MCL tear suspected for Greg Jennings


Everyone in Green Bay is tight-lipped for now regarding the status of Packers receiver Greg Jennings.

With an MRI coming Monday, the current chatter is that Jennings has a torn MCL.

The degree of the suspected tear is not currently known.  More info undoubtedly will come tomorrow.

56 responses to “MCL tear suspected for Greg Jennings

  1. Until there is an MRI, this is premature.

    If this is an MCL tear, they have the depth to overcome it, but it would be tough to see your #1 receiver go down. Super Bowl repeat is still within their sights.

  2. Better than an ACL. Would be best case if it was a 4-6 week thing. With 3 weeks left and a bye don’t need him until Mid Jan.

    Would affect their ability to go 16-0, but their goal is a 1st round bye.

  3. @ Chiefs
    Home against Bears
    Home against Lions

    Not sure how this will affect 16-0.

    Driver has shown he still has something in the tank. Nelson, Jones, Cobb, Finley…lots of depth at receiver.

  4. Glad to see the Packer fans are more concerned with the Pack going undefeated during the season vs. resting and protecting your star players so things like today (30pt lead in 3rd qtr and having all your starters still playing) don’t keep happening before the playoffs. Jennings is the only Packer wr that gets regular double coverage so while they may be able too overcome his offensive stats, it will affect the defenses that are played against guys like j. nelson.

  5. With that injury, they can sit him until their first playoff game, which is 5 weeks from now. It will be fun to see Cobb get more reps.

  6. You can’t over state a loss like Jennings. But Jordy Nelson has quietly become our #1 receiver and J. Jones can fill the void. Still going to repeat as SB champs.

  7. Don’t fret Packer fans, it doesn’t matter who gets injured. The refs will keep giving you every call so that you keep winning.

  8. Bye bye super bowl GB…Jordy will now have to face double coverage. But then again, with the refs on your side, anything is possible.

  9. Typically, MCL tears do not require surgery. Having said that, the degree of stress on the ligament will determine his availability for games into January. I suffered a serious tear a few years back – recovery for me was 6-8 weeks – but I’m not a world class athlete by any stretch.
    And if anyone is questioning my diagnosis, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  10. If he tore his MCL then it could still need surgery so in essence it is not much better than an ACL tear. Matt Forte sprained his MCL and he is out for around 4 weeks, so if there is a tear than he will be done for the season. However, they do have depth, but to lose your best receiver for the season hurts some of the explosiveness that the offense has.

  11. Jennings is a big loss, but they are deep. Having said that, they did what they did today without Finley touching the ball and a good performance from James Jones, Driver, Nelson and Co. The only one of them as sure handed as Jennings is Nelson, so as long as James Jones doesn’t do “James Jones” things and can manage to catch more than he drops (he’s improved this season), they should be ok. Let’s get Starks healthy and let him and Grant pick up some of the slack too!! GO PACK GO!!!

  12. Never good to see injuries like this but its much better than an ACL. MCL is anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks which means there is a decent chance hell be back for the championship game or Superbowl .

    The Packers still have Nelson, James Jones, Driver, and Cobb, so they still have the firepower until Jennings returns.

  13. What is the general lead time for coming back from an MCL? The Packers don’t play a “meaningful game” for five weeks so will he be ready by then?

  14. The incessant whining in regards to perceived referee favorability toward the Packers at their mere mention is getting really pathetic.

    They’re not being aided by the refs anymore than any other team. They’re good. Very, very good.

    The extreme jealousy is just sad.

    And i’m not even a Packer fan.

  15. Ahh yes, the Judster. Kinda like death and taxes you can count on him and his hater friends to trash the Packers any chance he can.

  16. They’re deep at wide receiver, but that depth looks a lot different when Nelson is getting doubled every play. Jordy Nelson is a fine player, but he’s Alvin Harper, not Michael Irvin.

  17. keeley2 says:
    Dec 11, 2011 10:14 PM
    I suffered a serious tear a few years back – recovery for me was 6-8 weeks – but I’m not a world class athlete by any stretch
    “world class athlete”??????….put the beer down keeley2, NOW!

  18. Gregggggg Jennnnnings is obviously just setting himself up to put the team on his back later in the playoffs against the Saints. Come on, guys.

  19. @ mattym0531
    You do know that a sprain usually is a partial tear of a ligament right? Forte actually does have a torn ligament. A sprain is a sometimes a severely stretched ligament but usually it means there’s a tear. You can’t say typically tears require surgery because it all depends on the severity of the tear. Now I’m not saying that Jennings does or doesn’t need surgery or that he will play or be done for the season. All I’m saying is what you are saying often isn’t correct. Oh and all this talk doesn’t matter until they take a good picture of it tomorrow and tell us what’s wrong.

  20. Man, I feel bad for Jennings.

    So bad that I’m not going to tell any jokes about fat Wisconsin women today. I’ll save those for tomorrow.

    Get well soon, Jennings. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable to watch the Cheeseheads cry after a Super Bowl loss without you. 18-1 baby.

  21. lilrob10201 says:
    Dec 11, 2011 10:54 PM
    The only way you can say bye bye to the Packers superbowl year pre maturely is if Aaron Rodgers got injured.


    Tell that to Tom Brady in 2007.

  22. for any other team, this is a crippling injury that could destroy their offense. the packers will put cobb in his place, and nothing will be different. instead of jennings catching a td every game, it will be cobb or jones. doesn’t matter. the scoring will not stop. it will just have a different recipient.

