Seahawks and Rams game looks like you expected

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Fans tuning into Monday night’s Seahawks and Rams game probably expected an ugly affair.

So far, it’s exceeded expectations. It’s really ugly.

The Seahawks lead 10-3 at the break in a half punctuated by fumbled snaps, dropped interceptions, misfired passes into the dirt, and players tripping over one another.

We expected Seattle to control the game, but the only real difference is a punt blocked for a touchdown.

Sam Bradford is playing, but he shouldn’t be. He looks uncomfortable and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Kellen Clemens before this game is over. Bradford is 5-for-13 for 59 yards.  Tarvaris Jackson isn’t much better, but he hasn’t had to be.

The good news: Next week’s Monday night game is Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

50 responses to “Seahawks and Rams game looks like you expected

  1. This game is like kissing your sister. Sister Emphysema, the oldest nun in the Rectory. The one with the thick moustache and bad teeth.

  2. As a 49er fan, I have come to the shocking conclusion that the Cardinals are the second best team in the NFC West. Can’t wait for next Monday’s game against the Steelers. I hope Harbaugh rallies the troop and prepares them, because Pittsburgh is truly a test, and should give them great preparation for what it will be like in the playoffs.

  3. Yeah. Boring as HELL. Which explains why I am watching Family Guy re-runs. I need a decent game in order to tolerate the worst announcer in history … Chuckie. Even then, when it is a good game, I mute it.

    And what scheduling genius put these two teams on a Monday night? It’s not exactly like they are juggernaut’s last year.

  4. This is a very tough game to watch… If I didn’t have Lynch on my fantasy team there’d be no way I wasted my night watching this.

    Gotta give some of these guys respect though.. A few nice plays here and there.

  5. Witness 2 teams that don’t know how to draft. Can’t believe this bumfight gets a national stage.

    At least the home crowd gets to see a win. STL has nothing.

  6. Pretty obvious the rams are playing for a draft pick,bradford looks horrible!..he needs to get the hook.

  7. This Baldwin kid is everything DeSean Jackson aspires to be. He’s returned kicks, covered punts, blocked punts, and caught touch down passes.

    And he looks like he’s having fun. DeSean Jackson sucks.

  8. You people are morons Seattle is still alive in the playoff hunt, and own the tiebreaker over the giants and next week will own the tebreaker over Chicago but its a free country so take your east coast bias and change the damn channel and stay off the topics for this game

  9. Is it because this game is in Seattle that it’s depressing to watch? Who am I kidding, I’d rather watch a preseason week 4 matchup than this garbage.

  10. Its like watching the first 57 minutes of any tebow game without the hope of something good happening…….zzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Seriously, think of the last two weeks of TNF and MNF games. What a disaster.

    Off the top of my head, SD vs. JAX, PHI vs. SEA, PIT vs CLE, SEA vs. STL, KC vs. NE…

    I mean jesus, these are matchup’s only a player’s mother could love.

  12. Wow, i feel VERY bad for Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson. Jackson doesnt even get carries in the red zone and neither get blocking by the offensive line and what’s worse is that Jon Gruden actually thinks the Rams should replace Sam Bradford with Andrew Luck!!!! what’s he watching??? Does he remember that Bradford was a number one overall pick???? does he see what he has to work with besides Jackson??? that line is poor, he has NO rapport with Brandon Lloyd and the other WRs dont always make plays or get open. Seahawks would’ve won if Bradford played or didnt play because their team has rapport on offense and defense and have good offensive coaching. the Rams made a mistake getting McDaniels.

  13. How was this game a mnf game? Do you need a cystal ball to know this wasn’t going to be a good game? Giants cowboys is what it should have been. Plenty of star power, NFC east implications, and plenty of fantasy players in the first week of playoffs.

  14. NFC West owns the NFC East. Yep, you just have to watch the games to know what you’re talking about. Too bad the East Coast crybabies can’t stay up past naptime.

    How ’bout them Cowboys? Oh yeah, lost to the Cards. Again.

    How ’bout them Giants? Oh yeah, needed a luckbox call to get past the Cards.

    How ’bout the Uggles? Oh yeah, they just suck.

    How ’bout the Skins? Oh yeah, they just suck.

    East Coast bias = prints the intelligent people money in the sportsbook

  15. If you missed this game, you missed Doug Baldwin blocking a punt that was returned for a TD, catching a downed punt at the six yard line, and returning a reverse on the opening kickoff 47 yards. He damn well ought to be the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

    He also caught 7 passes for 93 yards and a touchdown, and is on pace to be the first UDFA rookie in 51 years to lead his team in receptions and yards.

    Oh, and your team passed on him last April, in all seven rounds.

  16. Yall same ppl with all the slighting comments were prob the same ones losing money and pissing ur pants when we beat New Orleans in January.

    Fact is, you and the media always want to complain how uninteresting of a game Seattle has on primetime stages yet we’re the very team that has supplied the NFL with some of the most exhilirating moments and outcomes this past year!

    So kill all that noise.

    It’s this same kind of attitude that leaves all yall saying “But wait….how could they…but I thought…???” at the end of the day when we beat your beloved media darlings.

    Like the Saints.

    Like the Giants, this year!

    Like the Eagles.

    So, please, keep sleepin’ on us.

    We actually look forward to it.

  17. robolundgren says: Dec 12, 2011 10:05 PM

    San Diego and Jacksonville one week, St. Louis and Seattle the next.. ESPN really knows how to pick ‘em.


    The NFL sets the schedule, not ESPN. I’m sure they aren’t exactly thrilled with these kinds of matchups, either.

  18. The blocked punt/TD was pretty awesome but everytime the rams took the field I just kinda felt bad for them

  19. boilerup1869 says:
    Dec 12, 2011 11:04 PM
    The only thing worse than watching my Bears completely melt down on Sunday is watching any combination of NFC West teams slop it out on Monday.

    No, whats WORSE is watching your team, at home, melt down YET AGAIN to ONE of these NFC West teams NEXT Sunday.

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