Seahawks learning how to win ugly


The Seahawks don’t play aesthetically pleasing football, but they are growing more effective. Here’s what we learned during their 30-13 win over the Rams:

1. I’ve said it before, but this Seahawks team is better than last year’s playoff group. They have won four of five games to reach 6-7 because they know how to win ugly.

The defense presents a lot of problems and they can run the ball with Marshawn Lynch. (He had 115 yards and a score.) That’s more than a lot of teams have to offer.

2. Seattle isn’t totally out of the playoff race just yet. They would have a chance to get in at 9-7 if they won out. They play in Chicago, then host the 49ers, before heading to Arizona. It’s a long shot, but topping last year’s win total (seven) would be a step in the right direction.

3. It’s no mistake the Seahawks defense is in the top ten in points allowed. They are one of the toughest teams in the league to run against. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor form the best young safety duo in the league; Chancellor came to play with big hits Monday.

Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman are physical and better than you’d expect at the cornerback spots.

4. The Seahawks offense needs a lot of work, but rookie slot man Doug Baldwin is a keeper. The undrafted free agent gem is over 700 yards on the season after catching 7 passes for 93 yards and a score. Baldwin also blocked a punt that was returned for a score.

5. The Rams’ Sam Bradford just didn’t look right playing on a high ankle sprain. He completed only 12-of-29 passes, and that was after garbage time stat padding. His accuracy was all over the place. The Rams offense is just a mess.

6. While the Seahawks are ascending, the Rams continue to look like the worst team in the NFL other than the Colts. Fair or not, it’s hard to imagine Steve Spagnuolo surviving this season.

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  1. huge win for the home team tonight after last night’s heartbraking the home team has rebounded and rebounded really well controlling the clock, run the ball are the key ingredients

  2. If there was anything ugly about that game, it was the Rams. The Seakhawks actually look pretty good. Tavaris Jackson throws a nice ball, Marshawn Lynch is a madman, and the Baldwin dude played an awesome game.

  3. somebody PLEASE hire gruden for a hc job so i dont have to hear him gushing over everythting 16 times on monday nights thats what makes these crappy monday night games ugly……dam it makes me want to throw up

  4. The Rams chose Sam Bradford over Tim Tebow? St. Louis also got Denver’s best WR at the trade deadline? I’m confused!

  5. Hopefully the Rams crappy offensive performance this year disqualifies McDaniels from head coaching considerations.

  6. Love Mike Tirico’s sign off: “Hopefully they’ll be a better game next week in San Francisco when the Steelers come to town.”

  7. The Rams are unbelievably bad. This may be the worst 5 year span by any one franchise in NFL history: they’ve won 15 games since 2007, and 7 of those came last season! They’re averaging 3 wins a year.

  8. Hella ugly. But the defense is stellar now, built thru the draft. All those that think they are garbage keep this in mind, both corners are rookies. Heavily penalized, but still rank high. Lynch is a play maker, behind any oline. Candy rain yo

  9. They know how to win ugly and they’ve beat the Giants & Eagles, does that mean they’ll be moved to the NFC East next year?

  10. I was playing the Seahawks defense in my fantasy matchup and, I wanted to freaking choke their cornerbacks for getting all those penalties. Especially Sherman for drawing a taunting call after making the third down stop…I was not particularly impressed by them, though Bradford tried his best to make them look like stars.

  11. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Once Clausen gets a fair shot with a decent team (the 2010 panthers were a dumpster fire), he will be a better QB than bradford.

  12. T-Jack has improved a lot. I’m glad to see a young player who was cast away by a franchise and it’s fans is able to find some success elsewhere. Could be a very capable back-up if given the opportunity.

  13. Something about those DBs in Seattle!

    B-utler (when he gets back healthy and integrated. He’s a blazer!)

    And our DBs in that secondary! They’re on the come up!

    Keep sleepin’ on us NFL, just keep sleepin’ on us…

  14. Aaron Curry is having a monster yr with Oakland. Dude is all over the field.

    Yea.. I know.. Defense stunk vs the Packers but so have 13 other teams this season..