  23. Greg left the stadium giving the universal “sit on this for awhile, God, you merciless bastard”, gesture.

  24. I’m not a packers fan but jordy, Finley, driver, jones and on and on….with Rodgers I bet they don’t miss a beat.

  25. acdc84 says:

    What is the general lead time for coming back from an MCL? The Packers don’t play a “meaningful game” for five weeks so will he be ready by then?
    Not if it’s a bad tear–that could be a season-ending injury. For his sake, I hope these reports are premature and that the injury isn’t as serious as feared.

  26. @clefan12 …

    You’re whining because you claim people say the refs favor the Pack (idiots say that about every winning team). But steviaquinn is whining (in advance) about the refs screwing the Pack in favor of the Saints. And 1mge is still whining about the Vikes and the Steelers.

    Good grief … wonder how much people would be whining if the Pack had ever lost a game 🙄

  27. There, finally… sorry bout the repeat posts.

    This is premature to say the least. Only when McCarthy uses the word “significant” does it mean it’s really bad.

    Wait until the medical tests come out tomorrow. Then try to panic Packer fans…


  28. For what it’s worth –

    From the University of California San Francisco

    MCL Tear

    “On average, it takes six weeks for a MCL injury to heal. The initial treatment for most grade 1, 2 or 3 MCL tears focuses on reducing the pain and inflammation in the knee while immobilizing the knee to keep it stabilized.”

    Obviously it will depend on how bad it is to determine if he’ll be back this season or not. It will affect the Packers, but their depth at the position should limit it.

    You hate to see any injury, but the ones like Jennings’ and D Murray’s are magnified when it happens to playoff/possible playoff teams.

  29. @thejuddstir hey genius you can’t sit EVERYBODY…there are only 45 players on an active roster…SOMEBODY important still has to play.

    You can pull the QB… top passrusher…maybe a top OL…but you can’t sit all 3 of your top WR’s…you can’t sit every DB…..

    And how could GB win the SB w/o Finley/Grant but not Jennings? Jennings was 2-20 yesterday and Pack still rolled.

    It will take some gameplan tinkering to make sure Nelson can still get open….it will mean Jermichael will have to actually hold on to the ball and it means Jones will have to show why he got that new contract.

    One saving grace is the past 3 weeks DD is playing like it’s 2007.

    And if GB plays NE in the SB they can’t cover ME much less Nelson/DD/Cobb/Jones….

    If GJ goes IR Pack have 6-4 Tori Gurley on PS.

    This coaching staff could probably get 3 catches for 50 yards and a TD from my slow ass much less a quality young prospect.

    Go Pack!

  30. oh yes..just in time for fantasy playoffs! and demarco murray as well! great day for me. (sarcasm..)
    but in all seriousness, let him rest until he’s 100% healthy, no need to rush him back. They’ll need him come playoff time. Good-luck with recovery!!

  31. 18.

    That is the number of offensive players that have made touchdowns this year for the Packers.


    And that isn’t counting the several defensive touchdowns they have gotten.

    Sad to see Jennings hurt, but the Pack will be fine.

  32. I like the Packers but I’m not a huge fan of Jennings for some reason. He seems rather conceited to me and he annoys me. So I can’t say I’m bummed about this. I suppose this means we will be seeing more out of Randall Cobb.

  33. The Packers could still win it all without Jennings, but I like how a lot of people are like “Packers are so deep at WR, it wont even matter.” You all understand that a lot of those 2-5 WR numbers are a result of Jennings being the player he is. An important play maker goes down, and everybody suffers.

  34. Hate the Packers? why,because they excell at excellence and have class,never bragging publicly on how good they are,they just play winning football,you should hate your Lions for being morons and undisciplined. Findley obviously was being punished againt Oakland for dropping so many catchable balls the last two weeks,drop balls on this team you wont see it again so dont drop the ball,Jennings loss will hurt but its not like when other teams star reciever goes down,the Packers cupboard of recievers is full and they will just plug someone else in,Gurley off the practice squad is the best reciever non Packer fans have heard of,but they will.

  35. The play looked like an ankle, not a knee. He was on the ground after the catch, facing down. A defender hit his foot, twisting it sideways.

    His ankle is ok and his knee is injured?

    That’s bizarre.

  36. He was smoking a dutch and drinking Hennessey after the game with a towel over his head after the game.. He seemed really really down.

  37. thejuddstir says:Dec 11, 2011 10:02 PM
    “Glad to see the Packer fans are more concerned with the Pack going undefeated during the season vs. resting and protecting your star players so things like today”

    Dumbest thing ever written, this is football, guys can get hurt standing on the sideline (sean payton), what next, “You guys are classless for keeping your starters in the game for all four quarters in the superbowl!”

    just put a cork in it.

  38. Jennings is 25% of Rodgers production. Jordy sees lots of friendly one on one matchups. With Jennings out, those days are over. He’s going to be doubled for sure. Finley and Jones will have to start picking it up.

  39. If it’s an MCL, the Packers will probably shut him down until the playoffs but he should come back fine then. MCL is not as serious as ACL, for sure. Jennings doesn’t often get mentioned in conversations about elite NFL WRs but he’s not far behind that group at the very top. The Packers can overcome his loss with their depth in the regular season but they’ll miss him come playoff time if he’s not there.

    I have a feeling a lot of guys will be resting vs Chi and/or Det if the Packers can beat KC on the road next weekend. It just seems like McCarthy’s way to be more concerned about being as healthy as possible for the really important things and I don’t think he views 19-0 as all that important. I don’t know if that means he’s make guys inactive or just play them like it is preseason but I’d be surprised to see Rodgers in the 2nd half of regular season games with home-field already locked up.

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