Tebowmania does it again: Broncos beat Bears in overtime


Tim Tebow is blessed. Marion Barber is cursed.

Tebowmania struck again in Denver today, as the Broncos beat the Bears 13-10 in overtime, to improve to 8-5 on the season — and 7-1 since Tebow became their starting quarterback.

But as much as this game was about Tebow, it was about Barber, the Bears’ running back whose two costly mistakes set up the Broncos’ game-tying field goal at the end of the fourth quarter, and the Broncos’ game-winning field goal in overtime.

As usual, the Broncos fell behind on Sunday as Tebow struggled to get things going offensively. And as usual, Tebow came alive and made some big plays late in the fourth quarter. By now, that’s so routine that we probably don’t even need to say it — you can just assume that’s what’s going to happen in a Broncos game.

But the specifics were even more unbelievable this time around: Tebow was 3-for-16 for 45 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception, in the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter and overtime, he was 18-for-24 for 191 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions.

“This is an unbelievable feeling,” Tebow said afterward. “You have something special when you have a team that nothing’s going right but you continue to believe.”

For the Bears, the heartbreaking loss will be blamed largely on Barber. Not only did Barber make a huge mistake with 1:55 remaining in the fourth quarter, running out of bounds when the Broncos were out of timeouts to give Denver just enough time for their game-tying field goal, but he also fumbled in overtime to give the Broncos the ball before their game-winning field goal.

Special teams were huge in this game, and most of the way it was the Bears who were benefitting from big plays in the kicking game: Julius Peppers blocked a Denver field goal attempt, Bears kicker Robbie Gould nailed a 57-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, the Bears’ only touchdown drive was set up by a long Devin Hester punt return, and the Bears recovered a Broncos onside kick with 2:05 remaining. But special teams were also huge for the Broncos in the end, as Matt Prater hit a 59-yard field goal to send the game into overtime and then a 51-yard field goal to win the game in overtime.

But more than anything else, this game will be talked about as the latest installment of Tebowmania. At this point, even the greatest Tebow skeptics can’t help but believe.

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  1. “This is an unbelievable feeling,” Tebow said afterward. “You have something special when you have a team that nothing’s going right but you continue to believe.”

    Does he say anything else other than this in his press conferences?? Hey Teblow try, thank you defense for making us worth something, and thanks to my opponents for week in week out blowing the game to let people think I actually win them.

  2. If the Broncos had a real QB, they could contend for a title. Great D, excellent FG kicker, good O line. Sadly … well … good teams are comin.

  3. Was it Tebow? Or was it the Broncos shutting down the Bears all game, especially in the fourth quarter, and stealing the game right out Marion Barber’s hands?

    This is ridiculous.

  4. Add this with an Oakland smashing and you have a great day. We will not win it all but the future looks very bright… A full off season developing our O and we are in business…

  5. How can a player be so bland for three quarters and so good for one every week?

    Sooner or later, Denver will run into a team that has some actual skills in play. Then we will really see all of Tim Terrifc. He might respond to a Brady or a Rodgers in kind. He might try to engineer a comeback from down by 28. He might fizzle out. We don’t know.

    But I wouldn’t bet against him, no matter how little I like him.

  6. How can anybody not be a believer?

    God made Marion Barber run out of bounds!

    Seriously though, I’m on the bandwagon.

  7. I don’t believe. Just cause the guy is getting freakishly lucky against bad teams doesnt make him a good QB.

    3 completions and 45 yards after 3 quarters? I could do that.

    All Barber has to do is fall down and the game is over. That’s not Tebow, that’s Barber.

    51 and 59 yard FGs? That’s not Tebow.

    Barber fumbling as he’s about to break away for the game winning TD? That’s not Tebow.

    It’s going to be delightful when all of this magic runs out. He’s going to have one of the biggest falls from grace in the NFL. I’m going to laugh with delight when it happens.

  8. As I was watching the game (not second-guessing), I was wondering why the Bears weren’t just taking a knee and running out the clock (that’s all they were doing anyway). Why take a chance with a fumble or something stupid, like RUNNING OUT OF BOUNDS?!?! They weren’t even trying to get a 1st Down, they were just running it up the gut, and Denver knew what was coming. Denver was out of TO’s, 2 knees would have left less than 30 seconds after a punt. But no. Absolute brainfart by Marion the Barbarian.

    Stupid move by Barber, Lovie Smith and Mike Martz. What a shock.

  9. Marion Barber just bent to the will of God. We are seeing miracles and the second coming……..until next week. New England wins by 30 next week. This is fun gimmick football against offensively challenged teams, not championship football.

  10. This was not Tebomania but Robbie Gould hitting two tremendous fieldgoals. Robbie is the hero here but all the press goes to Tebo. Yes he is blessed by flavor of the month.

  11. This is unbelievable! Every time the Broncos need a bounce it goes their way! Elway may not say it, or may not even like it, but Tebow has to be given a chance to be ordained the Broncos quarterback of 2012, he’s certainly earned it!

  12. Love him, hate him, there is no denying this many “miracle” wins in a row is absolutely unprecedented. Why did I have Green Bay – Oakland as my feed? By gosh, I need my TebowTV.

