Eli reaching new heights as Cowboys collapse again


The best game of Eli Manning’s best season came Sunday night in his second home of Dallas. No quarterback has looked more consistently comfortable in JerryWorld.

Eli’s numbers this season indicate he’s a top-five quarterback, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story. His protection has failed. His receivers have dropped so many key passes.

Manning continues to rise to a level few of us ever expected him to reach, completing low percentage passes like few other NFL quarterbacks. Manning is trying throws most quarterbacks don’t attempt. And pulling them off in the fourth quarter.

This is the best Manning has ever played in his career and it’s not close. That includes New York’s Super Bowl run.

Sunday night’s 37-34 comeback win was a season-saver. The Giants trailed by 12 points when they got the ball back with under six minutes to go. The Cowboys are getting used to blowing leads like this. And Manning is getting used to authoring incredible comebacks.

Here’s what else we learned:

1. Tony Romo has been very streaky for a month. He’s terrific on one drive and he misses two straight throws on the next one. Romo had Miles Austin streaking wide open on a third-and-five play with just over two minutes left.

He knew Austin had one on one coverage. Austin beat his man easily. Romo missed him. Austin said he lost the ball in the lights. Hit that play, and the game is over.

2. Romo did a nice job setting up Dan Bailey for a game-tying field goal at the end of regulation. This game is hardly all on Romo. Giants all-world defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul blocked the attempt.

JPP makes game-changing plays on a weekly basis. He had two key sacks of Romo, a monster stuff of Felix Jones to help get the ball back in the final five minutes, and another big open field tackle of Jones. If there was a ballot for Defensive Player of the Year, Pierre-Paul would be in my top-five. He’s been doing this all year.

3. Romo wasn’t the only Cowboys star to make a bone-headed play in the final minutes. DeMarcus Ware was called for an offside penalty that wiped out a huge loss by the Giants.

4. Felix Jones had a big night. With DeMarco Murray likely out for the year, Jones will be a key to the rest of this Cowboys season.

5. Jason Garrett still needs help with his timeout work. He wasted valuable seconds when the Giants had the ball late, while the television cameras showed the entire Jones family screaming for a timeout. (Garrett then did take one.)

6. Between 1960-2010, the Cowboys lost two games when they were ahead by at least 12 points in the fourth quarter. This was the third time it’s happened this year.

Rob Ryan’s defense is largely to blame. They gave up chunk plays all game and got pushed around by a previously weak Giants running game.  New York had 510 yards of offense.

7. What a difference a comeback makes. The Giants were just about out of the playoff race if they lost. Now they are in first place and get the Cowboys in Week 17 in Metlife Stadium.

141 responses to “Eli reaching new heights as Cowboys collapse again

  1. I’m not sure there is another team that finds so many different ways to lose.

    Garrett’s lack of experience as a head coach is really hurting this team.

  2. In other news, JP Losman is planning on retiring after this season according to his twitter account.


    And Eli in the clutch again. Dude is elite.

  3. Ridiculous. Another great game for Eli and JPP. Comebacks like this make me happy to be a Giants fan.

    Now if only the rest of the defense could show up…

  4. Where’s Baldinger’s Pinky?
    Skins23? Where are you morons at?

    Where are all the Giant haters?

    It is clear who the best QB in the NFC East is.

    The Cowboys are done.

  5. The only reason I love to watch Dallas games is to see the miserable look on Jerry Jones face after they lose another games. It is a treasure to behold that. Jason Garrett is a horrible coach and deserves to get canned!

  6. Tony, this one’s for you, hit it boys:

    When you try your best, but you don’t succeed,
    When you get what you want, but not what you need,
    When you feel so tired, but you can’t hit Miles Austin wide open,
    Stuck in reverse

    And the tears come streaming down your face
    When you lose something you can’t replace
    When you just wanna win, but it goes to waste
    Could it be worse?

  7. Simple analysis: Cowboys are 12-9 under Garrett. They’ve blown a 4th quarter lead in 8 of 9 losses, losing by more than 4 only once

  8. Giants were Romoized and Ryanized!!

    Romo is good for three quarters and sucks in the forth, when it counts. My dearly departed grandma coulda completed that last pass to Austin. Heck, so could Tebow!! Speaking of which, can Dallas pick up Tebow to be the closer? Romo plays 3 quarters and Tebow finishes.

    Can the Cowboys stop anyone in the 4th quarter? What the heck?

