London Fletcher on flag for hitting Tom Brady: “What can you do?”

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Redskins linebacker London Fletcher says he’s stunned that he was flagged for a personal foul for falling on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as Brady was sliding following a short run.

“He waited until the last minute to slide,” Fletcher told the Free-Lance Star. “He’s considered a runner. At that point in time, the referee thought I hit him in the head. I didn’t hit him in the head. I hit him in the shoulders, but what can you do?

Referee Jeff Triplette announced that the penalty was for “a forearm to the head of the quarterback,” which is preposterous: Fletcher’s forearm was nowhere near Brady’s head.

Fletcher was so enraged at the officials after the call that it looked like he was about to get himself another personal foul penalty, but he said after the game that he was just trying to explain to the officials that he hadn’t been taking a cheap shot.

“You try to explain your situation, but they don’t really listen to you that much,” Fletcher said. “I think anybody who saw that definitely didn’t think it was the right call, but hey.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan called the penalty “horrible.” He’s right.

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  1. Wait until Peyton Manning comes back. You think the “personal foul” calls on Brady are ridiculous, it will probably cost you 20 yards if you just look at Manning wrong next year.

  2. Not a skins fan, but I agree…Triplette’s crew has been awful this season…this is just the latest example. I understand wanting to protect the QB, but flat out lying about what happened on a penalty is unnacceptable. The league needs to issue an apology to Fletcher and a warning to Triplette’s guys…

  3. nope, the one against andre carter was even worse. nobody remembers it because he didn’t react. watch the replay

  4. I think the flag was thrown because of rules trying to protect players. In all honesty Flecher could have touched Brady down as he went into his slide but instead he hit him hard.
    The officials seem to make up for it a few plays later when Carter was flagged for bring Grossman down in a reasonable manner.
    In the off season players, owners and the league have to readdress the issue of “unnecessary roughness” and fines. It’s getting out of hand. Instant replay on hits? Nah.

  5. @angrycorgi- Honestly I think what we are seeing with the refs this year is the effect of the lockout. There have been some terrible calls all season. I am hoping next year, and through the playoffs this year, it won’t be as bad.

  6. Based on where Fletcher hit him, the ref must of thought Brady had his head up his ass…supporting what Jets fans have been claiming for years.

  7. “nope, the one against andre carter was even worse. nobody remembers it because he didn’t react. watch the replay”

    This, 100%. The Carter call took away a pick and the Redskins ended up getting 3 points that drive. The Fletcher play gave the Pats a first down, but they didn’t get a TD that drive anyways, so it had little to no outcome on the game.

    The Redskins can whine about the Fletcher call all they want but if they’re going to complain they should stick to calls that mattered (like the questionable offensive PI call on Moss on their last drive).

  8. Football is a mess. Stupid penalties. Players wear helmets for a reason, they accept the risk. The NFL glorifies the hits on advertisements and video games but ruins the game itself. Good plays are penalized so there are less good plays. Play the game, accept the risk and cash the pay checks.

  9. Wrong on the penalty against Fletcher, Wrong on the offensive P.I call that revoked a Santana Moss game tying touchdown.

  10. THere were a bunch of really bad calls in this game, both ways. You just don’t hear about the calls that went against the Patriots because they don’t complain after the fact.

  11. Everybody is so worried that a team is going to win the Super Bowl because of an overtime field goal without both teams having the ball at least once, but this BS right here is what is going to cost a team a Super Bowl before an overtime field goal. A team will be driving late and the QB will get sacked or hit after he has thrown the ball and another of the NFL’s incompetant refs will throw a flag because it LOOKED like he got hit high and they are suppose to err on the side of caution. If that is going to continue to be the policy, then they should at least make it reviewable. As is, it is ridiculous.

  12. This was one of two plays, the second being the push off for the game tying touchdown with less than 2 minutes remaining, that possibly changed the outcome of the game.

    That subway commercial about the refs completely sums up this years terrible calls.

    “I totally blew that call… in fact, it wasn’t even close…but don’t worry….Ill penalize the other team.. for no good reason… in the second half.. to even things up…”


  13. that call was bad… along with the call on andre carter and along with the call on wilfork. this is not me arguing against the redskins or fletcher.. its just going to show that brady is not the only one being “protected” clearly the officiating crew needs to work on learning what unsportsmanlike conduct and personal fouls are.. in my eyes all three of those hits should not have been penalties. in the end the fletcher and wilfork hits cancel out because both drives resulted in a td. its sad to see the nfl going this way.

