Darren McFadden has a Lisfranc injury, return still uncertain

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CBS’ Phil Simms broke a bit of news during Sunday’s telecast when he revealed Raiders running back Darren McFadden’s “mid-foot sprain” was a Lisfranc injury.

That helps explain why McFadden hasn’t been seen since mid-October. The Raiders haven’t said much about his injury all along, and Hue Jackson didn’t see what the big deal was.

“I mean, that’s what we said – it’s a sprained foot, Lisfranc, whatever you want to call it,” Jackson said. “Basically the same thing. I think Darren will be back before the season’s over. And when we get him back, we’ll get him back.”

The Raiders are running out of time. The offense is falling apart without McFadden, Denarius Moore, and Jacoby Ford. Jackson insists McFadden does not need surgery, but there have been no signs that he’s close to returning.

McFadden has proven he’s an elite running back when healthy, but he’s yet to make it through a season healthy. It’s fair to wonder if he’ll return in time this season to make a difference.

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  1. 3 games left & they are must win, I repeat MUST win. Need Denver to lose twice & or Jets to lose, for any hope…hey silver & black do it for AL & (Just win Baby)!!!

  2. Wow – the air just went out of my sails. I was hoping we would get RUNDMC back and get competetive again. I can already say Palmer is not going to cut it and we were better off with Campbell. Translation: Hue over paid for what the team got in return.
    -Fire the DC, hire Del Rio as DC
    -Hire a proper GM
    -Have Hue stick to coaching
    -Fire the CEO for falling down on the job
    – Have a true competition between Palmer and Campbell next year and trade the other for whatever you can get.

  3. Losing just McFadden wouldn’t be all that bad. But losing almost all the team speed on offense has made things very easy for opposing defenses.

    They know Bush doesn’t have the wheels to bounce outside, and play everything inside, while they aren’t worried about the deep ball either.

    Hopefully, Moore and Ford can get back on the field this week.

  4. What kind of journalist are covering the Raiders? You let a national newscaster break the story? Hue is a great communicator but did a horrible job of communicating this kids injury. I’m thinking he’s soft and he has a season ending possible career ending MAJOR injury.

    What’s wrong with giving an estimate of when the player will be back. If you need to revise that date, revise but to tell everyone I don’t know and he’ll be back when he gets back is just not acceptable. What coach does that? I blame the journalist for this

  5. Finally! Truth from the Raiders. Did they think that by keeping this a secret that they’d really get other teams to change up a game plan so much that they’d get an advantage? McFadden probably could have had surgery and been a lot healthier by now. When he does “come back,” it will be after a lot of sedentary activity. Terrible. Rivals Brady’s “probable, shoulder” designation.

  6. IMO, Hue didn’t want to describe the injury as Lisfranc because he didn’t want to scare potential suitors away because he plans on using DMC as trade bait during the off-season. The man has yet to play a full season! He’s full of unfulfilled potential and can’t be relied on. The Raiders built their offense around this guy and they go as he goes.

    Pay Michael Bush, draft a complimentary back and upgrade the O-Line. That would be a good start to curing the offensive woes. Send Bresnahan packing, release Seymore and Henderson, draft two STUD DTs and pick up a few more linebackers and DBs to cure the defensive woes. Get a quality GM and take alot of Hue’s current responsibilities away and that cures the deficiencies in the front office.

  7. nflofficeadmin:

    Ask yourself this…..

    If the Raiders don’t make the trade for Palmer, do you really think they would have won 3 games in a row, before these last 2 losses?

    Here’s another one….

    Do you NOT think the Raiders would be on a 5 game losing streak right now if they went with Boller instead of Palmer?

    At least they still have a chance.

  8. that Palmer trade will look even worse if the Raiders fail to make the playoffs while the Broncos came back from the dead to do it with a RB for a QB.

    and McFadden is always going to be injury prone and Bush walks in FA next year. if the Raiders were smart they would trade McFadden while his value is still relatively high and get a nice draft pick compensation. it wouldnt be popular but its probably a better gamble than relying on him to be your number 1 rb for years to come.

  9. Hue seen a void when Al Davis died and jumped in as if the Raiders belong to him and made a terrible decision that brought Palmer to the team. This one action will cause his downfall.

  10. This is actually a pretty serious injury, it has ended RB’s careers before.

    As a Lions fan, I really hope McFadden comes back to his pre-injury performance level, he was emerging as one of the dominant RB’s in the league, and they seem to be a dying breed in today’s game.

  11. “-Fire the DC, hire Del Rio as DC
    -Hire a proper GM
    -Have Hue stick to coaching
    -Fire the CEO for falling down on the job
    – Have a true competition between Palmer and Campbell next year and trade the other for whatever you can get.”

    Bresnahan was an “Al pick” and he won’t be back next year.

    A GM will be hired, they’ve said it all along. Hue has too much responsibility and it shows on Sundays.

    Campbell is a free agent at the end of the year, so there won’t be any competition for Palmer. However, he will have all of his weapons (Ford, Moore, DMC) to start the season in 2012!!!

