Titans accuse Saints of dirty play, blowing a whistle on the sideline

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The Titans think someone on the Saints’ sideline was blowing a whistle to confuse them during Sunday’s game.

Offensive lineman Jake Scott told Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com that Dean McCondichie, who produces the Titans All Access TV show, has audio evidence of the whistle via a player who was wearing a microphone.

“Dean’s got it on tape,” Scott said. “Somebody was blowing a whistle on the sideline. There is audio of it, so we’ll let it go from there. The second to last drive I think.”

McCondichie confirmed that.

“During the game we heard this whistle blowing, but they weren’t stopping the game, they just kept playing,” McCondichie said. “They were loud enough for me to hear it on the microphone on him. They were all trying to figure out why play continued. I asked them if they knew where it came from and they said the New Orleans bench. Nobody saw it, but it was pretty loud and it was definitely a whistle.”

Just because the Titans heard a whistle doesn’t mean the Saints blew one. The whistle could have come from a fan in the stands behind the Saints’ bench. And the Titans aren’t blaming the whistle for their loss. But they do believe the Saints were engaged in some funny business. The Saints have not commented on the issue.

Titans receiver Nate Washington also accused Saints safety Roman Harper of playing dirty, including facemasking Titans receiver Damian Williams.

“Honestly, he’s a dirty player,” Washington said. “We watched film on him, he’s dirty. And I don’t appreciate it, I’m going to step out in public and say it: He’s dirty. That was dirty what he did, it’s unfortunate that he grabbed the facemask — at the same time you don’t walk over a guy and nudge him with your knee. You don’t do that. That’s dirty. And honestly, that’s a dirty player, flat out. This is not just one game. He’s been doing it all season. And I’m tired of it. I hope the league did something about it.”

We’ll see this week if the league has any response to any of the Titans’ complaints.

51 responses to “Titans accuse Saints of dirty play, blowing a whistle on the sideline

  1. Titans accuse Saints of scoring more points and winning the game….proof on audio and video…

    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready….

    Saints > Titans…fact…

  2. turbodog1027 says:
    Dec 12, 2011 7:25 AM
    Sour grapes. Stop your whining girls


    I dont think that means what you think it means…

  3. If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…..
    For many years the Titans were regarded as being the dirtiest team in the league. I suppose losing turns you from dirty to whiner!

  4. I’m not sure the titans or their fans understand that if the refs hear a whistle blow that isn’t theirs, they stop the game immediately. Whether it’s a team or even their fans that are doing it there WILL be a penalty involved. And with this particular flag-fest I have no doubt that if the refs had heard anything they would’ve flagged it.
    Since the refs heard NOTHING, I have to assume this is simply a case of “WAAAAH WE LOST!” on the part of the titans.

  5. If any team would know dirty defense when they see it, it would be the Titans. That said, Harper is a dirty player. I don’t think that’s news to anyone.

    As for the game itself, how does Jake Locker not throw that football on the last play? What exactly is the thought process there?

  6. I don’t think the Saints had any advantage to gain by trying to blow a whistle early on defense. I did hear some things during the game but its obviously from the crowd not a bench. Duh…

    As for Washington…. He’s mad both he and Damian Williams were stopped inside the 10 (ala the Titan’s Superbowl). Harper had an incidental facemask on Williams, oh well, and he tackled Washington too hard for his bum ankle’s liking.


  7. Heres a quarter, call “1-800- wah-wah” if you want to cry. Talk about dirty – how much did the Titans pay the refs for all the dirty calls aganist the Saints? Worse officiating I have ever seen in an NFL game.
    Video clearly showed Graham’s heel come down and make contact inside the line and that was a good TD. Yet Titans got credit for a TD when it was clear he carried the ball out of bounds 1/2 yard short of the goalline. What a bunch of flag happy refs, like I said terrible calls.

  8. drednot says:
    Dec 12, 2011 7:27 AM
    Pretty serious accusation. I hope the NFL looks into this. I wonder what they’ll do if it’s true!!


    If it was the Lions guilty of whistle blowing they would suspend the whole team for one game…=)

  9. It could have easily been a whistle blown from the stands, down in front. Wouldn’t the refs have noticed too if the noise was coming from the sideline specifically?

    And Washington plays with Finnegan who said himself he aspires to be the dirtiest player in the league. Their D Coordinator was quoted just last week saying, “If we get a call from the league on Monday (about their play, fouls etc.), we get a call.” So I can’t help feeling like the Titans are just being very bitter losers.