    Curry is a beast.. Period

  15. This is going to sound funny but I think next year the NFC West could be one of the better divisions in football provided that Seattle and Arizona get better QB play. The other pieces are there. Seattle, on paper, isn’t that much different than SF and we’ve seen Arizona give some teams fits this season.

    That being said, this is the 1 division in the league without a star QB on any team (although, with the injuries the same thing has happened to the AFC South) and until that happens they’re a little difficult to take seriously.

    Oh, and the Rams are hideous.

  16. Sherman and Browner may be physical and all, but they are a couple of cheapshot artists whose stupid penalties will eventually cost the team. They looked like the Lions tonight. Carroll better get a grip on these guys.

  17. When Gruden and Jaworski were arguing about whether or not the Rams should draft Luck or Griffin, did anyone else think they were going to start brawling right there in the booth?

  18. MarShawn Lynch is one ugly mug good thing he has a helmet on half the time they show him. He may be ugly but he can run with the best of them. BEAST MODE! I like skittles also MarShawn.

  19. That Browns loss without Lynch and Jackson is going to be the killer. That and the Giants, Lions and Falcons winning yesterday hurt.
    If they can beat the Bears like they did last year, look out though.

    But they are a better team…Go Hawks!

  20. As 9ers fan I’ll give props where they’re due. As it stands right now AZ and SEA are teams nobody wants to play. Both teams got off to horrible starts but either one could wind up in the playoffs if they win out and get some help from other teams. The NFC West is NOT the worst division in the NFL right now. I don’t look forward to the 9ers going up to SEA in a couple of weeks. I think PITT @ home will be an easier game. I didn’t say easy, I said easier. 9ers have to win their last 3 games if NO wins out to keep 1st round bye.

  21. The Seahawks played pretty well, but the Rams are simply terrible. Spagnuolo should be fired tomorrow.

    My guess is the Rams hire a new GM/Head Coach, and they take Matt Barkley in the draft, and send Bradford packing.

    And my other guess is that game will turn out to be the lowest rated Monday Night game of the season.

    Rams vs. Seahawks = a tank in the ratings, every time…..

  22. They kind of are out of the playoff race. There could be a 9-7 team that gets in, but it would probably only be Detroit under a pretty strict set of circumstances. Detroit would have to beat Oakland and then could lose out. They’d hold a common opponents breaker over the Bears, assuming they don’t get to 10 wins, which they almost certainly won’t. Then the Giants would have to win their division and keep the Cowboys 9-7, where the Lions would also have a breaker. The Seahawks don’t have the breakers they need to get in.

  23. 12 teams with worse record than the Hawks, 7th ranked total defense. Playing with 2 starters from the beginning the season on the offensive line.
    5 years of useless drafts by an incompetent Tim Ruskell as GM.
    Say all the bad things you want Gregg, but I like the direction Pete and John has this team headed.
    They are young, and only going to get better.

  24. “We watched Seahawks-Rams so you didn’t have to”

    Seriously? If you are a true NFL fan, it doesn’t matter who is playing on Monday Night Football. If you are by a TV, you are watching the game. What else are you going to watch? Dancing With the Stars? Go paint your nails Rosenthal.

    Anyways, although the Seahawks aren’t a great team yet, they obviously have a lot of great, fun to watch pieces in place. The Seahawks are moving in the right direction and all of the 12th fans should be excited!

  25. Seattle’s been rapidly rotating their roster for 2 years and have hit on some unexpected jewels nobody else noticed. Especially undrafted rookie Baldwin, CFL cornerback Browner, and a patchwork offensive line that somehow gets the job done for castoff Marshawn Lynch. Add that nobody really thought Jackson could replace Hasselbeck even this well, and I’d say they’ve done remarkably well.

  26. The Rams front office and coaching staff have failed. Neither has done their duty in acquiring talented players, nor in game planning and preparation. Like The Colts, they are an embarrassment to the NFL and its fans. Failure can not be rewarded. Fire everyone.

    Seattle needs to acquire a potential Pro Bowl level quarterback or Pete Carroll will soon join the Rams coach in being fired.