  14. It doesn’t matter what game it is, the officiating in this league is awful.

    The NFL refuses to do anything about poor calls until they determine an outcome of a big game or they adversely affect a name brand player (Brady or Manning).

    Frankly, I find it pathetic that the NFL refuses to bring referees on as full time employees.

    Also, why are there referees in the 50’s and 60’s still officiating? How can they make any of these split second calls if they can’t even keep up?

    Time after time I’ve seen referees staring at a player making a penalty and no flag. It’s probably the worst thing about this league.

  15. Brady is always going to get that call. Rodgers, Brees and the Manning brothers will also get it. Fact is marquee QBs get protected. Especially when they are playing against a loser team like the Redskins (I am a Redskins fan but the truth is the truth). The proof as to whether the call was correct will come during this week when we see whether the NFL fines London. I bet they don’t fine him.

    The call against Andre Carter was bogus and the offensive PI against Moss was questionable.

  16. I have a suggestion for everyone, stop watching the games. That way you won’t have anything to complain about.

  17. @boblavoie: You are allowed to hit a runner that’s about to go down. You aren’t allowed to hit a runner that’s already down. That’s the difference between football and flag football. Hitting a guy that’s down is “unnecessary roughness” but not hitting a guy because you think he’s about to go down makes you look like DeAngelo Hall as he watched Gronk break tackles and gain extra 50 yards.

  18. @bigperm33

    The winning side rarely argues about poor officiating after a game. If the outcome went the other way, then I guarantee you Pats fans would be clogging the boards with outcry over the BS calls.

  19. Patriots don’t complain after the fact?? are you serious?? Brady looks for the refs after every little hit, Welker always walks back to the huddle whining and complaining too. I’ve heard it from Jets and Ravens fans for years, and now I’ve seen it first hand, if you chowds don’t think the refs slurp Brady and the Pats, your heads are buried further than anyone thought possible.

  20. If we were talking James Harrison I would have believed it was an illegal hit without watching. This is London Fletcher, the guy is a class act. No way he should have been flagged!

  21. It was a clean hit! This is not the first time, by far, that pretty boy gets touched and draws a flag. If he doesn’t for some reason, he whines and complains to the refs. For this reason alone I can’t stand Brady!

  22. The call was bad, as were a few others. When you’re good you get the calls and you’re lucky (or it seems that way). When you’re bad (as the Redskins have been for a generation), the calls go against you. As the old saying goes, “if it weren’t for bad luck, the Redskins wouldn’t have any luck at all”. Not even Andrew Luck!

  23. The call on FLetcher was almost as bad a call as the Unnecessary Roughness called on Wilfork. Almost. But at least WIlfork didn’t go running around like a 6 year old.

  24. That call was ridiculous. I saw it live and thought it was ridiculous. I guess refs expect you to “Matrix” in midair and avoid hitting The Precious, The Precious quarterback.

  25. Both calls were bad…Brady and Grossman…but the Grossman call was technically correct because of the rule made when who got injured? Oh yeah…Tom Brady. You can’t hit low on a QB like that. Stupid? Yes. Correct call according to newest rules? Yes. Thank your boy Tom.
    The Brady play just looked horrible. If the defense is coming at full pursuit and full speed to minimize the yards gained, the QB has the responsibility and opportunity to slide to avoid a hit. If you want to roll the dice and wait til the last minute, you have to receive a hit. It wasnt a hit to the head either. Just a bad call.
    In fairness, both sides had bad calls and both will. It is not why the Patriots won so stop acting so defensive Pats fans…bunch of whiners.
    I’d be yelling more at defensive guru Belichick…Skins terrible offense loses their best O-tackle and receiving option before the game and roll up 460+ yards and basically 30 points. The Bills shutout the Redskins. That won’t turn out well in the playoffs.

  26. Brady fumbles – a rule nobody’s ever heard of is called (tuck rule.) Brady is hurt – A new rule is instantly made banning low hits. Brady wins 3 Superbowls while his team is blatantly cheating – all evidence destroyed. Way to protect one of the faces of the NFL. Pathetic.

  27. If you woulda hit big ben like that, the ref woulda said “Is that all the harder you can hit him fletcher?” “next time take his head off cause you know we won’t call a penalty against ben!”