  9. The game was definitely over when Dez did the salsa dance. But, then again, it wasn’t over. This is a sweet win for Giants fans.

  10. I rarely pull for Eli and the Giants…an exception being whenever they play Dallas. Little in the world of sports feels better than seeing dismay and disappointment on the face of arch tool Jerry Jones.

    This year there is an added bonus in seeing the Dallas defense blow 4th quarter leads…that’s the look on the face of the morbidly obese Rob ‘Defensive Genius’ Ryan.

  11. Eli is a very good to great QB, he doesnt put up gaudy statistics a la Brees, Rodgers or his bro but he is clutch clutch clutch.

  12. You’re kidding me, right? Tony Romo went 21-for-31, 321 yards, 4 TDs, 0 turnovers, threw 2 4th-quarter TDs, give his team a 12-point lead with six minutes left, and then drove 51 yards down the field with 46 seconds left and no timeouts to get his team into field goal position. Yet because Miles Austin lost the ball in the lights, Romo was making boneheaded plays? Really?

  13. Chalk up another loss for the Garrett-Ryan comedy duo. I’m sure there will be many more to come until Jones wakes up and cleans house on this brain-dead coaching staff.

  14. This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Talk about a meltdown. Cowgirls Ice their own kicker last week and they lose and now the Giants ice their kicker and they still lose. Two misses after two makes…… Too Funny. I’ll be laughing about this one all week. Giants win the division.

  15. Does Jerry have communication down to the sidelines during the game? I’m thinking he must have, it seems like something he’d have set up.

  16. Gregg, you are an idiot. Romo put the team in position to TIE. The giants made a play. This loss is on the d and Rob Ryan. Anyone who tries to spin this differently is blinded by their anti-cowboy bias. Try being objective sometime..

  17. LOL calling me out? I’m right here. Congrats, the Giants are 7-6 and might win the NFC East at 9-7. I’m blown away!!

    Please, Giants defense is awful. They’ll get shredded if they even make it to the playoffs. And they can thank their LUCKY stars that Ware was offsides on that play AND that Romo missed a wide open sure TD at the end AND that BS icing worked.

    Congrats, you beat the Cowboys who do nothing but choke games away. Super Bowl bound!!!

  18. Anyone who buys season tickets or goes and pays the outrageous prices at a Cowboys game is a freakin idiot as long as Jerry Jones and Rob Ryan are involved in the Cowboys organization

  19. As a Giants fan, this game made me sick! Yet again, on 3rd down the defense is on the field but nowhere to be found.. If it werent for our ELIte QB, this season wouldve been over a long time ago.

    Thank you Eli for letting me get some sleep tonight!!!!

  20. mikehockhurtz says:
    Dec 12, 2011 12:40 AM
    Somebody please put a for sale sign in front of Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and especially…

    Rob Ryans house….

    Please go to Philly Rob like your loser dad


    Are you sure? Buddy was 8-2 against Dallas. Nice attempt at humor though.

  21. In other news… Rob Ryan is reaching new lows as he desperately tried to get off the bench after polishing off 23 Chilli Dogs with extra cheese during the 4th quarter. When reporters asked why his defense played so soft in the 4th quarter…Ryan quickly stated that his defense lacked the energy necessary for a 60 minute game and was disappointed that a pre-game meal of hotdogs that he paid for, was left for him to eat later that day.

  22. JPP had some HUGE plays that saved the games for the giants. with that being said he blew at least 4-5 tackles in this game that gave the cowboys momentum and was even pulled at one point (mb for being tired but i never even heard of the sub so im going with pulled for bad play on that drive), but promptly returned. he is a freak but hes not an elite d-end yet. but he can and should be by next season. hes a freak and makes big plays but to be up there with the best he has to play to his potential.

  23. Exactly how many times did Rob Ryan need to call an all-out blitz before he realized it WASN’T WORKING? How many big pass plays and 3rd-down conversions did he need to get burned on before realizing that he needed to STOP BLITZING?

    Apparently, at least a few more times than the game allowed, because he DIDN’T LEARN.

    Every time he called a blitz in the 4th quarter – inevitably leading to a Giants first down – I just wanted to reach through the screen and shake him.

    He’s turning into the Mike Martz of defense – the guy who can make the brilliant call, then make the same call twelve more times when everyone knows he should be doing something different.

