Carl Peterson disputes reports that he’s Dolphins bound

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For months, rumors have persisted that former Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson will be running the football operations in Miami.  Here’s what we said on the matter in late October:  “The working theory is that Peterson will, at a minimum, be heavily involved in selecting the next G.M. and coach.  Or Peterson will be the next G.M., at which time he could round up various former Chiefs officials, like Denny Thum and Bill Kuharich, who currently aren’t employed by NFL teams.”

We overlooked a third option.  Now that the Dolphins have fired coach Tony Sparano and plan (at least for now) to keep G.M. Jeff Ireland, Chris Mortensen of ESPN has reported that owner Stephen Ross will hire Peterson into the position previously held by Bill Parcells — V.P. of football operations.

As pointed out by our pal Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Peterson has denied it.  (Even though, as a video from Hard Knocks that has since been removed from YouTube demonstrated, Peterson clearly “supplied it.”)  Ross said Monday that he hasn’t “had conversations with [Peterson] with regard to that.”

Moreover, Ross reportedly said in 2010 that Peterson would not be replacing Parcells.  Indeed, Ireland’s contract reportedly was revised last year to specify that the G.M. now reports directly to the owner.

Still, it’s hard to believe that Peterson won’t be involved.  Peterson and Ross have a close and lengthy relationship.  They have been working together most recently on the Ross-owned FanVision product, a handheld game-day video device that is used in some stadiums.  From a football standpoint, Peterson served nearly 30 years ago as G.M. of the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars, which were owned by Ross.

Moreover, Ross inherited Ireland and Sparano when Ross bought the team from Wayne Huizenga.  Ross now has a chance to make his first meaningful hire — why wouldn’t he consider seriously a long-time NFL General Manager with whom Ross apparently has a meaningful business relationship?

The entire situation continues to be a mess, one that I’ll try to sort out at the top of today’s PFT Live at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Unless another coach gets fired this morning.

31 responses to “Carl Peterson disputes reports that he’s Dolphins bound

  1. I’ve said it before, I will say it again – Stephen Ross will make a HUGE MISTAKE in having Carl Peterson anywhere around what’s left of this smoldering heap of a franchise. I mean if wee are going to do this, let’s just bring back Wanstache? Hey Ross, why don’t you take a page from Steve Bischotti or Bob Kraft and let an excellent GM or Head coach run the show and don’t make a bonehead play like this.

  2. As a Pats fan, here’s hoping that Peterson goes to Miami with all his Lombardi trophies he won with the Chiefs.

    Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland and Carl Peterson, Dolphins may have missed out this year on the Suck for Luck but this group will keep them drafting in the top ten for years to come.

  3. Regardless of the outcome, most Dolphins fans have little confidence in Ireland, Peterson or Ross. The only way to gain the respect of the fans is to concentrate more on making the football team better and less on highlighting “entertainment” gimmicks and courting celebrities. Ross comes across as a guy that is only concerned with making a quick buck. He needs to realize that putting a confident, competitive and winning team on the field will bring the fans back and the profits along with it. Sparano turned the team back towards the right direction but he did need to go. Try not to screw up the opportunity to bring in the right guys.

  4. They do realize that Peterson and Co ran the Chiefs for 20 years and got a grand total of 3 playoff wins in that time, including none after 1993?

    Listening to the names floating around Miami and KC the last day or two (McDaniels??) it is no wonder that each team is where it is.

  5. Carl friggin Peterson, don’t do it, just don’t!

    Holy smokes, how blind can some people be?

  6. Go ahead Ross fire your coach than hire one of the worst GM’s in all of football that sure would be a great decision. In fact go back in time watch the Herman Edwards Chiefs games and you will see the crap you will get.

  7. The Dolphins remind us more and more of the previous Lions under Matt Millen.

    Hire and Fire all the Head Coaches you want, but nothing will change until you get ownership to hire a real GM/VP of Ops who is committed to the Dolphins future. Nothing.

    The problem is WAYYYYY at the top.

  8. I IMPLORE all you try Dolphins fans. STOP GOING TO THE GAMES. STOP buying merchandise. This owner is ruining our proud franchise. I have been a Dolphins fan for 36 years! We need to put a stop to this. We don’t want Ireland. We Don’t want Mangini. We Don’t want Peterson. And we DON’T want to be the laughing stock of the NFL anymore. Send a message to the owner. PLEASE SELL THE TEAM!

  9. “The entire situation continues to be a mess”.

    Huh? The team fired it’s coach which was necessary and the right thing to do whether it is week 12, 15 or whatever.

    Ireland is being retained in some capacity with the team. He is currently the GM but might not be depending on how the coaching search plays out.

