Jerry Jones insists Jason Garrett’s job is safe


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has heard the questions about whether he could fire Jason Garrett, and he’s not happy about them.

Asked on KRLD-FM today whether he might make a change at head coach if the Cowboys miss the playoffs, Jones offered a testy response.

“That is not a question worth responding to,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Then Jones proceeded to respond to the question.

“The answer is no,” Jones said. “We are just getting started here.”

Of course, Jones has been known to flip-flop such matters. In October of last year, Jones said Wade Phillips was safe. In November, Jones fired Phillips and replaced him with Garrett. Jones also famously changed his mind about Terrell Owens, going from supporting Owens as an integral part of the Cowboys’ offense to sending Owens packing.

Jones acknowledged that he’s frustrated that the Cowboys have now lost five games this season in which they had a fourth-quarter lead, and that questionable decisions late in the last two games have cost the Cowboys their lead in the NFC East.

“I would have liked to have closed it out right now,” Jones said. “If we won the last two games, that would have happened.”

Jones’ frustration will surely grow considerably if the Cowboys fail to reach the playoffs. Garrett would prefer not to find out whether a late-season swoon would result in Jones changing his mind.

71 responses to “Jerry Jones insists Jason Garrett’s job is safe

  1. When you see your owner trying to call timeouts from his skybox, it’s time to get nervous. @JasonGarrett

  2. When the Cow-Turds lose, I’m smiling like the butchers dog. Just another huge mistake by the dumbest owner in the NFL. Jerry’s ego STILL prevents him from hiring a competent GM

  3. “The answer is no,” Jones said. “We are just getting started here, we’re busy trying to figure out how to lose more games like no one has ever done before.”

  4. Jerruh Jones needs to do something about his coaching staff. I hate the Cowgirls and I am feeling sorry for their pathetic, sorry butts. Maybe he should hire Wade Phillips to be the DC, you see what he is doing in Houston. Or maybe he could hire my 5 year as a time-out consultant.

  5. Jerry said the same thing about Wade last year around this time, and the wheels fell off and he was canned like tomato soup! Jason Garrett should get an unemployment letter soon, his team is going to fall apart as well….

  6. Jason Garrett is the most predictable, conservative, courage less coach in the entire league. That being said the talent on offense has generally been able to make up for it. The problem in Dallas is Jerry’s inability to get talent on the defensive side of the ball. I’m still not even sold on Rob Ryan but it would be safe to assume that if there was a competent GM in charge of acquiring talent, the defense would be much better and this season would be drastically different.

  7. Garrett’s job is safe… until we’ve mathematically been eliminated from the playoffs. Jones needs to fire himself, it’s the only way things will get better in Dallas.

  8. Don’t you know that Jerry lies in bed at night and thinks about how he can have anything in this world except the one thing he wants the worse.

    That camera shot NBC put on him in the booth when the kick was blocked at the end of the game was sooooo freakin classic…hahaha

  9. I’m as big a Cowboy hater as they get, but I know one thing as a Redskins fan- Coaching staff turnover will get you nowhere. If you want to win, and win consistently, you’ve gotta let the kid grow up into the job. He needs a few years to get all his own kind of players, let them develop in his offensive and defensive systems, etc. Patience is required to build a true NFL contender. Unless a guy is an absolute disaster, changing abruptly won’t help. Even looking at my team we’re not that far off the mark. A few linemen and a QB, and the Redskins are competing every week. As far as the Cowboys, they have a lot of good personnel, but Garrett is still getting the hang of it. Now if he still makes the same mistakes 2 seasons from now, then he just isn’t getting it. But for now, to pull the plug would be wayyyy premature.

  10. Ummm didn’t we hear the exact same thing last year regarding Wade Phillip’s job being SAFE??? And then he got canned,,,,, LOL…. Never trust anything Jerry Jones says…. Watch your back Jason, cuz it’s a comin’……..

  11. Yes, his job is safe. If you believe that you also might believe that I’m having a three way with Scarlett Johanson and Natalie Portman tonight.

