Eagles fans instructed to root against the Eagles


Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood wrote a column Tuesday that essentially told Eagles fans that want change to root for the Eagles to lose down the stretch.

I’m fortunate enough to know a few insane Eagles fans. They didn’t need to be told to root against this Eagles team; they were doing it weeks ago.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, but a segment of the Eagles fanbase wants to be put out of their misery. Or wallow in it. Plenty of Eagles fans want Andy Reid gone, so a total meltdown is seen as a good thing.

Reid is still clinging to hope.

“It’s exciting, man, I’m excited,” Reid said Monday. “We’ve got three games left, we’re still in and that’s a good thing.”

Philadelphia would win the division if there was a three-way tie at 8-8. That’s unlikely for a lot of reasons, starting with this one: The Eagles would have to win four straight games to finish the season.

They haven’t won more than two straight all season. They are 2-5 against teams with winning records and they face two winning teams coming up.

Rooting against your own team seems asinine and desperate, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter.

The 2011 Eagles have shown a strong proclivity towards losing no matter how their fans feel.

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  1. go ahead and root against the eagles , join the rest of america why don’ t you. malcontents, dog killers and a head coach who was told by a judge to clean up his act…who isn’t rooting against them?

  2. it will be even harder for them to win 4 games and finish 8-8 considering they’re 5-8

  3. We are not rooting against the team…we are trying to show jeff lurie that we are tired of andy reid and joe banner…after 13 years of the same thing…we want to take our chances on something different

  4. i always like to try to put a positive spin on things…look at it this way eagle fans, at least you have this terrible football season to help you forget about the way the phillies season ended and howards horrific injury

  5. Certainly not an Eagles fan, but I don’t see anything wrong with wanting the final implosion to assure the change that is so obviously needed in Philly ……. Anything that would somehow keep Reid & his comrades on board for another season would only prolong the inevitable for one more season …… The only thing worse than a lost 2011 season would be a lost 2012 season by keeping the ‘old ways’ in house …….

  6. You are truly not a fan if you’re rooting vs your team. Truly not a fan if you’re like some of the Colts fans wanting to lose to lock up Luck.

    If any of the previous two apply to you, consider yourself “Bandwagon Fans”

  7. “Rooting against your own team seems asinine and desperate, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter.”

    It doesn’t seem any more asinine than your repeated mistakes and sometimes questionable posts. I’m a ‘Skins fan, but since they are out of it, I’m rooting against them because I’d rather them have a better draft pick(for the long term) than win a couple meaningless games. Does that seem asisnine?

  8. Eagles fan since 88. I am so tired of the same old things from Reid- each year’s fatal flaw that everybody sees in MAR/APR except those running the team. I just want change at this point. It is okay if the team takes a step back or is bad before it is good again, as long as it is bad in a different way than the AR insanity of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, aka, “I have to do better there…” I want hope that things will be better one day. I dont have that now…

  9. As an Eagles fan, I don’t get the whole “wallowing in it” mindset that some of the more insane fans seem to enjoy. Someone who does that must have absolutely nothing else to live for, and that is genuinely sad. Being a far more reasonable Eagles fan (and human being) than that, I certainly won’t cheer AGAINST them, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they missed the playoffs. I actually think that’s exactly what this team and organization needs: a total and utter failure despite every opportunity to succeed, and unless that happens, there won’t be any major changes. We as a fanbase, whether we all admit it or not, have been tremendously blessed with the success that the Reid era has brought us, even without winning a Super Bowl. Root AGAINST your team? Nope. Hope that we see some positive moves (whatever they may be) in the offseason so this never happens again? Absolutely? Will life go on either way? Of course it will…

  10. Yeah a real mutiny in the city of Brotherly Love
    Keep booing,till your blue in the face.That’s what ya get for trying to buy a team instead of growing one

  11. RocksRocksRocks says: Dec 13, 2011 7:02 PM

    it will be even harder for them to win 4 games and finish 8-8 considering they’re 5-8

    Four straight games….including last weeks win over Miami

  12. This “is” asinine but the Philadelphia fanbase is crazy enough to do this. They booed santa claus!

  13. “And just about every Eagles fan wants Andy Reid gone, so the fans see a total meltdown as a good thing”

    Really? ……………… Really?

