Bucs eventually need to give Morris a public vote of confidence

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In many cases, a public vote of confidence has the same effect of a mouth kiss from Michael Corleone.  But in plenty of other situation, NFL owners proclaiming support for their head coaches means nothing other than the NFL owners support their head coaches.

As Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune explains it, the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers eventually will need to give coach Raheem Morris a public vote of confidence, if the Glazers plan to keep Morris beyond 2011.

Henderson actually thinks it would be “silly” for that vote of confidence to come now.  But if the Glazers intend to keep Morris, the sooner they let Morris and the rest of us know, the better.

Given that Morris has a contract that runs through 2012, the best way to give him a vote of confidence would be to give him an extension.  Absent that extension, Morris remains vulnerable to termination after the season.

And that’s probably why he has received neither a vote of confidence nor a suspension.  The Glazers likely haven’t decided what to do, and they reportedly want to see signs of progress down the stretch.

The team is mired in a six-game losing streak, and Morris has shown signs of stress via the offering of flimsy excuses for the team’s struggles and, most recently, the dropping of an “F” bomb at a post-game press conference.

The Bucs have a great chance to reverse the reverse their slide on Sunday with a game against the struggling Jaguars.  If the Bucs lose that one, there could be a lot more “F” bombs flying in Florida.  And, eventually, at least one pink slip.

14 responses to “Bucs eventually need to give Morris a public vote of confidence

  1. I can’t see the Glazers letting him go before his contract runs out.

    Those dudes are cheap.

  2. As a Bucs fan, I don’t think Morris deserves a vote of confidence. The team has been bad, but it might continue to get worse… and so what if they beat the Jags today, they don’t even have a coach and their starting QB might be the 5th best QB in the stadium, they’ve got 3 DEs on IR, and their WRs are among the worst in the NFL They are a very bad team…. which of course means the Bucs are no lock to beat them.

    Morris doesn’t need a vote of confidence, he needs to be coaching for his life/job. Besides, what if Andy Reid suddenly becomes available, or Lovie Smith (and Rod Marinelli to come with him)? Jeff Fisher is already out there and would be a big upgrade over Morris at this point.

  3. They’re still paying John Gruden’s contract. Bucs owners are too CHEAP to fire Morris and pay him. He has 1 more year to get back on track

  4. Why do anything. Either the team wins out and Morris keeps his job or they continue their loosing and he is fired. Stop with this cheap garbage.

  5. Vote of confidence… Oh brother.

    Win games and keep the team in the right direction – that should get you a new contract. Whenever that might be.

    I dislike this hokey lame duck psychology that you cannot be an effective coach in the final year of your contract. This is a nice device for coaches to get a golden parachute when they suck out.

    I concede it has value in courting free agents. Maybe a marginal boost to players on the team knowing that this coach will be around for 2 years.

    Not sure the bang for the buck is there if I’m an owner, given the costs/risks. Too many times a coach gets an extension, then the team tanks and the owner pays out the parachute.

  6. seneca1ss: Johns contract is done with the bucs. They owe him no more money. this is what espn and all other sites are saying.

  7. the schedule was too tough. they had too many injuries. is that a waaaaaaaaaaaambulance i hear?

  8. It seems that Raheen Morris’ major negative is player assessment — some of his starting skilled players wouldn’t start for most, if any, teams. Last year’s success seems like someone else’s when compared to this year. Fans don’t ever know many of the underlying causes for a team’s good and bad years. Some, like injures, are obvious, but it could be an obscure assistant coaching change or undisclosed injuries that impact a team’s consistency. The real measure of a coach’s ability to take his team to the next level is a mix of W-L record and quality of starting players. Based on this, Morris seems doomed to be fired this year, if not next year.

  9. I would say an ultimatum would be more appropriate than a vote of confidence. Morris has been surviving on bravado and little more. He is the players friend more than their coach. The Bucs are undisciplined on and off the field and that can be blamed in part on Morris. Last week he started to hold players accountable and if he expects to stay, he needs to continue that tactic.

  10. mneumar says: Dec 11, 2011 9:16 AM

    seneca1ss: Johns contract is done with the bucs. They owe him no more money. this is what espn and all other sites are saying.

    Not sure that is correct. It certainly applies to 2011.
    He is still being paid.


  11. A vote of confidence from the Glazers means settling for mediocrity or worse. Enough, with this cheap experiment that was NEVER popular with an overwhelming majority of the fans.

  12. 41 points to the lowly Jags. 11 penalties. 7 turnovers. This is the most undisciplined team I’ve ever seen in Tampa, save the 76 and 77 Bucs. You know. The one that lost their first 26 games. This guy is a joke as a coach. Raheem has had his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately for Bucs fans, it has lasted 3 years. He doesn’t have any control over his players. He’s too much the buddy, and too little the coach. We need to clean the slate and start fresh as far as the coaching staff is concerned. Bring in somebody that can evaluate talent and a head coach that can get unruly, undisciplined players under control, or send them out the door. I am a season ticket holder and I am cancelling my tickets for next year. If the Bucs fire Morris and that shabby excuse of a coaching staff, I will re-up my tickets.

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