  12. Face it… Palmer sux. He sucked with the Bengals and now with the Raiders. The Bengals organization are sitting back laughing at Hue jackson for a stupid trade like that. Kinda reminds me of the Trade with the Cardinals and the Eagals.

    Obviously there is tention between the coach and the players and McFadden doesn’t want to play for the Raiders after what Hue did to Jason Campbell.

  13. A Lisfranc is NOT a sprained ankle. DUH!!!

    A Lisfranc is what took out Matt Schaub earlier in the season and he is out for the season. (Texans)

  14. Run DMC has been Run Injury…

    That’s a lot of money for a part-time player.

    And Palmer is infinitly better than Boller!

  15. Hue Jackson could have at least been honest about Run DMC’s injury. It’s not as if he gained a competitive advantage from being dishonest about it since Michael Bush has been just as effective overall.

  16. Already too late, no way Denver loses to Buffalo or KC. Add DMC to the list of Men of Glass, just too fragile to stay in the lineup, and virtually never completely healthy at any time in his career. At 10 million a year through 2013, it might be time to cut your losses if you’re the Raiders. Too bad, what a talent.

  17. Michael bush is doing a good job for oakland,goofed when they gave up the farm for carson palmer ,he isnt elite actually close to being a back up if there was just a decnt qb on the team……………..mcfadden uou cant count on him for 16 games

  18. well on a positive note, I don’t know of another NFL team that could lose their starting QB, RB, WR’s, DE, DB and still betalking about playoffs. I give props to the Raiders for overcoming such adversity. But the time is now to suck it up. Get a shot, tape it up, what ever it takes, but the time is now. Playoffs start early for the Raiders. They start Sunday….win and keep playing, and lose and go home to your couch.

    For all those who want to rip on Carson, Raiders would no way have won any games with Boller.

    McClain, and Giordano need to play better for raiders if they are going to do anything. Plus Barnes need to cut back on the penalties. He has to be the most penalized raider this year.

  19. Joetoronto, I’m so glad it was you that wrote that…

    Here’s the real point that you’re missing and that cannot be challenged. We didn’t need to trade a 1st and 1st/2nd round pick for bum quarterback play. 3 and 4 int games does not get us closer to the playoffs… and unfortunately, bc of the trade we don’t get to draft young talent to build the team.

    It doesn’t matter if you win those three games in the middle of the season if you don’t get a shot in the playoffs. Any team that doesn’t get in the playoffs and a chance at making a run is better off having high draft picks to build for the future.

  20. McFadden is a good runner if he can stay injury free which it appears he cannot. Therefore, his status as a franchise type player is questionable at best at this particular point. What I am reading about this type of injury, if it is indeed a lisfranc injury, I would say this season is gone and maybe his career as a top notch NFL RB. What I don’t understand, for the last 4-5 weeks the Raiders have said “he is out this week, but is pointing towards next week.” I think they knew better.

  21. I am a HUGE fan of Run DMC, but for my own selfish reasons (the sake of the Lions wild card hunt and Michael Bush being a starter on my FF team) I am going to hope he misses just 1 more week.

    Sorry Raiders fans

  22. McFadden just can’t hang. How many other running backs have the same issue and was back in a few weeks? Big Ben of Pittsburg almost got his leg broke, came back in the same game, threw a winning TD. I love the Raiders, but DMC is a sissy and doesn’t care about the team. He wants to sit on the bench and collect his money. Bush has the toughness to be the starting RB for the Raiders. He’s a punisher. Though he’s not as flashy as DMC, I think he’s more of a team player and a tough RB. Trade DMC for a first rounder next year!!!!

  23. I used to love mcfadden.

    But there comes a time when a player needs to suck it up and play. Obviously now his injury was worse than advertised so I’m not so sure about that ideology. Time to cut him loose, re-sign Bush, let Taiwan Jones develop for a cheap buck.

    D-Mac looks way too comfortable in those sweats. He’s a great player…but thats a lot of $ for ridin the pines.

    He’s the NFL’s Brandon Roy. This kid will retire by 27 due to his injury issues.

  24. Life-long Raiders fan here. I’m tired of our fans pointing to injuries on offense as the reason why we haven’t done as well as we wanted to this year. Our offense didn’t give up 80 points over the past two games against Miami and Green Bay. Just face reality people, our defense sucks; it has sucked for the better part of a decade. Even if we do miraculously make the playoffs, we’ll be one and done with this defense. Now that Al is gone, hopefully we’ll bring in a REAL d-coordinator and a GM and join the 21st century like the rest of the NFL.

  25. First off all Raider fans we need to be more positive! Carson Palmer is doing good for the situation he was given. Remember he didn’t get all off season to practice and go to camp. He was thrown in mid season so yes he is doing a great job. I saw a few people say we need to get rid of DMC, are you nuts he is the best running back in the NFL. He needs to rehab his foot properly and come back healthy just like he is doing. Everyone needs to calm down we have a great team remember that and be more positive!

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