Harrison hints that he may not appeal his suspension


Steelers linebacker James Harrison has the ability to obtain an expedited appeal of his one-game suspension, if he so chooses.

He may not so choose.

“Thank you to all my fans and supporters, I’m just going to move on from here and get ready for my next game,” Harrison said on Twitter after the suspension was announced.  It was his second reaction after “Lol!!!

That seems to mean Harrison won’t appeal his suspension.  Then again, coach Mike Tomlin seemed to suggest on Tuesday that Harrison will appeal.

“We have to prepare as if he is not going to play, of course,” Tomlin said.  “We will move forward, James will move forward.”

We’ll likely find out soon whether Harrison will move forward with an expedited appeal of the suspension.

48 responses to “Harrison hints that he may not appeal his suspension

  1. Seymour can go around and punch people.

    Ray Ray can helmet to helmet with no flag/fine.

    My ONLY complaint is the level of consistency from Roger. He is the judge, jury, and executioner.

    There seems to be no clear cut set of rules on this. He fines who he wants, when he wants, and how he wants.

    I just want to see the rules applied the same to all players.

  2. Doesn’t really matter. The Steelers win games without him, although this DOES help the 49ers, who may be starting a young (albeit good) LT in the event Joe Staley isn’t cleared to play.

    49ers will have their hands full no matter what. They HAVE to be able to stop the blitz, it’s that simple.

  3. I’m a huge steelers fan. Born n raised in Pittsburgh. I wanna take my black n gold goggles off for a second….
    That hit by Harrison, by rule, was a dirty play and with his history of doing this he deserves a game suspension. I don’t understand why he can’t shoulder and wrap when he tackles. U can hit clean and still knock a guy into next week.
    (Goggles back ON)
    I love James Harrison on my team and enjoy his devastating hits(legal or illegally) even more. Hope we can gut this niner game out without em, hopefully woodley is near 100%.com
    Go Steelers!

  4. Appeal so he can play against S.F. and sit against the Rams. . .That would make sense for the team.

  5. Goodell – Harrison – Thunderdome.

    2 men enter – 1 man leave.

    Goodell better bring his damn whistle.

  6. And what happens to the Browns for not following the NFL’s rules for a mandatory concussion test? How important is player safety when you only care about one side of the problem?

  7. I’d say it’s been awhile since the last outbreak of Steeler Persecution Complex, but it seems to be a monthly occurrence in 2011.

    Ray Lewis was fined for his H2H on Hines, by the way.

  8. This could be his way to get back at Goodell. If he takes the suspension now without appeal, MNF loses a huge player that is controversial that people will want to see play, even if they hate him. Then, if Ben can’t play, ratings for the game will go down further.

    Also, very glad he is not mouthing off about the outcome. Just stay quiet James, and when you play again use your shoulder to crush ball carriers in their midsection.

    IMHO the best chance the 49ers have of winning is if Ben and James don’t play.


  9. It doesn’t really make much sense to punish repeat offenders more than first-timers. The action is still the same. If you really care about safety, penalize them hard the first time and every time after. Not fining players at all for hits that you’re fining (or suspending) some other players tens of thousands of dollars for doesn’t make any sense.

  10. If the Steelers want to get back at Goodell they should just sit every single player they have that’s injured, let them heal up for the playoffs and watch the MNF numbers tank.

    Frankly if the Ravens win on Sunday I could see the Steelers sitting people regardless. I don’t think the Ravens are losing either of their last two and the Steelers might as well rest while they can.

  11. Rodger Godell does not issue these fines or suspend anyone, there is a panel that does so. Harrison launches without any intention of wrapping up. The hit from ray lewis on hines ward was not intentional, he wrapped his arms around Hines, but if you look at the video Hines is falling back and makes contact with Ray. Ray also does not launch, his feet are still on the ground. He did hit helmet to helmet, hence the fine that he has to pay, but it was not nearly as serious Harrison’s hit.

  12. Although I don’t know about Harrison, most players respect the wishes of their teammates and coaches. If you have played organized, competitive football to any high level, perhaps you’ve had a teammate who’s conduct truly hurts the team’s chances of winning. What I’ve seen a few times when this happens is that the veterans, the most respected players, will gather around the guy at this locker ( put him in the circle, as they say ) and really let him have it. Then, afterwards, the coach will take him aside privately and let him have it again. This is what the Steelers need to do with Harrison, especially since his words and his conduct indicate conclusively that he’s doing it on purpose.

