Marion Barber won’t face the media, may face NFL fine


It’s easy to understand why Bears running back Marion Barber doesn’t want to talk to the media right now: He was the goat in Sunday’s loss in Denver, with one costly mistake setting up the Broncos’ game-tying field goal, and another costly mistake setting up the Broncos’ game-winning field goal.

But NFL players are required to talk to the media whether they want to or not, and the NFL may fine Barber if he doesn’t talk to reporters soon.

Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Barber is expected to be fined for violating the league’s media policy after repeatedly refusing to talk to reporters, even after he was warned that that’s a requirement of his job.

Barber ran out of bounds when the Bears were trying to run out the clock at the end of the fourth quarter on Sunday, giving the Broncos just enough time to get the ball back and get into field goal range at the end of regulation. Then Barber fumbled in overtime when the Bears were already in range for a game-winning field goal, and the Broncos recovered and marched down the field for a game-winning field goal of their own. So it’s been a rough few days for Barber.

In fairness to Barber, it’s worth noting that he’s not the type to talk to the media under any circumstances. If Barber were a self-promoter when things are going well only to turn media-shy after a bad game, that would raise questions about his character. But Barber hates public speaking (Jerry Seinfeld would say that at a funeral, Barber would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy), and he doesn’t like talking to the media when he scores the game-winning touchdown, either.

But the rules are the rules, and Barber is in violation of the rules. And the NFL is now expected to punish Barber for breaking the rules.

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  1. Leave the guy alone you blood sucking vultures. No point in talking to him anyway, unless you take pleasure in the dispair of others.
    What do you think he is going to say?

  2. After the Cowboys cut Barber, I remember one of the Cowboys beat writers mentioning that in all Marion’s years with the team, he had only spoken to him twice or something like that. Weird, but nothing new. He’s taken a fine for it once before I thought? Anyone confirm?

  3. I would just take the fine too. there’s nothing more embarrassing than losing to tebow, especially when its your fault.

  4. “If Barber were a self-promoter when things are going well only to turn media-shy after a bad game, that would raise questions about his character.”
    Like Ray Lewis. His face is all over the place, blah, blah–after a win. But he’s nowhere to be seen after a tough loss. [As in: “Ray Lewis dressed quickly and left the locker room without comment.”]

  5. Unless he punches a media member in the face, its not something I need to see. Athletes very seldom have anything interesting to say. If you want to engage in schadenfreude, watch Todd Haley interviews. It would be worth it to watch him squirm.

  6. @musiccity: Not only did God strike him mute, He used a divine centrifugal force which pushed him out of bounds in regulation time AND a divine gravitational pull that caused the fumble in overtime.

    Check the replays and you’ll see. Or ask Tebow – he’ll tell you.

  7. @ ranksarot- Mr and Mrs Berry?:)
    Come on give the guy a break. Yes, he blew it big time not going out of bounds but on that fumble it wasn’t for a lack of trying! The guy was inches from breaking what easily could have been the game winning run……
    Ok, he blew it!

  8. I remember when the hype machine was going strong for this guy back in 2007 with the Cowboys. He was portrayed as the NEXT BIG THING in Dallas Marion the Barbarian is now just plain BARBIE! (Got scared of the big hit and ran out of bounds)!! LOL

  9. What is there to ask him at this point? It was inevitable that the Broncos were going to comeback on the Bears anyways, Barber was just part of the process.

  10. He was pushed out of bounds, but in order to get pushed out, you have to be running in the direction of the sidelines. Marion doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but a real man would face the music.

  11. Barber has never spoken to media.

    Look, the guy is going to remember this game for the rest of his life, and it won’t be a pleasant memory. What do you gain by kicking a man when he is down ?

  12. Every job has good and bad parts. Part of the job of being a football player is talking to the press. You don’t want to talk to the press? Find another line of work.

  13. Just give only “yes” or”no” answers, Marion. We all know sportswriters hate the players because they are frustrated, wannabe jocks that never had the talent or physiques to play organized sports and are too piss poor writers to write a book that’s worth reading. Lots of self loathing in the press corps, so they want to make sure they tear you down so you’re miserable, too.

  14. How about walking up to the microphone, pulling out some reading glasses and notecards, reading them (I recommend the first one say “no” and the second say “comment”), then walking back off the stage. Surely that would count, right?

  15. Back off the guy. Like every one of you morons think you would like to face a bunch of headline grabbing reporters all trying to outdo themselves by asking stupid questions? If the NFL needs to fine him then do it and let it go. Hope he gains 300 yards next week and sets league records and then refuses to speak.

  16. Barber didn’t run out of bounds on his own.

    That’s right, he was pushed. Many have portrayed it as a mental error. Was it? Could he have gone down before the sideline, but forgot what the situation was? With Barber passing on the opportunity to clear that up, most people will assume he did make a mistake and is too embarrassed to talk about it.

  17. Hey genius sports writers, it’s not his performance that makes him keep to himself. He’s always done it. His brother explains it is because his experiences with some teammates get crucified by the media. You know, like PFT is doing to him right now. The guy willingly accepts the NFL fines to not stress himself out. I respect his decision.