  12. When the giants got a first down at the 1 yd line with 1:15 left, Garrett waited 15 seconds before calling a timeout. Those fifteen seconds would have translated to a couple of plays for Romo to get further downfield and set up a more comfortable field goal for Bailey…so yea that’s two weeks in a row that Garrett’s incompetence has had a big impact in the clutch.

  13. The cowboys have gone through how many owners since jimmy jonhnson and have 1 playoff win. The only consistent, is Jerry jones. Go look in the mirror and that’s where the problems start.

  14. Is there any better shot in sports than when the camera pans up to JJ’s box during a loss? The look on his plastic-surgery-stretched-face is priceless! I can’t get enough of it

  15. Jerry lies.


    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 6, 2008, 1:31 p.m. EDT

    The Dallas Cowboys already have one Roy Williams on the roster, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says they won’t be adding another.

    Jones tells Peter King of Sports Illustrated that the Cowboys won’t be swinging a deal with the Lions to add wide receiver Roy Williams — and they won’t be swinging a deal with any other team to add any other receiver, either.

    “We have no plans to trade for a receiver before the trading deadline,” Jones said on Sunday afternoon.

    When King asked again, directly, whether there would be a trade for a receiver, Jones again said there would not be.

    “No,” Jones said. “No trade for a receiver.”

    Williams, who holds the distinction of being a Matt Millen draft pick who didn’t bust, is reportedly on the block, if there’s a team willing to pay the Lions a high price for his services. Jones, however, says the Cowboys won’t be that team.

  16. We heard that last year the week before he got the job . Garett should start packing his bags because anytime Jerry says something like this its who’s next on the list

  17. I think Garrett should be fired immediately. The losses to the Jets, Kittens, Pigeons (Cards), and Gnats – not including the Pats – was inexcusable. Bad play-calling, poor preparation, lack of discipline, no accountability (mostly with Garrett) and a relaxed attitude both during the game and the reactions after losses is reason enough. Look at Garrett’s record in the close games – he loses 2 out of 3, at least. Sure, some of the blame should go to the personnel on the defensive side of the ball – lack of CBs and another pass rusher, but the key is the coach. Look at the Niners – same personnel as last year = a lot more wins. The Pats are using converted and current WRs as CBs (not including Troy Brown anymore) and they are getting by with Belichick as coach. There is no excuses for the way they have lost games this year, as well as last season. Because of Garrett’s terrible coaching and lack of desire/leadership their season is over. I wish Wade was still coach, even Chan Gailey.

  18. Lol, Garrett could lose the remaining three games and he would not be fired. This is pointless coverage. That being said, Ryan IS in danger.

  19. Something tells me Michael Corleone just planted one on the cheek of Mr. Garrett.

    Jason, don’t forget what happened to Fredo…

  20. I hate the cowboys. But hot women love them. I hope the cowboys at least keep the womens attention so i can keep accidentally rubbing up against them at football parties.

  21. With 3 games to go Dallas still controls their own destiny. They are tied with the Giants in division record and are two games ahead of them in conference records. If Dallas wins out against the Bucs, Eagles, and the last game against the Giants, they are the NFCE Champs.

    Still a lot of football to be played here folks.

  22. Safe huh? Let’s see what happens if the Cowboys have one more last 30 seconds of the game debacle like they did against the Cardinals.

  23. Given that the Cowboys’ are stacked with talent and don’t need rebuilding, fans expect nothing less than an instant winning record and playoffs. On the contrary, Jason Garrett needs time to “mold” his players into cohesive offense, defense and special teams units, according to his system. Even Garrett and Romo need to develop cohesiveness with playcalling. Garrett is doing a pretty good job so far, so making a head coaching change should be the last thing on Jerry Jones’ agenda.