    This will only happen if Harrison’s conduct truly puts his team at a competitive disadvantage. Fineing the guy doesn’t do that. A 15 yard penalty doesn’t do it. Having him sit out one game doesn’t do it.

    There should be a system whereby a headhunting shot really puts the team at a serious competitive disadvantage. My suggestion is that the team’s next opponent be given extra possessions. For example, the opponent is given three straight possessions to start the game, or to start the second half, while the Steelers get no possessions during that time. The opponent would have the opportunity to go up by three scores before the Steelers ever get the ball.

    Players want to win. Coaches must win. Put the Steelers at a true competitive disadvantage and the players and coaches will teach Harrison how to play within the rules, or replace him within someone who won’t hurt the team so much.

    I hate that this involves the Steelers because they’ve always been one of my favorite teams. and still are. In fact, my two favorite teams were the Steelers and whoever was playing the Cowboys. So I hold no grudges against the Steelers.

  13. I guess the advertisers and television networks with graphics showing helmets smashing together should expect a suspension or fine from the NFL.

    What do you think law man?

  14. Does Harrison get suspended this time around if he doesn’t repeatedly announce his refusal to change the way he plays? How about if he doesn’t call the Commissioner a gay slur and say he hates him? Cause my three-year-old seems to grasp the tricky concept that talking back tends to make the punishments worse until they finally stick.

    Here’s where the arrogance of the Steelers and their fanbase comes back to haunt them: A resounding lack of sympathy due to years of acting entitled and holier-than-thou while showing zero respect for any rules/laws that might apply negatively toward them.

  15. Roger Goodell’s method for making the game safer for the players, has been a failure.

    Just a hint Roger, get out of bed with Riddell and stop this bogus attempt at changing the game by fining and suspending players who don’t play nicely enough for you.

    Best way to protect football players at every level of football…pee wee to the NFL…is to develop new football helmets based on new technology and not the decades old technology of the rock hard outer shell of today’s helmets.

    Helmets that absorb more of the shock of an impact with a softer material over the hard outer shell. The concept has been successfully used at the NFL level in the past and “it worked”.

    There is no reason to believe it would not work at every level of football, possibly reducing the occurrences of concussions dramatically.

  16. The 15 yard penalty and 7 points would have been nice in that 2nd Baltimore game.

    The officials see what they are told to watch.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  17. Do all the people on here who think that Goodell unilaterally decides rules, punishments, fines etc. really believe what they’re writing? I mean really? Do you even read the other articles on here or just skip to the part where you whine about Goodell? I’m not defending the guy but people’s arguments against him seem to stem from things he has little individual control over.

  18. Why can’t I get my comments posted? Hit a little to close to home Mike. What I said is no more inflammatory than calling Ben a rapist and Harrison an idiot. Post my comments please.

  19. myspaceyourface says:
    Dec 13, 2011 1:51 PM
    The 15 yard penalty and 7 points would have been nice in that 2nd Baltimore game.
    How can you possibly assume 7 points was a given?

    How about the 7 on Rice’s run on 9/11, or the 7 on goal line push on the same drive?


  20. @ravenator

    you do realize your MLB for the last two decades was on trial for MURDER… that means he was charged with taking another persons physical life… do not want you to think your $hit doesnt stink.

  21. The thought process of a linebacker;
    Someone is running at me with the ball out of the pocket with the ball tucked under his arm behind the line of scrimage, he has a low number, is he a quarterback? Wait, I think he might be one of those receiver type dudes. That means I can hit him in the head……(this game moves to fast, I need a pause button, hey Ref, can i get a pause here while i try to fugure out what i can do?) but wait, what if I’m wrong and he is one of the dress wearers and he decides at the last second to throw the ball? I could be suspended for a head shot here, I’d better just let him run by me and wait for the next play where those guys that wear numbers in the 20s and 30s have the ball, I can hit them anywhere, head, knees, you name it. Yeah, that’s what imma gunna do!

    The thought process of a DB;
    Hey, the ball is being thrown my way! I’d better get to that passcatcher quick…..but if I hit him at the exact moment he catches the ball I could get fined for hitting a defenseless dude. Hmmm…..what do I do? I could let him catch the ball, take two steps and then hit him as hard as I can but that will give them a first down. If I hit him while defenseless they still get a first down! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Oh! I have an idea, hey Ref, can I get a pause here and call the commish and ask him what I should do? Hey Rodg, hard hitting safety here, I gots a problem, the game is on pause and I can hit a dude but I might get fined, what should I do? Just let him score a touchdown you say? Because everyone likes touchdowns and they are good for the game you say? Ok, thanks Rodg.