  10. More grown men complaining in public about football being a dirty game. What happened to mental toughness? As for the typical lazy fan who would have been quick to paint the Titans as dirty and not the saintly Saints, Gregg Williams spent 13 years establishing the aggressive hard hitting tradition of the Oiler/Titans. Gasp! He even coached Haynesworth. And for the uninformed fan, Gregg Williams is the current DC with the Saints. Williams isn’t known for playing pattycake or leaving much room on the edge.

  11. Should we call the “Whambulance”? Ha Ha. What a bunch of whiners. Since when did the Titans become whiners? That was a great game and if the titans are mad about anything they should be mad about their QB taking a sack on 4th down with no time on the clock. Throw the ball up in the endzone and give your guys a chance. The Saints needed that test to shake off some of their Dome Team wussiness. Thanks Titans for a great game! Geaux Saints!

  12. Right off the bat, I’m a Saints fan. And I’ll readily admit I’m getting a tad aggravated with Harper with late hits on the QB. That being said, the play in which Washington is complaining about is not a dirty play. If you go back and watch the play, Washington had pretty much avoided two of the three Saint defenders and had Harper left to beat. And he put a damn good move on Harper that almost got him past the last man between him and the endzone. But Harper reached out wildly trying to grab anything on Washington to try and make a play. It just so happened that he grabbed the facemask. And before everyone goes, “He should have let go”, you need to understand that if he let go, that’s 7 points. If he holds on, its 5 to 10 yards tacked on to the end of the play, but no touchdown. Anyone out there who says they’d want their team to let go instead of doing what Harper did is lying through their teeth. That’s not dirty football, that’s just football.

    As for the whistles, seriously guys. Those refs were calling penalties so incidental its not even funny. Do you really think a bunch of refs who threw so many flags during the game that they all may need rotator cuff surgery really allowed the Saints to get away with that? Really?

  13. Funny, you never really hear the winning team complain about stuff like this. I mean, it couldn’t have been one of the 66,000+ people huddled around the field…

  14. So you mean to tell me that, with all the flags thrown in this game, and with the Titans able to hear this from the field, the refs had no knowledge that this was going on? It was loud enough to confuse the Titans players, but the refs never missed a beat? This just sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m a Saints fan, but I would be disappointed if my team tried to win this way. The story just isn’t believable. These refs were calling ridiculous penalties (really, false start on the QB), and I’m sure they would have called that immediately.

  15. houseofbacon says:Dec 12, 2011 7:37 AM

    The Saints? The team that bragged about intentionally hitting the QB after the whistle in the NFC Championship?

    Nah, never.


    The question is which whistle? The ref’s or the one on the sideline?

  16. it sucks that Locker couldn’t have pulled that game out. The Titans are a better team that they even think they are. Saints are in a world of trouble outside the dome. Thats partially why they got rolled up in Seattle.

    if they open up at the Niners – another one and done. Niners take hitting to another level, just like the Titans do.

  17. Dirty play flap after the game is one thing.

    But if they are actually doing the whistle thing, then yeah, that’s not exactly “sour grapes,” homers.

  18. cowboycjn says:
    Dec 12, 2011 7:55 AM
    Heres a quarter, call “1-800- wah-wah” if you want to cry.

    That’s not enough numbers, and most payphones are 50 cents now.

  19. If there was a whistle, it was coming from the Titan Fans because Saints fans dont get seats that close to the field. Besides, anyone with a whistle that blows it during plays would have been removed from the stadium. This is just an assinine attempt to create problems for the fans so they will now have to issue whistles to ALL fans to make the game even.
    Harper did all he could do to stop a touchdown and had it been a Titian DB, he would have done the same thing. The alternative would have been to just let him go ?????? I think NOT. This has gotten to be a Pu$$y league and the Saints not only had to beat the Titians but they had to beat the Refs also. It was very clear that they were trying to help Tennesee win that game with two TD’s disallowed for nit-picking calls at some very crusial times and plays. Ther Saints spotted the Titians two TD’s and still lost.
    They also stopped the best running back in the AFC for just 26 yards the whole game. I guess that was dirty too !!!!!

  20. If the whistle was heard while the titans were on offense, wouldn’t that help them?
    The defenders would stop chasing and tackling the ball carrier?

  21. Considering the fact that the refs were clearly lined up on the side of the Titans, making up bogus penalties against the Saints all game long and stealing a clear touchdown from Jimmy Graham, if this is all the Saints did, I’m not really angry about it.

