Tim Tebow: “My teammates make me look a lot better than I am”

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Is Tim Tebow getting too much credit for the team’s six-game winning streak? He thinks so.

“I think my teammates make me look a lot better than I am,” Tebow said after Sunday’s 13-10 win over the Bears. “They really stepped up and came up with some huge plays, and I’m so proud of them. And the way [Demaryius Thomas] stepped up on that last drive. You know, just good for him. I’m very proud of those guys. I think that is a character quality of a good team. When it is clutch and you need competitive greatness, you have to step up and you have to make those plays. If you’re able to do it when it really matters, usually you can find a way. We’ve just got to get better at doing it for four quarters.”

On the one hand, it’s obviously true that Tebow has a lot of good teammates who probably aren’t getting enough credit for the Broncos’ midseason turnaround. Denver’s defense has been outstanding, which is why the Broncos were still in a position to win on Sunday even though they scored zero points in the game’s first 57 minutes. When you’re winning games by scores like 18-15, 17-10, 17-13, 16-13 and 13-10, your defense is obviously playing well.

On the other hand, there haven’t been any major defensive personnel changes since the start of the season, when the Broncos were 1-4 with Kyle Orton as the starting quarterback. Just as some people are too quick to give Tebow all the credit in Denver, others are too quick to dismiss Tebow’s contributions.

It’s been one of the most fascinating questions in recent NFL history: How do we explain the Broncos’ stunning turnaround since Tebow became their starter? Tebow says he’s not seeking the credit for the way the Broncos keep getting the job done in crunch time.

“I don’t think it’s ‘Tebow Time,'” Tebow said. “I just think it’s ‘Bronco Time,’ and the team steps up as a team.”

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  1. This is the Tebow dilemma:

    The guy’s fine.

    The overblown hype is ridiculous.

    Trying to separate the two makes you a “hater.”

  2. i like how humble he is. the media is making this all about him when its the D thats doing most of the work.

  3. It’s the defense

    It’s the o-line

    It’s the coaching

    It’s the opponents shortcomings

    It’s the kicker

    It’s the WR’s

    IT’S TIM TEBOW (TT 7-1 & K.O 1-4)

    Come to think of it, I don’t hear anyone saying it’s the WR’s. . . I just got carried away.

  4. True that. And him saying it is probably why they’ll follow him to the gates of Hell.

    Figuratively, of course.

  5. Tim Tebow: “Marion Barber makes me look a lot better than i am”

    i seriously dont know how he is winning these games. he seems to get so lucky every week. i think i need to change religion.

  6. Oddly enough….I don’t think there’s a team in the NFL right now that wants to be up by 10 on Denver with 2 minutes to go….

  7. This young man is pure class, always looking to give credit to his teammates, when it’s clear he’s been the spark that has changed the dynamic on this team.

    Kids could do a whole lot worse for a role model than Tim Tebow.

  8. Nice. A Tim Tebow story. Even better, a Tim Tebow story with quotes from the man himself. This is a good day. Tim Tebow makes everybody better. Tim Tebow makes the world a better place. Tim “the lord and savior” Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow.

  9. I initially didn’t like the guy, but my opinion has changed. There may not be a more fun athlete to watch and discuss in sports. Tebow Time Baby!

  10. You’re judged my W’s and L’s. Ask Todd Haley. Somehow, TT & the Bronc’s are finding a way, and as an earlier article mentioned, they are now in the league’s head. Other teams are now thinking, ‘they’re gonna pull this out like before.’


  11. Tim Tebow First 3 Quarters 3-16 45 yards & 1 INT. Enough said. We’ve seen this before ala Vince Yong. He first wins and then the league figures him out and it’s down hill from there. Vince Young IMO is a better passer. Tebow played horribly for most of the game as he has in many of his wins.

  12. Say what you will about his passing skills, about his religious beliefs, about how he wears his emotions on his sleeve…it’s REALLY hard not to like this guy when he says things like this. What a role model for today’s generations of kids and what a leader for his team.

  13. Tim Tebow: “My teammates make me look a lot better than I am”

    NAH!!! really?

    That has to be the all time greatest understatement!

  14. I thought this kid was doomed.

    Dude says all the right things a teammate should.
    Makes the right plays at the right time.
    Refuses to listen to the BS being force fed to him.
    Works harder than anyone for what he wants.
    Has NEVER deviated from the plan.

    Old school American. He deserves every bit of praise coming his way.

  15. I’m not a Denver Broncos fan, but it’s not hard at all to be a Tim Tebow fan.

    He’s a class act.