  27. Personally , I’d just like to thank the Buffalo Bills from the bottom of my heart for trading Marshawn Lynch to us in exchange for a box of Cracker Jacks . Doug Baldwin was undrafted , every team in the league passed on him . I saw Big Mike Williams with a couple of catches tonight . T-Jack looked better at quarterback tonight than the #1 overall pick in the draft on the other team . Browner is a CFL refugee who’s playing lights out …

    … the Seahawks keep winning with a bunch of players no one else wanted . Go Hawks !

  28. Pete Carroll does not belong in the NFL, he does not have an eye for talent, or know how to coach an NFL team. YEP all the haters will hate, as he is assembling a nasty D, and when we get our QB a very good O. We will make a run for the playoffs this year, and take back the NFC West next.

  29. I’d love to see the Seahawks make the playoffs at 9-7.. That would make 2 NFC West teams in the playoffs, and it would make the east coast bias put sock in it! Go Niners, and I guess for the time being, go Hawks!

  30. I didn’t think the game was ugly from Seattle’s perspective at all, they ran the ball and stopped the Rams from doing so. Kept a hobbled Bradford in check and held Steven Jackson from making the explosive big plays you are accustomed to seeing from him.

    They looked really good last night. It is a situation where you have to consider who they beat, but still they looked good.

    Marshawn Lynch is looking really stout. Buffalo drafting CJ Spiller and shipping Marshawn out of town for a 4th rounder is looking pretty stupid right about now.

  31. ‘Fair or not, it’s hard to imagine Steve Spagnuolo surviving this season.’

    In no way would it be unfair to let him go. What has he done for the Rams in three seasons? The defense is decent, nothing more, the offense is terrible and special teams is pretty bad as well.

    We’re one of the oldest teams in the league, players are commiting stupid penalties, his clock management is awfull, and he doesn’t use his challenges right as we saw again tonight.

    He should be fired, and maybe the GM as well although I suspect that his drafting is decent, and it’s our staff of terrible coaches that can’t develop players.

  32. Wouldn’t fire the coach when you have 10 defensive backs on IR and 33% of the players on last nights roster didn’t come to training camp.

    I laugh when people say, “you can’t use injuries as an excuse ” because sometimes you can.

  33. Carroll and Schneider took the carnage of the Tim Ruskell error and have put together the nucleus of a team that should continue to improve and become a legitimate SB contender in a few years. Good riddance Timmy Numbskull, glad to see you gone.

  34. Fair or not….I’d say Spags has been given a ton of opportunities to succeed and really has shown very little promise. The defense is nothing special, the offense is god awful and in general the Rams lack any excitement or hope.

  35. Oh wait, are we pretending that winning at home against the Rams means something? What next, grinding out a victory against the Colts?

  36. I don’t think the offense needs a “lot of work”- Lynch is a beast, they have a very good young reciever, Zach Miller is a very good tight end, and their line seemed OK to me.

    What they need is a better QB. Tavaris Jackson isn’t a train wreck, but he’s not a top level QB, either.

    The ironic thing is, if they win 2 of their last 3, they will finish with a better record than last year and not make the playoffs.

  37. Wasnt it Mike Holmgren who put the core of this team together when he was GM,why cant he do the same for the Browns? the Browns have a long way to go it looks like while the Seahags see improvement every game,would be great to see the Seahags beat Da Bears next week on the road but dont believe it will happen.

  38. Speaking of ugly, scheduling these two teams in December was quite stupid. Yeah, Seattle won their division (7-9) and upset the wounded Saints, but com’on! The Rams sucked last year.

  39. Hey, all I care is they got me out of a hole this week. At least I can spend my money on Christmas rather than on my I-tallian friends.

  40. Billh1947 as much of a holmgren fan as I am no he didn’t put the core of this team together the only two players left from when Hilmgren was here is Leroy Hill and Marcus Trufant. John Schneider and Pete Carrol have put this team together and will continue to do so and the Seahawks will be a force to reckon with in a few years

  41. cuda1234 says:
    Dec 13, 2011 7:30 AM
    Why in the world did the Rams give Sam Bradford a new OC and new offense to learn during the lockout?


