Haley considered resigning last week


Chiefs coach Todd Haley was a goner well before he got fired on Monday.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star reports that Haley considered resigning in private conversations as recently as last week. He was hoping to leave on his own terms, with the ability to tell his side of things.

There is a confidentiality clause in most contracts that prevents a fired coach from speaking publicly about a team once he parts ways.

Babb describes the situation as “increasingly chaotic” during the year. Haley reportedly suspected as early as Week One that he was likely a goner because of his relationship with G.M. Scott Pioli.

Monday was seemingly an inevitable day for the Chiefs. It sets up an even bigger moment for Pioli: Hiring his next coach.

There is no bigger decision a G.M. can make than choosing a head coach. Pioli is 0-for-1 in Kansas City. He chose a coach that didn’t win enough and didn’t fit what the organization was looking for.

Pioli knows he can’t afford to go 0-for-2.

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  1. Todd stretches the “you can’t fire me because I quit” retort to include “you can’t fire me because I may have been thinking of quitting last week.”.

  2. .

    The loss of Charlie Weiss seemed to hurt the Chiefs. The offense seemed to respond to him. Why’d he leave?


  3. Screw that. Being as he got fired, he gets paid for the whole year.

    Resigning cuts off your pay now.

    I would rather have my mouth shut and a full wallet.

  4. A month from now Josh McDaniels will be sitting in Todd’s office with his feet up on the desk, watching a film clip of the finger wagging incident last year. While he lets the plants and the goldfish die.

  5. Not to defend Haley, because I think he comes off as a complete ass half the time, but the Chiefs could have hired Vince Lombardi as Head Coach, Bill Walsh as Offensive Coordinator, and Buddy Ryan as the Defensive Coordinator and they wouldn’t have been able to do crap with the “talent” that Scott Pioli has brought to this organization–the worst franchise in the NFL. As a Chiefs’ fan, it hurts to say that, but it’s the truth. My team are the worst-run franchise in the NFL. Worse than the Bengals, worse than the Jags….THE WORST.

    It all starts at the top. Pioli and Hunt. Hopefully, if either truly cares about the Chiefs, they’ll both fire themselves later today.

    WE ARE……..the chefs.

  6. If McDaniels can coach and keep his hands off the personnel side of things, it might work.

    That was the weakest aspect of his job – I mean he drafted TIM TEBOW! And look at how that worked out.

    Oh, wait..

  7. If Scott Pioli hires Josh McDaniels during the offseason, I hope they both reap what they sow. Sorry, KC Chiefs fans, but neither of these two are suitable to be in managerial positions for any organization. More importantly, they need to learn that they are not Bill Belichick or the Patriots organization.

  8. and what has josh done this year. or any other year for that matter make him deserve a shot at this position? hes a disater everywhere. he deserves nothing.

  9. Hummm, seems like all the former Pats staff have NOT been successful. I wonder why? Could it be they were not that good to begin with?

  10. Pioli has ALWAYS been known around the league as a big mouth, know nothing bully. He likes to hire young kids so he can scream at them and push his weight around. He wouldn’t have lasted two weeks in the league if he hadn’t married Parcell’s daughter. He got him his job in New England where all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and take credit for things he was incapable of doing on his own. Once he didn’t have Bellichick drafting and coaching his lack of ability showed up pretty quickly. K.C. you suckers got jobbed. He’s clueless, doesn’t know talent, doesn’t know coaching, you guys are screwed. He’ll make another worthless hire as a coach and then it’ll be his turn to be shown the door. Maybe Hunt will actually do the work next time and not hire someone because of his manufactured reputation. Owners are so stupid.

  11. Well, it is no longer shocking the Chiefs regressed this year. If there was that much acrimony between coach & GM, the players would have sensed it.

  12. Mangini.

    He is terrible at drafting, but he is a great coach. With a pathetic Browns team that went 5-11, he still managed to beat both the Patriots and Saints last year. Browns were stupid to get rid of him.

  13. If Pioli hires McDaniels (which I don’t see happening), then Pioli really is a washed up exec who needs Belichick and Brady to win.

  14. Pioli didn’t want Haley in the first place. He wanted Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz. Ferentz wouldn’t leave, so plan B came along. I’m suspecting Dante Scarneccia of the Pats would be a consideration. Haley’s “Bill Parcells, Jr.” act wore thin, but Pioli has to also accept the Matt Cassel thing failed badly. Settle for the 2nd tier QB Landry Jones or Matt Barkley

  15. To all who even mentions Josh McDaniels, please stop! He is not HC material, in fact, his OC skills arent great either, in case you haven’t saw the Rams this year…

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