  16. Love his humility. How many other players not only give credit to their teammates but actually say that the teammates make them look better than they are in the first place? Refreshing. This whole Tebow is really fun to watch.

  17. Tebow is wrong and the sheep in the media and the general public are right. Tebow is the greatest quarterback of all-time, and deserves 100% of the credit for the Broncos’ success. How else do you explain the lack of a single news article about Von Miller and that defense, or about the play of the offensive line and the running game? Exactly. Like Brett Favre before him, Tebow can do no wrong, and the media can’t find a pedestal high enough for him.

  18. I love what this kid said much more than Cam Newton’s selfish rant from last week. Interesting contrast IMO. And I personally like both of those QBs.

  19. I’m not a Tebow fan.. I’ve thought he was fake ever since he charged 250 per autograph at the combine. How much did he donate of that again? Give anything to his savior he parades around like a crooked TV evangelist? Call him a winner but I think other teams are losing more than he is winning. Chicago went soft to allow the T.D.. then Barber stops the clock? so on and so on. Where will all the prophits of Tebow turn when they find out he’s a fake.

  20. Tebows teammates are bums, without him they would already be packed for their offseason. Tebow right now is a top 5 quarterback. Name me 4 better?

  21. It’s Von Miller time. Dude is a beast, and was very clearly worthy of his high draft status.

  22. Finally, maybe some hardcore over zealous Tebow fans will lighten up on the whole thing. I like Tebow but the way their wins are looked at gives almost no credit to anyone else on the team. Way to be humble and truthful Tim.

  23. Ironic in that he’s the one that gets it! Will the sheeple and media follow suit? Nah, as Dan P says, radio plays the hits regardless of what they really think of it.

  24. The D is better since he took over which is part gelling together and winning te Miami game. Don’t you dare credit Tebow with the defense getting it together, that’s an insult to half the team!

  25. How come so many black QBs have come and gone in the NFL and offenses were NEVER re-worked for them? They were just moved to WR or RB instead. And many of those guys were better runners and throwers than Tebow. Is it a race thing? Religion? What is it?

  26. The irony of this coming out after this game is that yesterday the Broncos WRs were actually making Tebow look worse than he really is. 6 dropped passes – 1 for a touchdown and a few that were drive killers / 1st downs-that-weren’t. Catch those balls and the stat line (which doesn’t really matter anyway) would’ve looked a lot better, and quite frankly, would’ve changed the landscape of the game.

  27. If New England is up 17-14 late in the 4th quarter on Sunday, there is no question in my mind that they will lose that game. It’d be quite fitting that the master of the 4th quarter comeback this year would defeat the master of the 4th quarter comeback in three Super Bowls.

  28. Add to previous: Slightly off topic note but to anybody who read Peter King’s MMQB the reason Farrior said “Hey! Good game, Business!” to Roethlisberger is because inside the locker room they call Roethlisberger “Big Business” and not because it is some type of nickname for “handling one’s business superbly.”

    TCB — Elvis Presley

  29. I’m not even a Broncos fan and I’ve had it with all of the naysayers about Tebow. I’ve watched the guy’s postgame interview with reporters and all he does is heap praise on his teammates and how they make him “better than he really is.” Not once has he said that he owned any team or did some single feat of greatness by himself. He’s a humble guy who loves God and isn’t afraid to show it. Sure, the Bears lost the game through their own mistakes, but there is no need to single out all of thier anger at their own fault on the one guy that the media places all of their praise.

    Tebow isn’t the problem. It’s the guys and gals in sports reporting who do nothing but say, “Tebow did this and Tebow did that and Tebow is great and Tebow did it again.” They single him out, not Tebow himself or his teammates. They play as a team, not as individuals.

  30. He did mention Prater. He says everything you people bash him for not saying — you just don’t watch the post-games. Just because PFT only publishes two quotes doesn’t mean he only said two sentences. Here are a few quotes from his 12-minute postgame presser yesterday:

    “I want to thank the defense for keeping us in it, and my receivers and offensive line who at the end of the game made me look a lot better than I really am.”

    “Defense played phenomenal and came up with a bunch of huge stops and we were finally able to get a drive and score.”

    “And you can’t say enough about Prater and how clutch he is and how much he means to our team. You know, he’s a great guy and great person and great player and I’m proud that he’s on our team.”

    And here’s what Prater had to say about Tebow: “You know what’s fun about this? Everyone keeps saying what Tim can’t do. And he goes out every week and we win. We love the guy. He’s so real. Now we just feel like anything’s possible.”