  28. The Pats are also lucky the camera angle was not great for that last Grossman INT that ended the game. That ball absoulutely hit the ground, but the camera was a little blurry so they didnt overturn. Kind of sketchy, but it happens.
    There were plenty of poor calls in this game for both teams.

  29. I was at the game, and the officiating was horrible on both sides of the ball. There was also a dubious roughing the passer call for Cutler that negated an INT thrown before the flag, and then a personal foul on Wilfork that was clearly intended to be a makeup call for the flag on Fletcher. There were also a bunch of flags thrown and then picked back up where the refs started overruling each other. It was like half of the refs were Redskins fans and the other half Patriots fans. Really embarrassing.

  30. That was clearly a lousy call, and I am a Pats fan.

    On the widespread theory that Brady is abnormally protected, though: The statistics show that Brady gets fewer late hit/illegal hit calls per pass attempt than just about any other QB in the NFL.

    Bottom line: some of these calls, where normal football hits with no contact to the head are being penalized, are just plain nuts. I don’t know how to fix it- maybe the refs would be allowed three “illegal hit replay reviews” to actually sort it out, when there is a question on a hit?

    I hate to do anything to make the game longer, but if they can’t get it right otherwise, it may be worth it.

  31. Fletchers elbow actually hit the ball. Brady slid late, and Fletcher was already airborne, when Brady started to slide.

    And with Manning out for year, anybody really think the league isnt gonna overprotect the rest of the star QBs

  32. Well that’s what happens when you get guys that should be in nursing homes to call games. Someone needs to take grandpas keys. They can’t make the right call cause it’s all happening too fast.

  33. There were some pretty horrendous calls, on both teams, yesterday. Fletch didn’t rough Brady. But Wilfork didn’t deserve the roughing penalty on Royster. Carter didn’t rough Grossman.. There was no PI on Tana in the endzone.

    The players & coaches have to talk to the media after the game, and answer questions about what happened. Why are the refs allowed to leave without explaining themselves?

    To quote Charles Barkley ‘That was turrrible. just turrrible.’

  34. Jeff Triplette and crew are by far and away the worst officiating crew in the league, and that’s saying something. His crew has their fingers in the outcome of every game they do.

  35. If you were paying attention, you could see the lasting effect of the Fletcher call on the next play. Redskins #22 (?) took a pass on hitting Brady on the next play for fear of getting called, when he in fact had a better shot and could have (should have) laid him out. Instead he whiffed clearly and allowed Brady to gain a few more yards and slide.

  36. Refs, when you guys huddle up, one of you should really watch the replay over the other’s shoulder so you don’t look like clowns.

    Is it just me or does Triplett suck every week? What’s the review process for these guys? Why aren’t they paid like full time employees and constantly work together in the off season to get better? Why, every week, do we hear stories about the Refs affecting the outcome of the game when we’ve built in fail-safes to minimize human error?

  37. Maybe the league should come out and announce this was a poor call. Take the fine money from a guy like James Harrison for a cheap shot and donate it to a charity of London Fletcher’s choice. I remember watching it live and thinking if Brady wants to avoid the hit, he needs to slide sooner. It was a bang-bang play but Fletcher has a valid point.

  38. Just pickup the flag and say there is no penalty for unneccessary roughness because the QB was not on the ground. Instead these idiots think that people are dumb enough to believe they are perfect.

  39. The call on Andre Carter was ticky-tack, but was correct. You can’t tackle a QB low, a rule that was put in place for…wait for it…Tom Brady. I agree that it shouldn’t be a penalty, but it was the correct call considering how the rules are written.
    The London Fletcher call was a pure fabrication.

  40. Correction: That rule was put in place *because* of Brady after Pollard hit him low and took him out for the season a few years back, not “for Brady.”

  41. Actually, the evidence wasn’t destroyed. They showed those spygate tapes. One had Herm Edwards waving to the Patriots cameraman and the another had video of the Chargers cheerleaders butts.

    What a HUGE advantage. Gamebreaker if I ever saw one.

  42. Not going to even remotely defend this call. Brady waited too long to slide and Fletcher was already in the process of taking him down.

    This call was as ridiculous as the one against Wilfork. This is without a doubt the WORST crew in the NFL. How this guy keeps his job is a mystery. HORRIBLE calls all game long, against both teams.