    You know just about every Eagles Fan? I love the way the media and bloggers like Rosenthal love to speak for “Almost All” Eagles fans everytime they utter a stupid statement about the Birds. There are Eagles Fans that are stupid enough to want Andy gone and others that want a high draft pick. But “almost all”? I know a lot more Eagles fans then you Gregg, and the majority of Eagles fans just want to win, this week, next week – every week. And Andy is the best coach the Eagles have ever had – period!

  14. mrnick66, when did a judge tell Reid to clean up his act? I’m pretty sure he never got in trouble with the law. His sons are a different story though. As an Eagles fan, Reid needs to go. He might be a good coach but in order to win you need a great coach. This isn’t like the Bucs who won cause they had an awesome defense and got hot at the right time. This is a team that year after year does the same stuff. His ideas on offense and defense aren’t novel anymore and his drafting has been really suspect the past three years outside of McCoy and Maclin. His hiring of Castillo from O-line coach to DC was horrible (though it did get the team Mudd). Word is with or without Andy, Castillo is fired after the season.

  15. Eagles fans do love to wallow. I went to school at Villanova, some miles west of Philadelphia. Philly had just lost the NFCC against the Panthers. Walked into a bar and talked to some Eagles fans. What do they say? Do they talk about how promising their team is? How it was a good run? How they’ll be back next year?

    No. McNabb sucks. Reid sucks. Everybody sucks. I know they were disappointed but sheesh, why watch at all?

  16. Philly fans are pathetic. Same people who ran Allen Iverson, Randall Cunningham, Scott Rolen, Donovan McNabb and countless others out of town. Im sure Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are next. Reid clearly made a mistake with the Castillo hire but is all that’s gone wrong in Philly on him? Yeah its his fault DeSean Jackson and asante Samuel would rather bitch and complain and give a half ass effort. Other than Castillo clearly being in over his head as DC alot of the blame has to fall on the players for this mess

  17. As proprietors of an anti-Andy Reid website, even WE could never condone such despicable behavior… There isn’t a bone in our bodies that could allow us to root against the team we live, breath and bleed for. Even if it would mean the end of The Walrus.

  18. I hate Michael Vick. The Eagles overpaid for him. He sucks and the Eagles deserve to suck for making the decision to sign a dog killer and torturer.

    A proud franchise chose to set aside its values for the sake of trying to win. Never compromise your integrity. Cut his a** and try and get your dignity back.

  19. I love the asinine comments or people throwing out inflammtory articles to stir the pot.. I live in Vancouver and flew down to the game in Miami this past weekend. There was, at a minumum 25000 + , Eagles fans at that game and we took the stadium over..Another fair weather city , Miami, not supporting its’ team….There was no fights, no booing Mark Anthonys fake face, no throwing tacos at the refs… It was a rabid, passionate fan base still supporting its’ team 1000’s of miles away on the road…All we want is the team to win.. Whether it’s with Andy Reid or whoever…Now if the miracle 8-8 Div win doesn’t happen sign a couple bloody LBs and bring back Dawk for the 2012 Superbowl run..E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!

  20. phillyphever says: Dec 13, 2011 7:12 PM

    Who wants to bet there’s more Jet fans in the stands than Eagles fans on Sunday?

    I would take that bet. Of course Jets fans will make the easy trek down but no way there will be more Jets fans than Eagles fans. If you think that actually has a chance of being true, you have never been to an Eagles home game in your life, no matter what the season situation is. I have been to close to over 150 home Eagles games ( and another 20 or so on the road), and I know.

  21. “I don’t even want to hear it. I’m a Browns fan. At least the Eagles get first downs once in a while.”

    I lol’d.

  22. I feel bad for the actual “real” Eagles fans. They seem to have a lot of terrible ones…. I guess most of them deserve to live in the #2 rated dirtiest city in US.

  23. Rooting against your own team because they aren’t playing well is the TEXTBOOK definition of a fair weather fan.

  24. Wow, the Santa joke. That’s original.

    Given that it happened during Vietnam maybe you could find some new material Richard Pryor.