  13. Give Tebow credit for doing what needed to be done. This game, however, was lost twice by Marion Barber. If he stays in bound, then he doesn’t leave enough time for Tebow to drive his team to the game tying field goal. Then he fumbles in OT, with his team in field goal range. Tebow got some big time help in this win.

  14. Everytime Tebow plays it reminds me of the movie Angels in the Outfield except on a football field.

  15. “At this point, even the greatest Tebow skeptics can’t help but believe.”

    Rosenthal, you still want to rag on Tebow?


    1.having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions

    2. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts

  16. You do realize that this Tebow comeback clinched a playoff spot for New Orleans…..

    Yes. That’s right.

    Tebow clinched it for the……… Saints.

  17. I can’t believe Tebow gets blamed for this team stinking for 3 Qtrs… He has NO WIDE RECEIVERS!!!

    Can someone name a worse WR crew than the Broncos?? I saw him hit at least 5 guys in the hands in the 1st 3 Qtrs and they dropped them and killed the drives.

    I’m not saying Tebow is Montana, but he’s winning games with a great defense and very limited offensive weapons. Thats more than you can say about 90% of the other QBs out there…

    I’m a believer!

  18. non-story john skelton is now 4-1 as a starter with a previously 1-6 team so hes better than tebow by tebow fans own standards

  19. Not bad for a kid who can’t throw the ball right. Can’t play QB in the NFL. Can’t do this, can’t do that…..Looks to me like he can, he does, and he will continue…..haters, it’s ok. He’ll keep praying for you.

  20. Oh yeah…cause Tebow caused Barber to run out of bounds and fumble,,,not to mentioned he kicked both field goals.

    What’s funny is if it was Orton pulling this, the Bronco fans, the media-hype machine, etc. would be ripping him for playing so bad in the first 3 quarters. But because it’s Tebow, the first 3 quarters don’t matter.

  21. Nice job tebow. Barber is a fool. Briggs is friggin pissed! And Elway must support tim regardless. Shocking to see a fullback play qb, and win division

  22. iownyou2 says:
    Dec 11, 2011 7:30 PM
    “This is an unbelievable feeling,” Tebow said afterward. “You have something special when you have a team that nothing’s going right but you continue to believe.”

    Does he say anything else other than this in his press conferences?? Hey Teblow try, thank you defense for making us worth something, and thanks to my opponents for week in week out blowing the game to let people think I actually win them.

    If you actually listened to the interview, the 1st thing he said was “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my teammates, and our coaching staff…”

    But thats what happens when you only look at one quote taken out of context…

  23. All the Broncos are doing by winning like this is hurting their future. Tebow is clearly not a franchise quarterback, and he is essentially winning with gimmicks. The NFL solves gimmicks at some point, so by winning like this, the Broncos are only hurting their draft picks and their ability to find a franchise quarterback. Sure, it’s a good story, but if I were a Bronco fan, I’d enjoy the ride while it lasts, because it won’t last long.

  24. Tebow didn’t have anything to do with this win. Marion Barber, Prater, and the Prevent D.

    as a Raider fan this was a bad day

  25. Who do you think the Bears are missing the most right now, Cutler or Forte? Barber is just a marginal role player now; in today’s game he played the Bronco’s Santa Claus. Feliz Navidad, Denver Tebows!

  26. skins23: I notice that teams only become “bad” after the Broncos beat them. |The Bears defense is really good and Tebow just carved them up in the fourth and overtime. At what point will everyone just admit that Denver is a pretty good team?

    His stats in the first 3 quarters are slightly decieving since the Broncos recievers were having a field day dropping passes, including a long pass to Thomas that would have been a TD if he didn’t drop it.

  27. “For the Bears, the heartbreaking loss will be blamed largely on Barber.”


    Gotta feel sorry for Prater. Nailing those two kicks from that distance to tie and then win in overtime, and his achievement will be overshadowed simply because even though his quarterback was at best mediocre and at worst abysmal, because he has the same bizarre superstitions as many other Americans, he’ll take all the credit.

    Simple intelligence test:

    1. Do you believe that the Denver Broncos won this game because of Tim Tebow and / or some supernatural supreme being? (That’s assuming you don’t think they are one and the same.)

    2. Do you play running back for the Chicago Bears despite having a girl’s name and long, girly hair?

    If you answer ‘Yes’ to either question, then you are mentally retarded.

  28. skins23 says:Dec 11, 2011 7:32 PM

    51 and 59 yard FGs? That’s not Tebow.

    At this point, I don’t believe that. Where was the killer defense when Orton was at QB? Where were the super-human field goals for him?

    I will say part of it is that Tebow has opened things up for McGahee and that has allowed them to milk the clock, but Tebow has that whole team believing they’re unbeatable.

  29. gor76 says:

    I dislike you, Marion Barber.


    As a Bear, I am hurling right now.

    Barber will never get over this, and that is forever, it will eat him alive….poor guy !

  30. Cant argue with results. Keep hating the kid all you want. He just finds a way to help his team win in crunch time.

  31. Pathetic how conservative the Bears got on offense at the end there.

    I’d of gone for it on fourth down there at the end.

    Really, who other than Lovie Smith thought thy’d stop Tebow?