  43. London Fletcher’s tackle of Brady was a textbook tackle the NFL and refs want to see. He was already lowered into a ‘break down’ position to drive his shoulder into the QB. When he tackled Brady, he even pulled up as much as he could. He saw Brady start his slide, and he barely fell on top of him. He did everything he could to not hit him in the head or hit him too hard on the slide.

    The league owes Fletcher an appology.

    The league needs to fix their problem with inconsistant calls. The refs need to use common sense when making calls. It was obvious that the worse that Fletcher had done was fall on the QB. I’m sure Brady even appreciated that hit.

  44. I’m a Pats fan and I thought the flag on Fletcher was awful. Sadly, I think ANY QB would get that call. That’s the modern NFL. The refs are under orders from Rog’ to call that in the interest of “Safety”. However, I also thought the flag on Vince Wilfork was justified. He could’ve just pushed Helu back down rather than give him a forearm shiver. The Carter call on Rex was another terrible call. The initial hit was to Rex’s thigh and as they fell, Carter slid down the leg. I’m beginning to think that these calls should be reviewable.

  45. .

    If Brady were to be injured, that may give the world the TJ Yates -Brian Hoyer matchup that the networks have long been clamoring for.


  46. “yodelpoo says: Dec 12, 2011 7:49 AM

    Jeff Triplette is horrible.”

    Don’t think that can be said enough. He really is horrible.

  47. Tripplette should be commended for fighting off the urge to drop to his knees and blow Brady after every completion. What a joke. The Pat’s, like the Steelers will always get the calls. It’s just the way the NFL works.

  48. What everyone seems to forget is that the net affect of this poor call was basically nothing. Gostkowski would’ve made the field goal from where Fletcher tackled Brady. I believe the refs called this because they hosed the Pats on that roughing the passer INT. Everyone’s making a big deal out of it because Fletcher made a big deal out of it.

  49. Also, for what its worth, in full-speed, I thought it was a penalty. The refs don’t have the benefit of instant reply or the vantage point most fans have. I actually think they’re pretty good under the circumstances… baseball umpires are ten times worse.

  50. Oh give it a rest. The Fletcher call was borderline. If we’re going to talk about “preposterous” phantom calls let’s talk about the phantom “helmet to helmet” PF on Wilfork, or the absolutely silly roughing the passer call on Carter which negated an interception.

    It’s the same song & dance from sour grapes fans. The officiating was bad on both sides of the ball, but that wasn’t what won or lost the game for anybody. If I was a Skins fan I’d probably call the Fletcher penalty a gutless call by the officials to. But in the real world that’s a borderline call, and Fletcher is smart enough to know better.

  51. At least they didn’t delete the evidence like they did in Arizona with the fake field goal. Convenient time for the equipment to go down. Home field advantage indeed.

  52. I said it last week after the Giants/Packers game. Triplette needs to be fired. He is by far the worst ref in the game and I don’t have any understanding of why he isn’t turfed.

    In this game, calls were bad in both directions. 3 bad roughing the passer calls and one of those was a major game changing play as the Patriots had intercepted the ball. Fletcher’s hit was clean, Carter just wrapped up the QBs legs and Vince Wilfork just fell on a guy that hadn’t been touched. I don’t get it. You have to let the players play the game.

    I couldn’t enjoy a play in that game without waiting for the outcome of a flag. It’s just stupid.

  53. Triplette’s crew is either the worst or very close. They are old and slow and try to make up for it when they throw flags constantly, usually for what they think may have happened. They often huddle up and pick up flags, which is what they should have done here. His explanation was a lie and gutless.

    What no one seems to be saying is that where the hit took place was a yard short of the first down. Brady was “late” in order to try and get that yard, meaning he was a running back with the only difference being protection once he has slid down. He was not yet down, he didn’t have protection at that point, the officials talked and realized it but changed the call to a bogus hit to the head which they knew was total BS.

    Triplette is also least likely to overturn a call by his crew when challenged even when it is obvious that he should.
    He is arrogant, old, and pathetic. He and his entire crew should be banned. I hate to watch a game that they are officiating since you can count on a dozen or more extra flags that shouldn’t have been thrown.

  54. The league told players if they tackle QB’s down low it will be a penalty. Carter tackled Grossman at the knees. Hence a penalty was called. The Carter call was absolutely CORRECT.

    Remember the rule came to be after Vanden Bosch took out Carson Palmer.