  25. NO story….any eagles fan rooting against them isn’t an eagles fan…and any eagles fan is smart enough to know Reid isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t…..he’s an amazing coach and you can only do so much when your players are underperforming. All that on top the fact we still have play off hopes? And your saying root against them…last I checked the record you finish and enter the play off with doesn’t matter it matters how you finish in play offs….even if we were out a true eagles fan isn’t rooting against there rooting for a promising finish with at least some effort to show us that this team is a solid team and then you look forward to the draft and improving in the linebacker, safety positions, as well as O-line.

  26. This has been a crazy year in the NFL, fines suspensions, walkouts, blackouts, Tebowism, Packerism and now root against your team. Do you get fined or suspended for that???

  27. Is there a more miserable fan base in the world than Philadelphia? Mean spirited. Ornery. Jerks. Myopic (look it up Philly fan). They probably WILL root against their own team. Then there’s the joke by W.C. Fields: First prize in the contest was a week in Philadelphia. Second prize was two weeks in Philadelphia. Badda bing.

  28. I am an Eagles season ticket holder and live here. PFT did not manage to mention that there was an article on the other side of the page listed the reasons for fans to NOT root for them to lose out. The radio stations here go to the Fire Andy stuff to drum up callers, there are a great many here who appreciate coach Reid and would like to see him have one more year to try and win it all. Also, we had nothing to do with running any athlete out of town. If the fans had that kind of power, Dawk would still be here and Dhani Jones would have lasted one quarter on the field.

  29. Andy Reid has to go. He has made his contributions to the Eagles, their fans appreciate it, but his best days have gone by. He never coaches that great in the playoffs. His time management hasn’t improved. It is time they try someone else. His coaching this year was atrocious. He should just get fired for selecting that idiot Castillo as the DC.

  30. As a Cowboys fan I obviously can’t stand any of the teams in the NFC East BUT as a football fan, I have the upmost respect for coach Reid, he’s a great coach and IF he is fired he’ll do great somewhere else. Good luck coach!

  31. I’m not sure what was so heroic. His ankle limited what the steelers could do at the goal line and he threw an interception at a crucial time when he had a guy wide open at the first down marker. 80 of his yards and a td came on a last series pass after a defender fell down with the game in hand.

  32. Can this please happen in DC? I fear we might win another and move another slot further from getting Luck. We need the help. Wear the bags

  33. The reality is Eagle fans expect to win – and that expectation has been made an annual expectation by Andy Reid. We are enthusiastic, devoted fans who – bottom line – desperately want to win a Superbowl. (There were people who took out a second mortgage just to attend the Superbowl against New England.) When we boo or jeer – its really not against the team, but against players or coaches who are under-performing. If we really rooted against the TEAM – we would not be filling the stadium every week. In fact – until you see apathy from us, we are never really rooting against the team. And as much as some say they want to lose out – on game day, there isn’t a fan that is happy if they do.

  34. Chicago fan here. Know how your feeling my team was rolling then BAM we can’t beat ourself’s out of a half torn wet paper bag. Our defense is playing lights out but allow more than 3 points a game so we have no chance. Betime the offense gets a solid year the defense will be falling apart and still won’t be able to score enough.

    8-8 could possible win that division just isn’t right. Try having frick’n perfection in your division and with no signs of a slow down in the next 3-4 years.

  35. Hey Jeffrey Lurie, you hear that?

    It’s the sound of your brand being tarnished as the city turns on you, and the world laughs at your franchise.

    Don’t worry though, Andy said he needs to do a better job.

  36. For those that don’t understand, please let me explain.

    Think AR is a great coach? Look at our home record over the last 2 years. Also look at how he has undervalued LB’s and safties for 13 years yet blames this season on being young at both spots. Forget that we could have had tulloch for 1/2 of what they payed steve smith.

    For those that bring up santa- learn the friggin story. The FO dragged santa out to distract us from how bad the team they built was at the time. They knew there was a plan to boo and they tried to stop it.

    For thos that think we are crazy- remember when the browns fans threw bottles? Or when oakland fans almost killed a guy? Back off.

    Bottom line- I’m tor about how to root. I love my birds. Love em enough to want them to learn a lesson or 2. Like… Don’t hire the waterboy to run the D.

  37. By the time the Eagles take the field on Sunday, Dallas will have beaten Tampa and the Giants will have beaten the Redskins. The Eagles will have been eliminated from the Division race, and the prospects for the Wildcard will be remote.