  32. humptyfratz says:
    Dec 11, 2011 7:28 PM
    Cue the “Yeah, but the Bears really aren’t a good team” comments in 3..2..1..

    They aren’t with out their starting QB and RB.

    Good defense, bad offense

  33. I love reading the bitter people’s posts. It makes me happy I am not any of them. Many of us are fortunate to not have to see another person fail in order to feel pleasure. Tebow will not win forever, nobody does, it is the nature of the NFL. But his haters will remain the same pathetic, sour individuals that they have always been.

  34. I know evryone will want to blame Barber for this loss and yes, running out of bounds stopping the clock was a bone head move. But for those of you that saw the game let’s lay the blame where it belongs; the Bears coaching staff, primarily their offensive head coach Martz. They lost this match with 8 minutes of regulation remaining and a 10 point lead.
    Not only were they 10 points up but they had posession so what do they do? Try not to lose the game; play it safe with repeated runs over the middle to “chew up the clock”. It became so repetitive that any 6 year old could predict their next play. Through two series of posessions they did this and barely chewed up 40 seconds. That is piss poor clock management. You want to chew up time you need to get first downs and theye weren’t even trying to do that.
    Chicago, wake up! Try winning the game with posessions and first downs instead of trying not to lose.

  35. “I can’t believe Tebow gets blamed for this team stinking for 3 Qtrs… He has NO WIDE RECEIVERS!!!”

    Were you actually watching this game all the receivers he was overthrowing? He had 1 legit drop during the first three quarters… and that was it.

  36. Tebow – The heart of a warrior and heart of a champion. We have to commend his mental toughness. Hanging in for 3 QTrs and 10 mts and fighting out the adversity and finding a way to win. You can’t coach that.

    I only wish him keep improving his QB skills, winning few rings and find a place in Canton.

  37. The inane comments from the naysayers on this site and elsewhere are now shrill and empty. What Tim Tebow has accomplished is the sports story of the year, and I couldn’t be happier. From the day he was drafted and over the din of scorched cats raising the hue and cry against him, I knew the day would come when Tim Tebow proved all his critics wrong. Welcome to that day!

  38. I’ve seen this movie before. A decade ago some unheralded kid steps in after the starter goes down on a team with a second year head coach that had gone 5-11 in the previous year. The team is 0-2 when he takes over and he wins a few games.

    No one can figure out how he does it, but the team goes 11-5 and gets a first round playoff bye. Somehow they get into the Super Bowl against a juggernaut from the NFC.

    Anyway, this kid, who no one had heard of, somehow engineers this drive that ends in a field goal that wins the frickin’ Super Bowl. Go figure.

    Sometimes, leadership, pride and belief is enough to make some good things happen.

  39. If your offense needs a 50 yard field goal to notch a scoring drive, that’s not exactly good.

    Even with the Bears’ injuries, Denver’s D is clearly for real. No doubt about it.

  40. You look at the past several game and someone screws up. This time its Barber. Agian the top QB and running back of the bears are out, just like Pederson out for the Vikes, just like top receivers out for San Diego and the coach was out for the Jets.
    Denver has player 5 hard luck teams in the last 5 games and needed field goals to win.

  41. The way the Pats played against the Skins the Donks could win next week????…!!!! Go TEBOW…keep the Faith!

  42. .
    so we blame barber this week for the win.
    Marion Barber is deeply religous and mentally could not beat tebow

  43. This isn’t about God being for one team or the other. Barber is a Christian as is Tebow. This is about the breaks of the game going one way or the other.

  44. Bears can blaim themselves. San Diego needed 10 yards to be in field goal range and ran right three times in a row for a loss of 10 yards when on simple pass over the middle would have done it.
    Bears in range and run the ball to fumble it away.
    Thats called stupid manie not tebow mania

  45. I loathe Tebow as a player because I’m an Oakland fan. I can’t stand what’s happening with him. That being said, people need to give him some credit. He’s 7-1 as a starter this year. Stop saying how good Denver would be if the Broncos had a real QB. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Without Tebow, this team is done. A different QB wouldn’t give the Broncos what Tebow has given them. Which QB would have the Broncos 7-1 in the last eight games?

    Get a clue and stop hating. Give it up to someone for geing good. Jealousy makes you sound like a scorned lover.

  46. i live in denver and im not a broncos fan at all..but whats funny is how little football people even know here..really…they know elway..thats it..and tebow..other than that..nothing..people keep saying broncos best team in the nfl and im like really dude..are you serious..and they look at me like im some retard..look at the broncos schedule..and tell me since tebow has taken over what team..name one team that has had an offense?????..anyone…anyone…maybe the bears if cutler and forte where playing..look the broncos have been playing weak teams and there defense has been playing pretty good..you wanna see how good there defense is..watch next week when brady destroys them..tebow wont even have a chance to do magic cause it will be over before halftime..im not a pats fan..but i follow football like a real fan..not by just going off what espn says..cause we all know they just blow smoke up everyones butt about everyone who has one good game…”HIS COMING OUT PARTY”…bottom line is broncos will get a beat down next week..get into the playoffs and get beat out in the first round because they cant score unless its less than 3mins left in the game..cause in the playoffs all the other teams can score thru out the entire game..

