Chiefs fire Todd Haley


We have our second head coach removal of the 2011 regular season.

The Chiefs announced that Todd Haley has been fired by the team.

Haley’s removal isn’t a huge shock, although the timing of the move is a surprise. The Chiefs are 5-8, but they had been playing hard in recent weeks until Sunday’s blowout loss against the Jets.

(Apparently a bean bag game and a beard can only do so much.)

There was talk that Haley almost lost his job after last season, and that was when the Chiefs nabbed a surprising playoff spot.  Kansas City went 19-27 in Haley’s three seasons, including the playoff loss to the Ravens.

“Todd helped this team in many valuable ways over the past three seasons, and I am thankful for his contributions,” Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to establish the kind of consistency we need to continue to build a strong foundation for the future and we believe a change is important at this time.”

Haley was Pioli’s choice as head coach, but the friction between them was the NFL’s worst kept secret. The two men seemed to diverge on how a team should be run.  It makes you wonder if something happened Sunday night to speed up this decision.

Let the Josh McDaniels speculation begin.

119 responses to “Chiefs fire Todd Haley

  1. This is terrible news-if you are a Packer fan.

    The Packers are coming to town and a team that was just “going thru the motions” MIGHT actually have gotten a wake up call. Then again–maybe not.

  2. Really?

    I know he has not been the best HC but in a season where your most explosive offensive weapon has been out all year?

  3. The NFL is a joke right now, you look at winning coaches, they have been in place for years, with players coming up through the system. Eagles fan here so i know what having to much talent and no chemistry is all about….how do teams expect to win when they are firing coaches and changing systems faster than haynesworth can down a Twinkie

  4. It is a about time. This guy was a terrible coach and seemed unstable. Who wants a coach named Todd anyhow?

  5. The only sense it makes to fire a coach with 2-3 three games left is to get an early jump on the head coaching search. I mean, the head coach you might want isn’t going anywhere. Cowher, Gruden, or any out of work head coach is available, but they would be just as available on Black Monday (this is the day after the last Sunday in the regular season where coaches on the hot seat get fired, not to be confused with Black Friday where people spend money they don’t have for supposed deals).

    The thing is, if they are looking at an up and coming offensive or defensive coordinator then they would have to wait until the end of the season anyway. The move isn’t a surprize, but it could have waited. With Tyler Palko as your QB it is hard to see an interim coach doing any better.

  6. Well color me surprised. As a Broncos fan I was hoping he would stay just mediocre enough to be kept around. Say what you want about McDaniels, at least he was courteous enough to just plain suck.

    I still have hope for Norv Turner sticking around though!

  7. So I assume they will be firing Pioli today as well? He and Clark Hunt thave this team about 30 million under the cap and they expect a coach to make Chicken Salad?

    I like Haley, I don’t like his BS approach but I like him as a coach. That said, how do you stick with Palko when he clearly can’t do anything? Don’t clean house but add the needed pieces; mainly a QB. They have a good young D, and playmakers on offense, except for a QB.

  8. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for the certain digs Haley threw back after being told this.
    No personality to be a head coach…great coordinator though and someone will have him on their staff next year.
    He gets to play all the golf he wants in San Diego…wouldn’t be a shocking fit.

  9. I think Romeo Crennel should be considered not just for the interim job, but the full time job. I hate the conventional wisdom that just because a head coach is not successful at one stop, it means he can never be. It seems to me like a coach can learn a ton of lessons from a failed previous experience and would be extra-hungry to succeed.

  10. How is the timing a surprise on any level? Haley is like a cancer within that team and now the Chiefs have a head start on other teams that will be looking for a head coach. Their off-season has already begun, good move……

  11. When he got hired and I said he was nothing but a product of having Fitz and Warner, most of you said I was wrong.

    Told you so.

  12. Thinkin back to the season that Pioli and Haley both came on and I seem to remeber thinking to myself that Haley couldn’t have been Pioli’s first, second or even third choice.

    I knew he was gone sooner than later.

    The question now becomes if the Chiefs can attract a better coaching candidate this time around, I am not sure that they can.