  31. By the way the 7 teams he’s started against have an avg. record of 4-9.. and they have all had key starters out.. The only decent team he faced was Detroit and they lost 45-10. I remember Detroit D thinkin he was a joke.. So with Forte and Cutler playing does Tebow prevail? Does Tebow eek out a win against the 2 win Vikes with A.P. playing?

  32. Tim Tebow plays the game like it’s a cliched sports movie.

    The first three quarters is the “montage” part,where it shows the team falling behind, and getting killed.

    Then cut to the fourth quarter where the miraculous happens and the team wins.

    Love him or hate him, at least the Denver Broncos games are exciting!

  33. Would you rather have a QB that is great for the first three quarters and chokes in the 3rd or a QB that comes through in the clutch?

    The #1 difference between the Broncos with Orton at QB and the Broncos with Tebow at QB?

    With Tebow, the entire team BELIEVES that they will win the game.

    If you don’t believe you can win, you can’t win.

    If you believe that you are never out of a game, you never are.

    Tebow is Tony Robbins in shoulder pads.

  34. Coming from a huge UT fan, Tebow is not like Vince Young. VY was a winner and was electric, but he was lazy and despite his natural athleticism, never achieved the NFL work habits that he needed to succeed. If Tebow has the will on and off the field, he could succeed where VY has failed.

  35. People need to stop pointing at Vince Young as if it’s an insult. Vince Young was extremely successful early in his career. He could’ve been a franchise quarterback and a perennial Pro Bowler. Talent wasn’t his problem. He was unstable off-the-field, which is the only reason he fell apart in Tennessee. He never got “figured out”. His rookie year, he went 8-6 as a starter. Then 9-5. Then totally fell apart. At one point, his coach was afraid he was going to kill himself. Even still, the next season he went 8-2 as a starter. But the damage was done. Nobody is going to invest a franchise in a guy with those kind of off-the-field question marks.

    Tebow is not comparable to that. If you’re talking purely talent, then comparing someone to Vince Young is a compliment, not an insult.

  36. Outside observations:
    In the off-season and early-on, all we heard from the talk-radio yakkers and the sports-pundits were reports about a divided Denver locker room – the “Orton guys” versus the “Tebow guys”. Now you see a Bronco lockerroom full of players would run through a brick wall for their QB. I think that’s the difference.

  37. To all you people out there comparing Tebow to Vince Young or Kordell Stewart…stop wasting our time! Vince Young is a head case and Stewart fell victim to the same thing that happened to many Black QB’s in the past…If you want to blame someone, blame the NFL mindset towards these guys at the time. I hope Tebow and Cam Newton have finally destroyed these notions..I cant wait to see what happens with Robert GriffinIII..

  38. KIR says: Dec 12, 2011 2:32 PM

    Tim Tebow First 3 Quarters 3-16 45 yards & 1 INT. Enough said.

    Actually, if you watched the game, his receivers dropped about 6 catchable balls during that stretch.

    We’ve seen this before ala Vince Yong. He first wins and then the league figures him out and it’s down hill from there.
    I’m guessing Tebow’s coach will never have to wonder if Tim is out driving around contemplating suicide because things got too tough for him. Vince is a mental midget.

    Tebow may never (probably won’t ever) become a Brady, Rodgers, or Manning, but he’s done alright in the past several games.

    If a rocket arm was all it took to be great, Jeff George would be in the hall of fame.

  39. ptcraddock says:
    Dec 12, 2011 2:37 PM
    Love his humility, but how does he not mention Matt Prater?

    He did very specifically mention Prater in the post-game interview. He routinely mentions everyone that had a contribution, either by name or something likle “and the entire O-line”. This kid is a really, really good person. And a fantastic team mate.

  40. Denver does not win because of Tebow, they win despite him. They’re defense keeps them in the game and then opposing defenses play him soft. Jesus, all you have to do is play his crappy receivers tight and he’ll just throw the ball away. Denver fans know what a good qb looks like so I don’t understand why they’re believing in false prophets (sorry I couldn’t help myself) They would have gotten destroyed if the bears were healthy. Jay Cutler is a far better qp than Tebow.
    To those idiots who are mentioning Tebow for MVP, you don’t know football and please just shut up! Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees should win since they actually aren’t hacks, and don’t ride the success of their defenses, special teams, and running backs!

  41. Tebow is like the Wildcat formation. A few years ago, it was all the rage but it can’t get you consistent success in the NFL.

  42. wasn’t Elvis dumervil out for a lot of those first games? he changes the entire dynamic of a defense. plus v miller was just kinda getting his legs at the begining. now he’s turning into a bona fide star.

