Peyton Manning still not cleared to practice


The rehabilitation of Peyton Manning’s neck continues.

Coach Jim Caldwell said Wednesday that Manning has been throwing the football.  Though the Associated Press regards that development as news, Manning himself said 12 days ago that he has been throwing.

The real news, if there is any real news, is that Manning still hasn’t been cleared to practice.  There’s no specific indication that he will be cleared to practice before the season ends.

After the season, Manning will be permitted to continue to work with trainers, since he is still rehabilitating an injury.

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  1. “And with the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select…….Andrew Luck. Stanford University. The Rams are on the clock…..”

    Roger Goodell – April 26, 2012

  2. As a football fan I really, really hope Peyton Manning gets straight and can keep playing for as long as possible. With a year off from the wear and tear of the grind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be even better. I think the Colts’ season has proven his worth .

  3. Manning won’t play this year. But, it is extremely important for the Colts to get him practicing as soon as he’s healthy so they can assess their situation, and determine what to do with Peyton and the draft situation.

  4. They’re just waiting to secure up that first pick before putting him back in there.

  5. Because both he and the Colts need to determine whether, and to what extent, he can still be effective as an NFL quarterback. The team needs to determine whether to pay him that $28 million bonus, or cut him loose.

  6. Because the Colts need to evaluate him to see if they want to pay for next year. He is done everybody.

  7. why bother?

    Ummm, he is a QB, he needs to throw. He will need the full offseason to get up to speed again.

    What? you want him to wait till next august to get off the couch?

  8. Hands down the best offseason drama of all time will be the Manning/Colts stand off from the end of the season until his $28 million payment is due. Can’t wait to see it play out. The speculation, smoke screens, rumors that will take place if this guy becomes a free agent will be off the charts.

  9. No way the Colts can pass on Luck at this point. It was a great run for Peyton and Indy but no way can they mortgage their future on Peyton’s neck at this point.

  10. Peyton has been throwing the football. His underhand laterals are sharp and crisp. When he can raise his arm above his shoulder he may try some more difficult throws.

  11. What are the odds he’s cleared to practice after the Colts lose this week and lock up the #1 pick in the draft?

  12. As a Patriots fan, I’ve really respected the Colts organization over the last decade or so (The Manning Era), and I’d certainly give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to injuries coming into this year with the lockout. But, in all honesty, how could they have not known the extent of Peyton Manning’s injuries?

  13. How is him practicing in the next 3-4 weeks going to help them evaluate him for the bonus? Even if he is cleared to practice tomorrow, he obviously is going to be very early on and would presumably not have much to show for awhile, having not had serious practice in several months.
    I think some people are buying into the moronic Colt notion that they can’t IR him because they need to see him practice – yup, I’m sure it’s that and not letting your fans hold on to any shred of hope that they see him in uniform this year.

  14. The Colts have limited their options by not placing Manning on IR earlier in the year. They seem desperate to find out if he can play again so they know what to do with him next year. He is constantly in the news and that is a weekly reminder of just how serious his issues are.

  15. As a Colts fan, i’ve been frustrated with Manning and disappointed in the fact that he only brought us 1 Superbowl. But after this season, my appreciation for what Manning has done has grown exponentially, and my frustration has shifted towards mangement for not surrounding him with at least an average (8-8) football team.

    Instead they’ve given him this dumpster fire and simply ask Manning to carry them into the playoffs every year. I cant help but think “what could have been” had he been surrounded with a competent running game, defense, and special teams.

  16. This late in the season, why even bother?


    Because if they can get some practice tape on him or especially a little game time, it serves as an audition to other teams when the Colts go to trade him to the Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks, Titans, Jets, etc. for their 1st and 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft.

    Please oh please Chiefs, stay away from him. We have gone down the road of a band aid QB too many times. This trade would cost too much and would only be a patch for a maximum od 2-3 years.

  17. Many offensive and Defensive linemen have had this surgery and continued to play for many years after with no ill effects. This is a very successful procedure for football players, this is a fact. Manning will be amazing again next year and for years to come… The Colts will never be great again though. They will have a tough time contending for a SB until they make many personnel changes.

  18. kcfanatic says:
    Dec 14, 2011 2:57 PM

    “Because if they can get some practice tape on him or especially a little game time, it serves as an audition to other teams when the Colts go to trade him to the Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks, Titans, Jets, etc. for their 1st and 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft.”

    The chances of Manning going to any of these teams, with the possible exception of the Jets, are about as close to zero as you can get, without actually being zero. Here’s why.