  24. “Gregg, you are an idiot. Romo put the team in position to TIE. The giants made a play. This loss is on the d and Rob Ryan. Anyone who tries to spin this differently is blinded by their anti-cowboy bias. Try being objective sometime..”


    I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 40 years….

    Blame the coach, blame the defensive coordinator…blame whoever…whatever

    This all falls on Jerry Jones shoulders for not getting a real GM and coach.

    Rob Ryan is a loud mouth joke

  25. J. Jones and Garrett seem like a pair of Lenny’s who keep finding new ways to kill their pup.

    You see that shot of Jones in his booth when the kick failed? It’s fun to watch an extravagant man sit in his extravagant house and throw a tantrum. Makes me feel warm during this holiday season.

  26. Romo drives me nuts. He absolutely should have nailed that pass to Austin; make that, and they almost certainly win the game. (I don’t buy the “lost in the lights” stuff; the ball looked all wrong as soon as it left his hands.)

    But he drove the team to 34 points against a fiery Giants defense. He got the team in solid field goal range at the end. I don’t want to say “he did all he could possibly do” – that honor goes to Manning tonight – but the game shouldn’t have come down to him having to make that one play.

    This game was lost by boneheaded Rob Ryan calls and stupid penalties. Romo didn’t allow two late touchdowns or give up big defensive play after play.

    With this loss and Murray out, it’s suddenly hard to see how the Cowboys have any life. They can always turn the tables in Week 17, but we know that’s not usually their strong suit. Ugh.

  27. Let me check the time. Ah, December. Oh look, there go the Cowboys into their annual collapse.

    Better than the Farmer’s Almanac.

  28. For PFT or fans to blame Romo for this loss on one long pass is ridiculous. Austin could have laid out for the catch but didn’t. Romo threw for 300 yards, four TD’s, set them up for a GW FG, the defense blows a 12 pt lead with six minutes left, and people still blame this guy. Watch a damn game before you make a comment!

  29. strictly from an emotional standpoint, as a giants fan this is the best win we’ve had in a long time. However, I’m forced to be realistic and face the music that this is exactly the same situation we’ve been in the last couple years. And it never ends well. Its the roller coaster second half of the season where huge ups give way to bigger lows. I’d love for this to end up like 2007 where a “moral loss” gave us the drive to win a superbowl. However, with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter of this game, we were well on our way to missing the playoffs again

  30. Next year hopefully : a new coach . And Maybe a good backup qb! Who knows romo starts to screwup we might have a T.J Yates sitting there waiting to be discovered! nothing wrong with Dan Bailey thank god after seasons of looking we got a kicker with a bright future! As always The cheerleaders were the best things to look @ in a crappy 4 th quat!

  31. What is with the “iced kicker” comments? Dan makes it with no problem if JPP doesn’t push his way threw the line to block it. Just a good block that’s all !

  32. dawkattack says:
    “Against Those Two Secondaries Ryan Leaf Would’ve Looked Elite Lol”

    Which would explain why your team, the Eagles, are running away with the division. Oh, wait…

    I love Eagles fans. They think they are abusing their rivals and are just too stupid to figure out they’re abusing their own team more. Keeping shining those Lombardis, Dawk!

  33. Cowboys lose. Huuah!!
    Two things:
    Shall we start saying December swoon? 0-2 so far this year.
    Shall we put to rest who’s the better QB. It’s Eli. Case closed.

  34. Eli is number three behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers . That’s some pretty rarfied air up there . Nice game Manning !

  35. @ou1248 says “Gregg, you are an idiot. Romo put the team in position to TIE. The giants made a play. This loss is on the d and Rob Ryan.”

    Seems you forgot the play when Romo completely missed Miles Austin on what would have, and should have, been the game winning play. If Romo makes that throw it is game over, but once again Tony couldn’t come through in the 4th.

  36. As a Giants fan, I have to say DANG!! This might have been the Bill Cowher sweepstakes game and I’d rather he end up in NY Blue than TX gray … and by the way, I was embarrassed by Twinkle Toes Jacobs “star dance”. What an arse-hat! I hope he follows (or leads) Coughlin out the door.

  37. We also learned that Romo did not know the rules regarding sacks in the end zone resulting in a safety, and Witten had to explain it to him on the sidelines after the play. WTF? Throw the ball out of the end zone, don’t just fall on it!

  38. The Cowboys always seem to look like Keystone Cops at the end of games. Let the Jeff Fisher to the Cowboys talk begin after an 8-8 season.