  47. skins23: I notice that teams only become “bad” after the Broncos beat them. |The Bears defense is really good and Tebow just carved them up in the fourth and overtime. At what point will everyone just admit that Denver is a pretty good team?

    Actually the Bears have been bad since Culter went down. The Donks havent beat anyone on a good night. If the Donks make the playoffs we will see how long the magic lasts.

    I still think they could loose all 3 of their remaining games. They keep barely beating teams when the other teams have a bad night. They havent proven anything yet.

  48. Yes! I find myself pulling for Tebow more and more with every criticism of him. I know he won’t win the superbowl but I love seeing “experts” and atheists get pissed. 🙂

  49. It’s like this team is just destined to win right now… I think they fizzle out early in the playoffs, but if you don’t respect/appreciate what Timmy’s doing, you’re not a football fan.

  50. I am still a skeptic who believes in Marion Barber and that a good QB plays 4 qtrs, not 1. Tebow’s got to get better, earlier in games!

    Still exciting to watch though, Prater’s the man!

  51. this bears loss and jt mayt cost making playoffs are 100% on MARTZ not barber.

    bears qb should have taken 3 knees and after taken penalty for delay of game on 4th down, in the remaining 20 seconds or less they should have punted the ball out the endzone or siselines.

    instead of risking a fumble or running towards sidelines.

    martz has always been know for his stupidity that is why he cant hold a steady job.

  52. It’s funny how all the skeptics say “wait ’til he plays against a good defense.” Well the bears have a good defense.

    Keep up the good fight Timmy.

  53. @catdelmonte

    Sure, but Skelton has at least ONE awesome receiver to throw to…

    Go Broncos – team effort!!!

  54. Anyone who thinks Tebow is any good knows nothing about football ad the NFL. Even his bad stats are PADDED because he checked down 10+ times in that fourth quarter. The Bears got beat today by a good defense and great kicker (who looks like he owns a windowless van). Tim Tebow cannot beat good teams with good offenses. And he never will.

  55. This has nothing to do with God being a Tebow Fan.

    God obviously is a Raider Fan.

    God does not want the Raiders to have to give up that additional First Round Pick for Palmer if the Raiders make it to the AFC Championship.

  56. With this offense the Bears won’t win another game. I don’t understand how bad Caleb Haney looks after being with the Bears for four years.
    Bad coaching? With 1:56 left ,just take a knee and let the clock run? It was only 2nd down. That would have given the Broncos less than a minute to go. Instead? dumb,dumb,dumb.

  57. not only does Cutler suck when he’s on the field..he even hurts the team when he’s off! My god! what a sissy offensive team!! why is it mostly politicians get assassinated? how about Lovie Smith & that other stupid jackass..Martz??
    christ almighty!!! if your just going to play dead & roll over then have some fun at least! run every trick play you can think of!!! chuck the ball deep every other play!!! run crazy plays! drive the opposing defense crazy!!!! what the hell have you got to lose??? but this?????
    because it would be better to just officially forfeit every remaining game! just go home & wait till next decade!!!! I’ve lived a long time and I’ve never seen anything like this! Hellen Keller with a hang-over could play better than these Bears..ooops! Bores!

  58. For the haters, Tim loves you. He’s winning football games. He’s getting paid.

    You, well you’re on a message board, PRAYING for his failure.

  59. @melikefootball says: me likey so much me don’t know which kickers play for which team??? Anybody watching knows that their were no less that 4 huge drops in key situations by the Broncos receivers in the first half. One was a walk in touchdown for Thomas if he pulls in the perfectly-thrown pass that hit him right in the hands. Thankfully they catch it late when we really need them. Just wait til we have an offseason.

  60. The most impressive part of this is when that switch goes off Tebow is unreal. 75% completion rate and almost 200 yards in one quarter. That is not luck. He has talent. Yes granted nowhere near Rodgers or Brady or hell even Romo.

    Elway needs to get off his condesending ass and truly mentor this kid.
    The one thing you can’t teach are intangibles. Tebow has got those in spades.

  61. And cue the “next week Tebow will lose to the Patriots anyway…” comments. With the Broncos defense and the Patriots defense, it should surprise no one if Denver wins yet again. Tebow is 7-1 as starter. He has nothing to apologize for.

  62. Never seen a luckier string of victories. Look at the QBs he faced.

    Miami – barely beat a winless team in one of Matt Moore’s first starts this year

    Oakland – Carson Palmer’s first start of the year

    Kansas City – Cassel gets hurt; insert Tyler Palko

    New York – Sanchez throws game losing pick; Tebow gets credit but its Denver’s D that wins it

    San Diego – perennial underachievers; Novak misses potential game winning FG

    Minnesota – rookie Ponder throws the game losing pick yet Tebow gets all the credit

    Chicago – no Cutler, no Forte – Hanie musters 10 points then barber inexplicably runs ob then fumbles in OT

    Like Tebow said in his presser after the game. His teammates make him look better than he is.

    Something tells me these kinds of nonsensical football miracles will end next week. Enjoy facing a real football team Tim.

  63. forget about manning Jay Cutler for MVP! without him the bears went from contenders to a complete joke. angelo and martz have to go. the bears have had no backup qb now for 2 years and martz refuses to run a offense based on the persnal he has. arrodan prick still thinks he is running the greatest show on turf.