  22. I’m far from a Titan fan, but I have respect for their head coach and they have been playing hard and tough this year. But come on, lose one hard game and you start whining!!!!!! You lost, take like a man and come back next week. Let the fans whine, lord knows we do enough of it LOL.

  23. I have a idea how to fix this problem, let’s adopt little league rules and not keep score. This way we have no losers and both teams declared winners.

  24. I’m not a Titans fan, either, but if there’s film evidence of the Saints pulling some moves like that, then the League needs to investigate it. When the Steelers played the Titans last season in New Orleans, we scored but the refs called it short. We didn’t challenge because our coaches didn’t see the replay until it was too late. They didn’t see the replay because the Saints had switched the feed in the coaches booth from the network feed to an internal Saints channel. If our coaches had challenged, we’d have gotten the TD and ultimately won the game.

    My feeling is what happened to us is gamesmanship, and our coaches should have been paying closer attention to what feed they were getting. But whistles on the field is DIRTY. I’m just saying a team that would switch the feed in the coaches booth wouldn’t be above rigging a whistle on the field. The League should check it out.

  25. Good gravy! Just shut up and play ball! This whining over a loss that will not and should not be overturned is ridiculous. This is the NFL, not tag football! The Titans under Jeff Fisher were the dirtiest team in the NFL. I thought they might turn a corner and man up now that Fisher is gone but they’re still poor mouthing teams for doing exactly what they have done for years!

  26. Saints organization has been rife with corruption for many years. At least since they kneecapped Favre in 2009, at any rate. Finally someone comes out as a whistleblower on the whole mess.

  27. Yeah, right….That’s priceless. This from a defense with Cortland Finnegan and former alterboy Albert Hainesworth. I guess the Saints were just being duplicitous of the Titans (Thanks, Tiki).

  28. would someone mind defining ‘dirty’ for me?

    Ive watched every saints game this year, and 90% of the ‘dirty’ hits would have not been flagged (and surely not fined) 2 years ago.

    I’ll admit that Harper gets hot headed and passionate, but if safties cant hit hard, then whats the point?

    football is a ‘dirty’ sport, suck it up.

    oh and one more thing… WHOOO DAAAAAAAT

  29. How could this even be an advantage? The only way it would work is if the entire team knew exactly what play it was going to be used. You’d literally have to say in the huddle “we are going to go with a fake whistle, so keep playing.” And even then, it’s unlikely to actually stop the offense completely with out one of the refs hearing the whistle and stopping the play.

  30. Im not a Titans fan. But if there was whistles that is dirty and nfl should look into it.

    I watched the game and saints fans need to stop complaining you only had 3 more penalties and there were bad and non calls on both ends. You were not playing against the refs, it was just a bad called game all the way around.

    The titans do need to stop complaining about dirty hits because it is football. They should be happy that they were able to hold drew brees from scoring.

  31. Remember the days before relentless fining and the internet, when players settled their repective beefs on the field and not though the media?

  32. “tatum064 says: Dec 12, 2011 9:44 AM

    it sucks that Locker couldn’t have pulled that game out. The Titans are a better team that they even think they are. Saints are in a world of trouble outside the dome. Thats partially why they got rolled up in Seattle.

    if they open up at the Niners – another one and done. Niners take hitting to another level, just like the Titans do.”

    Now I am a Saints fan…true, and there have been IMO a few questionable hits from Harper but COME ON…its football! With that said…did you watch the playoff game last year? The amount of injuries we suffered from game 7/8 until the end of the year made that difference (lets see, Bush OUT Thomas OUT Brees TORN MCL just to name a few, I could go on) Not taking away from the 49ers who look like a GREAT team this season, but we most def traveled to SF and beat them AT HOME so its not impossible.

  33. Deb says: Dec 12, 2011 1:02 PM
    But whistles on the field is DIRTY. I’m just saying a team that would switch the feed in the coaches booth wouldn’t be above rigging a whistle on the field. The League should check it out.

    I’m sure they will, and I’m sure they’ll find that the Titans are just being sorry losers. It’s a ridiculous allegation and the Saints would be crazy to think they could get away with it, with the refs RIGHT THERE. The whole team would have to be in on it for the defensive players to avoid confusion as well. And again, how would the refs not hear it and stop play? It’s just full of holes.

    As for the Saints/Steelers game, stadiums routinely withhold replays that might help the other team. It is gamesmanship and it’s just one more aspect to homefield advantage. The precious and pure as the driven snow Steelers are not the only team that has had that happen to them, and the Saints are not the only ones to employ it.

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