Marino thinks Cowher won’t coach again

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Now that the Dolphins don’t have a head coach and owner Stephen Ross reportedly wants a star and only a handful of guys who have won Super Bowls are available, Bill Cowher’s name naturally has surfaced at the top of the list.

Former Dolphins quarterback and current Cowher CBS colleague Dan Marino thinks Cowher won’t be coaching the Dolphins, or any team for that matter.

“I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach or if he wanted to coach again because it would be great for the NFL, but I don’t think his mindset is that he wants to coach again,” Marino told, via  “And he may change that over time now, but my feeling is that, you know, he’s a pretty straightforward . . . guy that tells the — kind of — the truth most of the time, I would say — or no, all the time — and he said on TV that he doesn’t have any plans of coming back, and I believe him.”

Marino’s hesitation to call Cowher truthful “all the time” was a bit odd, especially since it wasn’t said in jest or sarcastically.  Still, the fact remains that Cowher at no time has said unequivocally that he won’t be coaching in 2012.  Instead, Cowher has said only that he doesn’t “plan” to coach and that he “plans” to return to CBS.

Well, plans can change.

As to the Dolphins job, Cowher’s plans likely won’t change because G.M. Jeff Ireland continues to be employed by the team.  Three years ago, the courtship of Cowher by the Jets ended quickly once it became clear that G.M. Mike Tannenbaum would neither give up his job nor his final say over the roster.

Still, with each passing year Cowher risks sliding off the “A” list.  For now, Cowher’s there — primarily because he hasn’t said with sufficient clarity that he doesn’t want to be.

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  1. other than Dick Vermeil, coaches don’t miss multiple years and come back. Plus what has he got to gain? Chin, enjoy life and do the media gig

  2. I hope he goes to the “fins” His record vs. Belichick is 1-5 including 2 playoff losses. Most of the games were not even close. The win Pitt did get ended the Patriots alltime record winning streak of 21 straight regular season wins. In summary Belichick owns Cowher.

  3. .

    If Cowher goes back to coaching, where will we get our fix of inane comments delivered in a monotone voice?


  4. Marino was a great QB. His analyst skills may be questionable. I’m sure Cowher would be available if the situation and the numbers on the paycheck were attractive to him.

  5. “I wish I had your hair, Dan.”.

    “Yeah, well, I wish I had your jaw, Bill…….or a jaw of any kind for that matter.”.

  6. The dolphins best bet is to get Jeff fisher. White his ties to the competition committee he is in the best position to start a motion to have Steven Ross removed as owner of the team due to his incompetence which is not only detrimental to the dolphins organization,but detrimental to the nfl as well.

  7. I listen to boomer and carton every morning. Esiason says it all the time that Cowher isnt coaching and has no interest in it. Funny how marino says it now to being how they both work with him on cbs. Hes not coaching, anyone who knows him all say the same thing.

  8. it seems like overnight a new era has turned a corner. the nfl doesn’t need cowher anymore than he needs the nfl. he can get paid big time money to be just another guy, while the next promising dc or oc ready to be the man can get paid little money just to earn their stripes. jay gruden, rob chudzinski, mike zimmer–those names interest me. i fall asleep when i think of names like gibbs, cowher, shanahan.

  9. bill would be crazy to come back. he was a great coach with the steelers. he has a great job now. i enjoy that pre-game show he is on. he now has a life. being a coach is not a life. don’t do it bill.

  10. Cowher will only coach if the team has a good qb and a chance to win, he is smart enough to know his image would go down the tubes if he did not win and he would not win without a good qb so the only team that has that are the Chargers and I do not think he would move to the west coast. He will stay at NBC.

  11. seriously can we just forget about Cowher and Gruden? why does everyone expect them to come in and just completely change the team? they arent football gods.

  12. Maybe it suddenly occurred to Dan that he shouldn’t go too far out on that limb because, like you said, plans change. Personally, I think it’s idiotic for the public to decide coaches are Big Fat Satanic Liars because they say they have no plans to change jobs, then alter their plans. In the real world, people change their minds and change jobs every day. But in the football world, once you make a comment about your future, you’re supposed to be wedded to that decision for the rest of your life.

    Bill may or may not return to coaching. As a Steelers fan, I just wish him success and happiness in whatever he chooses.

  13. I think your argument that as each year goes by he will slide off the “A list” is ridiculous. Heck, John Madden hasn’t coached in years, but if he were to throw his hat in the ring he would instantly be at the top of the “A list.” Teams with good coaches would probably consider firing their coaches just to get Madden, so I think it is safe to say that Cowher, (especially at his age, he’s only 54) will be at the top of the “A-list” until he returns to the game, no matter when that is. I guarantee you, that if the guy stays out of the league until he is 64, he will still be the NFL’s hottest commodity in 2021.

  14. The guy lost more big games than just about anybody during his entire coaching tenure. Who would want him?

  15. Speaking as an outsider I don’t know why anyone who has coached in the NFL for 10+ years and already won a Super Bowl would want back in. Commentating is such a low stress job that has to get paid pretty well, why bother going back? Fly into New York or wherever on Sunday, fly home Sunday night. Say whatever, if you’re wrong you’re wrong, chalk it up to being pro football andythng can happen.

  16. Guys like Gruden and Cowher would never say they will never coach again, even if they think it. It only helps their careers to have their names mentioned any time there is a coaching job. They still have great jobs where they can submerse themselves with their passion of football, minus the scrutiny and stress that comes with being an NFL head coach.