  64. Bama fan. I got sooooo sick of Tebow in the SEC, but you have to love this kid! He and his team are finding a way to win. It really makes you want to watch.

  65. To everyone asking why Tebow doesn’t play like that in the first three quarters:

    He is only effective against prevent style defense.

    Granted, his receivers didn’t help him out early. Thomas in particular was going to be the Bears MVP for the day until Barber decided to be the Broncos MVP.

  66. The best part about the run Tebow is on is reading all the juvenile posts from the haters.
    Face it kiddies, the Broncos are likely going to win their division and Tebow has been a big part of that — no matter how much you whine about it.

  67. Let’s excuse the whole “he just wins” moniker for a moment here.

    After watching the last couple Tebow games, he’s actually made some strides to improve fundamentally as a QB. His accuracy and timing are much better than they were at the beginning of the season.

    I don’t care if they get blown out by New England. Tebow has shown me that he is going to continue to improve and may just be the franchise QB for the Broncos.

  68. So let me get this straight, the last few haters still left are clinging to the whole “you need to score more than 13 against New England!”?

    You are aware Denver put up 32 last week against a better defense than the Pats have, right?

  69. “the same pathetic, sour individuals that they have always been.”

    So you’re saying being incredibly judgmental with absolutely no evidence to back it up is a better way to live?

  70. If you don’t step on their throat (metaphorically), Tebow will lead the Broncos to beat you in the end.

    I can’t wait to see how the Patriots handle them.

  71. “You, well you’re on a message board, PRAYING for his failure.”

    Absolutely not. I’m just praying for objectivity, and am sad to say, my prayers to this point have gone unanswered.

  72. Hey whitecastleisafoodgroup!! We were picked to win only 2 games this year so the Broncos are overachievers I guess right? You haters make me smile every sunday afternoon when I start reading the Post after the game. Doesn’t matter if Denver wins the Super Bowl and beats Green Bay 63-0, you’ll always come up with why they shouldn’t have won or how somebody else gave them the game. My advise to you…Shut up and rout for a team that has some heart! Go Broncos!!

  73. Say what you want you need a little “Luck.” Ask GB they were a twisted Knee (Jay Cutler) and (Bad Pass) Mike Vick from not making the SB. If you watch MB he was actually pushed out of bounds by a Denver player before he could go down and the fumble was just good ball skills by the LB…after they lose next week to (NE) they have a legit shot at 10-6 and the playoffs, that is all that matters. Cutler could not do that.

  74. The Broncos have some kind of magic going on right now. Love it or hate it, the Broncos are winning games.


  75. Dec 11, 2011 7:36 PM
    I can’t believe Tebow gets blamed for this team stinking for 3 Qtrs… He has NO WIDE RECEIVERS!!!

    Can someone name a worse WR crew than the Broncos?? I saw him hit at least 5 guys in the hands in the 1st 3 Qtrs and they dropped them and killed the drives.


    Uh, hello! The Jags WR’s are waaaaaay worse.

  76. Thanks to Tebow from a Lions’ fan. I’ll also throw one in for the Falcons while I am at it.

    Thanks too for being so entertaining. Mile High is hosting the circus this year – that ain’t the football I have been watching my entire life.

    I bet some day we will all go watch a movie about Tebow and this year with the Broncos with our children.

  77. Its hard getter to watch Broncos games living in SC like I do, so i stream the games on my phone & listen to them! I had chalked this one up as a loss, knowing in my heart that the Bears could have took a few knees & slammed the door on Denver. I had all but turned my phone off! If anyone dont believe something divine is happening with the Broncos, i don’t know what you have to be thinking! Im only partially religious, but this is just amazing! You dont score 2 times in 2minutes(one score being a 59 yd fg) , miss an onside kick, force a turnover, kick a 2nd 50+ yd fg, and something heavenly not be going on! Especially when 31 other teams would have killed the clock never giving Denver those chances! Oh maybe only 30 teams would have killed the clock, ain’t sure about Dallas either…

  78. Not a Tebow hater but i gotta say i’m not that impressed. He does have a way of making the completions at the end of games but he also was less than impressive for over 3 quarters. I am however really impressed with the O-line. Ask why they didnt block like that for Orton? Thats easy, it’s easier to run block than pass block. Denver has a decent enough team but they wont get far once they play a team that is good and not ravaged by injuries.

  79. When is this Broncos D gonna get the credit it deserves?

    In Tebow’s press conference.

    Reckon you missed it.

  80. If I am the Chicago Cubs, I hire Tebow to sit on their bench all year !


    LOL of the night.

    Note to Bears: Call Favre.

  81. “Tim Tebow cannot beat good teams with good offenses. And he never will.”

    So sick of seeing sloppy opinions like these that are 99% hyperbole and emotion, and no basis in fact.

    Teams that are averaging less than 20pts per game: Cards, Bucs, Seahawks, Skins, Colts, Browns, Chiefs, Jags, Rams

    Out of that list, teams the Broncos have beaten: …Chiefs.

    …Ouch. There goes that argument.