  55. The reason that Wilfork & Fletcher were flagged is because, in both cases, they did more than necessary to make the tackle. Fletcher led with the forearm when he didn’t have to & Wilfork drove into Helu when he was already on the ground. I’m not defending the calls just pointing out that this is the reality of today’s NFL.

    Neither should be fined.

  56. The referees have been watching too many cartoons because London Fletcher was in mid-air when Brady begins his slide…only in cartoons have I seen someone stop in mid-air….

    Talk about more relevant worse calls, the offensive pass interference call that took away the Redskins touchdown at the end was ridiculous. There is a reason they did not show it on TV, but with my DVR I watched the play and Julian Edelman ought to apply for an emmy for the fall he took after he missed his inside chuck on Santana Moss.

  57. Tom Brady seems to have his own rule book. If he doesn’t like any call all he does is turn around and cry to the ref and throw up his hands. Then the refs always cave in and throw the flag.

  58. Brady himself said the hit was clean and wasn’t crying for a flag on the play. Brady doesn’t whine or complain any more than any other NFL QB.

    Yes, you guys are right, the refs wanted the Pats to win the game. The refs were the one’s who made a Redskin player pick up a penalty flag and chuck it downfield (15yd penalty) like a genius after he was flagged for a blatant hold. The refs wanted the Pats to win so badly they flagged Carter for a clean hit on Grossman and DIDN”T call pass interference when Underwood was held by his jersey on Brady’s interception. It’s a vast conspiracy to make sure the Patriots win. Unless you have a brain.

  59. that call in the pats game was horrendous, yet in the viking game, job webb was clearly face masked on the last play of the game when he fumbled, but the refs miss that.

    go figure. they would never miss that on a marquee qb

  60. The only reason that flag was thrown was to make up for the equally horrific roughing the passer call against Andre Carter earlier in the game.
    Just dreadful officiating.
    As usual, Rex Grossman getting special protections from the NFL.

  61. The Fletcher call was not “borderline,” it was plainly a bad call, as was the Wilfork penalty for falling on Helu, which appeared to me to be a makeup call. But I agree with Patskreig that the officiating did not decide that game. What bothers me, though, is the continuing emasculation of defenses by officials making these calls.

    Through rules changes and official decree, the NFL has done everything that it could do for years now to encourage offense at the expense of defense. While I enjoy offense as much as anyone, unimpeded offense, which is what we’re seeing more and more, is as boring to me as a game in which the defenses dominate. It’s past time for the officials to reign in on some of these roughness penalties and let the guys play.

  62. What I like is how the refs talk out of both sides of mouth ….according to section 23bs paragraph 3bs if one QB slides he is protected. Then we watch five games in a row and see the same type hit that is directly hitting the QB not falling on him with no flag . These calls cost teams wins or loses. Some want to say slow motion shows correct call. The game is not in slow motion. With all the fines after getting the flag more and more the defense is going to protect their wallets than integraity of game.

  63. Jeff Triplette doesn’t know the rules well and never seems to be engaged fully in the game. I’d like to see him never get another opportunity to referee a game that has passed him by.

  64. There were a ton of terrible calls yesterday. People just love to hate on the Patriots.

    Fletcher for Roughing – Bad call, slide was late.

    Carter for Roughing – Terrible, negated an INT

    PI on Santana Moss – Tough call, was after 5 yards, Moss initiated contact.

    NO PI called on Wilson on Brady’s last pick, clearly grabbed the jersey twice altering his route.

  65. 100% was NOT a foul, Princess Brady went into a slide when he saw he was about to get hit.

    any other QB this would have been seen for what it was…. a blind man could see it wasnt a foul but a blind man that went up and touched the QBs face to see it was Terrific Tom woulda thrown the flag too….

  66. What?! The Patriots got a call that helped them win the game? Tom Brady got a call that the ONLY other QB in the game would have gotten is Peyton Manning?

    If this surprises ANYONE, then they have not watched a lot of Patriots games. Tom Brady is the FIRST person to jump up and down at the ref looking for a flag if someone touches him.

    It is disgusting, it is a disgrace, and it makes the NFL a joke of a game. It is the ONLY way the Patriots can win a close game, if the ref’s help them.

  67. redskinspike says:
    Dec 12, 2011 8:22 AM

    The winning side rarely argues about poor officiating after a game. If the outcome went the other way, then I guarantee you Pats fans would be clogging the boards with outcry over the BS calls.
    I think he was talking about players and coaches complaining to the press after the fact, not fans.