  13. Parcells/Belichick coaching tree.


    When will owners realize those two are such control freaks, that they dont let their assistants coach?

  14. They fired him after losing so many important players. That shows exactly how much they wanted to get rid of this POS. Under normal circumstances, it goes without saying that this season is wiped off the tape and you get a do-over. All 53 guys could have suffered season-ending injuries and they still would have fired this guy.

  15. Great and I just sold my tickets to a Packers fan…this won’t affect the outcome of the game anyway.
    Bring on Jeff Fischer!

  16. I’m 43 years old and never seen the Chiefs win a SB…….I have a 18 son who has never seen them win a playoff game!

    That is RIDICULOUS.

  17. The other thing I said 3 years ago was that Pioli is overrated, and will lose his job on demerit sooner rather than later.

    tick tick tick.

  18. Yep, McDaniels is gonna be the guy, like it or not. He’s young and Pioli acquired Orton with this in mind. McDaniels will have his 2 guys on the same team. Honestly McDaniels was a failure in Denver, mainly because I believe he wore too many hats. He might be decent as just the HC/OC and can focus on that stuff. Home Romeo stays as DC though.

  19. What’s the point now? They could have let him finish the year. Even if the interim coach wins out, 8-8 is no different than 5-11 because neither one will get you in the playoffs this year.

  20. Let me quickly translate Mr. Pioli’s remarks for everyone:

    “I needed to do this immediately to focus the attention on his coaching deficiencies and away from my inability to provide any depth to the roster to protect against injury.”

    “Please pay no attention to the fact that I thought Tyler Palko was an adequate NFL backup QB.”

  21. The loss of his top running back, top safety, starting QB and numerous others just wasnt enough to let the man finish the year at least. What possible difference could firing him now make. They won last week in Chicago. Cmon!!!

  22. Pioli should be shown the door as well for not trying to sign a capable backup for Cassel. They were limping along but still competitive when they lost Charles. Once Cassel went down, so did the offense’s ability to move the ball.

  23. Tough call! Emotional coach, loved his players! Lost most of his BEST players, you would see the same results with anyone as the head coach! Good luck, Todd.

  24. AFC West has to be the worst group of head coaches in the league….

    Fox – average at best but the top guy here

    Turner – how many teams does he have to NOT win with before people move on

    Haley(former) – self explanatory

    Raiders Coach – whats his name again?? lol

  25. Well at least Haley won’t have to take the rap after the Packers are done with them next Sunday. If I was a Chiefs ticket holder, I’d sell my tickets to Packers fans.

  26. Haley is probably best suited for OC anyway, seemed like he buckled under the pressure and lost his temper too much. Not good for a HC to act that way

  27. Not sure what the hurry was. Pioli and Hunt must have just been furious about that pounding in New York yesterday.

  28. Josh McDaniels should get a serious look, He is a talented coach that wasn’t given enough time in Denver.

    You can’t blame Josh for the problems in St. Louis, Sam Bradford has basically missed the entire season.

    Chiefs would be fools not to seriously consider hiring him.

  29. I’ve put up with a lot being a Chiefs fan my entire life but hiring McDaniels ….. man…that may just be too much to take

  30. clintonportisheadd says:Dec 12, 2011 11:32 AM

    This is terrible news-if you are a Packer fan.


    Terrible news to a Packer fan would be something to the effect of:

    “Aaron Rodgers lost for the season.”

    Granted, I would rather the Packers faced the team with Haley instead of whoever is at the helm this weekend, but something tells me that whoever now will be calling the plays on 6 days notice won’t have the answers to right the ship there either.

    I’m quite confident that Clay Matthews isn’t real concerned about Tyler Palko…in fact, it’s almost certainly the other way around.

  31. Tough to pin the blame on a guy who lost his best QB, RB, TE, and SS to injury. Yes injuries happen to every team, but I think the Chiefs got hit pretty bad. When you look at the personnel here on offense, I’d blame Piolo more than Haley. With that being said, Haley has some serious attitude issues, and it became increasingly apparent that he was insecure about a lot of things given his non-football background.

