Dolphins not convinced Bill Cowher will stay off sideline


The Dolphins are sending mixed messages.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said Monday he’s looking for the next “young Don Shula.” He’s also retaining his G.M. Jeff Ireland and said Ireland will help pick the next coach.

That indicates the Dolphins are more likely to go after a younger coach not seeking personnel power.

Privately, Ross seems to be sending a different message. An “associate of Ross” told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that Ross will go after star coaches, starting with Bill Cowher.

“Though Bill Cowher said Oct. 30 on CBS that he does not plan to coach next season, the Dolphins are not convinced that he’s adamant about that and are expected to contact him once the job is open,” Jackson writes.

If Cowher turns the team down, Jackson says the team will target Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick.  Andy Reid would be another possibility if he was fired by the Eagles.

In short, having a “big name” seems to be the primary requirement for the job, no matter what Ross said in his press conference Monday.

We’re a little confused how Ireland fits in all this. Cowher will want personnel control or he’ll want to bring his own guys in. Gruden would probably want the same.

Keeping Ireland seems to eliminate some of the big names, especially Cowher. Perhaps Ross doesn’t understand that or maybe he’s just clumsily going about all of this.

It’s happened before.

54 responses to “Dolphins not convinced Bill Cowher will stay off sideline

  1. Before the Phins start fellating Cowher, you need to ask, will the “chin” get to bring PIT GM Kevin Colbert and D-Coordinator Dick Lebeau with him to MIA?

    Because that’s the reason Cowher won a SB in PIT!

  2. So let’s get this straight: Miami’s first seven games they go 0-7 but don’t fire the coach. Their next six games they go 4-2 but do fire the coach. And you think the owner may be handling things clumsily? What was the tip off?

  3. huge mistake to go after cowher, or gruden or any other washed up coach. All you ahve to do is look at the redskins. They should fire Ireland and get a new GM and let them go out and find the HC

  4. People need to stop taking Ross’ quote out of context. First off, he’s one of those guys who tries to be funny, but he’s a total stiff and is simply not funny, so a joke comes off as awkward.

    If you listen to the way he said he wants or is looking for a young Don Shula, he’s joking in a sense and it seems like more of a desperate attempt to ingratiate himself with the fan base……….kinda like “I’m really one of you” and I know if I say the name Don Shula, you might despise me a little less.

    Any way, you slice it, he’s a schmuck, but I really don’t think he was being literal.

  5. The Dolphin management is completely screwed up. This is the best thing for Sporano, now maybe he’ll get with a team that has some sort of sanity running it, and not the clowns that are running Miami

  6. Incompetent owners lead to losing franchises. Sparano will be glad he’s out of there when Ross mishandles the next coaching situation, and the next one after that.

  7. If Ross plans on talking to any of the “big name” coaches, he’s going to find out quickly that Ireland is a major liability.

    Honestly, I see that as one of the benefits of Sparano getting fired today and them starting the search immediately. Ross will know long before the season is over that Ireland has to go.

  8. Ross is sticking with Ireland… until someone better comes along.

    Seems pretty clear.

    Guys like Cowher and Gruden have other options. They don’t need to work for a sleezeball like this guy.

  9. Don’t believe a word from the press conference. I still feel it’s very likely that Ross will hire Carl Peterson. Peterson has ties with Cowher dating back to 1989. Not saying he’s going to be the Fins next coach, but it’s not that far fetched.

  10. Cowher and Gruden have both behind the scene been offer big money by many from….all levels to return back to coaching. They made thier $$$$ got thier SB rings and are paid enough without the stess to comentate. I doubt either will coach again might be wrong might be right. Both have been out of coaching long enough that if a break was all they needed….they would be coaching. They certainlly do not have any Urban Meyer complexes. Thier names come up since most other choices dont carry thier weight….and teams are keeping hope alive. Just my take on things.

  11. Ireland is as much to blame for the Dolphins woes that Sparano was fired for. That’s like only cutting off one toe when your whole foot gets frostbite.

  12. Bill Parcells freakin hosed Dallas and then for some reason we got all googly eyed over him and he came down and hosed the Phins too. The way media people gush over Parcells is so ridiculous….he is a total failure in management….TOTAL FAILURE

  13. Dolphis fan here:

    So Ross in the last year or so has said the following, (and I’m paraphrasing here)…something of the sort of we want to bring back the old “Dan Marino days…” “We want to bring in an Young Don Shula” Ok…well those two guys are not walking through that door you old bag of bones. Maybe we need to get a new owner? Maybe we need to bring back Joe Robbie eh Ross? You nimwit.