    Fletcher is not a dirty player at all and Triplette completely made up that thing about the forearm to the head. I was incredulous. Just say it was for hitting a QB who had already given himself up via the slide. QBs have been know to slide late to draw that flag. It’s not a penalty I personally would call in that particular instance but it is what it is. I don’t blame Fletcher for being mad and complaining to the ref at the time. Guys only lose credibility when they rant after every call. I watched him enough when he faced my Pats twice a year in Buff that I know he’s not a habitual ranter.

  68. Listen, the bad calls didn’t affect the outcome of the game. If anything, the Pat’s may have had a slight advantage if the game was called correctly. But everyone has a right to complain about this one. Calls were atrocious on both sides of the ball. Fans and players deserve to have a game called correctly, and the NFL needs to really do something about this.

    IMO, they need: 1) full-time refs, 2) actual repercussions for bad officiating teams (they need to be put on leave or outright fired), 3) big, game altering penalties need to be reviewable, and/or 4.) the elimination or reduction of spot fouls (you shouldn’t be able to toss the ball 70 yards down the field and get a 70 yard PI penalty).

  69. I’m a fan of neither team but I honestly screamed at the tv after that one that was pathetic, the nfl is going to be an elite flag football league in a few years. I’m not an eagles fan either but I garuntee Vick wouldn’t have gotten that call, the nfl needs to stop babying these “Elite” quarterbacks.

  70. Pats fan here.

    WEAK call. London Fletcher seems like a cool guy.

    For the whiners, Tom Brady had nothing to do with this call. Thanks for playing, though.

  71. So funny how everyone insinuates Brady whined about this…apparently none of these people watched the game, because Brady said nothing, did nothing but continued to play the game. He didn’t even have a reaction to it, simply tossed the ball to the ref.

    The officiating was certainly terrible, but Brady had nothing to do with it.

  72. Bad call.

    Had no real impact on the outcome though.
    Brady slid at 20. Ball placed to 10 after penalty. Patriots kick a FG.

    They were getting the 3 points anyway.

  73. Ref’s were sucking it up yesterday anyway. Wern’t the Raiders denied a review because the machine was down?

    Is this what we sink our money into? Broken replay machines and penalties for anybody who sneezes near Tom Brady??

  74. This is not that much different from the James Harrison hit. If a QB is going to slide late he’s taking the risk of getting popped (and he usually will) and that QB is 100% fair game for a helmet-to-helmet hit at that time.

    The same should apply to a QB tucking and running towards the line of scrimmage, then throwing it at the last minute. You’re taking a risk to get popped the way a running back would, so don’t do it unless you’re aware of the consequences.

    If Harrison gets fined and/or suspended then Fletcher should also receive some sort of punishment.

  75. Triplette’s crew has been horrendous all season.

    There were three terrible personal foul calls yesterday in the Pats-Skins game.

    The calls on Carter, Fletcher, and Wilfork were all terrible.

    The defender in all three cases were already in motion to strike before Carter was pushed, Brady slid, and Wilfork was already barreling down on the runner so he wouldn’t get up.

    Not to mention how many flags were thrown and then picked up? Terrible job by the crew in this game yesterday. Even as a Pats fan I couldn’t believe they called Fletcher for that. Awful

  76. You know, when a player screws up, he is held accountable by the coaches and/or media. Is there a mechanism in place to hold the officiating crew accountable? Will they EVER be expected to acknowledge a mistake? The NFL refs should be expected to answer media questions after each game just like the players and coaches are. I’ve heard the NFL has some sort of review of the officiating during the week following a game, but I think the results of those reviews are kept from the public. WHY????

  77. Fletcher is a loser for saying it wasn’t a penalty. He clearly hit a sliding QB even though the ref goofed on what type of personal foul should have been called.

  78. calzone21411 says:
    Dec 14, 2011 8:58 PM
    Fletcher is a loser for saying it wasn’t a penalty. He clearly hit a sliding QB even though the ref goofed on what type of personal foul should have been called.

    Hey Calzone, if Fletcher’s shoulder-to-shoulder hit was a personal foul of any type, then we need to put a skirt on Brady and shave his legs. Fletcher’s hit was clean and only wimps like you would complain about it and call it a personal foul.

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