League extends NBC, CBS, FOX deals by nine years

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We said to stay tuned, and you didn’t have to stay tuned for long.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello discloses via Twitter that the league has approved nine-year extensionsnine-year extensions — with NBC, CBS, and FOX.

The deals are expected to be worth $1 billion per year, each.  That equates to (abacus engaged) more than $3 billion per year.

Given the two remaining years on the existing deals, the NFL now has contracts with NBC, CBS, and FOX through the 2022 season.

That’s two years longer than the current CBA.

The league previously extended its deal with ESPN for Monday Night Football.  It’s believed that NBC, CBS, and FOX will have the same packages, with NBC broadcasting Sunday Night Football, FOX airing the NFC games, and CBS keeping the AFC contests.

32 responses to “League extends NBC, CBS, FOX deals by nine years

  1. Now make sure people without satellite dishes or expensive video game consoles can get Sunday Ticket, and make sure NFLN is available on every cable provider.

  2. Unless the NFL was wise enough to reserve to itself, internet broadcasting of live individual games to fans on a direct, pay per view basis, without these middlemen, then this is not in the best interests of the NFL fan.

  3. I hope there was some wording that will eliminate the shenanigans of removing the end to close games to go to the beginning of others. If we have to wait another decade to get resolution will be quite embarrassing. Split screen? etc…..

  4. For the love of all that is sacred and holy, PLEASE do not renew ESPN’s deal unless they promise to get new guys in the booth. Almost unwatchable. Well, unlistenable I guess.

  5. So, are my season tickets going down in price next year?

    I thought so…

    P.S. That is insane money!

  6. With all the power the NFL has, they should force these networks (especially CBS) to step up their game when it comes to the studio shows. The CBS guys have no idea how to call a highlight–Sharpe is totally unintelligible, Esiason and Marino sound like they’ve had massive head injuries, and Cowher seems flummoxed by the very concept of highlights. That much money going around, and you can’t hire one guy who’s even barely competent at commentating? Fox just has a bunch of cackling hyenas, and NBC loves getting Bob Costas on his high horse, handing down life lessons to the poor unfortunate souls who just don’t know better. I just change the channel during halftime and never even watch pregame or postgame anymore.

  7. 3 billion divided by 32 teams, times 9 years means each team gets $843,750,000 from tv revenues. I bet the folks in Minnesota are lining up to pay for that new stadium as I type this.

  8. get off your duff league and make NFL Network available to cable companies . Direct TV Can keep the over priced Sunday ticket but make the NFL network channel available to everyone .

  9. rpiotr01 says: Dec 14, 2011 3:36 PM

    Now make sure people without satellite dishes or expensive video game consoles can get Sunday Ticket, and make sure NFLN is available on every cable provider.
    My expensive video game console only cost as much as half of a year of Sunday ticket. How about doing something about that…

  10. I’d be willing to let my Lions move to the AFC if it mean that Fox would no longer cover our games.


    I’d take any pair of announcers on Fox, with the exception of Gus Johnson and his God-awful partner, over Nance and especially Simms any day.

  11. I’m expecting to learn any second now that the NFL bends over DirecTV and therefore their subscribers all get the same jailhouse massage. I fully expect to see Sunday Ticket prices approach 1k.

  12. I bet ESPN is not very happy with being stuck with the horrendous package that is MNF. They were shafted (on purpose) and they simply had to smile when it happened.

  13. We can only pray that the NFL doesn’t extend the contract of DirecTV for Sunday Ticket exclusivity. There should be an option to watch the games online at nfl.com, in the same manner that major league baseball has done with mlb.com. The only thing that seems to be stopping that from happening now is that damn contract with DirecTV.

  14. Disaapointing. FOX is terrible; Joe Buck supremely annoying and thinks he knows everything.

    Liked it much better when CBS covered the NFC and NBC the AFC, with a Monday Night game on ABC. Should have gone back to that along with the occasional NFL network.

    They really should have insisted on some better announcers as part of the deals. FOX lost something when Madden (and Summerall before him) left. Jim Nantz is not really a football guy on CBS. Michaels is solid on NBC. And the ESPN crew is flat out terrible, especially Tirico,ho is NOT a play-by-play guy. They should invest in a better play by play guy.

  15. Unfortunately this means more of Blow-hards Jim Nance and Bob Costas, and dim bulb Phil Simms, the worst color guy in the game. And that includes John “I… talk… like… Shatner…” Gruden and Chris Collinsworthless. [sigh]

  16. Fox is terrible – bad news they keep NFC. I always change to local radio broadcast when wathing games on Game Pass…

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