Romeo Crennel will coach Chiefs for final three games


After the firing of Todd Haley, the Kansas City Chiefs will install defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel as the interim head coach for the final three games of the season.

Crennel, who was hired by Haley as defensive coordinator last year, was the head coach of the Browns from 2005 to 2008. According to multiple reports, the Chiefs have started informing members of the organization that the job is Crennel’s for the next three weeks.

Given the disappointing record of the Browns during Crennel’s tenure, it’s probably unrealistic to think he’d be given a real shot at becoming head coach permanently in 2012, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the Chiefs hire a head coach who would keep Crennel in place as defensive coordinator.

Among the names that have been thrown around as possible Chiefs head coaches in 2012 are former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and former Browns and Jets head coach Eric Mangini. All occupy branches of the Bill Belichick family tree, as do Crennel and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.

79 responses to “Romeo Crennel will coach Chiefs for final three games

  1. Yeah great. Pioli’s gonna rely on his goons to coach my team. Can’t wait to see him declare Josh McDaniels as the next coach. I’ll lost my marbles, and sell my season tickets.

  2. So what your saying is that no matter who they hire, except for Ferentz, the Chiefs will mostly likely still suck? And Ferentz is a big question mark in that area of the nfl.

  3. Please tell me my eyes are playing tricks on me.


    Thats the meat, cheese, and bread of a suck sandwich right there!

  4. Eric Mangini as HC and Josh Mcdaniels as his OC would be the way to go. It would allow them to keep Crennel on staff as well. Mangini got a raw deal with the Browns hiring of Holmgren. They were starting to look good and have taken a major step back this year with the new system they’ve installed. It’s hard to fathom firing someone when the THREE best players on the team hurt. Eric Berry, Jamal Charles & Cassel. Not to mention a future start at tight end in Tony Moeaki. That D plays pretty tough – so they will be alright next year.

  5. Mangini squealed on Pioli and Belichick about Spygate,. I don’t think he will be considered for the job.

  6. home teams are bad yup very bad this is not like them to lose like this on national television i am so depressed right now i dont know if i’ll ever get over this loss from last night i dont know its going to be tough to overcome in the next 11 years from now (if we get to 11 years) the home teams in the national football league has really played bad defense cant cover cant create turnovers, they keep making stupid mistakes, missed passes and those kill you in a football game because the road team will make you pay for it.. this is devastating and i dont care what anybody thinks

  7. He should be considered for the full time job. Just because someone does not have a ton of success at one stop, does not disqualify the person from future success. Could it be that he is a humble man who learned lessons from his previous stop?

    And why exactly would McDaniels or Mangini be candidates if past failure was a reason for disqualification? I think RAC is the man for the job.

  8. Wait? Why’d they fire Haley? He was so nice, got the job done, and got along with everyone so well. Strange.

  9. I hope for the Chiefs sake that they stay away from Mangini and McDaniels. Neither would help fix the problems. McDaniels would bring more problems, Mangini would stick with what’s there. I’m not a Chiefs fan, but hope they would want to improve.

  10. Mangini would be the perfect choice for this team. I only wish my Browns had been smart enough to keep him. Look at them now.

  11. “former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and former Browns and Jets head coach Eric Mangini.”

    Wow!!!!! There is a recipe for success

  12. Just say no to the Belichick tree.
    Mangina (fail)
    McDaniels (fail)
    Crennel (fail)
    Weiss (fail)

    They are all failures as head coaches.

    Parcells fairs much better:
    Sean Payton
    Tom Coughlin
    Bill Belichick
    Haley (fail)
    Sparano (fail)
    Al Groh (fail)
    Chris Palmer (fail)
    Ray Handley (fail)

  13. “Given the disappointing record of the Browns during Crennel’s tenure, it’s probably unrealistic to think he’d be given a real shot at becoming head coach permanently in 2012,”

    You know, Bill Belichick didn’t exactly light it up in Cleveland either. Not sure that’s a very good barometer for success?