    You need the continuity that the GM provides in the front office year round. Scouting still moves forward, draft info is compiled etc. You just can’t let that sit in a drawer gathering dust.

    If the guy who Ross wants is out there and that guy wants his own personnel to acquire talent then Ireland will no longer be GM.

  10. THE worst GM in the history of pro sports. A retarded monkey could do better than this boob.

    Just how do these clowns keep getting jobs?

  11. If Peterson is hired as GM, the CHIN (Cowher) will be the head coach. These 2 worked together in KC

  12. GAT RID OF IRELAND AND SELL YOUR TEAM. You are a joke of an owner with your circus show and inability to run a football franchise. Stick to real estate you baffoon.

  13. I think Peterson goes to Miami.
    The pause is that if he goes now, it’s a sure sign of getting Cowher to coach.
    There will be a mad scramble by other teams to get Bill before Miami can land him.
    It’s best for Carl to keep quiet for now.

    Peterson was the “money guy” with Marty Schottenheimer as Marty piled up winning seasons in Kansas City.
    Cowher was part of Marty’s staff during that time.
    Peterson would be able to stand in now as Bill’s “money guy” to build up the Phins.

    Peterson alone makes no sense to the Dolphins.
    Cowher and Peterson together make good sense.
    Watch for it.

  14. Coaching Projections:

    Dolphins: Cowher (if Peterson is there); otherwise Gruden
    Chiefs: Crennel
    Cowboys: Jeff Fisher
    Eagles: Herm Edwards
    (or if Reid stays, Spagnuolo goes to the Eagles as DC)
    Jaguars: Coughlin (if he leaves the Giants)
    Giants: Cowher (if Coughlin leaves the Giants)
    Redskins: Brian Billick (if the Shannys are fired, as they should be)

  15. I believe your report is incorrect. Myles Tanenbaum was the owner of the USFL Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars.

    That said, Carl Peterson would be a fine choice. Solid NFL and football guy. Not quite understanding why Ireland remains but maybe it’s just to preserve continuity to the end of the season.

    Miami needs a solid, established, experienced head coach. Though I know the reports suggest that Ross wants a younger guy, how about Jim Mora, Sr.? Cowher would be a good choice as would Gruden. Both have won Super Bowls. I’d prefer to see them go with someone with some established experience.

  16. These general managers are like weathermen. They can be wrong 70% of the time and people still listen to them and claim they’re doing a good job.

    If I’d have screwed up as much as Matt Millen, I’d have been fired in 10 weeks instead of 10 years.

  17. I am pained, really, that Tony got fired. He was at least trying, and his players hadn’t seem to quit like they did on Cam Cameron and Superdave.

    That being said, it was most likely time for change. I have to agree with the majority of the posts here that Ireland needs to go as well. How do you enter the season with so little depth at your skill positions as the Dolphins did this year?

    Carl Peterson is a tough call. Was his success in the regular season with the Chiefs a result of his drafting or Marty’s coaching? Was his failure in the playoffs for the same reasons?

    And as for a coach…really…what would be wrong with a run with Marty Schottenhiemer? He took floundering franchises and turned them around. The coaches that followed him ran them into the ground. He may be the best choice to get this group of guys motivated and put some pieces in place for a long term run.

  18. It’s doubtful that the hiring of Carl Peterson is a recipe for success for the Dolphins, unless he’s merely the key PR guy to bring in a proven head coach like Cowher or Gruden, because Ross doesn’t have the reputation to do so. Besides this, I don’t see his appeal because his only formula for success was hiring proven, successful head coaches from other teams (Schottenheimer and Vermeil) — not finding the next on Don Shula (Gunther Cunningham and Herm Edwards). Also, his drafts were atrocious and would have been total busts if not for Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson. However, he does get credit for having a good eye for targeting free agents that fill the Chiefs’ record books from 1989-2008.

  19. Wow! I thought Huizenga didn’t know what he was doing. Ross is completely clueless! How do you keep Ireland? Look at how aweful he’s drafted & the free agent busts he spent millions on.
    Worst of all he listens to complete failures like Peterson & Mangini. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if tomorrow this idiot hires Matt Millen as a consultant.

  20. I don’t see what everyone’s problem is with Jeff Ireland. We have one of the best defenses in football right now and the offense is close. But we do need a quarterback. That is one thing he hasn’t drafted well over the years. He brought Marshall here. He signed one of the best slot recievers in football in Bess and He made our offensive line nasty in just the first year he was here. Everyone that thinks we need to get rid of him is crazy. I win, you lose. Don’t reply to this post.

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