The Week 14 hot seat

Three coaches are gone.  Another three, or maybe as many as six, could go.

So which five are on the hottest of the hot seats?

We devote a segment of PFT Live every week to the list, and the latest was unveiled Tuesday.

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13 responses to “The Week 14 hot seat

  1. Garrett coaches scared and as a result gives away games instead of continiung how he got the lead, sort of like a high school coach.

  2. If Spagnulo gets fired, will the equipment manager get his job back? Probably not.

    What a shame. A guy works for a team in two cities for over 30 years, and is fired on the whim of a short timer.

  3. How is Pat Shurmer not on the list? There is nothing about that guy that says he is a head coach?
    Bad play calling, no emotion, constantly lost on the sideline. If you ever see the guy “at work” looking at his play sheet, He looks like a guy trying to read a Chinese newspaper!

  4. Garrett’s an idiot, can’t tell time, lost his team at least 3 games. Norv at the top of the list. Total incompetent. I’d hire Tony Sparano who didn’t get a fair shot in Miami. Please, no more Ferenz talk; the guy has 2 winning seasons in past 7 years. Stop already.

  5. Garrett, Reid, Lovie Smith, Shurmur, Morris, and Spagnuolo are the six, IMO.

    Besides Reid and Smith, none of the other four were even qualified to be head coaches to begin with.

  6. Before everyone is ready to fire every coach with a losing record you must ask these questions: Which of the coaches did the least with the most amount of talent? (Reid, Turner)
    Which coach was the worst at drafting/free agents (if they had control of such things)? (?)
    Which coach was unable to “coach up” the talent he was given. (Morris, Reid, Spags?)
    Which coach had the worst luck regarding injuries and just bad karma (missed field goals)? (Garrett, Spags, Smith)
    Spags should get another year since the Rams had the worst talent and horrible injuries. You cannot win when your starters (except for Bradford, Jackson, Laurinaitis, and Long) would probably not start for any other team. There is no depth to help when your marginal starters are out.
    No coach in the league could make the Rams winners with their schedule, injuries and roster. They could have won more, and looked better doing it, but Spags is not the problem….for now.

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