Gronkowski sets record, but Pats tied at halftime

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The Patriots are off to yet another slow start.

They are tied with the Redskins 20-20 at halftime in Washington. Penalties have killed the Patriots.  One pass interference call kept a Redskins drive alive that led to a touchdown.  Another questionable roughing the passer penalty erased an interception and led to three points for the Redskins.

The Redskins have a touchdown on a gimmick play where Brandon Banks threw the ball sidearm. Tom Brady’s accuracy has been a little shaky on some key plays.

During the game, Rob Gronkowski set the all-time record for touchdown receptions in a season with his 14th score. He could have had two more, dropping one pass. Brady missed him open on another.

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  1. That personal foul on Fletcher is everything that is wrong with Goodell’s NFL. I hope you call as much attention to it as you do stuff that makes the league look like it’s going in the right direction. Somehow, I doubt it.

    I promise you what happened is:

    “That hit was really hard and it was close.”
    “But it wasn’t unncessary roughness because he wasn’t on the ground yet.”
    “So what can we call?”

    And that only occurs because of directives from above.

    For what it’s worth, I have no dog in the fight in the Pats-Skins game.

  2. Oh, and that you call it “questionable” is foolish. You know it. You’re not fooling anyone. It wasn’t even close.

  3. Excellent example here at the end of the half of the wussification of the NFL. Special protection for Tom Brady. Disgusting to have to watch.

  4. That was the worst phantom call on Fletcher I’ve seen in a loooong time. They should fine refs for such BS calls. Can anyone even touch a QB these days???? Ridiculous!


    Gronk catch. Gronk score. Gronk do what Gronk do.

  6. Since Goodell refuses to fine officials for their gross incompetence, then it’s time to just fire Jeff Triplett outright. I was working and happened to glance up at the screen in time to see that hit. And even in the blink of an eye, I could see that his forearm went nowhere near Brady’s head. If the paid official on the field couldn’t see any better than that, he has no business being a paid official on the field.

    Goodell talks a good game about the integrity of the shield. But as long as he allows these monstrously unfair calls in game after game after game–while punishing players for hits the film often shows are legal</em–he's destroying the game's integrity … like he's destroying everything else about it.

  7. that was 100% not a penalty.
    brady went into a slide BECAUSE he was going to be tackled….
    that penalty was called for ONE reason and ONE alone….
    cuz it was terrific tom


    Agreed. However, thanks to the NFL and their invention of the second “Brady”rule (i.e. can’t touch a QB below the knee) it was the correct call by the rulebook.

  9. While I agree that the Fletcher call was bad, the roughing the passer call that overturned a NE interception was a joke. I don’t think the Fletcher call really made too much of a difference.

  10. BTW, how about that “Unnecessary Roughness” on Wilfork? If I understand correctly, they threw a flag because he hit Royster too hard? First time I’ve ever seen that one…

  11. “tobiasjodter says:
    Dec 11, 2011 2:43 PM
    Excellent example here at the end of the half of the wussification of the NFL. Special protection for Tom Brady. “… and Rex Grossman. I guess they always protect the stars… < sarcasm.

  12. Patriots will be one and done once again. BB out coached himself by dismantling his defense and its going to cost him big.

  13. The NFL likes to place themselves above the NBA, but it’s ironic how the officials are just as pathetic. Conspiracy theorists would believe that the officials are told to call “certain” things when available.

    I’m beginning to wonder. Actually, I’ve always wondered but now it’s getting pretty fugly.

  14. kellyb9 says: Dec 11, 2011 3:23 PM

    I guess they always protect the stars… < sarcasm.

    Well, ironic but that rule on low hits to the QB was put in place in response to Tom Brady's season-ending injury a few years ago. So you can thank the star-protection rules for that call.

  15. That was not a ‘questionable’ call on Fletcher, it was an *incorrect* call. Big difference.

    The refs said it was a forearm to the head. It is clear that the forearm was to the ball and not even close to his head.

    Questionable leaves some room for argument, where reasonable people can disagree. That call was clearly wrong.

  16. We know Hochuli would have overturned the game-ending INT. Strange how similar that was to Antonio Brown’s catch was overturned on Thursday night. Hochuli didn’t need to see any conclusive evidence to overturn.

  17. Not one complaint about the call on Wilfork but sooo many on the Fletcher call…what a bunch of hypocrites.

  18. tobiasjodter says:Dec 11, 2011 3:50 PM

    Well, ironic but that rule on low hits to the QB was put in place in response to Tom Brady’s season-ending injury a few years ago. So you can thank the star-protection rules for that call.

    You mean the Carson Palmer rule??

  19. @PFTiswhatitis …

    I didn’t complain about the Wilfork call because–as I said–I’m working and wasn’t paying attention. The game is background noise and I just happened to look up and see the Fletcher debacle. But every team is being screwed by officiating incompetence. Stop taking it personally and start complaining to the league.

  20. I think we all agree: horrible officiating. It’s truly a shame that the game has come to this. The game was ALMOST unwatchable. Far too much yellow on the field. Okay, Tebow time, gimme a beer!

  21. A bit of a pet peeve of mine. Gronkowski did not “set” a record, he broke a record. “Set” means that his number of TDs can’t increase, which it can if he scores again during his remaining games. After the season is complete, his final number of TDs will be “set”.

    OK. I feel better now.

  22. @lanman11

    Right on, that’s just what I was thinking. The call on Carter was just as bad as the call on Fletcher. That officiating crew was horrible all around, and I don’t think there was any special “Brady treatment”… they just stunk. Thank you Roger for wrecking the game.

    Gronk, wow. That sideline play was awesome. Love watching him and Hernandez tearing it up. See him raise his hands in the air after the Welker TD? His wingspan must be 7ft. Good luck stopping Gronk!

  23. The problem is the fans are putting their hatred of other teams above the good of the game.

    Most people who hate the Skins won’t complain about the call on Fletcher. Most people who hate the Steelers are rooting for Harrison to get suspended.

    Sooner or later the league we’ve all grown to love so much that we actually care enough to hate teams and players will be a shell of what it once was, and we’ll be looking around like “what happened?”

    The call on Wilfork was bad as well, but the one on Fletcher might be one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  24. The fletcher hit was clean. Brady was a running back at the time.
    Wilfork deserved the flag because of the helmet to helmet.

  25. @belicheckyoself: On the Wilfork hit there was no helmet to helmet. He got the flag apparently because the runner was down and he hit him. I guess he should have just “touched” him down, or something…I’ve been looking around for a clip for proof but can’t find it =(

    @tobiasjodter: That rule is the “Carson Palmer” rule, put into place after the Steelers knocked him out of that playoff game a while back. They did, however, start calling it more after Brady’s injury. It was a terrible flag though, never should have been called.

    @westclaims: There were just as many bogus calls, if not more, against the Pats as there were against the skins. The zebras were awful the whole way around.

    @bearsrulepackdrool: what do you mean by “dismantling” ? The only great defensive player from their SB years that I can think of is Big Sey. Mcginest left for money and to follow RAC, Vrabel didn’t have much left, as evidence from his KC years, Asante left for a TON of money, Bruschi and Harrison retired, Law left for money. The defense has certainly been rebuilt, as it still currently is, but it wasn’t as if Belichick cut everyone as you made it seem. And for a team being rebuilt, they’re still pretty decent.

  26. Gronkowski’s a beast, but if I was a Pats fan I’d rather have a pair of half decent corners. Good defenses in the playoffs will take Gronkowski or Welker away and the Pats defense won’t have the cushion the need to advance.

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