  32. Pioli set him up to fail, and it worked. Haley was almost fired this past offseason. Had Cassell not thrown an interception the first game against San Diego when in field goal range to win the game, and has Palko been able to win the game against the Steelers Todd Haley would be a shoe in for Coach of the year.

  33. I think he lost the job when he fired Charlie Weiss and the team totally tanked at the end of last year, under his playcalling.

    The injuries this year didn’t help his cause, but that was a boneheaded, arrogant move that clearly didn’t sit well with upper management.

  34. When will owners realize those two are such control freaks, that they dont let their assistants coach?

    Belichick was a long time assistant under control freak Parcells who managed to learn a little bit about coaching in his own right, dontcha think?

  35. I wish they would have kept him long enough for the rematch with the Raiders.

    I wanted to see his face when the Raiders pile it on in revenge for what he did earlier this year.

  36. I will lose all respect for Pioli if he actually targets Josh McDaniels. Would be the single worst move in a long time for any team, or at least since Bowlen hired him the first time.

  37. As a Chiefs fan, I pray that we don’t go after Josh McDaniels! Their are so many other good potential HC’s out there and we need someone that is not just going to fill the space, but be there for the long term. As far as the firing of Todd Haley, I think that it is complete BS! He hasn’t even been here for 3 years and look at the team that he inherited! Not to mention that we did go 10-6 last year AND we lost our starting QB, RB, TE and Pro Bowl Saftey! Come on Chiefs! Go out and get a Jeff Fisher or something!

  38. Because the Chiefs are so awash in talent that they were clearly underperforming with Haley? I don’t think so.

  39. Good. The next time I saw him cry about the score being ran up on “him” I would…. hell I don’t know what I would have done . I know I would have wished the fleas of a thousand camels rest in his crotch…or something like that

  40. It won’t be Cower, he wants Jacksonville or Miami and he wouldn’t co exist with Squat Pionme. (I love Piloi btw)

    Lets just get Andy Reid after he gets fired by those tards in Philly

    and THEN lets bring in NORV to run the offense with Andy….

    i know FAT chance

  41. well not surprised , although I loved having Josh McDaniels, and Haley in our division. I mean they learned everything from coach billsadick from NE. I mean what they learned is as long as you have a guy named Tom Brady odds are you are going to win, and with out him you are bound to lose….Billsadick history shows that.

  42. It all started when he babied his professionals during training camp and the last pre-season game along with his careless penalty and the swaring on national tv yesterday. You could tell by the look on his face that he knew he was done.

  43. It won’t be Fisher or Cowher, they require big time dollars.

    And we all know the Chiefs are as cheap as they come.

  44. Hope the Cardinals sign Haley as OC. He was the best offensive coordinator they’ve had.

    For the record, Haley was not the product of Warner/Fitz, as Warner had a four/five-year stretch of stinking it up (NYG, AZ) before hitting his stride again. Instead, it was Haley who created the mismatches that allowed Warner/Fitz to flourish.

  45. Why all the talk about McDaniels?

    How’d he do in Denver?

    How’s he doing in St. Louis?

    Any owner/gm/fan/player that would want him as their head coach needs to check into the nearest mental hospital asap.

    McDaniels is to coaches as Albert Haynesworth is to players. Worthless.

  46. Why now? It’s purely a strategic public relations move…and a pretty good one.

    The Jets game was the 5th blowout loss for the Chiefs this year. This season is clearly over. The Chiefs don’t want the fanbase going into the offseason with no hope as that will effect ticket sales for next season. They now have a free pass for the next 3 games. Follow that up with a whiz bang coaching hire and watch the tickets for the 2012 season fly out the door.

    The 2012 Chiefs…young, hungry, lots of reasons for optimism…just like last year. They don’t even have to change ad campaigns.