  82. Who was calling the defense for the Bears when Tebow was going down the field for their only TD and field goal? You shut a guy down all game then play 20 yards off receivers to basically give them points and hope they chew up too much clock. Barber’s play defies explanation but the Bears defensive playcalling those last 2 drives was just an abomination to the game of football.

  83. Just like the WILDCAT, TEBOW’s methods will get smashed. He’s a horrible passer and that’s what wins rings, not a QB running the ball. Look at Michael Vick….

  84. Two observations on my part.

    One, Barber made some huge mistakes that clearly put his team in position to lose.

    And two, Elway was spitting into a cup during a shot of him late in the game. Not that it matters, but did anyone else see it?

  85. ilovefoolsball says:
    Dec 11, 2011 7:56 PM
    …I love seeing “experts” and atheists get pissed.

    and we love living a guilt-free life where we spend our Sundays enjoying nature, friends, family and football instead of singing hymns to an imaginary being in an ornate church that could feed thousands if sold. I’ll end now, leaving out mentioning the needless deaths of millions at the hand of your institution over the past 2000 years…oops!

  86. did u guys just see jacobs go out of bounds? thats the reason barber did too.. They all do it so they wont get hit. It was just force of habit and complete ignorance of what it takes to win.

  87. Don’t worry about the haters everyone. I used to come here and spending all my time defending Tebow, but now it’s just boring. Anyone who still doubts this kid is obviously not worth arguing with. I’ve come to accept that unless Tebow wins every game 41-38 with 400 yards and 4 TDs, these haters will not give him any credit.

    The sad part is that as soon as Tebow loses you are going to have 100 morons with their “I TOLD YOU SO” crap. Just remember these are the same morons that said Orton gave them the best chance to win a few months ago. lmao. How did that turn out?

  88. Everybody keeps saying the Bears just got “Tebowed”. The reality is that the Broncos just got “Lovied”.

    For those not in the know, you get “Lovied” when your offense does nothing for 55 minutes only to dominate for the last five minutes after the defense inexplicably switches to prevent.

  89. @orangecrush823

    You obviously did not watch the game. I don’t hate anyone. I just watched two very good defenses and two very bad offenses play.

    Way too much credit goes to Tebow every week. He did nothing to win the game. Your defense did as well as Prater. Tebow is the running joke of the league.

    People like you are the same that wait for a comet to streak by and hitch a ride to never-neverland.

    Have a nice trip dude.

  90. The opponents believe in TEbow’s comeback ability, too. That makes them tentative, and lose a little focus, while it has the opposite effect on the Broncos. That’s enought to make a difference in most games in the NFL.

  91. The NFL’s “experts” are having re-learn how to measure an NFL QB. He doesn’t throw like one, he doesn’t run like one, but he wins like one. In the NFL, that is the sole yardstick for success. Never seen anything like it. Just like Roger Staubach and Joe Cool used to do–if they’re down 10 with 2 minutes to go, Tebow has ’em just where he wants them.

  92. Reasons the Broncos are winning:

    (1) Defense — and most especially the linebacking corps — keeps them in games. Front line gets enough pressure to disrupt passing game, at least against a below-average offense. Running defense, not so much, but hey, one strip is worth a thousand words.

    (2) Tebow — as terrible as he is throwing the ball half the time, he makes things happen with his ability to escape the rush, throw on the run, and tough it out on the ground. Elway should recognize something of himself in Tebow, minus the arm.

    (3) Matt Prater — obviously the best kicker in the game right now.

    (Honorable Mention: McGahee.)

    NOT the reason Broncos won the game: The offensive line. I’ve seen several comments lauding them. Must have been watching a different game. Tebow is under constant pressure. It’s his ability to escape that keeps the Broncos alive. And against an above-average defensive front, the running game vanished.

    Reasons the Magical Mystery Tebow Tour will crash to earth, even though it was going to today, but it will sooner or later:

    (1) The Receivers: When the offensive line WAS giving Tebow time, either he couldn’t see anyone, or no one was open. I’m going with no one was open. The sacks were coverage sacks. No deep threat, no consistent possession receiver. And I haven’t even mentioned the dropped balls (though, to be fair, Tebow’s lefty dying quails must be a nightmare). Tight end? Do they even have a tight end?

    (2) The Coaches: Except in the fourth quarter, the Broncos offense plays two ways: run it down their throat or wildcat option nonsense. As already mentioned, against the Bears’ solid defense, both were a bust. But that doesn’t stop the coaching staff for trying again…and again…and again. What that does is set up third and long situations, the rush comes, the receivers and smothered, and, boom!, it’s 3-and-out.

    Believe it or not, Tebow could throw the ball, as he showed in the fourth quarter, if he’s given enough time and an open target or two. Now the coaches have to give him the luxury of an NFL option with some aggressive pass plays on first and second down. We’ll see if Tebow thrives or goes belly up. But if they don’t adjust, and quick, the charmed life is over anyway.

    (3) Injuries. If Dawkins doesn’t come back, the defense is in trouble. Von Miller is the star, but Dawkins is the lynchpin.