  22. Ray Lewis “Snitch” for a murder he was involved in. Terrell Suggs HGH man. Jamal Lewis , Cocain Dealer, B.J. Sams, Multiple DUI offender, Donte Stallworth, Drunk driver and murderer. Joe Flacco , multiple unibrow infractions lol

  23. If I saw Rodger Goodell in public I would spit at his feet. I have no respect for a guy who puts himself above the game. Unfortunately, he is in the epic position of NFL dictator. He is putting the NFL on the tracks he wants it to follow for the next 30 years. All of you who are criticizing Harrison in general will be sad when games are reaching 50 to 60 points every week per team. That means you fools in Baltimore will spend more time crying and whining over huge scores and less time on guys that hit harder than the softies you pay to play.

    And by the way, IF Harrison was juice head do you not think we would be aware by now. Guys been in the league for years, and is still the strongest guy in the game (naturally).

  24. u steeler haters need a life!… U knw good n well if james harrisson played for ur bum team u would be singing a different tune…

    The fact remains they are trying to turn the nfl into flag football… Im all for player saftey… But I mean damn let them play ball.. Ive seen harder hits in the ladies football leauge recently.. U cant blink at a qb without drawing a flag..
    That bein said. Get em debo dnt change ya game.. They cnt take da hit get off da
    field.. Its a grown mans game they knw what they signed up for…..

  25. ruffrider675 says:
    Dec 13, 2011 1:34 PM
    The hit from ray lewis on hines ward was not intentional, he wrapped his arms around Hines, but if you look at the video Hines is falling back and makes contact with Ray. Ray also does not launch, his feet are still on the ground. He did hit helmet to helmet, hence the fine that he has to pay, but it was not nearly as serious Harrison’s hit.
    At least the GOOD Raven posters acknowledged weeks ago that Lewis got away with…ahem, an uncalled penalty for that hit. Sure, they were ecstatic and cheerful about it (because it’s Hines Ward, you see), but they could at least admit that it was blatant headhunting and that Ray got away with it. No idea what you’re trying to pull with this whopper of a tale. “Oh that dirty Hines Ward, trying to knock Ray Lewis out by falling back into him.”

  26. The fact is regardless of what you think the hit was, there is enough confusion on the rule that this should have been just a fine. Even Herm Edwards was on ESPN asking how else would one approach a QB if that was Cam Newton tucking th eball in and running.
    As far as Harrison’s history, the last two fines he got were for bogus reasons. You idiots keep saying Harrison should have aimed lower. But HE AIMED LOWER WHEN HE HIT FITZPATRICL. RIGHT IN THE MIDSECTION. TEXTBOOK HIT ON THE QB. AND guess what. He got his biggest fine for that hit. Another fine was for a garden variety 15 yard penalty for hitting Brees in the back. a hit Ben takes in half the games he plays.

    So Harrison can’t win for aiming lower.

  27. myspaceyourface says:
    Dec 13, 2011 12:40 PM
    Seymour can go around and punch people.
    Ray Ray can helmet to helmet with no flag/fine.
    My ONLY complaint is the level of consistency from Roger. He is the judge, jury, and executioner.
    There seems to be no clear cut set of rules on this. He fines who he wants, when he wants, and how he wants.
    I just want to see the rules applied the same to all players.


    Dont bother letting the truth or reason interrupt your rant there. Goodell does not issue fines.

  28. We all can agree Harrison defintely needs to do a better job making adjustments. But he has done that to a major extent. Sure, he should have finetuned the angle for the mccoy hit, but was it as dirty as it looked? That is what we are arguing here. At least, let him have a week to appeal it instead of saying he sits out the SF game regardless of the appeal.

    Also, we can’t continue this discussion unless we address what his history really was. His more egregious hits came early in the crackdown of big hits. Since then, he has made adjustments. So he has shown improvement. Like I said, two of his last three infractions were for very flimsy reasons. Just watch the Brees and Fitzpatrick hits on ESPN which they keep showing as a montage whenever they discuss the suspension. The Brees hit was a deserved penalty. But was it that bad? not such stuff happens and you pay for it during the game. It was not fineworthy. And the Fitzpatrick hit? That was not even penalty worthy. That is his recent history.

  29. Roger Goodell makes his decisions based on the whims of the public, not what the game film shows. He’s a man completely lacking in character or principle.

  30. Amen, Deb!

    Man, do I miss Tags and Rozelle — Goodell is like the reporter who tries to become the story, the ref/ump who tries to be the feature attraction and upstage the play on the field.

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