  47. I was neutral of Todd Haley until this season. Injuries aside this team was not ready to start the season. This team hasn’t been prepared to play on too many Sundays. Todd Haley’s has ran two OC’s, and stripped play calling duties from his third, and diminished the duties of QB Coach Jim Zorn from the game plan. Say what you want about Cassel & Palko in their QB ability. I wonder how much of their performance is tied to the coaching staff not agreeing on anything. I’ve seen both QB’s yelling at the sideline for a play while the play clock ticks down. Both QB’s have yelled at the coaching staff in the middle of a game. Then there’s the temper-tantrums Haley threw with McHoodie and Harbaugh in post game hand shakes.

    And that’s the public stuff. No telling what kind of dysfunction was going on behind closed doors.

    Good riddence. I’m already excited for next season.

  48. If Pioli couldn’t get along with Haley, he DEFINITELY isn’t getting along with Gruden or Cowher…when are folks gonna realize that these New England folks like Pioli, Mangini, McDaniels, etc. (i don’t count Crennel and Weis b/c they’re PARCELLS assistants) do NOT look out for anybody but themselves? McDaniels was a disaster as Denver head coach and got busted for another Spygate scandal over there. Mangini was a mess in Cleveland and with the Jets after his first year. Pioli is going to end up putting KC in the same position the Lord of No Rings put San Diego in–a no win one

  49. Not a Pats fan, but this kind of show you how good Bill Belichick is. None of his cloned coordinators could make it as head coaches, wear the hoodie like him.

  50. He couldn’t control the injuries this season, but he screwed up plenty of stuff he could control. Charlie Weis was doing good things for them but Haley forced him out the door…and their offense was never the same.

    And what was he thinking this preseason when he refused to play his starters? They looked flat to start the season and lost their first two games by a combined score of 89-10. And the ultimate irony is they STILL ended up being decimated by injuries. Nice guys might finish last, but Haley is proof that total jerks don’t necessarily do any better.

  51. Why doesn’t the Chiefs Owner fire himself. Really 20 years of this crap. It is getting old. If Josh Mcdaniels shows his face around here I will give up my season tickets for good and turn to Tebow for help with my depression that this franchise has put me through for three decades!!!!!!!! Bring on Jeff Fisher or Chucky!!!!

  52. I hear the Denver Fighting Tebows are accepting fan applications….no application fee for a limited time….

  53. Raheem Morris is next. I think the future of the Bucs has to look the bleakest of any team right now in the NFL. Especially with the Glaziers as owners still. They will probably fire Raheem and hire a local high school teacher to save even more money than they did by bringing in a position coach who has never been a coordinator or head coach. Hate it for Raheem. Great guy, but when your team owners are turds, it doesn’t make for a winning team.

  54. One thing they are not reporting is that Weiss gave up on Cassell and that created riffs. Cassell sucks.

  55. Got to give the steelers and their fans credit for not giving up on Bill Cower after only 3 years. It took him 13 seasons to finally win. Props to pittsburg for staying on coarse.

  56. Magic 8 ball says that McDaniels comes in and trades matt Cassell, trades Dwayne Bowe, proclaims Kyle Orton his starting quarterback who throws for 3000 yards to Steve Breaston. He’ll go 6-0 next year, limp into the offseason at 8-8, draft Robert Griffin III and get fired before he even hits the field. Wait, didnt that scenario already happen?

  57. tjjohnson98: The least of your worries should be Kirk Ferentz – he recently signed an extension with my Hawkeyes that’ll lock him up for life, or something short of it. Besides, I will agree he is one coach that doesn’t belong in the NFL – he’s just fine with Iowa and will be that way for a long, long time. As for The Jaw, forget about it. He’ll want the big $ and power which I’m quite sure Hunt will not give him.

    I, for some reason, believe Romeo Crennel scored the interim tag and quite honestly should rate as nomination for Chiefs head coach.

  58. did someone say destroy the franchise? Uh, I don’t care who they hire (and no i don’t want Mcdonkey) but NOONE can do a worse job at destroying my beloved Chiefs, as Germ Edwards did. That guy is a nice guy but a freaking disgrace as a HC

  59. Big surprise. Haley had zero people skills, and, unless he was the second-coming of Bill Walsh (which he wasn’t, it’s safe to say), it was just a matter of time before he was given the boot.

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