Todd Haley looks ahead to “next opportunity”


Only 44 years old, Todd Haley has a long NFL coaching career ahead and made it clear in a statement Monday that he plans to get back on the sidelines.

“First, I would like to thank Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs for giving me the opportunity to coach this historic franchise. Growing up in the NFL, watching my Dad help build those great Pittsburgh Steeler teams, I have a profound love for this league. This opportunity has been a dream come true,” Haley said.

Haley released the statement through his agent to the Kansas City Star, not through the team. It didn’t thank G.M. Scott Pioli (no surprise), but also didn’t ruffle any feathers. It did defend Haley’s record.

“I am proud to have been a part of continued improvement and the first AFC West title since 2003. This year has been extremely challenging, but despite losing several key players to injury and free agency, we have been able to remain competitive and remain in contention with three games remaining in the season. I wish the coaches and players good luck down the stretch.

“NFL football is extremely competitive. Being hired and fired is part of this business. I want to thank everyone for their support and I look forward to my next opportunity in this great league.”

With one playoff appearance and a 19-26 record, Haley not get another head coaching gig for a while — if ever. He’s an offensive coach and his offense in Kansas City peaked at 14th in points scored in 2010. His inability to work with the front office could hurt Haley’s chances to lead a team down the line.

Haley’s positive defining traits were that his players liked playing for him and he developed some young talent. A lot of Chiefs played better under Haley than they did under Herm Edwards.

Also: That beard was pretty sweet.

UPDATE: Here is Pioli and Hunt talking about Haley’s departure Monday.

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  1. on some level, it HAS to be a relief for him. it’s like that job you either hate, or are just doing poorly in. and you can’t quit, but you kind of hope they lay you off so you can just move on….i think that’s the case here. he’s probably a good guy and all, just was coaching the wrong team. or maybe he’s not cut out for coaching at all. who knows, but i wish him the best regardless.

  2. This was completely an “excuse firing”. Pioli needed an excuse to get rid of a guy he couldn’t work with. Let’s forget the fact that his best player and centerpiece of his offense went down in week one, and the only viable QB on their roster (a roster Pioli put together mind you) went down a few weeks later. If there was ever an excuse to be 4-9, Tyler Palko was it. It is becoming more and more apparent that New England’s run was and is because of BB. Crennel, Weiss, McDaniels, Mangini, and now Pioli are having no success elsewhere.

  3. I don’t think he’s meant to be an assistant at all. The guy took an average QB at best and with Charles and Bowe went to the playoffs. They’ve been behind the 8-ball since week one without their best player. Then they lose their QB and unless Haley was 100% responsible for Palko being the only option, then this season isn’t his fault. Its a convenience matter for Pioli apparently and Haley will be back. I’d be happy to have a guy that took that ragtag bunch come to Jacksonville and try to make chicken salad out of the chicken s&it that we have on that roster.

  4. “With one playoff appearance and a 19-26 record, Haley not get another head coaching gig for a while — if ever.”

    You mean might NOT get? When you leave words out your posts make even less sense.

  5. Don’t be surprised to see him show up in a black-and-gold shirt on the sidelines in Pittsburgh soon. The Steelers love to hire those kids that were around the team 30 years ago, and they need someone on staff who can challenge Arians as a potential o-coordinator.

  6. No mention that they had one of the easiest schedules in the history of the NFL last year, when they “won the division”?

    No, I guess not.

  7. who is Pioli gonna blame now? He’s letting Haley take the fall for ZERO depth on the team and Matt Cassel as QB. Sadly, this is his excuse to NOT draft a QB, and stick with “his guy”, matt cassel.

  8. I’ll miss Todd in KC. I really wish he had more of an opportunity to be successful. A team that’s $30 million under the cap obviously could have done more to put a better product on the field. He probably had a good idea of what Clark Hunt wanted to spend budget wise on players and personnel coming into the job, but after 3 years, it had to wear the guy pretty thin.

  9. How not to run an offense: Negotiate a play with the OC, have the OC send the play to Zorn, have Zorn send the play to the QB.

  10. All you idiots saying he got stuck with Cassel have no clue!!!! What he got stuck with is a horrible o-line, who can’t block to save their lives. Stupid people who only watch the QB and not the blocking up front where it starts. Yes it looks like he can’t throw down field, but when he has to duck as soon as he gets the ball and has to get rid of the ball before a play develops or take a sack, what the hell is he suppose to do? Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. “No mention that they had one of the easiest schedules in the history of the NFL last year, when they “won the division”?

    No, I guess not.”

    It’s not their fault they had to play two games against the other teams in the AFC West.

  12. joetoronto says:
    Dec 13, 2011 9:41 AM
    No mention that they had one of the easiest schedules in the history of the NFL last year, when they “won the division”?

    No, I guess not.


    For hating the Chiefs, you show up in every post about the Chiefs. Why didn’t you win the division last year if it was so easy? You’re in the same division, did you not know that? Oh that’s right, you lost to the HORRENDOUS NFC West teams last year.

    For the Raiders not being relevant in the past decade, you sure think a lot of yourself.

    Haley was a great coach and will do well somewhere else.

  13. Some local scuttlebutt has it that Todd Haley kept playing Tyler Palko, rather than Ricki Stanzi on Sunday, as a thumb to the nose gesture for Scott Pioli, whose friendship with Stanzi’s former college coach Kirk Ferentz is well known. Maybe, maybe not, but for sure the technical foul he picked up against the Jets and the beard were quite a bit out of sync with the front office’s vision of themselves.

    Can he be a good head coach someday? He’s not intimidated by 4th and 5, which is refreshing, and he gets good results from underachieving players. His in-your-face style has mellowed, he lost much of the team’s star power to injury this season and lack of a solid O-line did not help.

    So, maybe.

    He basically did not mesh well with Pioli, who could well be blamed for failing to see that possibility when Haley was hired.

  14. austrianpanther – If you’d look closer, he side stepped Sanchez to shake Ryan’s hand. Once he was done with Ryan, he went back to Sanchez. Open your eyes and stop trying to make an issue of something that’s obviously not.

  15. chc4 says:
    Dec 13, 2011 9:11 AM
    He got stuck with Matt Cassel… that was his biggest problem.

    Yeah, I feel really bad that he “got stuck” with a guy who had a 27-7 TD-INT ratio last year. It must be so hard coach a team with an above average QB.

  16. Pioli gets much of the blame.Having that much talent from last years lucky playoff team and that much money under the cap they had NO depth. Every team deals with injuries, thats no excuse. And the o-line is horrrrible. One second to set and pass with a weak running game is a recipe for failure.

  17. I would love to see him come back to AZ. I went to training camp and loved the way he coached. He is hard nosed/detailed coach. Every play was ran over and over till it was done right. He challenged Fitz to be better…..and it worked. He never allowed players to talk back to him and he pushed them to be better players….not just yelling an screaming to be a D.
    Players respected him.
    Come on back to AZ…..we can use you.

  18. Between refusing to shake hands after a game, and whining about teams running up the score, Haley has a lot ofmaturing to do.

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