  39. Romo has played very well this year. Garrett is the issue. Vs the Jets, Kittens, Pats, Pigeons (Cards), now the Gnats – all wins with decent coaching. Alan Ball and Newman should be cut tomorrow and Garrett should be fired. Season is over and Jones will be losing a lot of fans=money over these close losses over the last couple of years. I like the Cowboys and Raiders, been a Cowboy fan since ’76, while growing up in SF and I have never been so upset about Jone’s franchise. I’m a realist, the Cowboys are very similar to the Raiders = great tradition years ago, but have ruined their recent seasons because of lack of discipline, costly turnovers, a sense of entitlement based on the past, and the small details that make the difference between wins and losses. The Cowboys have had no desire since Jimmy Johnson, maybe Parcells, was around, when players were accountable for their mistakes. JJ and Parcells would have cut Newman and Ball immediately and never would have let Garrett have responsibility over personnel – QB Coach doesn’t count. I wish That Romo and Austin could have connected to seal the game, but, once again, they were comfortably ahead with little time left on the clock. These losses are absolutely terrible.

  40. I am trying to think of an excuse for this game but the only thing that comes to mind is “classic cowboys’. Honestly. What has anyone come to expect when it comes to a marginal lead with the minutes counting down and the Cowboys’ backs against the wall? What a joke.

    What in the hell is Garret doing with his timeouts? He seems as if he is clueless on their purpose. Btw, sweet timeout with 13:40 left….in the 3rd quarter!! The Cowboys sure as hell didn’t need all the timeouts they could have had with the desperate final drive. Asinine.

    The Cowboys should have just laid down when the Giants got in the red zone with 1:10 left, everyone knew they were gonna score, might as well have all the time you can get for the final drive. No use one trying to establish a stop with the Giants chipping away at the valuable clock. But nope, the Cowboys attempts to stop the Giants offense is ended in vain with no timeouts left and a 3 point deficit.

    Does anyone want to explain McBriar to me? WTF was that limp-wristed punt that was for a grand total of 35 yards? He used to boom 60+ yarders with ease. The ball he punted pretty much put the ball within spitting distance for Eli.

    And go ahead and tell Ryan to hit the road. I am tired of act that is full of hot air. He is a sorry fatass. Every week he shoots off at the mouth and he is highly touted as this defensive guru. All of the schemes he produced tonight put almost ZERO pressure on Eli. Except for one CB stunt that forced Eli to throw it away. Tell Rob Ryan to become a defensive wrecking ball in the NFL and not some soft coverage coddlers before he runs his errant mouth.

  41. 6. Between 1960-2010, the Cowboys lost two games when they were ahead by at least 12 points in the fourth quarter. This was the third time it’s happened this year.

    What a stunning stat!

    Lights in the eyes at least explains why Austin never really made an attempt at the ball.

    You knew when Collingsworth said that statistically icing the kicker doesn’t succeed very often, it was not going to be good. If you’re Bailey you got to be thinking what do I gotta do…”

  42. I don’t care who is at fault – THEY LOST!

    Where is my fellow Cowgirl fan Vox err Howley to rationalize this latest meltdown?

  43. There is very much pleasure in seeing those who believe they have everything (Jones, Dallas, cowboy fans) get humiliated on national tv.

    The networks claim that the cowboys get the highest ratings thus they are featured in nationally televised games so much.
    The truth is the country tunes in just to see them lose. 🙂

  44. I’m just numb to the spinelessness and stupidity of this team at this point. Never doubted for a second that Dallas would crap the bed. Easily the wussiest team I’ve ever seen….zero heart. Worst secondary I’ve ever seen..Newman in particular gets crappier with each passing week. An overhaul is so overdue. Oh, and the 3-4 defense BLOWS. Congrats to the Giants and their fans-I hate you, but you deservedly own Dallas, so enjoy your win. You deserve it. We Dallas fans deserve a new GM, new coaches and a new roster. 15 years of garbage. Enough.

  45. I’m right here!!! No desire to watch two mediocre teams play bad defense. Giants will still lose to the skins and the cowgirls. Eli is having a good season. He is NOT elite. If he could have multiple seasons like this one than maybe he’d be elite. Frankly if the giants start 6-2 and don’t win their division it’s more pathetic than my eagles team that didn’t click. Still don’t like Sheli, still gonna laugh when the the giants get bounced in the first round IF the giants make the playoffs. If I were a giants fan I wouldn’t talk smack till I knew my team was definitely in the playoffs. I only wish the the eagles could play the giants 3x a year.