  24. This is Al Davis v 2. Just like Al, the older Jerry gets, the more control he assumes and the more micro-managed the head coach and all other coaches are. On the other end of that spectrum, as suggested by Trent Dilfer, there may also be a lack of accountability by the players due to the fact that they can always go above the coach to Jerry if they are treated unfairly. This was pervasive in Oakland which explains why the team under performed year in and year out. There needs to be a healthy paranoia of job loss on the minds of the players (Both Landry and Johnson had this instilled in the players), which there seems not to be. Jerry’s overbearing grip on the team and resounding daily commentary on the state off affairs only makes it worse.

  25. Ahhh, the leaves are changing, the snow is falling, the Cowboys are losing to everyone’s surprise… It’s that time of the year again.

  26. The Cowboys major issue is the Owner/GM. He does not want to take responsibility for failure, but loves being “one of the boys” when everything is good.

    He is a meddling owner who calls himself a GM when he really is not a true football person. As long as he owns the team there will be problems.

    It still surprises me that a guy like Garrett who is a real talent would really want to coach for a guy like Jones.

  27. tombradyswig says:Dec 13, 2011 3:10 PM

    watch out Jerry…. Jason may ICE you!!!
    Its the otherway around

  28. Reid and Garrett both fired.

    Rebuilding year for the Giants, huh?

    Tom Coughlin is in his office right now, doing the pee pee dance, and giving both of them the finger.

    Tommy boy laughs last!

  29. Jerry Jones saying that the coach’s job is safe is like Andy Reid saying that Donovan McNabb/Kevin Kolb (pick either one) is his starting QB, only to change his mind a week later.

  30. The dreaded “vote of confidence”.

    Garrett, contact a real estate agent and get your house on the market, ASAP.

  31. The dreaded vote of confidence…….worst run franchise in the NFL. Enjoy another year playing golf early

  32. “The cowboys have gone through how many owners since jimmy jonhnson and have 1 playoff win.”

    I bet you’re from New York, aren’t you? SMH.

  33. Lately I’m wondering if Garrett is the right guy to lead the Cowboys. Was happy with what he had to say when he took over the job. But it seems to me that when teams consistently fail to hold on to leads and understand the game is 60 minutes, it falls on the shoulders of the coaching staff. I also do not like coaches that do not show emotion when the teams screws up big time — like losing games they should have won. You may not all agree, but if Bill Parcells was coaching this team, we would have won the last two games. Parcells was a master of working the clock. Garrett appears not to own a watch.

  34. The problem with the Cowboys is the players feel entitled to victory just for walking out for warm-ups. Dallas is arguably one of the most talented teams many years but they’ve underperformed since Jimmy Johnson left because there was no longer a threat of being cut for falling asleep in a meeting. Unfortunately many of the two year olds in the Dallas locker room require that level of supervision. A little more stress in the Cowboys locker room would serve them well and perhaps reverse their annual December-January swoon.

  35. Every coach deserves three years to make their case – its stupid to hire a new coach annually. Those that think otherwise are thankfully unable to effect a change on a pro football team – unless you are a retard like Pioli.

  36. Jerry Jones says a lot of things.. People seem to have a short memory.

    Lets explore two of his most recent smoke blowing sessions-

    He said he wasn’t going to fire Wade Phillips in the middle of the season last year. He did.

    Said T.O. was safe, and he was cut.

  37. Nah ~ Jason is safe. I’m fairly sure he caught JJ in compromising situations with small farm animals. Else why make Garrett the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL? Why hire him as head coach with no HC experience when better choices were available? Jone has had seven shots at hiring head coaches ~ he bombed on six of them. I think we have found the problem.

  38. The Cowboys will never win anything as long as Jerry Jones owns the team. You watch. As soon as they come close to having a championship caliber team, he’ll start meddling, trying to ensure the appearance that he deserves the credit for building the team.

  39. What Jerry needs to do is look in the mirror and see that the problem on this team is him. Fire himself as GM and focus on the business aspect of the team. Hire a GM who has a clue and maybe then a credible coach ala cowher or gruden would want to coach here. Because if this continues and he fires Garrett our next coach will be sparano!

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