  17. As a fan on the outside looking in, I get a reasonable vibe Bill Cowher is comfortable with his decision to put home and family priorities above all else.

    Would you or I play it the same way? Hard to say, isn’t it. Maybe it’s pure wisdom. Maybe doing a full (successful) tour in the NFL was his peak and the rest is just one big valley, now. Maybe he was a great coach or was it just a great organization or maybe his timing lined up perfectly with the then-talent pool. Most likely, a combination of all.

    Going out on top is never a bad choice. Why ruin your legacy with a Favre-like asterisk beside it? If Bill Cowher had a huge ego, he certainly didn’t wear it on his sleeve. Perhaps living under the public’s microscope will squeeze a little more humble out of the most modest of men – well, at least the smarter men, anyway.

    Bill is fine right where he is.

  18. Bill, I always try to employ the “Snyderometer” to these situations… think of what Dan Snyder would do, and then do the EXACT opposite…

  19. Don’t lose sleep Dolphins fans… Cowher is one of the most overrated coaches in the history of football. One championship in 15 years with all that talent to work with… Not impressed.

  20. Don’t forget that Marino worked in the Dolphins front office for a few hours before running away screaming. I’m sure he’s pulled Cowher aside and warned him to stay away from that chaotic situation.

  21. I have always liked Coach Cowher. I would love to see him coach a team with a good organization. I think the Giants would be a good team for him. Three places I would hate to see him go are, Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Dallas.

  22. I think Bill Cowher’s been talking to Joe Gibbs and sees all the pitfalls associated with returning to coaching. Plus here’s a man who recently lost a wife and knows there’s more to life then coaching an NFL team

  23. lawboy2000 says: Dec 15, 2011 2:27 AM


    Quality QB
    Quality defense
    Quality ownership

    Quality defense? Do you even watch their games? They couldn’t stop a pop warner team.

  24. Enough already with Ireland being a road block.

    If Ross can get “his” guy and it means Ireland has to go then it will happen.

    Ross will continue to pay Ireland while Jeff hawks hot dogs in section 444.

  25. @dickroy, everything I hear sounds like Cowher to the Giants. Unless, of course, Coughlin takes them deep into the playoffs.

  26. Call me crazy but Cowher coached for how many years in Pittsburgh and won how many Superbowls? How is he any different than say Jeff Fisher? Another over rated guy that the media loves. Would he improve the Dolphins? Obviously. Is he the next Belichick, of course not.

  27. Look at the whole picture regarding Cowher. He gets paid a healthy sum to work a couple/three days a week during the football season to give an opinion, talk football and hang out with some friends! I would assume that at this point in his life he has great financial stability. Why go back to work 24/7/365 with all the stress, responsibility, aggrevation, etc. involved with coaching in the NFL not knowing whether he’ll have success. His package in Pittsburgh included a great coaching staff, including the personel guys(donahoe & colbert), and chief negotiator(omar khan). To assemble them all again or something similar would be quite difficult, so stay put take the ridiculous paycheck from CBS and enjoy the rest of your working life relatively stress free!

  28. Eh… well, the difference between him and Fisher is that fisher had only 6 winning seasons in 17 years, 6 playoff wins. Cowher had 11 winning seasons in 15 years, with twice as many playoff wins. HUGE difference. so yes, you are a little crazy. With that being said, I dont want Cowher here either. I want a coach who WANTS to coach, not one who gets convinced to coach for money. Bring in Joe Philbin or Jay Gruden or Rob Chuzinski.

  29. @ twitterChapman_jamie

    I have to disagree with you on Cowher.

    8 Division championships.
    1-1 in Superbowls
    149-90-1 over all record
    623% winning record.

    With the exception of a few years he always had the Steelers in the chase. He also did this without the benefit of a great Quarterback.

  30. Ross will fire Ireland if there’s a coach he likes that wants front office power. It really isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

  31. Given your druthers, who would not want a nice TV gig over even a great NFL head coaching job? The TV job allows you to hang out with celebrities, the hours are good, you get face recognition, and you are often in places like LA or NYC. The money for most of them is great, affording that nice comfy lifestyle of preferred tee times, fancy homes and cars, and things like tix to the SB. Coaching, on the other hand, is 24×7 dealing with snotty media, prima donna players, and borderline psychotic owners. No wonder Bill, Jimmy, and Tony seem pretty content where they are…

  32. I think he will coach again and maybe sooner than we think. After losing his wife, he said he wanted to be there for his daughters until they went to college. They are now all in college. Rumor has it that he wants to coach near North Carolina where their home is. That means an East Coast NFL team. Frankly, I’d love to see him at Indianapolis and, heaven knows, they need a good coach!

  33. @caseyanthonymunoz …

    Bill Cowher had the winningest record in the NFL during his 15 years with the Steelers. You can make all the jokes you want. But I’ll take his multiple division titles and 1-1 record in the Super Bowl over your Bengals’ great big GOOSE EGG any day of the week.

    Jealous much, baby? 😆

  34. Cowher had a .66 winning percentage, better than most coaches. What set him apart was his style of coaching and determination that has come to be synonymous with Steeler football. Most teams would be lucky to have him. Now, the question still is why would he leave his cushy TV job for the higher stress and scrutiny of being an nfl coach?

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