  43. Yeah Timmy- so correct and those Focus on the Family ads make you look like the simple tool you really are.

  44. I might be the least religious man in America, but I’m both feet on the Tebow bandwagon. He isn’t the most skilled QB, obviously, but its hard to argue with the results. Mostly I just like to see all of the “experts” confounded.

  45. Oh my, this does not look good for Tommy or for Billyboy next week!!! You guys better score at least 8 touchdowns before Almighty Tim blows your butts off the field!! Heaven help us!!

  46. “Tebows teammates are bums, without him they would already be packed for their offseason. Tebow right now is a top 5 quarterback. Name me 4 better?”

    Tebow doesn’t even come close to being mentioned in the same breath as Rodgers, Brady and Brees. Hell maybe Eli Manning could be ranked ahead of Tebow.

  47. Yes, they do.

    Thank goodness Tim’s not letting hype go to his head and he realizes he is not as good as his record shows (not even close)

    But honestly I think it’s time for Denver to come down to Earth. Gotta love Tebow as a person, but watching him drop back and throw makes me want to vomit. It’s about time for the Broncos to lose.

    Right after they beat Brady.

  48. The haters just can’t take it. He wins, but that’s not good. He says all the right things, that’s not good enough either. He doesn’t react to Uhrlacher’s sour grapes, is that unforgivable? He doesn’t get shot at night clubs at 2:00 a.m., guess that still not good enough. He praises the coaches and teammates, guess that’s not good to so, either. OK, he got drafted as Denver’s second pick, but he didn’t do that, so you can’t hold that against him.

    So… what EXACTLY does he do that’s so bad??

    The only thing I can see is he doesn’t look like a late-career (don’t forget that) John Elway in the first 3 quarters of each game. Given that he makes up for that in Q4 and OT, why is that so bad?? (and in the Bears game, it was Tebow who completed all those passes, not the defense)

    Help me out, any skeptics, critics, haters, whatever: what does he do that’s so terrible?

  49. Way to go kid (said the atheist). Very classy.

    And I sure hope they put you at TE or FB someday so you can really shine.

    Anyway … nice.

  50. wow….that’s the biggest understatement of the year. obviously everyone, even the other teams, are making him look better than he is! chances of him actually believing that…I’m not sure.

  51. Mel Kiper.. that expert at personnel, said he would not be drafted until the third round as a tight end…lol….

  52. I can’t wait to see how Tebow measures up against Brady. Now all you die hard Tebow sheep make sure and blame him if/when the Broncos get blown out by New England. If he receives all the credit then he should get all of the blame too. Right?

  53. Tebow helps the defense by not turning the ball over — in that way he is a huge asset to his team and his defense, it’s really that simple — well that and he’s the Lords favorite player.

  54. “(and in the Bears game, it was Tebow who completed all those passes, not the defense)”

    But the defense forced the Marion Barber fumble, which gave the ball back to Tebow. Had he not fumbled, the Bears would of won.

  55. So, you guys who can’t stop on the “vince young” comparisions believe that he and vince have the same mentality? Same mental makeup? Same integrity? Same guts? Same work ethic? Same loyalty? Same committment to the team concept? Same response to pressure?

    When you read some of these responses you realize there may be some truth to the theory that some of you evolved from monkeys. It makes much more sense — seems much more viable.

  56. The NFL is one thing. A Broncos game seems to be something else. What that is, i have no idea. I have to watch them though.

  57. snarkzilla says:

    John Fox is a candidate for coach of the year.

    You have got to be kidding.

    I’ll be stunned if they pull off a miracle win against the Pats. But what’s happening with the Broncos doesn’t have anything to do with John Fox. It’s a combination of serendipity and Tim Tebow convincing those players to believe in him and in themselves. No, I don’t think he deserves the MVP. But he deserves it more than Fox deserves the COY.

  58. texaninc says: Dec 12, 2011 3:30 PM

    If they win “despite Tebow” then they wouldn’t have lost 4 of 5 without him


    Yeah, I’m sure that Dumervil coming back and the defense picking it up didn’t have anything to do with that. Remember Tim doesn’t play defense, but I guess he inspires them (puke). Hell, he doesn’t even play much in the first three and a half quarters for that matter.
    Besides Orton sucks so if that’s who we’re comparing Timmy to then ok he’s a good qb.

  59. It’s very obvious that the more reps Tebow is getting in practice the more accurate he is IN GAMES. Imagine that, more reps and he is getting better! It’s very obvious that all the lies coming out of training camp about Tebow and his inaccurate throwing were planted by Fox & Elway to discredit Tebow.