  46. rjschmon did you smoke crack before posting on here? JPP is a stud but not an MVP. Eli couldn’t hold peytons jock. Don’t fool yourself. Eli good qb once every 4 seasons.

  47. miles austin doesnt know how to lay out for a ball? high schoolers catch that. lack of effort killed this team. romo shouldnt be mentioned what so ever for this loss

  48. I live in dallas currently for the work, but I’m not a cowboy fan. Its gonna be another quiet monday at the office. Never have I seen more people that love to point the finger and hate those that fail. This time ya gotta back off romo and garret. Ware had the worst timed penalty any defense couldnt have wished for. And miles austin looks idiotic smiling after he missed the ball in the lights. Eli, these knuckle heads made you look elite

  49. I think it is hard to put this loss on any one person. Romo did have great numbers; however he did miss a crucial pass on the last drive. Dallas’ secondary was terrible late in the 4th quarter; however the defense created a turnover that set up a touchdown earlier in the 4th qtr. Furthermore, they came up with two huge redzone stops in the first half with one coming after a Felix Jones fumble. This was a hell of a football game and by all accounts the Giants are extremely fortunate to come out with a win. Their defense was not exactly stellar either. For the second week in a row, they let a team drive the ball down the field on them in crunch time.This game could very easily have turned out differently and we could all still be talking about how the Giants collapse is in full swing. Needless to say, I am very excited for the Week 17 rematch that will most likely decide the division.

  50. As a lifelong Giant’s fan, I couldn’t be prouder of their effort last night. Eli Manning is most certainly an all-world quarterback who deserves every accolade he’s received. What I don’t understand is how anyone can hang the Cowboy’s loss on Tony Romo! The dude threw 4 touchdown passes with no interceptions and put his team in position to tie the game! If Cowboy fans want to cast your ire in the right direction, why not start with your rotund Jerry Garcia lookalike of a defensive coordinator, the over-hyped blowhard Rob Ryan?

  51. JPP may be on Rosenthal’s all-world team and DPOY list. But the one place you won’t find him is on the pro bowl ballot. The NFL ought to be ashamed.

    Not too late to replace one of the Chokeboys with one of the league’s most exciting young defensive players.

  52. Dallas just gave away the last two games. They don’t deserve to be a playoff team. In fact, the whole NFC (L)East is a joke including the ‘Gnats’.
    Well, at least Dallas will be better record wise than last year (6 Wins). Whoopeeee!!

  53. as a giants fan and as much as i love seeing romo take the blame for losses (and a lot of the time it is justified) this time it is silly to imply that.
    i may be wrong but the pass to austin looked to be a catchable ball if austin would have just come to it a little bit.
    on another note, mark it down, garrett will NOT be back next year. you could see jones frustration at the delay in calling the time-out just before the giants last score and then his frustration at the end of the game. he will hold garrett accountable.

    once again, the giants (excepting jpp) defense performed the physically impossible in that they sucked and blew at the same time.
    if only the g-men had a defense to go with eli.
    jacobs had a great game but will still be gone next year.

    one more thing… rob ryan is a fat mofo.

  54. It will be fun to watch, on FOX, Michael Strahan take Jimmy Johnson’s fork out of his neck and suggest where Jimmy can stick it next! (at least for another week)

  55. The Cowboys are not playoff material. Too undisciplined. I blame Garrett and Ryan. I hope they can get it together quick but I doubt they will.

  56. I know this article is about Eli and everything, (great job on beating the cowgirls) but has anyone else noticed the gums on David Carr?

    The guy has really bulked up from when he was with the Texans…just sayin!

  57. Jerry and Jerry’s Kids up in the luzury box predictably both celebrate early, and act like spoiled kids in short pants when they lose at the end. Gotta love it.

  58. Could not have been happier for the Giants. Can’t stand the long winded posts, so here are some quick hits..
    1. Nix was a vacuum last night, making one great catch after another – and he’s strong as a mofo
    2. Cruz isn’t a secret anymore, but Manningham (despite one major drop) is getting back into action ans still has the quickest feet of the WR corp.
    3. After watching the LB corp get exposed week in and week out, this week it was the DBs turn to get exposed – and they were buttass naked on a few deep passes. Giants DBs can’t play without safety help over the top on their WRs.
    4. Kuwanuka is a great athlete, but he shouldn’t be playing LB in a 4-3. He just shouldn’t.
    5. LB played better as a whole, Boley makes all the difference for this team and is an unsung hero on this team.
    6. JPP and Eli, you already know.