  14. Bet ya Romo find a way to get Orton on the field. Having Tyler Palko under center yesterday was a complete failure by Haley and he deserved to be fired. He had enough time to get him ready. The Chiefs are not paying Orton that type of cash to collect splinters on his rear-end.

  15. I’m a Broncos fan. And so you can imagine what I think of the Chiefs in general.

    So when I say that I’m desperately hoping that the Chiefs don’t hire McDaniels, please understand that it’s not that I don’t want the Chiefs to rebuild. It’s that I respect the rivalry between the Broncos and Chiefs, and I want to see it return to playoff-caliber matchups. And as long as Josh McDaniels is running a team, they’ll never get anywhere close to that.

    So please, KC- don’t hire McDaniels. Allow your team to rebuild without that poison in your locker room. Become a strong team again so that I can start hating you again, the way it SHOULD be.

    Besides, as well as St. Louis is doing on offense with McDaniels as OC, why would anyone consider him for another head coaching position?

  16. McDaniels will come into town trade away the QB, RB, TE and anyone with talent…. oh wait.. Chiefs don’t have any of that.. so we’re good to go!

  17. McDaniels? Seriously? Who made up that list? Romeo had one good season with the Browns … which is one more than McDaniels finished with the Broncos.

  18. I always thought Crennel was a solid coach who had a completely inept GM.

    If he finishes strong, maybe he’ll coach next year?

    Now Romeo’s thinking – “Please Kyle, get healthy.”

  19. They just fired a Mangini in the form of Haley. No way they replace this creep with that creep.

  20. Which are losers???

    Answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE. McDaniels – failed; Mangini – failed x 2; Crennel – failed; Ferentz – moderate success at College level!

    Why can’t Chiefs try for someone who might actually succeed??? What a disappointment!

  21. There is another reason to hire Crennel: the Chiefs need a stable, mature leader. They already had an immature, unstable coach. They do not need a Napoleon like Mangini or an immature control freak like McDaniels.

    Instead, they can have a veteran coach who is humble and respected and who can provide stability. They have a solid staff. They just need a respected and stable leader. Romeo should get a chance.

  22. Every one of those coaches listed as possible successors suck. Heck, Brian Billick would be an imrovement over those guys. However, you are probably right that one of them will get hired.

  23. Crennel is a perfect example of someone who is an excellent coordinator but a poor HC (eg McDaniels, Norv Turner, Wade Phillips)

    KC would do well to keep him on as a DC and who knows, not many coaches have succeeded in Cleveland so who knows if he might have better success the second time around, but from what I hear he’s too much of a player’s coach and a probably doesn’t have the stones to be a HC.

  24. All these compliments about Romeo, but have we quickly forgotten that his defense played yesterday and have been inconsistent all year. Bring back “Marty Ball” (not Marty himself) but a defensive minded coach that can instill an attitude within this team. The Chiefs have been playing soft ever since Marty left they need a tough identity.

  25. I agree mangini, mcdanels won’t get the job. My guess is its parcells job to turn down then if he does farentz would be next then Romeo and if all else fails sparano if Miami cuts him lose. Wonder if we could intrest the colts to trade us luck.

  26. If they hire Mangini or McDaniels I will be hiding all my Chiefs attire and changing the Chiefs/NFL man cave into an NBA cave. And there’s nothing I hate more than the NBA.

    Marty, Cowher, or Gruden… Those are your options!

  27. Shouldn’t be too hard to get things rolling for Crennel…. As he has to do is beat the 13-0 Packers his first game.

  28. The chefs suck no matter who the coach is. I know eric berry and jamal charles are pro bowlers, but gotdamn how much does a team really on two players?

  29. As far as I knew, Pioli and Mangini were not on the best of terms post-Spygate. Remember that Randy Lerner wanted to pair Pioli with Mangini in Cleveland and Pioli backed out once Lerner hired Mangini.