    I laugh how people who come on here used to say that Tebow couldn’t hit receivers in practice w/o anyone guarding the receivers AND now he can hit receivers when a team goes to a prevent defense. According to all the experts Tebow shouldn’t be able to hit his check down receivers BECAUSE he’s so inaccurate. Well there goes that argument I guess. Too funny.

    I also find it funny that all the naysayers talk about Elway and that he shouldn’t back Tebow because as a GREAT QB he knows what it takes to become a successful QB. Interesting how none of you have commented on the fact, despite what all you so called arm chair QB’ say, Elway said Tebow’s motion is fine but he needs to get better footwork. I guess since Elway said it, it must be true according to you doubters, AND I guess that means all of you were wrong about TT’s throwing motion!!

    Finally, I bet Lebron James would change places with Tebow in a heartbeat, and have people praise his last 5 minutes of a game. If he played the last 5 minutes of games like Tebow he would have at least 1 championship and maybe more. It’s all about being there when the game is on the line.

  60. olskool711 says: Dec 12, 2011 4:52 PM

    So, you guys who can’t stop on the “vince young” comparisions believe that he and vince have the same mentality? Same mental makeup? Same integrity? Same guts? Same work ethic? Same loyalty? Same committment to the team concept? Same response to pressure?

    When you read some of these responses you realize there may be some truth to the theory that some of you evolved from monkeys. It makes much more sense — seems much more viable

    I don’t agree with the Vince Young comparison. Vince Young could throw way better.
    So you are actually trying to slam people by showing how ignorant you are by espousing some creationism bs? You came from a monkey too. I think everyone else can figure out what part of the monkey you were modeled after d0uch bag.

  61. It’s good to see that Tebow understands and can admit what Broncos fans don’t and can’t. The team isn’t winning because of him. They are holding him up for 55 minutes a game, then the ignorant give him all the credit for being the driving force behind the win.

    Marion Barber was far more of a driving force in that win for the Broncos than Tebow was. So was the Broncos defense, Matt Prater, and the fact that the Bears were missing their two most important offensive players.

    The Bears completely shut Tebow down until they went into prevent defense and and started giving his receivers 15-yard cushions. How many receivers does he have to overthrow by 20 yards before people realize he just isn’t very good.

  62. To the Broncos: Keep believing, keep playing hard, never give up – never, keep encouraging each other, keep playing as the great TEAM you are and most of all enjoy this “Broncos Time.” Some teams win and still look like they are mad at the world (or are screaming at their O coach). The Denver players on the sideline seem to be really enjoying themselves which is a nice change. You guys have so many new fans, including me, and we are enjoying the ride just like you. Go Broncos!

  63. profootballgossip says:

    He did mention Prater. He says everything you people bash him for not saying — you just don’t watch the post-games. Just because PFT only publishes two quotes doesn’t mean he only said two sentences. Here are a few quotes from his 12-minute postgame presser yesterday:

    Thanks for mentioning this first, I missed your post because I knew that Tebow gave credit in his post game interview and was simply respondint to the first post that said he did not give Prater props. Didn’t mean to step on your toes. Thanks for setting things strait!!!


  64. I have been a football fan since the late 1970’s and there is only one other time I recall any player getting this much discussion. Kurt Warner when he came from out of the blue in 1999. Like it or not, Tebow is the talkof the country, and not just amongst sports fans. Never my Mom asked me about him, and the only football player she knows is Peyton Manning, because of the commercials. Since my “dream” team is crap, I am hoping the Broncos pull off the impossible and win the Super Bowl. No way it will happen, but nothing would make me happier than to see that level of hate and read all of the ” well, wait til next year when he falls apart” comments. He is a fine young man and I’d rather root for him than that dog-killing felon I am stuck cheering for.

  65. Some of the comments are ridiculous. Clearly the d is playing better and deserve credit for the turn around. But where was this dominant d when this team was 1-4. Tebow deserves credit because he leads drives late in games to put points on the board when his team needs it. Anybody that still wants to talk about his passing aren’t watching the games. He went 18-24 in the 4th qtr and ot for 191. If you don’t think it’s important to perform at the highest level when it’s clutch time you have never played sports. There is equal credit to be shared it shouldn’t be all on Tim but he’s the qb. Aaron Rodgers is surrounded by crazy talent and guess what he gets all the credit too. That’s part of the game. It’s funny people on this site tore him to shreds 8 weeks ago and also in the national media. Now you are saying he gets too much credit, when clearly he has been a big part of the team’s turnaround.

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