  93. melikefootball says:
    Dec 11, 2011 7:34 PM
    This was not Tebomania but Robbie Gould hitting two tremendous fieldgoals. Robbie is the hero here but all the press goes to Tebo. Yes he is blessed by flavor of the month

    Robbie Gould plays for the Bears and he only hit one field goal today. Prater had a great day with his foot but T2 led a game tying and game winning drive.

    It’s interesting that watching Tebow finding a way to win a game every week draws nothing but criticism. His team mates love him as do most Broncos fan. Whether he lasts another quarter or another 10 years, I will always have respect for what T2 has done with his opportunity to play pro ball, and with his life.

  94. Wow … How much $$$$ did Barber made today … 2 HUGE forgivable mistakes.
    The Bears never play cover 2 … the fix was in.
    It should be a good SB … Jesus vs Packers … who wins.

  95. Great job by Tebow forcing Barber out of bounds and then recovering that fumble. Those are his two best plays since blocking a FG and recovering an on-side kick down in Miami when he “single-handedly” beat them, like the single-handedly beat the Bears today. Go Tebow!

  96. A few more reasons the Broncos are winning:

    Mark Shancez
    Chiefs backup qb Tyler Palko in his first-ever NFL game
    Raiders backup qb Carson Palmer in his first game in a year
    Dolphins backup qb Matt Moore
    Vikings rookie backup qb Christian Ponder
    Bears backup Caleb Haine

    But, of course, its all because of Tebow…..

  97. It’s not just Tebow but his transformation in the latter part of games is unreal. He has the Broncos believing they will win…and now he has the other teams looking up at the scoreboard in the 4th qtr while they wait for the inconceivable to happen. “Tebowmania” seemed to be inside Barber’s head in the 4th qtr.

    The Broncos are an average team with an above average will to win and a knack for coming together as a team late in the game. They can run the ball and play very good defense. Those traits will come in handy in the playoffs when the conditions start getting nasty. Brady plays well in the cold but most QBs do not. Denver will hurt some feelings in the playoffs.

  98. If the Broncos somehow manage to defeat New England next week, there will be no doubts left that this is divine intervention. Absolutely unbelievable, week after week.

  99. The funny thing is that the Bears went away from what made them successful on D through the first three quarters. You can’t do that when you know your offense isn’t playing well. You have to keep doing what you do best and make the offense beat you.

    The Pats should light that Broncos’ D up next week. I’m very curious to see what Belichick dials up for Tebow.

  100. cuda1234 -gee thanks I am sure nobody else understands this is a team game but you have to be fool not to think Tebow makes a big difference on this team.

  101. Yay, keep winning Tebow so it forces the broncos and elway to all draft and build this team around you because you can’t go against the fans potential backlash and “winning”, just like a team drafting and building around the wildcat. Then when teams catch up, this team will be set back for years to come.

    Each win just forces Denver’s hand against their will.

  102. Here is a partial list of Headlines that would have been more appropriate to describe this game:

    -Prater Kicks Broncos To Victory

    -Broncos Defense Stifles Bears In Win

    -Barber’s Gaffe, Fumble, Sink Bears

    -Marinelli Takes Foot Off of Gas, Tebow Takes Advantage

  103. Cuda1234

    … And jets on an insanely short week
    vikings wihtout adrian peterson as well
    Bears first game also without forte. Hence barber in for all the blunders.

    Broncos playing all these teams without their starting QBs and or RB stars, in many cases BOTH!

  104. Laws I was on the edge of my chair las quater. Tim is a god-fearing man, bless him, St. Jude, and evabody else at the vatican city. Laws he win a game. Got big mussles too.

  105. Stories like this make the NFL the greatest sport of all time, the NFL has got to love Tebow, he is a winner. He also brings a great amount of interest to the NFL.

  106. Tebow, at his heart, is a good kid. Tebow as a football player? I’m sorry being a crummy quarterback for 55 minutes of a game and a good one the last 5 minutes doesn’t make you a great quarterback. As for him and his receivers, understand that the biggest reason that he isn’t completing passes, besides the fact that his throwing motion is horrible, is the fact that during the offseason he was more concerned with pushing his autobiography, playing celebrity golf, and pushing his ministries then he was participating with the player organized activities his teammates put together. That’s why he lost the QB battle to Orton in the preseason. He didn’t have the timing down with his players. They haven’t won these games because of Teebow. They’ve won them despite him. You want the savior of Denver? Von Freaking Miller.

  107. cuda1234 says:
    Dec 11, 2011 9:10 PM
    A few more reasons the Broncos are winning:

    Mark Shancez
    Chiefs backup qb Tyler Palko in his first-ever NFL game
    Raiders backup qb Carson Palmer in his first game in a year
    Dolphins backup qb Matt Moore
    Vikings rookie backup qb Christian Ponder
    Bears backup Caleb Haine

    But, of course, its all because of Tebow…..


    Tebow started the year as a backup too….soooooooo….

    Just sayin.

  108. “Not a Tebow hater but i gotta say i’m not that impressed.”

    Don’t you get it? This makes you a Tebow hater for life.

  109. 46defense says:
    Dec 11, 2011 8:02 PM
    Anyone who thinks Tebow is any good knows nothing about football ad the NFL. Even his bad stats are PADDED because he checked down 10+ times in that fourth quarter. The Bears got beat today by a good defense and great kicker (who looks like he owns a windowless van). Tim Tebow cannot beat good teams with good offenses. And he never will.