    Cuz the previous OC (who was not the most exciting play caller either) left to be HC for Cleveland.

    Frankly, I think talking about the Rams drafting another QB is a bit too soon. Bradford needs O-Line help, WR help (big time), and better coaching and playcalling.

    I like what Spags has done for the defense, but if he can’t get the offense on track, they wear out, and it shows. May be time to give Steve his walking papers…

  42. raider23mike says:Dec 13, 2011 12:37 AM

    Curry is a beast.. Period
    It’s kind of ironic you put no period after “Period”. If 4.3 tackles per game defines “beast” in Oakland, standards have seriously plummeted since the Ted Hendricks days. KJ Wright had 8 tackles, one sack, and one pass defense last night….Aaron who?

    billh1947 says:Dec 13, 2011 7:56 AM

    Wasnt it Mike Holmgren who put the core of this team together when he was GM,why cant he do the same for the Browns?
    Holmgren built most of the 2003-2007 Seattle team that went to the playoffs five years in a row, and one Super Bowl. Tim Ruskell took over GM duties in 2005, and it took about three years for the team to disintegrate. Carroll and Schneider have wiped the slate from those years. I think Leroy Hill and Brandon Mebane are the only defensive starters left from 2009 (they still have Trufant, but he’s on IR and probably gone at the end of the year), and Max Unger is the only offensive starter left.

    It’s not Holmgren’s or Ruskell’s team anymore.

  43. canetic says:
    Dec 13, 2011 7:46 AM
    Oh wait, are we pretending that winning at home against the Rams means something? What next, grinding out a victory against the Colts?

    You can only play the teams on your schedule.

    They’ve also beaten the Ravens this year, which the Steelers have failed to do TWICE, as well as trouncing the Eagles last week. I know the Eagles have been extremely disappointing, but still.

    I’m not a Seahawks fan, but I watched them start to finish two weeks in a row now, and I really think they have potential.

  44. Seahacks fans commenting in here all giddy after beating a crap team with virtually no healthy players whatsoever are so cute. Keep dreaming, morons…your POS team ain’t making any noise outside of the garbage nfc west. But hey, fly those dope nfc west banners and stare at your empty trophy case all you wish. Never have seen such an obnoxious fan base that supports a perennially boring & losing product.

  45. “Seahacks fans commenting in here all giddy after beating a crap team with virtually no healthy players whatsoever are so cute. Keep dreaming, morons…your POS team ain’t making any noise outside of the garbage nfc west. But hey, fly those dope nfc west banners and stare at your empty trophy case all you wish. Never have seen such an obnoxious fan base that supports a perennially boring & losing product.”

    Let me guess. You have a Steelers hat, a Yankees jacket, and a Miami Heat sticker on your car.

  46. To me, winning 17-15 is an ugly win. Winning by 17 really isn’t all that ugly. Even without the somewhat lucky special teams score they still would have had a two score lead against an offense that was thoroughly overmatched by their D.

    Too little too late for the Seahawks but there is something there. I’d say give Tavaris one more year and see where it can take them.

  47. The Rams need to keep Bradford as their quarterback….. And Spagnuolo as their head coach…. and McDaniels as their OC…..

    Signed, Joe Seahawk…..

  48. thevalsalvamanouvre says:Dec 13, 2011 11:45 AM

    Let me guess. You have a Steelers hat, a Yankees jacket, and a Miami Heat sticker on your car.

    If you peel off the Heat sticker, there’s still a Lakers one underneath.

    cowboysp says:Dec 13, 2011 2:01 AM

    Rams vs. Seahawks = a tank in the ratings, every time…..
    Actually, the week 17 game from last year, which was “flexed” into the time slot since it was essentially a playoff game, was one of the highest-rated Sunday Night games from last season.

    Oh, and if you’re the same “cowboyp” who used to post on the Seahawks board at all the time, I’m sorry we ran you off in shame. OK, not really, but it seems a nice thing to say.

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