    By the way, I seldom blame the game on the few bad plays, awful as they might be. Barber is also the only reason we were doing anything on offense. A game usually comes down to who executes more often, except in situations on Sunday where you have the game in hand but it all falls away. Denver definitely made more mistakes, but ours came at the worst times. That’s only possible because, Lovie & co went to run-run-run-punt / 15 yard cushion prevent D too early for a 10 point lead. The players had to take it as a slap in the face to take the foot off the gas after they shut down Tim Tebow superstar for 3 straight quarters. They just needed to go for the kill, but instead took the secondary out of the 1st down game and gave them the slants.

    Not taking anything away from Denver, they made the plays they had to make but Lovie didn’t make it hard for them. And for the record I’m usually Lovie’s sole supporter when people blame him for Angelo’s ineptitude or just a plain and true defeat on the playing field. This one is just on him more than Barber.

  18. What’s the point???….to rub his nose in it after he screwed up???….make him feel that much worse and embarrass him in front the whole world???

    Is that really what we want to be doing to decent people??? It’s not as if were a sleazy politician who got caught lying and cheating or doing any other such thing that our wonderful politicians do as commonly as breathing. The guy had a bad day, nothing malicious, no bad intent…he just had a bad day. Exactly what does the media want??? Shall we build a crucifix behind the podium and after his comments get the hammers and nail out???

    What’s the point!

  19. a big part of being a professional football player is to be mentally and emotionaly tough. vince young is a prime example of being a midget in these areas. also being mature. barber is weak.

  20. Proof positive TEBOW sucks. Tebow was sitting on that sideline and sucked him out of bounds to stop the clock.

  21. Let him be. As a previous poster wrote, with the Cowboys he barely spoke to the media – he is a shy dude in the public eye. He busted his butt, had a good game, and he made a mistake. Why doesn’t the Chicago media get on the Bears offense and signing another former Cowboys, Roy Williams, who was supposed to catch 70-80 balls this year.

  22. I wonder how many of us would love to have our “finer” moments brought to public attention? Really leave the guy alone you think you anything is to be gained by bringing him in front of the press for some neanderthal to ask “How he feels, or Would you do something different!!!

  23. Give the guy a break. He knows he farked up. What do ya want to see him cry. Would that get him good blogging ratings?

  24. @erikw65 he would of seen the sideline getting closer and closer to him, he should then of proceeded to going down on his own, thus preventing the inevitable push out of bounds that would of stopped the clock. so in short, it was most certainly his fault.

  25. “What went through your head when you ran out of bounds?”

    “Can you explain what happened with the fumble?”

    Hard hitting questions – no doubt would of produced equally thought out and poignant answers.

    Seriously though, why bother going through the motions with this type of interview. The questions and answers are all so predictable. Just say he refused to comment – whenever you see that in the paper it pretty much tells you how bad the subject of the article screwed up.

  26. I like Marion Barber he played hard sunday but people have heard him talk right? I find it hard to believe anyone in the media is too upset about this. Unless unitelligible quotes are what they’re into now.

  27. If he really wanted to get out of the fine it would be easy. Go to the team doctor, tell him public speaking gives you anxiety problems. Doctor forwards info to employer… good luck forcing him to speak to reporters.

  28. Players act like morons on first down runs and touchdowns, but can’t talk when they screw up. At least Stevie Johnson admits when he screws up and mans up to it, shame on you Marion

  29. Not nearly enough blame going Lovie’s way in my opinion. Take a knee times three, eliminate all possibility of fumble or brain fart, and none of this is an issue. Yes, Barber bleeped it up. But so did Lovie… Barber should never have touched the ball. What, the three seconds it took to run the back instead of take a knee was worth the risk? Nope, it’s on Lovie, to me, as much or more than Barber.

  30. The NFL makes coaches and players meet with the press and face their errors, then why don’t they have the Refs face the press and explain some of the stupid calls they make and miss.

  31. Who cares if Marion Barber doesn’t want to talk to the media. He isn’t the only player that is like that. Anyone remember Sterling Sharpe? He never talked to the local media when he played. Never.

    If this was Tebow, you pathetic Tebow lovers will be crying for them to leave him alone.

  32. Apparently, “d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don’t” is a truism… stick to your guns, Marion, they only want to make you look bad…

  33. Atta boy, MB3. I wouldnt talk to them either. If u do, you tell them “how the cow ate the cabbage” !

  34. Marion…tell us why Jesus doesn’t love you as much as Tim Tebow…Bears fans were praying…I heard them say “Jesus Christ, did Barber just go out of bounds and stop the clock?” then later, “Jesus Christ did Marion Barber fumble away our shot at a game winning field goal”, “Jesus Christ, Tebow does it again!”

  35. Wow! I can’t believe how many comments on here defend Marion and try to give him the benefit of the doubt and are positive toward him and against the media trying to make a circus of his errors.

    I guess Bears fans or at least the PFT readers of this particular article are more conscientious than the rest of the NFL and Cowboys fans in general.

    Where are you guys when the media is scourging and crucifying Tony Romo because of one or two mistakes (usually mistakes he was forced to take chances on because he’s trying to make up for the real deficiencies on the Cowboys’ team)?

    Good job commenters!

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