    It won’t matter who Eagles fans root for, or against. Smallwood’s point is that Andy may survive with a strong showing down the stretch, and he’s got to go – so losing is in our long term best interests.

  38. I’m tired of people talking about Andy Reid’s “success” as a head coach. He has won exactly ZERO Super Bowl championships and is STILL running the team in a way the league figured out more than half a decade ago. He’s a tiny step up on Norville, but I suppose there are people out there who think Norv has had “success” as a head coach, too.

    Many fans have never liked Andy Reid’s coaching and have known all along that he’s never going to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win. He’s had plenty of time to prove us wrong. He’s failed.

    Wanting positive change is not asinine. If that takes a little current-season win-austerity then so be it.

  39. We’ll take AR in DC anytime- I’m absolutely disgusted. AND YOU DON’T ROOT AGAINST YOUR OWN TEAM, EVER-IDIOTS

  40. I remember when University of Georgia fans turned on head coach Ray Goff back in the mid-’90s. Some guy even flew over the stadium with a banner that read “FIRE RAY GOOF.” He was gone at the end of the season. Iggles fans have every right to want a new coach after the debacle this season. Besides, how many Super Bowls has Andy Reid won? He shouldn’t be untouchable.

  41. angrycorgi says:Dec 13, 2011 7:00 PM

    If they want to get rid of Reid, just ban hotdog vendors from the stadium and he’ll quit on his own.
    Please don’t ban hot dogs this week
    -Mark Sanchez

  42. To the Einstein who brough up the players run out of Philly. There are some examples of that, but the ones you picked were horrible. What did AI or McNabb do after leaving Philly, nothing. Rolen demanded to be traded because he didn’t think the ownership was comitted to winning. Hardly run out of town. Cunningham refused to study the playbook while he was here, revitalized his career in Minny just by throwing bombs up and Carter and Moss would catch whatever he threw up.
    Listen Andy Reid is the greatest coach in franchise history, but he played a major role in assembling this underachieving group of egos and they are apparently aren’t listening anymore to him or the o-line coach that he decided should coach the entire defense.
    Banner himself quoted Einstein “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. The Eagles have been doing the same thing for 13 years, yes we won alot of games but always fall short. Sometimes you need to make a change for the sake of making a change.
    I know Andy will have no problem getting another job whenever he wants and will probably have sucess, but I think it is truly best for him and the team to move on at this point.

  43. Well on the bright side if they win 4 games, like the author claims they need to, with only 3 games left, I guess you could say they’ve pulled off the impossible.

  44. I love my Eagles…I live in Chicago.

    I flew out to Philly for one game at the “Linc” a few years ago…worst crowd I’ve ever witnessed.

    Since then, I have lobbied to have the team moved…

    People that say “look at the home record” as a point of emphasis to firing Reid…go to a game. When the defense is on the field, most of the stadium is quiet…when the offense is out there…they are waiting to “boo” play calling.

    The game I flew out to was in 06…the Eagles were winning the game, but turned the ball over…the “home” crowd turned on them…they lost the momentum, and the game. I stayed the weekend…the City wanted the whole Organization blown up…

    “Fire the Walrus!”
    “McNabb Sucks!”
    “Run the ball!”

    The Philadelphia Eagles played in the NFC Championship game in 2008…good thing they didn’t listen to the fans.

    The city of Philadelphia has been rooting against it’s NFL team for YEARS, not weeks.

    Reid, allong with EVERYONE on this team has had a bad year…it’s a one year blip.

    Go Eagles.

  45. Everyone does this; when the 2005 Packers were finishing their worst season since 1991, I was praying for us to lose out, thereby increasing our chances of landing Reggie Bush.

    Careful what you wish for; the higher the pick, the more focus he grabs, and without a hot start, many a rookie can be labeled a bust.

    In retrospect, tons of great players, MJD, Tamba Hali, Brandon Marshall, and Elvis Dumervil to name a few, were not top 10 picks. Had they been, I believe they would have been less likely to become great.

    As an unbiased observer, I think Andy Reid is a great offensive coach and a fantastic assessor of athleticism as it pertains to the west coast offense. His main flaw in his time in Philadelphia has been the loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. Juan Castillo needs to be given time to find the pieces he needs on defense.