    I live in KC and there isnt a whole lot of love for Carl Peterson around here. I’m impartial. I can only hope him and Ireland find the right guy to lead this team on the sidelines and on the field.

    Go Phins

  14. I would love to see Brian Billick get another chance to be a head coach, but let me give all you Phin Phans something very interesting to consider.

    In the history of the NFL there has NEVER been a coach that won a SB and then took another team to the SB and won. The only coaches that have been repeat SB coaches have been Parcells (the Pats lost to the Packers) and Holmgren (the Seahawks lost to the Squealers.) Considering that there have been 45 SB’s and therefore 90 SB coaches, that is a pretty lousy record and a interesting significant statistic.

    For those that want to be really picky, Weeb Ewbank won the NFL Championships of 58 and 59 with the Colts and then coached the Jets to a win in SB #3, but technically his first championships were not Superbowl wins.

  15. I’ve said it before. Colts take Luck and here comes the Chin. Why would he go to the Phins(the best 4-8 team ever LOL) over the colts with a potential new franchise QB? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, with the caveat of wanting total control. But would he want total control of a rebuilding team, or pseudo control over a team with a new franchise qb in place?

  16. earthtopft says:Dec 12, 2011 9:00 PM

    Steve will lead a contingent of Dolphin execs to Cowher before Bill in N. Carolina

    Get a life dude….since when does a simple opinion based on fact require such a lame response and yours is basless running of the fingers….look up lame in the dictionary….it says see earthtopft. Bets you dont eat your words when both Cowher and Gruden keep thier present jobs and continue to say no…because you will be to busy choking on them.

  17. Are you kidding? It’s telling that Parcells bolted from the Dolphins soon after Ross bought the team and gained control. Given this, Ross is contaminated and neither Cowher nor Gruden will becoming the next Dolphins HC.

  18. As a Dolphins fan I have no idea why Ross would want to keep Ireland. He is about as conservative as Sparano and Ross wants a high octane offense. Your never going to get that with Ireland who drafts nothing but offensive and defensive linemen. Any established coach will not want to coach under an arrogant, know it all GM like Ireland. I’m very curious and skeptical on who the Dolphins will be able to lure in even with the big money with Ireland still in office.

  19. He is going to hire Mangini as the next HC. Ross said Carl wasn’t going to have anything to do with his football team, and now Carl is VP. Ross said Mangini was just an advisor as well. Its going to be Mangini.

  20. Why else would he fire Sparano if he didn’t want to go after a big name coach immediately? He fired Sparano so he could give Bowles an interview after the season to satisfy the Rooney rule. No other reason. An interim head coach isn’t going to refuse an interview.

  21. waldoampere says:
    Dec 12, 2011 7:26 PM
    So let’s get this straight: Miami’s first seven games they go 0-7 but don’t fire the coach. Their next six games they go 4-2 but do fire the coach. And you think the owner may be handling things clumsily? What was the tip off?


    That is because Sparano screwed up the suck for luck plan.

  22. Ross wants “the next young Don Shula.”

    That’s ironic.

    I want the “next young Joe Robbie” to be the freakin’ OWNER.

  23. “ppdoc13 says:

    The only coaches that have been repeat SB coaches have been Parcells (the Pats lost to the Packers) and Holmgren (the Seahawks lost to the Squealers.)”

    Don Shula took the Baltimore Colts and Dolphins both the Super Bowl (only won with Miami, but did it).

    You could also make a strong argument that Gruden took both the Raiders and Bucs to the Super Bowl…in the same year…and basically played himself.

  24. Jeff Ireland does not deserve in any way to stick around as GM. He is just as much to blame as Sparano and that way overrated phony Parcells! Ireland has been a major bust as a GM! He absolutely has to be fired too! Stephen Ross is the most dumbfounded owner in the NFL if he does not get rid of Ireland! You think that season ticket sales were the lowest in team history this year, it’s gonna get even worse if Ross continues to be stupid!

  25. If Ross wants a “young Don Shula” why doesn’t he go after Mike Shula? He’s got the experience, and it would bring back at least some sort of history to the team. Plus he looks like his dad, Don Shula. Not saying he as good as his dad, not many are, of course.
    Ireland needs to go before any other decisions are made.