  30. Romeo needs to be the head coach. The part of the team he currently runs is the only part that has improved despite injury. Fire Bill Muhr right along with Hailey move Jim Zorn in as offensive cordinator or hire Josh McDaniel for the position.

  31. Our owner is cheap! That is not Pioli’s fault. Pioli spent the money in New England because he was allowed to do so. We were well under the cap before Pioli for a reason. Now, I actually like Ferentz as our HC. Yes, we will have to over pay to get him. He is like a super hero in Iowa City. I believe Ferentz was Pioli’s first choice, but Ferentz had a very nice defense when we came begging. Now? not so much. The Iowa pass defense is one of the worst in college. Ferentz has never had an elite QB, so I think he can manage this team as it stands. It’s hard to recruit guys to come to Iowa when they live in really nice, fun places already. Iowa breeds linemen (the evidence is in the NFL) and good tackling linebackers (see Pat Angerer). The down side to Ferentz is that he is not an offensive minded coach. We would need to find an OC that can move the ball. With that said, we already hired an offensive minded HC and we still couldnt move the ball.

  32. Now we know what Haley was screaming when he pointed his finger at Josh McDaniels. “You better not take my office, you little bleep!”.

  33. Ferentz is the best candidate on that list, at least he can develop talent and runs a pro system, unlike McDaniels who just makes everyone worse and couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

  34. “…names that have been thrown around as possible Chiefs head coaches in 2012 are former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and former Browns and Jets head coach Eric Mangini.”

    This is has an lot of losers on it. A bunch of failures from the Belichick tree all exept for Ferentz who has no NFL experience. Still, the last college head coach to translate that into NFL success was Jimmy Johnson (nobody in their right mind would say Barry Switzer, as he basically let the team run itself).

    Still, that entire list is comprised of people who could not win after leaving Belichick. Good luck, Kansas City.

  35. Haley lost his starting qb, best offensive player (Jamal Charles), and his best defensive player (Eric berry). I don’t really want to defend the guy but how could u fire him for not being able to win with palko…

  36. Unless you’re going after one of the big coaching names (Fisher, Gruden, Cowher) then why not give Romeo Crennel a chance??? It’s better than any of the other smucks that were mentioned in this article (McDaniels? Mangini? Ferentz?)!

  37. This year instead of getting fired after losing to the Packers (Childress, Phillips), Haley gets fired before the Pack.
    I actually thought he did a pretty good job this year after losing the top offensive player and one of the top defensive players (Berry and Hali pretty close), losing the first two games 89-10, and holding his team together to remain competetive despite the injuries and the start.
    I think a lot to do with Haley is how he carries himself… dressing worse than BB, looking confused. Doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.

    Crennel? Forget it. He already tried that. Just like Wade Phillips, some guys are just better as coordinators.

  38. Actually, Ferentz was Belichick’s Offensive Line coach in Cleveland and I believe one season when they moved to Baltimore. And let’s not build Cassell up to be anymore than what he is. He is a guy that got rich based on one season’s accomplishments in New England. Everyone has seen the tape. Everyone knows he flourishes on throwing quick slants and letting his teammates boost his accolades.

  39. Blaming this firing on the early injuries is really a bogus story as a lot of teams lose players and they sure don’t use it for excuses as the pro-haley fans have. I am relieved that this guy is gone because he was not HC material and needs to find a OC position. We will see how Pioli handles the search for a new coach.

  40. its a mistake, crennel is great as a d-coordinator. there defense is playing inspiriational football and there games r always close despite not having their starting QB or RB

  41. No one from the Ditka tree? Singletary’s not too busy in MN as a linebackers coach. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to be a head patsy again.

  42. The best thing us chiefs fans can hope for is Andy Reid to get fired and come to kc, followed by RGIII falling into our laps………… Then I wake up.

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