    This is coming from someone who screamed “NOOOOO” at the top of their lungs when Tebow was drafted and is still not sold him. If Plummer or Orton ever checked down, they would have turned the ball over much less often. Checking down is what great QB’s do. Much better than forcing it and creating turnovers, no?

  110. Tim Tebow is blessed. Marion Barber is cursed.

    I know it must be hard to find new ways of covering stories in week 14, but please try. This kind of facetiousness and deliberately casting religious overtones on things that can actually be explained on the football field is annoying.

    And for a few of the commentators who are saying Prater, McGahee & defense don’t get enough credit: I think at this point the whole “Tebowmania” reference is completely tongue-in-cheek. The term seems like a backhanded way to acknowledge the Broncos wins while ridiculing the attention the QB is getting.

  111. All I can say is wow… Tebow is amazing. He was off early and his receivers kept dropping balls but they played as a team from the 4th quater on. There’s no doubt they believe they can win if the game is close and it’s fun to watch. Tebow is a leader and you can’t take that away from him. 7-1, period.


  112. did people actually watch the game?

    Did Prater kick a field goal after barbers fumble? or when he didnt start out of bounds?

    No Tebow had to take the snap, throw the ball, and in the end LEAD the drives to setup the FG.

    Dont like it? to bad thats the way it is, even for Aron Rodgers…

    Lets not mention the drops in the first half totalling 8, yes nfl channel counted em.

    Nor the block FG early…Nor the Drop TD pass…Nor the Dropped INT that would have been a TD.

    You put those 3 plays together and Broncos would be up 17-0 before the bears scored.

    D gets all the credit when tebow talks. When Fox talks. No one on that team is saying, its ALL Tebow.

    And you people that keep calling him a lousy gimmick QB, i know that has to irk you the most

    It irks you that this Tebow QB, was 3rd-4th string at the start of the year. Took over a team that was 1-4 and is now 8-5.

    They have meidocre WR’s, o-line, qb etc…But in the end they click.

    There are about 20 other teams, bears included, that wish their backup, their 3rd stringer could go 8-1, could run and bowl over LB’s, can make a gimmick offense work week in and out.

    I love hearing you whine, i love it, because its like rubbing salt in your wounds, oh i love it. Keep writing more…

  113. Tebow also used his magical powers to cause the Fumble in OT AND he was the one that was really kicking the Game-tieing and game-winning FGs.

    I wonder if they have a spot in the Hall Of Fame already marked for him.

  114. This guy is Vince Young 2.0

    In 3 years we’ll will look at him, and laugh and say “How did anyone every think he was good enough to put on a Madden ’14 cover”?

  115. Here is one skeptic that still doesn’t believe! A real QB stays in the pocket and delivers Tebow has happy feet and needs to learn progressions. He is just to willing to run and that will get him hurt then where will they be?? GO PACKERS!!

  116. I live in MN and only cheer for the Vikings and Viking players. No fantasy football, couldn’t care less about any other players. My whole life I’ve been like that. Except I’m starting to like Tebow.

  117. If Tebow had the kind of WR’s that others teams had this game would have been won much earlier. I am a DIE HARD Broncos fan, and have been my whole life. I have never seen so many dropped passes before. One of them to DT for a Touchdown. All I’m saying is, yes this TEAM is playing better. But Tebow is improving his passing every week. Sky is the limit for him and this team. Build around him, we don’t need another QB. Justin Blackmon anyone?
    As much as I say that now. I know we need DB help and DT help too. But still we can BUILD around Tim Tebow.
    Go Broncos!!
    For all the non-believers! Especially you Merril Hodge!

  118. Side Bar- As a Broncos fan out here in JH Wyoming- does anyone know if it has been set yet when the #4 seed (as of now the Denver Broncos 2011 AFC West Division Champions!) will play week #1 of the playoffs? Saturday January 7th or Sunday January 8th?

    Have to juggle some schedules, but you bet your hind parts I will be there!

  119. Amazing, this guy must be something else to be around. Must have endorsements like crazy. I know i like watching him maybe more so because of his struggles…always seems to overcome or die trying.

  120. “No Tebow had to take the snap, throw the ball, and in the end LEAD the drives to setup the FG.”

    You forget to mention they were 59- and 51-yarders. If you’re hanging your hat on these scoring drives as a success, then I’d like to be the first to welcome you to the game of football.

  121. comeonnowguys…

    So i guess any win that happens with long field goals were of undeserving teams…

    Please your grasping at straws.

    The 59 yarder was that long because time ran out…

    51 is almost the norm for any game in the nfl nowadays, when a drive faulters. I rather have a FG kicker that can hit from 60 out than a team who doesnt trust their kicker…i bet Dallas wish they had what this Denver team has…LOL

    Its truely pathetic how you dismiss it.

    Am i saying tebow kicked the field goal? nope, but he got the snap, dropped back, delivered on the spot throws and got them down the field..

    So unless your gonna rip on Aron Rodgers and company needing the exact same ‘field’ goal drive to win, or ANY TEAM including SB teams, then your words are work the snake oil your sniffing…

    Your the worst kind of nfl fan

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