    That said, the Eagles every year are in a state of flux, and therein, are always starting anew in some area in their organization, due to their fan base’s constant, almost banal, desire for change.

    They’ll probably fire Reid, hire someone that will clean house, and be bad for many years. I say go ahead, as a Packer fan.

  46. “If” the defense plays the way it did last sunday…no real reason to believe it will…

    “If” the G-men and Cowpokes continue their annual December swoon…no reason to think they won’t…

    “If” this Eagles team makes the play-offs…I’m still dreamin’!…

    “When” all of the above happens…I can’t wait to see the responses here.

    It’ll be me and…well, there have been a few, just so overwhelmed by the negativity…

    Go Eagles.

  47. As a life long Eagles fan it’s pretty simple.The fans are sick and tired of the same Andy Reid horror show. The clock mismanagement, the peculiar play calling the atrocious drafting year after year. The getting out coached in every big game and the list goes on an on. Until the Eagles front office sees what every true fan has seen for the last seven to eight years the Eagles will always be the team that was good (until this year) but not good enough to win it all.

  48. Who does that? Makes their offensive line coach a Defensive co-ordinator. This is why Reid should be fired. And I’m a Giants fan, but the passionate Eagle fans want blood and I don’t blame them.
    Who does that? Who runs McCoy only 14 times in a game. Reid did. No brainer Reid should be gone.

  49. It’s an age-old argument, and it’s why I think the NFL should have a lottery system. The Law of Averages would state that after a long enough period, no one would benefit any more than anyone else from getting lucky and drawing high picks, and in football, it’s so easy to go into the tank and just pretend like you’re trying every Sunday. It’s not fair to the fans who pay to go to the games.

    The Eagles aren’t in the Colts’ situation. Assuming they don’t go to the playoffs, 5-11 vs 7-9 won’t give you a shot at any of the headlining talent in April, and I’m convinced that management has already made their mind up on Reid’s fate on black Monday, one way or the other. In my opinion, moving up a few picks in the 11-18 region isn’t worth rooting for what is branded as a proud franchise to lose.

  50. Hahaha! Eagles fans, remember when they all cried around about T.O and then when it was too late they finally realized that they needed him. Eagles fans just crack me up! hahaha idiots

  51. On the “negativity” note…

    WR Jason Avant’s comments about last weeks game…

    “There was a lot of positive energy; it wasn’t negative. It was definitely a quality road game, which the guys like to play in, anyway, but the fans made it special.”

    Hint hint…he is talking about a road game. It has been reported that 30,000 Eagles fans showed up in Miami.

    That’s more cheering than they here at home games.

    All play-off games will be on the road…my dream continues…I’d rather see them play at Lambaue anyday.

    Go Eagles.

  52. stupid article from inq. stupid smallWood! stupid pft spin. no way. not rooting against the Eagles, not in my blood ever. Don’t fire Andy and bring spags back period. were in the hunt with Reid almost every year. were relavent! he needs a DC that he can not worry about and the O is fine minus the turnovers. f were still in the hunt right now , i’ll take my chances with Reid some tweaks against the gents, girls and skins next year . we need to finally find a replacement for Jim Johnson and we dominate!

  53. Ludicrous to think that anyone is going to “instruct” Eagles fans to do anything. Hell, the only reason that the FO is so arrogant, and completely ignores the fans is because the fans come in droves, buy the merch, and form a waiting list for season tickets that is 50,000 strong. Lurie has found that owning the Eagles is a license to print money and they view the fans as nothing more than their source of income. They don’t listen to the fans because Philly fans would never act in unison in anything, even if it meant getting rid of a coach who has overstayed his welcome. The city has a love affair with the Eagles, the team, and a healthy dislike of their tone deaf front office and owner. One thing Eagles fans know is that they and the team will outlast an owner or a coach. Just a matter of time.

  54. This article fails to mention one important fact: the Eagles play their best football when their backs are against the wall. Sometimes it seems like it could be argued they don’t play good football unless their backs against the wall. If there’s on team I wouldn’t count out when motivated, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles.

