Raheem Morris not worried about his job security


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned in their worst performance of a disappointing season in Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars, and if there were questions about head coach Raheem Morris’s job security before the game, those questions increased exponentially after the game.

But Morris says he’s not worried.

If I wanted to worry about my job security, I wouldn’t be coaching,” Morris said. “I’d be holding a microphone right now talking to some other coach, but I’m going to keep coaching and doing what I got to do.”

That “holding a microphone” line sounds like a shot at the media, but if Morris is going to be mad at someone, it shouldn’t be the media. It should be his players, who looked incompetent on Sunday.

And that, in turn, falls on Morris. Which is why he ought to be concerned about his job security, even if he says he isn’t.

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  1. Coach Rah isn’t worried about his job security because he’s cheap and the Owners (Glazers) would rather put money into their soccer team instead of the Bucs.

  2. That’s ok Raheem. I’m not worried about renewing my season tickets either. I can just get a job selling concessions or pouring beers in a half empty stadium and actually get paid to watch this garbage.

  3. Coach Morris is right about one thing . The coaching profession is no plce for a person who worries about a steady job. I am pretty sure he can read the writing on the wall. With what happened to the coach in Jacksonville , he has to feel the heat. We Buc fans are getting fed up and even the season ticket holders are staying home. The silence from the Glazers may be an ominous sign.

  4. @vegaskid21:

    You’re onto something. I mean, the Bucs are cheap, have the youngest team year in and year out, have blackouts every week and the ownership doesn’t make changes. I wonder if the league is interested in why?

  5. The Jags rarely score 20 points in a game and they hung 40+ on your team, I think that says it all. His style must have worn off pretty fast, this team looks pathetic. The only guy playing with some passion is Blount. Freeman shouldn’t have been on the field, he was clearly injured and he regressed massively this season.

  6. As much as the Saints fan in me loves to see the Buccaneers “strugg-a-ling”, the NFL fan in me wants to see Raheem gone. He’s a terrible coach and his team is ridiculously undisciplined off and on the field.

  7. This is complete bs to all the season ticket holders like myself. Why am I spend money on the team when the owners won’t spend to put a better product on the field? & now they already want money for next years tickets before Xmas??? Fire this bum & put the team up for sale. How can u make someone head coach when he’s never even been a coordinator??? The Glazers r cheap & we all know that but c’mon… RayJay will be even more empty next season if these greedy clowns are still running the show here.

  8. That doesn’t sound so much like a shot at the media as it does a commentary on the career path of ex- or temporarily ex-coaches. If you don’t want to worry about job security for a while, go work for ESPN and get some rest…

  9. I said from day one that Raheem is a moron. AND, I expect that he will be back with the Bucs for many more seasons, as the Glazers just love cheap. And that’s what Raheem will always be: cheap. Just don’t expect him to motivate anyone.

  10. You think for one minute that Raheem is going to tell reporters ” yeah I am worried about my job”? Puleeez..

    First, understand that the organization made the decision to go with a youth movement..which means most of the team has rookie or second year players..
    Second, keep in mind that this coaching staff did not have too much time to work with the players due to the lockout. Imagine you being a rookie and having to go in and learn a total new system from scratch. That takes quite a bit of time..let alone 14 games..

    Now I will admit that this team does look like crap..and the fans have a right to be pissed. But lets also remember that this team is going through a youth movement.

  11. I go to 1-2 Buc games per year (live 1500 miles away or I would go to more) and also pay for the Sunday ticket. Next season may be the first time I don’t renew the ticket, I would still watch some games at a nearby bar, but this product is very hard to watch for 3+ hours per week. I was shocked we actually put up a touchdown for the first time this season in the 1st quarter, then reality set in. I’m just glad we played the Vikings when they were still starting McNabb, or we probably would have lost that game too. I’ll always be a fan, but agree that Raheem needs to go, it can’t make the team play any worse.

  12. Thats what u get when you FORCE teams to interview minority candidates, he shammed his poor black man butt into a HC job, & ruined it for everyone that is a fan! I bet if ol’ white Gruden was still there, it wouldn’t be so bad! That minority rule must go, because the tides have changed, the once minorities are not minorities anymore…

  13. All you so called bucs fans really upset me, I have been going to games since I was born, my father is a season ticket holder since day 1. Don’t forget when the Glazers bought this team we where the laughing stock of the NFL. They committed put the greatest defense ever on the field on brought us a Superbowl, so shut your mouths, cause in my opinion if not for them wanting to win, we would still be the orange and white crap franchise. Oh and they fought and got us a beautiful stadium. Ever think that Raheem and Dominik are stubborn and only wanna do it thru the draft??? That is something we will never know. No one will. Show some respect for the family that has brought a Lombardi trophy here, and 2 Superbowl games.

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