Sam Bradford gets some work in at Saturday’s practice


America may not necessarily get to watch Tom Brandstater’s first NFL start on Monday night after all.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Sam Bradford (ankle) returned to practice Saturday, albeit on a limited basis. Thomas says Bradford moved around “pretty well.”

It sounds like Bradford will be listed as questionable and will be a gametime decision against the Seahawks. Even if Bradford is out, Brandstater may not get all the snaps at quarterback for St. Louis on Monday night.

Kellen Clemens, who just arrived in St. Louis on Friday, got “plenty of reps” with the Rams’ starters during Saturday’s practice. Even though Clemens doesn’t know the offense, it’s possible coach Steve Spagnuolo will play him because of his previous starting experience.

Defensive end Chris Long (ankle) and defensive tackle Fred Robbins (back) also returned to a limited practice Saturday after not practicing all week.

10 responses to “Sam Bradford gets some work in at Saturday’s practice

  1. If they want to close in on the Colts 2 game lead, it would be prudent for the Rams to sit Bradford

  2. Is it really rams vs Seahawks on Monday night….are they not allowed to flex Monday night games?

  3. To hell with the NFL fighting over what Sunday Night Game their will be. Someone in the NFL needs to start fighting what game will be on Monday Night!! These last few weeks have been a scheduling disaster!! Honestly this will be the least watched Monday night game ever

  4. @azbroncos You were complaining week 1 were you, Only reason people watch the Broncos is Tebow and that will end soon, Enjoy it while it lasts

  5. Thanks prophat for explaining to me why people watch the Broncos. If you read what i wrote i specifically said the last few weeks. Why as a Broncos fan would i complain that they were on Monday night??? And the Broncos have alot bigger fan base then either of the teams that have played the last couple Monday Night games, with or without Tebow. Sooooo yah, your wrong

  6. You can please some people all of the time. You can please all the people some of the time. And then there are people like azbroncos who just won’t be happy unless they have something to be unhappy about.

  7. Kellen Clemens was cut in camp by the Redskins, a team who have since started both Rex Grossman and John Beck. He then failed to last a week at the Texans, whose only healthy quarterback when he signed was a rookie 5th round pick, and who decided they preferred two retired guys as back-ups. Either he is somehow an incredibly poor fit for the hyper-QB-friendly Shanahan/Kubiak offense, or he currently sucks something fierce.

  8. I love Bradford and I still have a lot of confidence in him on the long term. This season has been a disaster and we will suck and loose this game no matter who we play at qb.

  9. A few weeks ago, at home, with a fully-healthy Bradford, the Rams scored 7 points on Seattle. This was in spite of Tavaris Jackson having his first two passes picked off. The second Jackson pick set the Rams up well inside Seattle territory, which is how they got their one TD.

    Somehow, I don’t see Brandstater, or an injured Bradford, doing any better than that on the road in Seattle.

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