Ray Lewis says he’s “feeling way better,” sets no date for his return

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A month ago today, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis suffered a foot injury in Seattle.  He has yet to play since then.  And he likewise hasn’t said much to the media.

Lewis spoke to CSNBaltimore.com today, after speaking at a community event in downtown Baltimore.

I’m feeling way better,” Lewis said, adding that he believes he’ll play again this season.  “I thought I had a good chance the last four weeks of playing,” Lewis added, “but coaches and them always make the decision, and they’re just being smart with it.”

The Ravens have won four straight games without Lewis.  With three other AFC teams at 10-3, the Ravens need to keep winning in order to get Lewis and other injured players a week of rest before the division round of the postseason.

32 responses to “Ray Lewis says he’s “feeling way better,” sets no date for his return

  1. Do we know what Ray Lewis’ status is with NFL regarding being a “repeat offender”? He has been fined in 2009 for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on Ochocinco, in 2010 for an illegal helmet-to-helmet his on Austin Collie, and in 2011 for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on Hines Ward?

    How many more fineable offenses before he is an official repeat offender? Who keeps the list?

  2. Even though Ray was not on the field those last 4 games, his presence was still felt. Once he retires, I hope he continues to coach in lieu of moving to television. Ray is not a talking head. He is a tremendous motivator and is second to none in that department and the opposition will still be fearing him for years to come.

  3. Unfortunately Ray Ray, there are a couple dead guys (Atlanta 1/31/2000) not “feeling way better”. I’m so glad that you can resume your career though, that’s way more important. I hate when blood stains my white suit “that has never been found” allegedly?

  4. Ray feels better. In other news, the guy Ray watched his buddies murder is still dead.

    Get well soon Ray, your a roll model!

  5. To tobiasjodster: Seems as though the helmet-to-helmet contact on Ward is now considered “A HEAD-DETACHING SYMPTOM”. GO RAVENS & THE GENERAL OF DEFENSE!

  6. With Tebow and Cam Newton doing what they are doing, we still haven’t seen the fastest one of them all.. The strongest one of them all… The most Athletic one of them all… The one and only.. Terrell “the beast” Pryor

  7. Is that MFer wearing shoulder pads in that picture? I dont think so…I woulD NEVER mess with that dude…

  8. Raven haters everywhere….can’t wait to see ray go out on top, hoisting the Lombardi trophy in Indy!!

  9. As a member of the media at the time, the reason Ray Lewis was not convicted of murder was because he did not do it and the prosecution had ZERO evidence against him for murder. That is why the prosecution dropped the charges. If they could have made it stick they would have but they had ZERO evidence against him.

  10. rayriceisnice says:Dec 14, 2011 12:23 AM

    Cue the steelers fans and thier envy
    Envy of what his toughness owait Ben plays week in and week out hurt or is it of the Super bowl wins . Please tell us what we should be envy of ?

  11. Blackbird0520 says:Dec 14, 2011 6:11 AM

    Raven haters everywhere….can’t wait to see ray go out on top, hoisting the Lombardi trophy in Indy!!
    They don’t let spectators touch the trophy . So you will be waiting along time

  12. After reading alot of these comments, 2 things have become crystal clear to me. I know where
    they come from being 1. The other being its the
    same source that continues to issue the ridiculous
    Spy-Gate stuff. When you are a threat to this
    fan bases’ team. This is what they spew.

    Fellow Patriot fans, it will NEVER cease. So just
    let the comments come and act as if they aren’t
    even on the screen.

    Its all you can do.

  13. Haha ben plays with high ankle sprain the same night. And ray lewis is out for 4 weeks with a sore toe.. My god. And ravens fans call him tough..shows how they have nothing to hold onto. If he was a steeler we woulda made him tougher than being on that soft ravens defense! Go chargers!

  14. Wittle Way Way piggy just seems not to be getting any better. Poor litte Way Way. Him needs to be on field so eh can trash talk, hot dog and showboat. He also needs hims little piggy to do the Way Way dance. Get better Way Way, people miss you. Not the people in Atlanta, but your fans in Baltimore, who support common criminals like Way Way.

  15. Ben may play through injuries, but in 15 years he will be drooling on himself in a padded room for putting his body through all that torture. The difference between Ben and Ray is that the Ravens have shown that they can still win with him on the sidelines. That’s what a solid team looks like, take note.

  16. If Lewis was a steeler, first thing he would do was commit suicide.. You have no back-up for big ben, he’s your Manning.. If he doesn’t play, you lose and then you whine that, “oh but ben wasn’t playing”. Reason he’s not playing is because Ravens have DEPTH.. He once did 35 pushup to prove his shoulder wasn’t dislocated, so just shhhhhh..

    And murderer?…. Still….. Really? This board is for football, so please take all those murdercharges to some kind of crime discussion board.

    @njhitman – Envy of the sweep, the division lead and the fact that you’ll get beaten into submission in SF, gl hf

  17. And lol, steelers are full of criminals.. 4-5 arrests just in ’08.. Harrison smashed down a door to get to his gf during a fight.. Guessing he went helmet to helmet and then cried on twitter about getting penalized..

    Youtube, Ray Lewis – Dustin keller. The definition of a clean hit

  18. tobiasjodter, the new CBA allows the league to go back three years to determine repeat offenders. You got thumbs down from people because a suspension hasn’t affected their team yet. Lewis should get suspended if he has another infraction, and only then will Ravens fans be upset. No one complained about fines until it affected their team.

    djstat, not being convicted, arrested or charged does not mean he didn’t do it. Just be glad he got in trouble before Goodells reign, because if it happened recently, your star line backer would have been suspended for just being accused of it.

  19. Haha ya 49ers are a powerhouse! It will be awesome going into that game knowing if we win we control our own destiny! GO CHARGERS!

  20. As a member of the media… really. The charges were not dropped. They plead down. You should know the facts. The case is still opne, but the APD stopped their investigation since no one would talk. Learn the facts!

  21. This foot injury thing seem minor but is costly one. Look to NE safety Chung, it was assumed he will play last week but he is still in cast. Hope both will comeback soon.

  22. All you Steeler fans w/info on “the murder committed by” Ray Lewis?

    If you want to continue to talk about Ray, you leave it open for everyone to talk about the alledged rapes committed by Ben. And if you continue to talk about Ray, there are no limits on what we say about Ben.

    We’ll make you a deal – your actions direct our actions.


    Oh, and if you have definitive information that Ray committed a murder, why are you not sharing that information with prosecutors?

    If you do have that information, prosecutors can do much more with it than those who post here.

    If you don’t have any information, then see above.

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