    Manning can’t be traded anywhere until the end of the league year, which is at the end of February. However, the 28 million dollar option has to be exercised before then, or he becomes a free agent. Since, for salary cap reasons, they’re not going to pay him the bonus and then trade him (the entire 28 million would count against the team’s 2012 cap), he will have to agree to postpone the bonus until the new league year in March in order for the trade to occur. It is highly unlikely that he would do this unless he was given significant imput into where he was being dealt (he would have to agrre with his new club on a restructured contract anyway, giving him additional clout). At his age, there is no way that he will agree to go to a rebuilding team like most of those that you mention. The jets are a definite possibility, though, given the fact that they have been in the AFC title game the last two years. All of this assumes, of course, that he regains the strength in that right arm and shoulder, and is able to return at all, which is something that everybody seems to be assuming, but is by no means assured.

  19. Manning should never play again. Period. He has plenty of money and would be in huge demand for a coaching position. One hit could paralyze him for life. His team, his Drs. and his dad need to tell him this. He’s already hall of fame. Save what’s left of your body Peyton.

  20. This injury is fishy to me. Manning nor the Colts have any idea of when the injury took place just that they THINK it might of happened against the Texans. And this roller coaster off and on hes going to practice oh wait he cant practice is fishy in its self. Its kinda odd that after it was assumed that Andrew Luck was going to enter the 2012 draft that Manning conveniently has year ending surgery and its kind of convenient how the colts are talking about Manning coming back to play this year but every time the Rams lose something happens so that Manning cant practice. Im not one for conspiracy’s but even watching them play i’ve seen on multiple occasions where the Colts seem to lay down. Blockers stop blocking RB’s slow down to let the defender catch up, INT’s being dropped tackles being missed seemingly intentional. I point to the defense because, there is no way Manning is that good, so good, that his defense is worse without him? Give me a break, not only that but Manning is so good, that without him his team would go defeated? To me its obvious that the Colts knew that Manning is going to be done soon and that in order to keep their winning ways they need another franchise QB, so they tank the season and draft one of the most highly coveted QB’s in the draft and to have him sit behind one of the, if not the best QB to ever play the game.

  21. Will the NFL redo the schedule so that the Titans play the Patriots next season so that the Manning vs Brady non-sense can continue?

  22. Sports fans everywhere listen.
    Every time Manning looks at or touches a football the ESPNS,CBS,NBC,NFL NETWORK
    ASS-KISSERS start peeing there pants and have to repeat over and over again Manning hasn’t been cleared to play, he is still rehabing.
    For the record lets focus on the playing members of the game and just hang the UTP sign on Manning move the hell on!

  23. Peyton should just retire and let the Colts out of that insane contract. OPPPS!….that ain’t gonna happen. He’ll go through the motions and pretend as if he’s going to be able to fully recover so he can milk as much as he can out of the contract. But in the end????…’s a career ending neck issue and he’d be a fool to get back on the field again with it. He’s already got a bajillion dollars, he’s got a bajillion records, he’s won a Superbowl and he’s a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer. Why does he need to put his life at risk??? Think about it…it’s his neck…spinal cord, nerves etc… It’s VERY serious stuff. Why…at this point…should he put it all at risk??? It does not make sense to me for him to play again. What does make sense to me is that he’s going to go through the motions and milk the contract for everything it’s worth. He’s shown time and again that money means a lot to him.

  24. OK. I’ll see if I can help some of you guys here.

    1. Peyton Manning’s neck was hurt in game 1 of the 2010 season against Houston. He played hurt all year, and not that well, by his usual standards.

    His spinal fusion, is as strong, or stronger than the original spinal tissues, so he isn’t any closer to paralysis than anyone else with a “neck bone.”

    2. A healthy Peyton Manning makes this same crappy Colts team a contender. If they manage to address some of their glaring deficiencies at the same time, they’re a legitimate Super Bowl favorite.

    3. The Indianapolis Colts never went to, much less won, a Super Bowl before Peyton Manning.

    4. Andrew Luck will, at minimum, be a competent QB in the NFL. He may be brilliant. Dan Marino was brilliant. How many World Championships did he win? The Indianapolis Colts, can not count on even being a contender with Andrew Luck playing QB.

    5. Go back and read #2 and #3 again.

    If Manning can’t get healthy enough to play well, he isn’t going anywhere. Who’s dropping a fifth of their salary cap for that?

    If Manning is healthy again, he isn’t going anywhere. What moron would let him go??? If you’re still on the fence about that, please see #2 and #3 one more time.

  25. Until last year, the player reported on until you
    wish he was dead was Payton. Tebow has now
    taken his place. Hows that working for ya Payton?

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