Steven Jackson: Hard to win when you’re shuffling the offensive line

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The St. Louis offense couldn’t get much going in Monday night’s loss in Seattle, and afterward running back Steven Jackson said the Rams’ problems begin up front.

It’s hard to win in this league when you’re constantly shuffling the offensive line. You don’t have any chemistry there,” Steven Jackson said. “When you’re shuffling a lineup, trying to get guys to do things and when you have to go back to Week 1 stuff, coaching that up, it stalls you from trying to move forward.”

Jackson gained 63 yards on 20 carries and added 60 receiving yards on three catches. He appeared to be angry during the game that backup Cadillac Williams was getting carries on the goal line, but he said afterward that it wasn’t a big deal.

“We take drives, we’re all rotating and everything. . . . It was his drive and he was doing a great job of running the inside zones,” Jackson said. “I mean, it was only right to let him try to finish off the job. . . . You’re making a lot of a situation that was really nothing.”

The Rams’ offense this year has been a whole lot of nothing.

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  1. Steven Jackson may be the classiest guy to ever play. Consider how consistently good he has been and how consistently average/bad his team has been. Now count the times he has complained about it.

  2. Sounds like the Jags since Big Rich got shot before the 09 season. Been rebuilding the line ever since. Ask Garrard from his recovery room how its like behind a line like that.

  3. Gotta feel bad for SJax here…can’t imagine it’s easy for him to be a good soldier when things are as bad as they seem in St. Louis since his career started. Seems to be handling the situation with class. Mad respect for the guy…

  4. When he was drafted to be Marshall Faulk’s successor, he probably thought life was good.
    Instead this great talent will go down extremely underrated because of the joke team he played for.
    Feel for you SJax

  5. I don’t care what he said in the presser, he was obviously frustrated on the sidelines.

    And he should be. 20 carries when your QB is obviously not healthy and can’t get anything done? Ridiculous.

    Oh, and memo to Sam Bradford: Get a haircut.

  6. Sorry, pal, but I ain’t buying it. Look at the Giants. Granted, they aren’t blowing teams out, but they have been shuffling their line ALL YEAR. Injuries at every position on the line, and they are still winning more than losing. Face the fact that the Rams are just “offensively offensive”.

  7. Nobody deserves to finish off their career on a winning team more than Steven Jackson. This guy year after year leaves it all on the field for this garbage franchise. He’s got an all around skill set, is about as tough as they come, and never has complained his entire career.

    Steven Jackson deserves a lot more respect. Its a shame he doesn’t get it b/c he’s on the Rams.

  8. I’d almost feel sorry for Stephen Jackson if he didn’t play for a division rival. Gore was actually in the same boat, although, this year, Gore will finally get a trip to the playoffs. With a complete makeover to the front office and coaching staff imminent, the notion that the Rams will turn things around before he hits retirement age is a longshot.

    Maybe they’ll trade him to a contending team that needs help at RB in the offseason. He’s getting to the point where he can’t be part of their long-term plans, but he could still make a serious contribution somewhere.

  9. Haha dumb excuse jackson! Steelers have been shuffling o-line for years never stopped them! Prepare for the steelers jackson…in 2 weeks youll feel the pain of the steel curtain!

  10. Jackson seems like a good dude. He never complains despite having wasted his stellar career on a Rams team that has been historically awful. The league would be better were there more guys like him and fewer Roethlisbergers, Vicks, and Suhs.

  11. Not to make excuses but the Rams have had more guys put on IR than any other team in the league. They have lost 3 starting offensive lineman for the year. They have lost 2 WRs for the year. But it goes deeper. The Rams are also in the top 3 in the league in drops. They have a terrible defense that puts them behind and forces them to get away from the one thing they do ok, which is run. They have a QB who has been hurt and when he has played it has been poorly. Sure the Packers and Giants have survive injuries. But both of those teams have kept the QB healthy, and had amazing performances from no names when called upon. Thats not common.

  12. lanzurrah says:
    Dec 13, 2011 10:59 AM
    Suck it up…Chargers have lost 6 o-linemen this year to include 2 Pro Bowlers and both their backups.
    And what’s your team’s record???? SUB .500 just like St Louis’ (which also has more injury problems on D than SD does).
    And how good has your talented QB looked behind that line for a majority of the season????

    c wut I did there?

    NFC West is in order #2-#5 in sacks allowed in the entire NFL.

  13. It happens in every sport and I always feel bad for great players that are stuck on bad teams and never get a champioship (the list is endless). And the irony is in the NFL, every year some rookies and street FA’s and players you will never hear from again get SB rings.

  14. I started watching the game when the Rams were on the 1 yard line and needed a fresh set of downs from a taunting penalty to score. That was ridiculous. Wasn’t it something like Williams rush-pass-pass-pass-pass-Jackson TD? Then ESPN showed something like 7 or 8 failed goal line plays for the Rams just that game, and all but one were pass plays.

    I can do a better job than McDaniels as offensive coordinator. “OK guys, make an I-formation, I’m sure you know how, and have Jackson run the ball up the middle. Repeat three times if necessary. Now where is the beer vendor?”

  15. It would be nice to see the Rams finally build something around SJ39. He’s been a professional throughout his career, playing on some horrible teams, yet he hasn’t come out and demanded a trade in the media, complained, or threw his teammates, coaches, or organization under the bus. Hope it gets better for him.

  16. Uh… The Hawks lost 3 starting lineman, played 2 rookies, had the youngest starting OLine in NFL history, and continue the OLine shuffle as well… But they still manage to stay the course and feed the BEAST. Lame excuse IMO Jackson… I think it starts with coaching

  17. @timbo233 ~ so rookie of the year 2010 Sam Bradford’s a “bust” is he ?. Carry an injury like he’s got behind the worst O-line in football, and nobody who can catch a football then show me a winner you jerk.

  18. He was the rookie because the media hyped him up and fell in love with him. He was in a division that was sorry as hell and he was the only other rookie QB that started. (we all know that a QB will get the rookie of the year award) check his stats compared to the rookies this year.

    Bradford-53.5%, 2164 yrds, 6-6-TD/INT, 70.5 Rating.

    Newton-59.7%, 3573 yrds, 15-16 TD/INT, 13Run TD, 81.1 Rating

    Dalton-59%, 2833 yrds, 18-12 TD/INT, 82.1 Rating

  19. Is there a team out there right now with a fully healthy line at this point in the season? The Seahawks have 3 of their starters on IR right now and BeastMode just ran all over Jackson’s team.

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