cheap shots..Enjoy your moment iluvwikileaks, at least our QB was left standing. I will just go look at the Turkey Jones highlight and watch Bradshaws lifeless body laying on the turf.

  19. The players know the risks involved with football. The cry baby attitude we get from you every week (Why was he allowed to return to the game?) is getting old. The only way they can hide concussions and continue to skate the rules comes down to the player wanting to continue playing. I agree they need rules to try and prevent this, but if they want to continue, who can tell another man what to do with his own body? Give it a rest already. You don’t think all of us football (and PFT) freaks don’t already know when a player has a concussion?

  20. If the league are truly serious about improving player safety then its time to not only fine the perpetrator of the hit but the players team for putting him back onto the field of play. I don’t buy the Browns argument that the concussion only became evident AFTER the game, what a pile of garbage.

    To those people who say the players know what they are doing and you should just let them get on with the game you simply don’t understand the equation do you. Teams don’t care about injuries and players, they want them on the field performing. If you are a star player you will be fine if you refuse but if you are down the roster and refuse you will probably be cut.

    There is a reason we have laws that demand people wear seat belts in cars and helmets on bikes, its for your own protection!

  21. poor kid we need to wipe the whole medical staff they always sucked and Shurmur. Santa all I want for Christmas is for Seneca to Start! That guy is accurate!

  22. That picture of McCoy is a perfect example of what’s called the “fencing response.” None of the trainers saw that or know about it? Bull.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The fencing response is a peculiar position of the arms following a concussion. Immediately after moderate forces have been applied to the brainstem, the forearms are held flexed or extended (typically into the air) for a period lasting up to several seconds after the impact. The fencing response is often observed during athletic competition involving contact, such as football, hockey, rugby and martial arts. It is used as an overt indicator of injury force magnitude and midbrain localization to aid in injury identification and classification for events including, but not limited to, on-field and/or bystander observations of sports-related head injuries

  23. Colt McCoy said he didn’t remember the hit. The Browns say he didn’t show signs of concussion until after the game. Hmmm … So either Colt McCoy initially remembered the hit on the sidelines and then “disremembered” it (thank you Roger Clemens) later, in which case the Browns’ explanation holds up, or he ndidnt remember it from the get to, in which case the Browns are lying throughh their teeth.

    Regardless, where is the whining and crying and gnashing of teeth? The Steelers hold out their player. They make him go through the concussion tests. They follow the protocols. But they get blasted because they use a term Mikey doesn’t like, even though the league itself said the term was accurate. Now the Browns? Oh well. McCoy lies prone on the ground for several seconds, his eyes are glazing over and he can’t remember the hit, but back out you go because he says he is fine. They violate every protocol in the book. And what do they get? A rather small waggle of the finger. Now, now Brown cow. Don’t do that again.

  24. And laying on the field not moving after a hit to the head is not a sign of a concussion?

    Look, as much as PFT gives the Steelers a hard time for the whole “concussion like symptoms”, at least when there is a chance of a concussion, the Steelers don’t put the player back in the game.

    What the Browns did is SO far beyond reasonable, there should be SERIOUS ramifications about this.

  25. Been rooting for the Browns for more years than I want to admit, but man, they’re doing everything possible to make me stop. Can’t win, can’t show an ounce of progress year after unendurable year, and now they can’t even protect an obviously injured player in a meaningless game (yes it was meaningless, it’s not like we’re in the playoff hunt). The next time the Browns do something right will be the first time since about 1989. Will somebody from this organization please start showing some sense and competence? There are those of us who want to root for you, but you sure are making us wonder why we bother.

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