  55. how much of the $10,000,000 do Smallwood and the fans that want Reid gone willing to pay for his contract. and which re-tred coach do they think can do better ANDY REID IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. drew05 says:
    Dec 13, 2011 9:12 PM
    I love my Eagles…I live in Chicago.

    I flew out to Philly for one game at the “Linc” a few years ago…worst crowd I’ve ever witnessed
    —————————————————go to a game in Buffalo.

  57. all you really smart guys who have nothing better to do than argue about who has better fans are the biggest losers in all of sports fan land! lol but i digest people who would actually root against their own team are the BIGGEST fans taking any interest in a losing team shows solid fan support fairweather fans only have interest when the team is making a superbowl run

  58. Us Eagles fans are such meanies. I can’t believe we are not like those dopes up in Green Bay, that spend $250 bucks so the Packers will mail them a worthless piece of paper. We should take what they give us quietly.

    Oh stop it. I have been to many other stadiums and the fans in New England, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Balti-less, Dallass, both teams in the Jersey swamp, Chicago, JOakland, and other places are no different. Of course, if there were any actual fans in Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, or San Diego, they’d be e same way too.

    If you haven’t lived and died with the Eagles on every single game and every single play for all 13 years of the Andy Reid era, then shut up and stop acting like something is wrong with us. You said the same things about us regarding McNabb a few years ago, and look how that turned out. If you would still defend your coach after 13 years of time mismanagement, game mismanagement, and being out coached in big games by rookie and second year coaches, then I almost feel sorry for you. You’d probably spend 250 bucks on a worthless piece of paper from your team too.

  59. The negative fans and media are the reasons more Philadelphia teams haven’t won more championships.

  60. Loser mentality. Forget “suck for luck” and whatnot, if you don’t go down kicking, cussing and spitting you ain’t no fan.

  61. So they’re going to do what the Republicans are doing to Obama. Do everything in your power to make your team (USA) lose just to change the coach (President)

  62. So if rooting against your own team is asinine and desperate, what does that make a team who fields a barely NFL-competitive squad featuring Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky when the reward just so happens to be Andrew Luck?

  63. You said the same things about us regarding McNabb a few years ago, and look how that turned out.
    How DID that turn out? Donovan’s last two years in Philly: 20 regular season wins, and two playoff wins. Vicky’s first two years: 0 playoff wins, 18 regular season at the most. Oh, and Kevin Kolb, the guy Eagles fans were making out to be the next Joe Montana, is probably losing his job to Red Skelton.

    But hey, maybe you can have a “DONOVAN SUCKS NOW SO WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG” parade down Broad Street. At least it would be better than the Mummers.

  64. They must be a small amount of people there was 20,000 plus bird fans in Miami and to root against your team is ridiculous for a draft pick the draft is a crapshoot look at Ryan Leaf , Akili Smith , Heath Shuler and many others

  65. They can’t all go 8-8…. That would kill the media’s east coast biased agenda. The NFCW is supposed to be the worst division in football… oh wait they have more combined wins than the east….. oopsy

  66. I’m a proud Philadelphian. I understand why my hometown brethren get a bad rep, and though I do my best to defend them when I can, this kind of stuff sickens me.

    It may be irrational for me to hope that the Eagles win out and that the rest of the NFC East does not and we somehow sneak our way into the playoffs (which would be comparable to the Seahawks sneaking in last year), but I’d rather be irrational than disgraceful, which is exactly what this is. I’m embarrassed for anyone who would root against the Eagles just to see the most winning coach in our franchise’s history get fired. Say what you want about Andy Reid, but at least his loyalties are in the right place (despite his inadequacies).

    I apologize on behalf of my city.

  67. Philly, down 95 there’s a small city called Baltimore, we got you!!! Skins suck! Steelers suck! We got your old coach harbs manning the fort, and we’re not gonna stop. Keep your head up, your team just needs chemistry, you’ll see serious improvements next season I promise you

  68. Plenty of situations merit rooting against ones own team, draft positioning and coach/management/owner change being the most prominent. Pull yer head out, rosenthal.

