Jets playoff hopes get boost with rout of Chiefs


The Jets wrapped up their win over the Chiefs by halftime and flipped things into cruise control for a 37-10 win.

If that cruise control featured any scoreboard watching, it was an entertaining second half for the Jets. The late comeback by the Texans over the Bengals and the Saints’ win over the Titans left the Jets in much improved playoff position than they were in when the day began. If either the Broncos or Raiders lose in the late round of games, Sunday will end with the Jets in possession of a Wild Card spot.

They have their most complete performance of the season to thank for the victory. They came out strong on both sides of the ball, smothering the Chiefs before the game was even 10 minutes old and then sat back and watched backups take the game home in the fourth quarter. The offense showed tremendous balance — 181 yards passing for Mark Sanchez, who accounted for four touchdowns, and 129 yards rushing for Shonn Greene — and the defense made Tyler Palko look like he belonged in the NFL about as much as Justin Bieber.

Whatever hopes the Chiefs had relied on their defense and it wasn’t able to put forth the same effort it did in last week’s victory over the Bears. They made some plays early, but couldn’t keep their focus once the game got out of hand. That lack of focus hit its nadir in the third quarter when the Chiefs gave up 81 yards in penalties to help the Jets to their fifth touchdown of the afternoon. Coach Todd Haley drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on that drive for arguing with the officials. His frustration is easy to understand, but his inability to keep his players from hurting themselves with penalties won’t help him win any fans in Kansas City.

For a time it looked like the Chiefs would wind up with more penalty yards than offensive yards. They avoided that fate, but that’s about the only silver lining on the day for them.

No such problem for the Jets, who are suddenly looking like a good bet to wind up in the playoffs for the third straight year.


17 responses to “Jets playoff hopes get boost with rout of Chiefs

  1. now we just need the broncos or raiders to lose. both losing would make this a perfect day for the jets.

  2. The Chiefs looked lifeless from the very first snap. There’s going to be some big changes in KC next year.

  3. @tolan04

    All winnable games, with the toughest being the Giants, may drop that one, but I think we’ll see the best of both teams that night. With Tom Moore around, the offense looked much better. Still nothing special, but it was a marked improvement. I’m cautiously optimistic, we’ll see what happens.

  4. yawn. Everything fell the Jets way as usual. They play the lifeless Chiefs, while the Titans play the powerhouse Saints and the Raiders play the unbeatable Packers. Lets hear all the Jet fans talk about how they aren’t lucky.

  5. The Chiefs are missing their QB, their recently-signed backup QB (Orton), and elite RB. Lots of other injuries have been happening left and right. The OC is in way over his head. It’d be hard to expect anything this season, but honestly, it’s not going to matter what they do if they don’t find a real OC. Losing Weis was huge.

  6. Screw my Chiefs. Credit to the Jets beating the Chiefs and being a decent to good 8-4 team but don’t credit them for making Palko the equal of Justin Beiber(at least Beiber would have an excuse for being terrible). The last 4 teams Palko’s faced were beatable but the effing QB play (Palko) screwed us.

    Screw Haley, Pioli, Hunt, Cassell, Jon McGraw, Jevon Blecher, Glen Dorsey, Piscatelli (I don’t know that cat’s 1st name he’s so unheard of), Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, and Ricki Stanzi. I only say Stanzi because that dude must really suck if he cant unseat Tyler Palko. You’re down 30 and you can’t let Stanzi take a few snaps? What could go wrong? You find out he can actually play QB? Are you only letting Palko play so you can hand the carrier should be back-up Cassell the reigns after this year?

    Clean house, get rid of the non-nfl’ers, I just listed them and try.

  7. looks like the cream is rising to the top again while the pretenders…..”raiders, titans, bengals, bills” just fall to the wayside. Jets are peaking at the right time!

  8. promin1 says:
    yawn. Everything fell the Jets way as usual. They play the lifeless Chiefs, while the Titans play the powerhouse Saints and the Raiders play the unbeatable Packers. Lets hear all the Jet fans talk about how they aren’t lucky.


    Pomin1, you do realize that it’s a long football season, right? One week doesn’t determine playoff spots: the Jets played the Raiders, Chargers, the Bills twice, the Pats twice, the Ravens…well, you get the idea. Their win record for the season is what allowed them to compete for the wild card spot. Not just one week’s win or loss when other teams hit a harder point in their schedule.

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