Tiki should get a Texas tryout


With the Cowboys losing DeMarco Murray to a broken ankle and Felix Jones not sufficiently durable to be a 25-carry-per-game workhorse and some guy named Phillip Tanner (not to be confused with Tanner Boyle) as the only other option on the roster, the Cowboys need a tailback.  (Actually Phillip Tanner is on IR.  The actor who played Tanner Boyle, as far as we know, is not.)

Presumably, the Cowboys will have a Gong Show tryout on Tuesday, inviting several unknown running backs to town for a series of drills aimed at finding one who can help provide depth behind Jones.

So why not send an invitation to Tiki Barber?

Regular readers of this site would never confuse me with the treasurer of the Tiki Barber Fan Club.  But when a guy generated 2,000-plus yards from scrimmage for each of his most recent three NFL seasons and he’s available and the Cowboys have a short-term need, why not bring him in for a look-see?

With a rematch against the Giants is looming for January 1, there would be no better way to ring in the New Year than with an unwanted visit from an old friend.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and Barber were teammates in New York for four seasons, from 2000 through 2003.  If the Cowboys don’t give Tiki a workout, that may tell us all we need to know.

Again, I’m not saying the Cowboys should sign Barber.  But they should bring him in and see what he can still do.  If he doesn’t have it anymore, so be it.  If he does, why wouldn’t the Cowboys want to welcome the Anti-Giant onto the roster for a stretch run that will include a showdown with Tiki’s former team?

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  1. nice job as a shill for a former NBC guy.
    they don’t bring him in because he is a negative presence in the locker room.

  2. yup this is a sign that the world is ending when the home teams lose it looks like the aliens are invading the home teams in the national football league

  3. and some guy named Phillip Tanner (not to be confused with Tanner Boyle)

    Also not to be confused with Danny Tanner…

  4. The fact that Garrett and Tiki were teammates makes it far LESS likely that Dallas will call him. Tiki burns all bridges…which is why nobody is ever going to sign him again.

  5. A coach that is fighting to save his job is probably not going to bring in a guy that’s infamous for high-tailing it to the owner’s office anytime he feels like the coach isn’t measuring up to his “high” standards.

  6. They’d probably be better off sending Murray out there on crutches.
    Don’t they have enough problems in Dallas? Do they really need that head case to deal with too?

  7. Of course you’re not the Treasurer of the Tiki Barber Fan Club. Daunte Culpepper would be pissed if you were two-timing him.

  8. I got the best resolution…we will give you Tashard Choice back cause he can’t.help my sorry Buffalo Bills who I root for no matter what! !!!

  9. This will never happen. Just yet another non story so we can all comment about how ‘Tiki is flabbergasted….’ Tiki blah blah blah blah blah, who cares….????

  10. Are you and PK trying to outretard each other? You’re a worthy adversary, but PK cotannot be topped.

  11. Are you and PK trying to outretard each other? You’re a worthy adversary, but PK cannot be topped.

  12. Phillip Tanner is not an option, he was placed on IR this past week. That said, I would rather see Felix Jones as the only available running back on the roster than have Tiki Barber added to it.

  13. Seriously, let it go. All the rah-rahing in the world by you won’t get him a try out (nor should it). It’s over. Only you and Tiki are not aware of it yet.

  14. It is becoming more and more obvious that this site is just a headline grab, and not real journalism. If you eliminated all the stories about Tiki, Brett, and McNuggets coming back this year, you could lighten your workload by 20%. Face it, none of these washed up has beens will be on anyone’s playoff rosters

  15. Bring in Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and Tiki Barber. Sign whomever appears to be the most fit/hungriest of the bunch. If CP can still block he has to be the obvious choice since he’s the youngest.

  16. Chicago Bears wishlist for RB:

    1) Payton (in current physical state)
    2) Barry Sanders
    3) Emmitt Smith – dyed beard
    4) Emmitt Smith – gray beard
    5) Tim Tebow
    6) Casey Urlacher
    7) Tiki Barber
    8) Mike Ditka (in golf cart)
    9) Mike Ditka (sans golf cart)
    10) Jonathan Toews
    11) Mike Martz
    12) Anybody else not named Marion Barber
    13) Marion Barber

  17. “some guy named Phillip Tanner (not to be confused with Tanner Boyle) as the only other option on the roster, the Cowboys need a tailback.”
    You know, except for the fact that Tanner was placed on IR 3 days ago, this would work.

  18. Tiki has been missing for months after becoming increasingly flabbergasted. I don’t see him coming out of hiding.

  19. You’re right. You’re not the treasurer, more like the President of the Tiki fan club. Seems every other week you bring up that this club or that should bring Barber in.