  69. mrnick66 says:Dec 13, 2011 7:01 PM

    go ahead and root against the eagles , join the rest of america why don’ t you. malcontents, dog killers and a head coach who was told by a judge to clean up his act…who isn’t rooting against them?
    It was Andys son that was told that you moron

  70. Go ahead and get rid of this guy . He is one of the best around lets see where your be next year and many years after somewhere like the Browns or the Colts this year

  71. If you are not rooting for Andy Reid to get fired, then you are in no way, shape, or form, a true Eagles fan. Then man gets out coached multiple times every year and has for 13 seasons. The more talent his coaching staff has lost all this time the more he gets exposed. The man needs to go. Thanks for the memories of almost championships. I’m tired of getting the where is your ring question. The man is a solid coach, but in no way is he great.

  72. I guess the fans in NY never boo’d Tom Coughlin. Fans aren’t booing Jason Garrett in Dallas. And I guess Colts fans want that no namer coach to be with them for eternity.

    We just want to win. Andy Reid relies on tiebreakers at the end of the season whereas other coaches rely on dominance and preparation.

  73. As a Bills fan, all I can say is:

    “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

    It really doesn’t seem like that long ago that us spoiled Bills fans were competitive and in the running for the division every year, let alone playoff contention….

    And then, after a crazy fluke loss in the playoffs (Home Run Throwback in Tennessee), we run Wade Phillips, a coach with a 29-19 record (a 0.604 win percentage) out of town….

    Twelve long years later, I think its safe to say that most Bills fans would long for the Son of Bum to be back on the sidelines.

    In 12 seasons with the Eagles, Andy Reid has 6 division titles and 9 playoff appearances… do you honestly think you’ll get better production than that? Gimme a Break!

  74. sasquash20 says: Dec 14, 2011 3:58 AM

    If you are not rooting for Andy Reid to get fired, then you are in no way, shape, or form, a true Eagles fan.

    On a website with no shortage of dumb things said, this might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read here. No “true” Eagles fan (a phrase as meaningless and overused as “classless”) could possibly want to keep a coach who goes to the playoffs almost every year and therefore gets a ball in the Super Bowl lotto machine almost every year?

    But hey, sasquash20 has it all figured out. Why haven’t they made him GM yet?

  75. It’s actually a good idea. Honestly, I never understood why fans of teams with no playoff hopes still root for their teams down the stretch. Your season is over. All you are doing is hurting your draft pick and your future by them winning. Like, what is the joy in going 7-9 instead of 5-11? It’s like rooting for your favorite college football team that is not in the SEC. There’s no point!!

    It’s actually a double-bonus in this case. They get a better draft pick and they move on from Andy Reid, which most of the Eagles faithful have wanted for years.

  76. Media members like Smallwood and Cataldi need to have an American flag stapled to them and then get mailed to Iran.

    I get they’re doing this to hype up their column or show. But in the end it’s sheer stupidity to encourage fans to root against their team or go to the draft just to boo the drafting of one player.

    How these clowns get paid for their chicanery is beyond me.

  77. @sasquash20

    The Eagles could win a dozen Super Bowls and other fans will still ask “where is *your* ring?”, because let’s face it no fan is playing the game.

    You have a point that fans want Reid out. But that leaves an unknown quantity left behind. Who knows which coach will fill the vast void that would be left by Reid.

    Finding a good head coach who can duplicate or improve upon Reid’s work is a dicey proposition.

  78. They told us to be careful what we wished for when we got rid of McNabb…

    Ok, so this year our qbs have been plagued by injury but last season was a lot of fun.

    Either way we’re headed in the right direction. Bills suck, but they’re not stuck with the same coach making bad decisions. They switch it up. They’re on a mission to finding Mr. Right!!!!

    Should the Eagles keep Reid forever because he’s almost Mr Right? We will never win it all with him. We’ll just be scratchin our heads wondering how it’s possible he doesn’t see the big picture.

  79. Gregg Rosenthal speaks on behalf of an entire fanbase that he isn’t even apart of, and you all take it seriously? Bashing us on the blatant exaggeration of a couple of journalists?

    Spend more time worrying about your own team, and less time repeating the same washed up insults about the Eagles every day of your life.

    Imo we’ve given Reid more than a fair chance to bring the team to success. I’m rooting for my team like always, but I’d rather see them finish the season losing out than see some miracle push for the playoffs where they’ll surely fall apart. It’s simply a matter of wanting the best for your team, whether it be long term or short, either way it doesn’t make you less of a fan.

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