Crennel may start Ricky Stanzi

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New Chiefs interim head coach Romeo Crennel wouldn’t rule out starting fifth-round rookie quarterback Ricky Stanzi during Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley stuck with Tyler Palko through some miserable efforts. Stanzi was beleieved to be “not ready.” It’s also possible Kyle Orton could recover from his finger injury in time to start.

Crennel’s first chore as interim head coach will be a tough one.  He will continue to call defensive plays, and this time it will be against the best offense in football.

It sounds like Crennel will be a candidate for the permanent job after the season. At the least, it might make sense for a new head coach to retain Crennel as defensive coordinator.

22 responses to “Crennel may start Ricky Stanzi

  1. At this point, why not?

    As a Seahawks fan, if they lose to Chicago this weekend, I’d be all in favor of Josh Portis starting the last two games of the year. Might as well see what you have in hand before investing major assets at the QB position in the offseason.

  2. This is honestly the most exciting news I’ve heard from the Chiefs all year. I’m actually really anxious to see how Stanzi does

  3. Chiefs D will most likely show up on Sunday, but it wont be enough. I like Romeo, didnt get his full chance in Cleveland. Who does though?

  4. If Orton is ready, start him. If not, start Stanzi. This game was lost before the season started so it doesn’t really matter. If neither of them are ready, start Jim Zorn because I don’t want to see Palko anymore.

  5. “Crennel may start Ricky Stanzi”

    Not the headline us Chiefs fans were hoping to see back in September.

  6. The NFL set up the Cleveland expansion franchise to fail. Paul Tagliabue was mad at all the broken fax machines in the home office.

  7. Might as well see what they have at this point in time. Not like they are going anywhere at this point of the season.

    Also, the rest of us NFL fans can finally get to see if Stanzi’s skill set translates to the NFL, given all of the hype surrounding his former college coach’s abilities to make the jump to the NFL.

  8. medtxpack says: Dec 13, 2011 2:41 PM

    Chiefs D will most likely show up on Sunday, but it wont be enough. I like Romeo, didnt get his full chance in Cleveland.
    Romeo only had 4 full years

  9. Palko’s done. Anytime the coach doesn’t immediately commit to the incumbent, it’s a sure-fire sign a switch will be made. Just a question of Orton or Stanzi

  10. im pretty sure he looks like cleveland jr because he’s really round, and has the same really round face, but yea, im sure humbleminded85 meant it exactly how you took it.

  11. Palko is one of the worst QB’s I’ve ever seen in my life, still don’t understand how he beat out Joe Flacco at Pitt

  12. Being from Cleveland and watching this trainwreck up close for years, I’d rather have Shurmur as my head coach over Crennel. KC fan, this is the last guy you want running your team. Nice guy fer sure, but not a HC in this league.

  13. If Palko starts then we all know Pioli’s been pulling the strings. I’m still of the opinion Pioli doesn’t want the fans thinking anything other than Cassell is the man. And that’s why Haley’s out of a job.

  14. Palko led them to, what was it, 2 TDs in 4 games? Not good enough.

    It’s easy to forget just how injured the Chiefs are. Losing Charles so early was a big enough blow, but Cassell going down too was huge.

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