  20. I’m obviously going to be in the minority, but why not try him out? Yeah, he may be an egomanic and not a great teammate, but after last night and the other inexcusable losses, the season is wrapped up anyway. They need a RB, Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson may be available, but I doubt they are shape, mostly Portis (who I have always liked). Barber could, maybe past tense (?), run the ball well and catch, so again, why not? I think the Kittens took the best available RB FA in Kevin Smith. Who else is out there?

  21. I feel like the more experience you get with football the less knowledgeable you get. In summary you think Culpepper should get tryouts based on his experience 10 years ago and now you think Tiki Barber should get a chance based off of what happened 5 years ago. Stop for a minute before hitting the submit button.

  22. First off, how about the author paying attention to notice that Philip Tanner was placed on IR last week. Next, why even waste time talking about Tiki? A. he’s over the hill and B. he’s been too busy chasing skirts than staying in football shape these days.

  23. Let’s see…

    Tiki Barber, walking into MetLife Stadium on Jan 1, in a Cowboys uniform while his name is in the Giants ring of honor…

    The Secret Service wouldn’t take that security job.

  24. My guess they’ll sign either CP or LJ i like LJ cause he is a bigger back. Lets face it you wont get an all star this late so you have to roll with Felix and pray he stays healthy. If the Cowboys win 2 of the next 3 including againsts Giants then the division is theirs. The season is NOT over by any means.

  25. i’m a regular reader and i still think you’re the treasurer, secretary, vp and president and chairman of the board for Tiki’s fan club

  26. It took Chris Johnson 12 games to get into real playing shape and you want Tiki Barber to get off his couch and his new girlfriend and play RB for the cowboys lol. Dumb idea.

  27. Why not? We are down to our final and only back. If “Glass Man” Felix gets hurt which he usually does we are down to Miles Austin or Tony Romo running the ball. The last time Tony ran we ended up with a safety and Miles ended up with a hamstring injury. If we have to pass every down Tony will get scared and throw pics. In Tiki’s last game in 2006 he ran for 234 and 3 tds vs the Redskins. One thing for sure he would def. be hungry playing against his old mates on Jan 1. Revenge is the best dish served cold. How awesome would it be if he scored the game winning TD to knock the G-men out the playoffs.

  28. I wouldn’t come near this deal if I was the Cowboys. But I would consider an offseason trade with the Colts for Peyton Manning for Tony Romo and a number 1 pick, if I wanted to see “The Boys” in a SuperBowl anytime soon. Put Peyton on this team or the Jets and either one would be right up there with the Packers and Patriots.

  29. Tiki is an over rated, self centered turd.

    I would rather have Tanner Boyle at RB

    Now that I think of it I would also rather have a beer swilling Walter Matthau at coach over Jason Garrett.

  30. Sign him today, he’ll trash your team on national TV during the offseason!

    Yeah, gee, can’t figure out why teams aren’t jumping at the chance to sign this guy…

  31. I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with Peter King, but this is getting ridiculous. Only three RBs (Marcus Allen, John Riggins, and MacArthur Lane) have even rushed for 250 yards in a season at age 36. Old RBs simply don’t play well, particularly not ones with a history of locker room issues.

    Maybe they should look into signing Brett Favre while they’re at it.

  32. They don’t need no stinking running back. They’ll fold as usual with another screw up by the coach or Romo fumbling a snap. How ’bout dem CowBabies!

  33. sign someone off of someone else’s practice squad….saints have a pretty good one (joique bell).
    he’s probably better than a lot of active roster RBs

  34. Seriously Mike, what’s your obsession with Tiki? Does he buy advertising on this site? Every time there’s a RB injury you call for teams to give Tiki a go. It’s simply not going to happen. Setting aside for the moment his age and his history of stabbing former teammates in the back, he’s simply been out of the game for too long. He hasn’t gone through a training camp or a pro practice session in forever. Even if Tiki did have enough gas left in the tank (which is highly doubtful), by the time he’d be up to speed and ready to really contribute to the team, the season would be over. A little bit of rust is one thing, but by now Tiki has enough rust that it looks like a paint job.

  35. Who needs a RB? Just break a few of Romos ribs, pump him full of steroids and sit back and watch his throw for 5000 yards a game.

    But if we’re being serious, why not like a Brian Westbrook or someone in a similar situation?

  36. Give Tiki a tryout & can everyone stop hating because his wife is a hot blonde? I really believe the whole hot young blonde wife has alot of people pissed @ tiki it cant be for his play or him dissing eli because former players bash there teams quite often it only took troy aikman bout a year before he was bashing the cowboys. I honestly would luv to watch tiki play the giants but i dont know how jerry feels bout that.. Tiki is a baller stop hating most RBs would kill for two of his seasons

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