  59. It is amazing Eli does what he does best bring his team back for a win and yet today no respect.

    He beat the Pats he pushed the packers to the limit.
    If he had a running game and a good D he would be unbeaten this year.

    Elite Eli is the real deal yes it took a long time for him to get to this point but he is there on top of the pile.

    I have been pro Eli since the draft and have said over and over when they are both home retired that Eli will be the one with more rings and better stats then Payton

    Payton my be done but Easy E keeps going and going and going

  60. Giants offensive line played well, all things considered. Opened running holes, no sacks allowed, low penalty count. Jacobs is finally running as if he realizes he needs to audition for a contract next year. JPP makes Osi more expendable each week – Osi doesn’t run down Jones for the tackle on that last drive. And what do you say about the new Mr. Clutch? Give Eli time, and he’s just plain deadly in the 4th quarter. Even when he didn’t get the win (SF and GB), he had the team in position.

    And can someone on the Dallas coaching staff explain how DJ Ware ran the SAME 2-point conversion play as he did against Green Bay just a week earlier? Did they watch ANY film on that?

    If the Giants run the table (or only lose to the Jets), they certainly earn the division title. But they absolutely must do something in the playoffs if they get there, or Mara, Tisch, and Reese will have to make changes.

  61. Steelers fan here. I think it is funny that just last year most so called experts would try to tell you Rivers was the best QB out of the 2004 NFL draft. Roethlisberger and Manning both have the rings to prove otherwise. They may not play pretty all the time but I’d take either one over Rivers or just about anyone in the league. Also, I’ll always have a place in my heart for the Giants for beating the Cheats in the superbowl.

  62. @bladingerspinky

    But you’re not a Giants fan so you can’t talk smack because your team sux!!! Watch next year as our ELIte QB and undrafted FA WR torches your multi-million $$$ CB again!!!!! The only bright side of your teams spending spree is Babin….

  63. And Rob Ryan thinks he’s gonna get a Head Coaching job? Yeah, maybe of The Arena league ! Ryan’s wayyyyyy overrated.

  64. You cannot blame Romo for that Austin throw. It was not as accurate as you would like but Austin clearly gave a poor effort. He didn’t seem to be able to pick up the ball and then he doesn’t even lay out for the catch. If that was thrown to Bryant or Robinson, we would be talking about how great Romo is today, not Eli.

  65. “MadDog Rickles says: Dec 12, 2011 1:52 AM

    guys, RELAX! one game doesn’t make anyone elite & one play doesn’t make anyone a bonehead.”

    Perhaps not. But this is the 7th time this year Eli has lead a game tying or game winning drive in the last few minutes of the game. THAT makes him ELIte.

  66. This is so funny. I said it last week after the Cardinals beat the Cowboys (AGAIN). I said the Cowboys would lose to the Giants…and they did. Cowboys can’t handle the pressure. Head coach and QB sure can’t.

    Hello from AZ Cowboy fans.

  67. The difference between Eli and Tony. Eli would have hit Austin pressure or no.
    Heck he was under pressure most of the game because it seems Ware had a damn good idea what the snap count was most plays and Diehl looked to be holding on for dear life.
    Seemed the only Giants to show up were Eli, Jacobs and JPP.

  68. @east69 my name ain’t **** so keep it out your mouth I’m a Dawkins fan nowhere in my name does it say eagles ….insinuating bum

  69. Elite = Top 10%

    Brady, Brees, Rodgers, in alphabetical order, are the elite QB’s.

    Eli is a very good QB, but by definition of elite, we can not label every QB who embarrasses the Cowboys an elite QB. When Eli is better than one of those three QB’s, then we’ll talk.

  70. @littleboybluefan if i’m correct the eagles still own your stadium aren’t the 7-1 against you guys seems like you got A big mouth with little facts

  71. Can’t blame this one on Romo.

    It was the defense, which has been the story for the last month or so. Nobody accept GB, NO, and NE can give up 510 yards and 37 points, and win.

    As for Austin, he should have laid out for that catch. He should have known the situation. You make the catch, you win. You don’t, and you need a stop from the D. Yeah…good luck with that.