  26. I was one of the few that liked sparano but C’mon Ross don’t u know if u want a big name coach then Ireland has to go and has to go now in my opinion we should’ve kept sparano and fired Ireland!!! Sparano was like a poker player once the dealer hands out the cards u have to do your best with the hand dealt to u unfortunately sparano got dealt a bad hand by a bad dealer but thats just my opinion I wish for the best GO PHINS!!!!!

  27. Their defense was playing half way decent.

    @lostsok, you are correct, Gruden did take the Raiders/Bucs to the SB, but we must be mindful of the “era of the QB” started soon after – Brady-Rothlisberger-Brees-Manning and Gruden was NEVER able to develop or draft a QB, EVER.

  28. The Steelers have had 3 head coaches since 1969 and they have all been winners. Noll, Cowher and Tomlin were relative unknowns when they were picked and they had no head coaching experience. It seems therefore that it may be better to avoid the big name, big dollar coaches who will overshadow the players and select a lesser known person who desires to build a reputation.

    While Cowher was a good coach and won a Super Bowl, he did not build a winning team. He walked into a good situation and was able to keep it rolling. He deserves lots of credit for that. But can he make a winner out of a losing team? Has he lost the fire?

    Look around at the other big names that have fallen short and a big name seems to be an expensive risk.

  29. Let me say this to EVERYONE! I was one of the many vocal fans who pushed for Sula to retire and be replaced with that SNAKE IN THE GRASS Jimmy Johnson (I still hit the f%^&^*ing mute button when he’s on TV). I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT! I also ask the ownership NOT to make the SAME MISTAKE TWICE!

    I agree with the individual who pointed out other head coaches have won Super Bowls with one team but couldn’t with another. Lombardi lasted one season in Washington, but we give him a pass for health reasons. Johnson only won in Dallas because the Minnesota Pigeons gave him a slew of picks for a washed up Herschel Walker. If Barry Switzer could win with that team, I COULD HAVE COACHED IT AND WON!

    Parcells and Holmgren didn’t win with the Pats and Seahawks, respectively.

    Billick won in Baltimore, and Miami’s LONE WIN IN ’07 ran him out after the Ravens lost 8 straight!


    HIRE JEFF FISHER! If that’s not an option, pursue the hottest coordinator, Rex Ryan’s twin!

  30. I feel certain that when he said “Young Shula” he was directly referring to Cowher.

    Cowher has been compared to Shula for the better part of 20 years now – from the jaw, to the coaching style, to the longevity.

    I am not a Dolphin fan, but if I were I would giddy at the idea of having Cowher on the sidelines in Miami.

  31. Just because they have not fired Jeff Ireland yet does not mean he will be with the team next season. GMs – along with their scouting depts are rarely replaced near or at the end of a season because they have already put in a lot of work scouting for next year’s draft. If you let them go now, you will lose all of the prep work that has been done for the draft and the team will really be behind. Plus if Ireland catches on with another team, even as a consultant, he will be able to share all of the info the Dolphins had prepared for the draft, putting Miami at a serious competitive disadvantage. I think Ireland will be fired, but not until after the draft. Because he will be fired, he Ireland may have limited influence regarding the picks that are made in the upcoming draft, he and his dept’s scouting information that they have been collecting over the last year will be valuable and needed.

  32. I’ve said this before…and I’ll be brave enough to say it again.

    If you want some instant stability, motivation, and wins…Marty Schottenheimer. He has taken losing teams and made them winners almost everywhere he has went.

    The man has a .613 winning percentage. Higher than Brian Billick (.556), higher than Jeff Fisher (.542), higher than Jon Gruden (.540). The only name bandied about here that has one higher is Bill Cowher…and his is only .623.

    The coaches that followed him ran teams into the ground. Just thinking out loud here.

  33. @lostsok – I stand corrected. You are right. Shula did coach the 69 Colts. Funny that I forgot that considering I am from Baltimore and remember the game. Which is probably why I forgot the whole thing considering we lost to the most overrated QB in the history of the NFL in Joe Namath.

    But I still stand by the original premise. No coach has taken teams to SB’s with two different teams and won with both. Just a very interesting statistic to think about.

    That aside, I still think Billick would be a very good hire for the Dolfish. He likes having a GM and doesn’t demand complete control of the roster. He works well in an organization and goes to bat for his players 24/7 even if they throw him under the bus.

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