    Cowboys are done. Good luck in the playoffs, NYG.

  72. And to say Eli is Elite, I think not. Look at the numbers for the game.

    Team Statistics: Passing for New York Giants New York Giants Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
    Eli Manning(notes) 27 47 400 57.4 8.5 0 0 2 1 90.7
    Team Statistics: Passing for Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
    Tony Romo(notes) 21 31 321 67.7 10.4 3 16 4 0 141.3

    Romo wins, hands down.

    The only difference is NY’s D was much better than Dallas’.

  73. I’ve tried to defend Aaron Ross long enough. He needs to be benched. He couldn’t cover Miles Austin for longer than five yards and Austin hasn’t played in a damn month.

  74. Everyone always worries what Jerry will do or say. He just needs to be coach, GM,Off and Def CO next year then maybe he will sit in his big owners box and NOT TALK like most all of the other owners do.

  75. Even though the Cowboys continue to epically fail in the month of December, I think this game was more about Eli and the Giants winning it than the Cowboys losing it. It’s time we admit it. Eli Manning is ELIte.

  76. Eli has had some great games, but this was one of his best. With no protection from the left side of his O line, horrible offensive play calling from Gilbride, and picking snaps off the ground from Boothe, he still delivered pinpoint accurate throws over and over again. Very impressed.

  77. I can understand Cowboy Fans and Red Skin Fans talking trash
    But Egirl Fans give me a break you have NEVER WON ANYTHING

    Also the Egirls do not own the Giants the Giants have the egirls by 12 wins hence talk of the last four years is meaningless just like your team.
    Is Eli Elite well compared to the rest of the NFL yes he is lets remember at the start of the year everyone said we were doomed no Smith no Boss guess what we did not need either of them did we and how are the two of them doing playing else where maybe it was not the ball catcher but the thrower that made them good.

  78. Funny…. I like the people who say “just wait till you play a real team in the playoffs.” Yeah, like that #6 seed from the NFC last year?

  79. ATTN:
    & any other silly Feeble fan that feels the need to troll Giant threads!!

    Your team is 5-8, you spent loads of FA money on people that are actually playing worse than what you had. You 100 million to a career mediocre QB/sicko that has never had back to back winning seasons & cannot stay healthy. You have been to 5 NFC championship games & 2 SB & HAVE NO LOMBARDI’s!!! Your franchise is the mere definition of underachieving losers that cannot win the big game. Whether it was Jaws, Cunningham, McNabb or the sociopath, you guys are perennial losers.

    To read the things you guys say is out & out hilarious. You all hang your hat on regular season wins & spew those stats like others talk Super Bowl wins. Face it, all you have is regular season wins to cherish, no championships in FIFTY ONE YEARS!! Ya’ll keep talking losers; we’ll all keep laughing at ya. Gawd it must be a said lonely existence to be a Feeble fan.

  80. Eli was just in a mild slump. He has no real pass blocking protection…

    A top tier QB…

    As far as the Cowboys? what really needs to be said?

  81. Nice win by the GMEN last night, but I don’t think any of us should be chest pounding today. I honestly though we would win easier than having to deal with all the comeback drama. ELIteI is playing better than ever and JPP? What can you say. Season is turned around again and now we need to finish first in the NFC East and see what happens in the playoffs. Remember 2008! You can’t help but feel for Nomo, the guy tries like hell and they always end up losing. It’s a great day in America watching Jerrah throw another tantrum as the GMEN upset his turds in his big house. Priceless!

  82. Did anyone notice Warren Sapp attacking the Giants on Gameday Morning with every breath his fat ass could muster?

    He was absolutely adamant the Giants were frauds. Called us out in every phase of the game.

    Warren – where you at, fatty? You might be the dumbest, over dramatic, ex-NFL player in the media. PLEASE quit – you make Michael Irvin look like a genius!

  83. Are you sure? Buddy was 8-2 against Dallas. Nice attempt at humor though


    How many Super Bowls did Ryan win in Philly?

    Homework dude, homework…try it

  84. Good win for the team! Wow, especially in this site, there’s still quite a number of discussions regarding Eli being elite or not. I don’t know but he sure does look like he belongs in the group the way he stages and delivers come-backs. I’m also glad that we can talk about, even if it’s just the possibility, of playoffs, rather than being completely out of it like some other self proclaimed “dream team” or the usual basement dweller.

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